Taratogs: Arnel Pineda launches music community

Taratogs - Arnel Pineda
Founders - Taratogs - Arnel Pineda

Cherry & Arnel Pineda, Jaeger Tanco, Maricar, Danela

A regular guy on the streets, but a musician in the sheets? Don’t hide it! Share the talent you’ve got. Taratogs is a community of music junkies joined together by the relentless passion for sound. Whether you’re someone who makes sounds or someone who listens, for as long as you have the heart for music, you are welcome to join. We encourage musicians – independent or signed – to share their craft and engage other members of this community to talk about the art of tunes and encourage others to create, too. By creating this online space, our mission is to keep music and OPM alive. Tara, tugtog!

If you are a musician, songwriter, music lover, poet, cover band, music critic, indie band, professional recording artist, OPM artist, be a part of our community!

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/taratogs/
Twitter: @tara_togs
Instagram: @tara_togs

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