DonnaB: Arnel, glad you made it safely home to enjoy this 10-year milestone with your family!
Lalahon: Arnel, hoping you’ll carry us plokkers along with you for the next ten years of fun! ❤️Congratulations!!
Angie_Binder: Arnel. Your solo shows in Dallas and San Fran were the bomb! You really rawked it! Thnaks for sharing your musical journey. And taking a great selfie with me. Looking forward to the next 10 years.
Anna_Oyape: can’t wait to see you this month!
Sachiko_K: Happy 10th Anniversary to your amaying journey with Journey!! 🎊🎊🎊😘
Meryl_Streisfeld: Thank you for 10 years of inspiration. You are living proof that dreams do come true!! DSB Arnel💜💜💜💜💜💜
Barbara_Murphy: You are the best, Arnel! Rock on!
Tess_Malcolm: Happy 10th Anniversary with Journey Band Arnel. Congratulations! 🎈🎊🎈🎈🎊🎈🎊😍
Jerry_Watson: Thank you for keeping the Journey flame alive with your incredible vocal talent and enthusiasm on stage!
Lorrie_AdamsShuman: Arnel, saw you in Ohio the summer of 2017. You are a great entertainer! Thanks for bringing your talent to us!
Weil_Ylagan: You never stopped believing. And that’s what made you who you are right now. Keep on rockin’, Arnel! \m/
Mark_Stevens-Powell: Arnel, I remember first hearing the announcement that you were the new Lead singer for Journey and searching youtube and thinking, wow, this guy is the real deal. It was the best choice the band could make and i’m glad that the Journey continues. I wish you the greatest future with Journey. As the Carpenters would sing ‘We’ve only just begun’.
Megumi_Wachi: Maraming salamat po Sir Arnel!You made my life way way better!Please keep on Rockin’!!
Mitch_Duncan: Thank you for keeping the JOURNEY alive! I’ve seen you with the band 7 times and you always entertain.
Marguerite_SilvaCollins: Arnel, YOU have been my live Journey experience 3 times SO FAR! YOU have inspired millions. God continue to bless you, your family and all your future hopes and dreams.
Mark_Querim: Hi Arnel, saw you several times at Mohegan Sun Casino, thanks for the great show s. You are a great singer and hope your solo career continues
linda kay: Hi Arnel, Happy anniversary on 10 years with journey. You are a incredible man on stage and off stage it is amazing what you and your family give up so that you can live your dream and we can live the incredible dream with you. may God always be with you and your family and your journey family.
Kimberly Yi: Hi Arnel!!! Thank you so much for sharing your beautiful talent. I love your voice and your story is so inspiring. Other than your talent, you are really cute looking too. I saw you perform in Sugarland and Richardson. If you heard a crazy woman yelling, “Arnel, I love you!” at the Richardson concert, that was me.
Katherine_McClendon: Hi from your front row girl from dallas😉 (JRNY & solo). You are an amazing talent & your joy on stage is contagious. Thanks for sharing your heart, talent and smile. I look forward to many more concerts & road trips to hear you. Happy holidays to you & your family!
Adriana_in_AZ: Arnel. I was at your first USA show with Journey. Love your energy and powerhouse vocals. So glad to have you as a part of my fav band! 10 years!
Linda_Langway: Arnel, Happy Journey Anniversary and congrats on a successful solo tour.
GoldenGrl: Thank you Arnel for making the last ten years better than we all could have dreamed! Traveling to Spokane, Phoenix, Sacramento, Seattle, Las Vegas, Lethbridge, and 12 days ago to Calgary to see your great talent and bringing friends that become your new fans has been exciting and a privilege. Happy Annivesary! Looking forward to making new Journey memories! 1/3 of the Montana group. Wendi
Grace_Jardinero: I wanted to see Arnel and the band Journey so badly. I love their music since Steve Perry. But, I even more fell in love when Arnel came in. Their music is legendary and so as our Filipino rock icon, Arnel.