Journey / Steve Miller Band in Top 20 Concert Tours

Journey, SMB & TOP Group Pic - 2014

In the final week of Journey’s 2014 tour, maintained its placement among the top: holding number 11 in ticket sales. According to the trade publication Pollstar, Journey earned more than $725,000 with an average ticket price of about $57 the week ending September 12th. Incidentally, the same week introduced the only other act formed in the same era: Steely Dan. A month earlier, Journey ranked 8th in weekly sales, after a previous week’s honor of Top 7th concert act. Way to go, Journey!

The list ranks artists by average box office gross per city and includes the average ticket price for shows in North America.

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Poll: Journey Setlist Wishlist • 2014 Tour

After a short winter hiatus, Journey will soon prepare for Tour 2014! On their Facebook Page, they recently posted,

We will be rehearsing for 3 weeks to revamp Everything before our tour with Steve Miller & Tower of Power starts .. See you Soon

For the setlist, we could count on the following mainstays and they have not been included as options in the poll:

Any Way You Want It, Don’t Stop Believin’, Faithfully, Lights, Open Arms, Separate Ways (Worlds Apart), Stone In Love, and Wheel In The Sky.

For the rest of the setlist, which songs would you like included / rotated / considered?

If you want the ten songs to come only from Eclipse or Revelation, it’s NOT gonna happen – so please pick wisely! We will do our best to get this to Journey Management for consideration.

Please select up to TEN (10) songs:
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