Giveaway: End-of-Tour 2016 Celebration

As we approach the conclusion of Journey’s extremely successful 2016 tour, Arnel Pineda and his official website offers its biggest giveaway to date. For a chance to receive this giveaway, simply complete the following:

If I could say one thing to Arnel, it would be…

Post in the comments below using your Facebook, Twitter, Google+ or Disqus login details. If you don’t have any of these accounts, a friend may post on your behalf. All entries posted by midnight EDT, September 15th will be included. ONE entry will be chosen by Arnel or a relative using the following method: With the authors’ names hidden, the top 3 (based on message) will be chosen then a final entry will be picked via random drawing.

The giveaway bundle (pictured below) are gifts from Arnel and APR and may NOT be resold. Photos were obtained by license and permission from pro photographers Mike Savoia and Brent Groh.

Arnel Pineda and his official website wish to express our sincere gratitude for your continued support!

Tell everyone, and share!


Signed 20×30 poster, 8×12 glossy, 2 signed 8×10 glossies, fan recordings of Chile, Graspop, Kobesatonik & Budokan concerts, sign AP.ex EP

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  • mnnsmom

    I received the wonderful gift package today in the mail!! It’s everything shown in the photo above!! My husband, son and I all play instruments (my 15 yr old son also sings and writes songs/music) so we have a music area in our basement. As soon as I get the poster and photos framed and hung up, I will post a photo here! Can’t wait to watch the DVDS!!! Feeling very blessed and grateful. Thank to Arnel, Cherry and all of the wonderful admins, team, and Plokkers here!!! Xoxo -Debbie

    • fabbest

      Thanks so much for letting us know, Debbie! We all celebrate with you!

  • Oddie

    Congratulations to all the winners!

  • Donna

    This was a wonderful idea – thanks to the mods! I think we all enjoyed reading the entries, but most of all I’m glad It gave Arnel and Cherry an opportunity to read them together and feel so much love and appreciation ❤️❤️❤️

  • Gay Amistoso

    I am happy that Arnel and Cherry have read my heartfelt message, moreso liked it. I truly wanted Arnel to know that I am a true believer in his talent and I am constantly inspired by his obvious passion for his craft, his family and life itself. I hope I will have the chance to meet him again at his show in Manila in October. That will the best prize indeed.

  • mnnsmom

    Does that mean I’m in the top 3? I’m so unbelievably humbled and grateful. Wow. I’ve already won. ALL of his and Journey’s fans have!! ❤️

    • That means you won!!! Congrats and thanks for your heartfelt words. They were beautiful. Make sure to send your address here: http://arnelpinedarocks.com/contact

      • mnnsmom

        Oh my!!!! I’ve never won anything! I feel so blessed. Arnel and Journey have been such a gift to so many, and blessings to his family for all of their support and sacrifice as well. I sent my address there last night, but didn’t realize that I had actually won. 😳🙏❤️

        • Please post a pic once you get it!!!!

        • mnnsmom

          Awww, I will!!!! 😊

    • Jason Faulk

      Congrats! Wow what a gift. Happy for you.

    • twinrockers


  • fabbest

    I numbered the entries in the order they were posted and sent them – without names – to Arnel & Cherry. Knowing it will be difficult to pick only one, I asked for their 3 favorites with the plan to randomly pick 1. Well, not only did they pick their favorites but picked runners-up and picked the one that spoke to them from a place of true understanding.

    They really liked 35 (Lalena), 25 (Shelby), 39 (twinrockers), and 43 (MJ).

    Their favorites are:
    3. 46 (Nathan Reynolds)
    2. 37 (Gay Amistoso)
    1. 16 (mnnsmom)

    mnnsmom, please send your mailing address through:

    Thank you, everyone!

    • twinrockers

      so honored as well. omgee.

  • fabbest
    • Indaya09

      Dang, missed it Fabbs! I would like to thank AP for being such a wonderful wokstah, and for staying beautiful, humble and incredible human being…we’re sooooo proud of you!❤️‍❤️‍❤️‍

    • It’s a tough decision!!!

  • fabbest

    The thread is now closed to entries. Your comments will be compiled and sent over to no other than the individual who knows Arnel best: his beloved wife Cherry. And according to Cherry, Arnel will assist in the selection of 3 entries. And no, they won’t be peeking over here to see who wrote what ☺️ They are preparing for a trip to Japan, and therefore I am uncertain when the results will be announced. Stay tuned, and THANK YOU so much for sharing your most profound messages to Arnel!

    • Adriana Sanchez

      waaa. I just saw this. ah well. cool prizes!

      • fabbest

        Oh, Adriana waaa! I was just thinking of Journey’s bonus for you out there, at TSR! Lucky!

  • Nathan Reynolds

    If I could say one thing to Arnel, it would be…
    You know, it’s one thing to scream and holler for you Arnel, but it’s a whole new level when you fracture your ankle and cry through the whole extravaganza! I made my way up from Oregon to Ridgefield, WA to watch you, Journey, and the Doobie Brothers perform with my son Nathan and my daughter Olivia. After arriving and watching the Doobie Bros, I decided to use the restroom. On the way there, I ended up tripping all over unkept wires and completely annihilated my ankle. I desperately hobbled into the restroom for awhile, and my son retrieved me. Bawling my eyes out, he asked “Do you need an ambulance?” and I told him through my tears; “There is no way I’m missing Arnel with my son and daughter for anything.” He sped off and got a paramedic and a wheelchair. The paramedic wheeled me to the stage as Journey made their grand entrance. My watery eyes shot right up when seeing the spectacular sight of you, Arnel, with so much energy and happiness; I suddenly felt rejuvenated! Even through my tears, pain, and gradually worsening ankle, I cheered and sang out to the heavens with you. Thank you, Arnel for being such an amazing and inspiring individual. I don’t think I would’ve made it through if it wasn’t for your heartfelt devotion and ecstatic spirit.


  • Barbara Murphy

    How did you capture this fan’s devotion? Is it the way you leap across the stage defying gravity or your smile that lights up the room? Maybe it is your determination to triumph or your spectacular vocals. Is it your commitment to uplift others thru your foundation or your kind soul? Maybe you captured my heart with your mischief or your wisdom. I’m a new Journey fan because of you, Arnel. You have breathed new life into Journey and inspired us all. Thanks, your devoted fan, Barbara

  • Barbara Stabb

    What I would say to Arnel – your Journey has been magical. As Oprah would say, “the Divine has shown itself so boldly, it cannot be denied.” That is so very true. I stumbled upon your story/voice by accident late one night, when I was caring for my Mother. I caught a glimpse of your documentary and I heard your amazing voice. I want you to know how your voice has raised me up, lifted me above the sadness. I know the Journey songs, and of course love them, but it’s YOUR voice that has found me. I know what Neal must have felt when he first heard you, and the goosebumps Ross describes. Thank you for sharing your voice, your story with all of us. Thank you for giving back through all of the hardships. Thank you for believing and not giving up on us.

  • MJ

    Arnel has been an inspiration to all, especially the young people of this generation. He has shown that hard work pays off and to always believe in yourself no matter what hardships or challenges confronts each of us. His compassion, love, and humility resonates within and people who surrounds him or knows him personally is enlightened and are blessed by his good nature. He has a gifted talent and by the grace of God, he used this as a vehicle to lift himself up from poverty and pain. His generosity is impeccable and his love for his family, country and mostly for his mother is immeasurable. He is, by far, the most humble, genuine and altruistic person and we are all so blessed to be graced by his existence and his love for humanity.

  • Connie Crawford

    Hey Arnel! I’ve been a Journey fan since the late 70’s….first the band, then with Steve Perry’s voice carrying me away, but then he left….I followed the band through all of the changes..Augeri, Soto, and then the quiet and wondering if they would ever really find “the one” who would revive that “feeling” again….then someone told me that “THEY” had found a new lead singer.
    ….I can’t remember what song I heard first, but from the first note I KNEW that JOURNEY was back. Your voice had soul, passion, an energy that I hadn’t heard in so many years…I found my way to your website where I was contacted to see if I wanted to meet you before the show at my venue…OMG…YES! I didn’t know what to expect, but when my friend and I found out we were the ONLY ones there it was amazing! So many great memories have been made since that night.
    …you are a very special, caring, humble man. Thank you so much for sharing your talent, your family, your life with us….and I am blessed to have met you, my Birthday Buddy, for always…
    …..Connie from Saratoga

  • Kathy Salmanson

    You have brought a lot of joy into my life. Someday I hope to thank you in person.

  • Lisa Hawk

    Our first JOURNEY concert was this year. The magic and the power of your voice blew us away!! We have been to many other concerts…but there was something different. When I looked all around the crowd..there was so much joy on their faces. Your music gave us an escape from all our realities…for a little while..and memories to take with us! It was truly your calling to be able to bring such happiness through your music!! Your kind, gracious, and humble heart shines through in every performance..as if it was your first show!! And your interaction with us (the fans) made us feel special! So..I would simply like to say “THANK YOU” !! Thank you for giving us a new JOURNEY!! God bless you and keep you!!
    See you next year!!

  • twinrockers

    With all your experiences – joys, triumphs and defeats as well, you may have already learned by now to be the master of your own fate. And with your stature in this crazy world, you may be fully aware that your every move, word and gesture can create a deep impact on the lives of many who follow you. You are every man’s struggle to make his dream come true personified. One thing is sure. You have remained who you are from the time you got that phone call to that night you played before 46,000 people. And that Arnel is what brought you this far. Stay true to yourself.

  • Callie w

    Arnel, I am so thankful that you were discovered on YouTube by your bandmates & am grateful you didn’t give up on your dream. I have watched the dvd about your journey from the Philippines up until today and not a single soul could have been more humble and grateful for the opportunity you received. I have been fortune enough to meet you in person & you are an amazing, kind, gentle soul who gives time to each and everyone of your fans or supporters which is genuinely appreciated by all of us. Keep rockin’ Arnel & I hope to see you again someday. God bless!

    Callie Wilson

  • Gay Amistoso

    I have followed your unbelievable ride with Journey from the beginning. It seems I have watched your every performance on youtube and enjoyed every single one immensely. True there were some off nights but then there were also those brilliant moments when the band and the crowd just seemed to combust and you came up with such breathtaking performances. I have even had the pleasure of meeting you and having photos taken with you at your old haunt Rockville. And since I have been doing consultancy work in Hong Kong since the early 90s, I even got to watch you in a couple of performances in LKF way before Journey came into the picture. No question about it, I am a true fan. I have been constantly moved by the power and beauty of your voice, but moreso, by the beauty and grace of your character and soul. I am so very proud of what you have achieved as a performer but, more so, of what you have become as a husband, father, son and brother. Mabuhay ka Arnel. Thank you for all the pleasure your voice has given me through the years. Maraming salamat.

  • Meryl Baraw Streisfeld

    Inside and out you’re a beautiful man.

  • Edscorn Lalena

    Arnel, I was moved to tears when I watched your first interview with CBS News Sunday Morning. Watching someone go from rags to riches one would think that with great opportunity you would live a lavish life but you haven’t, you still remain humble and a minimalist. Opening up a non-profit to help underprivileged children get a proper education, health services and medical attention is admirable. Seeing you and your family involved in the organization proves that you truly are the glue that binds us all. I wish nothing but more success for you and your loved ones and many more years in this Journey called life. You make me proud to be a Pinoy! Moreover, you give me hope that there are still great people in this world and we need more people like you! Thank you for being you.

    • Toni Phillips

      Beautifully written, Lalena!!

  • Jason Faulk

    All I can say is that the unthinkable has happened for me. I’m a lifelong Journey fan and couldn’t imagine anyone other than Steve Perry singing with them until I read your story and decided to see you in concert a few years back. I can honestly say, you are Journey to me and no one will replace you AP. I’m converted to Pineda-ism. Lol

  • Lisa Rachels

    If I could say one thing…I would have to ask which was better…the reality or the dream…& what he has had to give up to live this dream, such as his privacy, time with his family, etc. and what he has gained by achieving his dream.

  • Missy Marie

    Contest aside: I know I speak for most…it’s more important for you to understand that you used your gift as designed; by sharing. Thru YOUR sweat, tears, struggle, pain, & most of all, your (obvious) relentless Faith…by never giving up & working hard, you have undoubtedly proven that 1 man who is the embodiment of ALL of these, both personally & professionally…WILL make a world of positive influence. Your hard work has not been in vain. But because of your suffering&faith, the whole world now, will FOREVER be blessed with the sound of your voice and your legacy with Journey. Likewise, that blessing bestowed upon you for your perseverance, has now been such a wonderful lasting gift to us. Thank you.
    May the Lord continue to bless you and your family with a great wealth of health.
    Your Journey continues…along with our deepest support and prayers for you.
    Amen 😉

  • Kirsten Pleijsier

    If I could say one thing to Arnel, it would be that one should never give up a dream: Don’t Stop Believing. The dream of Arnel came true and therefore, Journey stays alive.

    Jan Pleijsier

    • Toni Phillips

      Thank you for this post, Jan!!

  • Angella Clark Hintz

    I seen you (and Journey too) for the first time August 11 in Sioux Falls SD and let me tell you it was amazing!!!! Love Love your voice and enthusiast daminer on stage!!! And now anytime we listen to you at home my 10 month old stops and stairs and dances to your amazing voice!!! Once again you rock and can’t wait till you come back this way I will definitely be there!!! 🤘

  • D Ann Cardenas

    Simply, THANK YOU!

  • Mieko

    If I narrow down my list of things I would like to say to Arnel-san, I would say – please come to Japan soon and let us hear your amazing voice, and see your lovely smile! How I wish I could meet and talk with you♡

  • Jens Bengtsson

    …man you rock! You have put us all in a fantastic time capsule with your perfect voice and a great personality. You complete Journey like no one else could. Thank you! You rock!

  • Armi

    You are amazing, fantastic, adorable, awesome, gorgeous, lovable and loving, cute, charming, caring, kind, handsome, responsible, cool, helpful, very inspiring, unique, friendly….
    God is great, because we have you!

  • Shelby Titkemeyer

    Arnel, you are such a powerful beam of light that the world didn’t know we needed. Your humility, energy, love & giving spirit has been such a gift to Journey fans all over the world. Your story is such an inspiration; the perseverance & attitude of hope that you carry with you is nearly unmatched. You have made me believe in the power of music again & how it truly brings all of us together. I wish only love & peace to you & your family!

  • Gail Rice-Kong

    I love everything about you, your talent, your passion and your goodness to the less fortunate. You are a blessing!

  • Jasmin Herrero

    If I could say one thing to Arnel…. i will prefer to borrow a line from a song of CHICAGO, because that’s how i feel to Arnel.

  • Linda

    Arnel… you came to a world of unknown and had to prove to a lot of people who you were and what you could do for the love of music and prove to journey you could be as big as anyone, to me your at the top with people like Elvis Presley and so many others, and never think you were less than anyone. I know you will be one that people will say, hey that guy sound like Arnel with journey. And all I can say is that person has some BIG BOOTS to fill. Cant wait to see journey again.God bless and a safe trip home.

  • Ruby Leia

    Arnel…thank you for sharing your beautiful voice to the whole world and for being with Journey & continue their great music. God bless your health and God bless you more. Mabuhay Arnel and Mabuhay Journey!

  • Barbara Maciel

    The first time I heard Arnel was the Rockline interview promoting Revelation. I heard one of the new songs and thought Steve Perry had rejoins the band. When I realized it wasn’t Steve I was blown away! By the end of the interview I HAD to buy the album and there’s been no turning back. Your voice caught my attention, but your attitude towards life has made me appreciate you all the more. Your humbleness and gratitude for the blessings that life has given to you is admirable. As is the kindness that you show to us, your fans. You truly make us feel appreciated. Thank you for giving new life to Journey and for being the kind of man that we can be proud to be a fan of.

  • Mandy Tess Hoit

    Arnel……I know for certain that your Mother is smiling down on you and has to be so proud of you, for what you’ve been through and what you’ve accomplished in your life. You are truly ONE of a kind, beautiful inside and out and inspire me to never stop believing in my dreams. I absolutely love your story, it has touched me more than words can describe. You have a true gift with that beautiful voice and the energy and feeling you bring to the stage and into our lives. Thank you for the sparkle and the energy and the love that is YOU! <3

  • If I could say one thing to Arnel, it would be…Thank you for giving me hope, bringing smiles and filling this world with a bit more sunshine. You may never meet all of your fans, but your music and this beautiful journey will live on forever, it’s power will always remind us to believe.

  • Katherine McClendon

    Arnel, thank you for sharing your amazing talent and grace with your fans. Your voice and energy together with Jrny bring so much comfort and joy to me and others. In this uncertain world, hearing you and the band always reminds me, don’t stop believing!

  • mnnsmom

    You are a reminder to the universe that every single moment in our lives, leads us to where and who we are meant to be. Every great moment, every sorrow, every struggle, every tear, every smile, every failure, every success, every enemy, every friend, every angel, every demon, has lead you to EXACTLY where you are. I have no doubt that your fans, friends, band mates, family, and loved ones are grateful you didn’t stop believing. Never stop. Keep flying high and know you carry with you the love, support, encouragement, gratitude and belief that you are exactly where you were meant to be. Thank you for sharing your gift so humbly, brightly and passionately with the universe. Thank you to you, your band mates, crew, and your family for sacrificing so much so that Journey’s music and magic can live on! You are living proof that great things truly do come in small packages!! 😉 <3

    • Toni Phillips

      Wow, Debbie – this made my eyes well up😊

    • Mandy Tess Hoit

      Beautifully said <3 and congrats!!

  • Joanna Ratcliff Stewart

    Arnel – You are truly an inspiration and a great role model. You came into a situation where some may have doubted and rejected you – yet you rose above and shine so magically on the stage! You are a top-notch performer, husband, father, friend and (most of all) all around person! Keep shining bright and doing what you do. You have inspired me and thousands of others!

    • Toni Phillips

      Joanna – well said!!!💕

  • Susan Duffy Wilson

    I love you as my 3rd son Arnel. Can I have the goodies now?

  • big_johnv

    I frankly lost some interest in Journey after Steve Perry left even though the subsequent singers were good. That is until you were discovered by Neal. I watched the Youtube videos from the Hard Rock in Makati and knew right then Journey was reborn. I have enjoyed watching you perform and appreciate you as a person. Your story is inspirational and uplifting. Original plokker on your website.

  • John Sorensen

    The one thing I would say is… Well done. You’ve handled yourself with grace. You’ve done an awesome job of keeping the Journey alive…

  • Oddie

    Arnel, until now people still keeps on comparing you with Steve Perry. For me you are a great singer and a great person. Just to think of what you’ve gone through and how you overcome those trials is a great achievement. Keep on fighting. Always remember we are here for you in spirit always.

  • Jason White

    Arnel, You aren’t just singing or entertaining, it is far more than that. You are carrying a great legacy and keeping the music alive. Sharing your gift is a priceless treasure that the Earth will forever be grateful for.

    • Toni Phillips

      Thank you, Jason!!!

  • Michael Pengue

    Dear Arnel , I love your voice,your story and the new energy you bring to Journey. I just came across your story and of you singing for Journey about 1yr ago. Damn! I missed all the excitement during your first few years with the band. I appreciated Journey’s music (especially Steve Perry’s voice)during my youth but I wasn’t a big fan. I really don’t why cause the music was great.. But I must say that now I am.
    As another fan wrote, I agree 100 % . “I think you are one of the best things that ever happened to Journey.”
    Your story,from poverty to the big times of show business, your humbleness really resonates with me–,as I’m sure it does with countless other fans. Because I caught your story too late I missed your visit in Montreal, Canada. Damn! I hope your wonderful voice stays with you a very long time. Great to read that you’re taking good care of it. Hope you continue with Journey and maybe I’ll catch you on another Canadian tour. I’m so happy for you and the bands amazing revival with you as lead singer! Warm regards.

  • Haley Cree Shores

    If I could say one thing to Arnel, it would be this: Thank you for your constant gift to the fans. You are so humble and kind. I would just like to say that you make us all so happy and we will always be here for you and your family.

  • Kelli Arnett

    If I could say one thing to Arnel, it would be this: As a singer myself, you have inspired me to work my hardest to become better and to always chase my dreams, no matter how far out of reach they may seem. You never gave up, so I shouldn’t either. Your voice is such an incredible gift – a beautiful, soaring tenor – and I’m so glad you chose to share it with all of us. Your constant positivity, optimism, and kind attitude towards everything in life is something we should all strive for, and I am grateful for the example you set for the people you inspire. Never stop singing, Arnel. We love you!

  • Linda

    Arnel, This is to have some fun ok.( You Open Arms to your fans, and when the Lights start going Separate Ways we know its time to see the Wheel in the sky start Faithfully and Only the Young that are Stone in Love or LOVIN, TOUCHIN, SQUEEZIN.so please Be GOOD TO YOURSELF and DONT STOP BELIEVIN because all the world is CRYING NOW because we had it ANYWAY You WANT IT for a long time, and now its time to go HOME and spend time with your blessed and amazing family.

  • margie

    If I could say one thing to Arnel. It would be the first time I ever heard you sing with journey I was overcome with emotion and I said to myself I would love to meet this man in person but it is probably something that could never happen.. You made my dream come true and I will never forget that night. Your kindness and humble ways make you the wonderful.person that you are. Thank you for everything you do for your fans . You are beyond amazing! ❤

  • Brooke DeJohn Shumaker

    My son said he was having a Journey concert tonight, my husband asked where is mic stand was and he replied “I don’t need no mic stand, I’m Arnel Pineda tonight!” He’s been jumping off the couch for an hour!

    • Donna

      LOL, I love this!

      • Brooke DeJohn Shumaker

        😀 check out the picture.

  • Jan Hill

    If I could say one thing to Arnel, it would be thank you for keeping the Journey alive!

  • Shelley Wilson

    If I could say one thing to Arnel it would be thank you for your graciousness, humbleness and kind soul. You have a very special way of interacting with and making your fans feel so special. I have been fortunate and blessed enough to be on the receiving end of this and am forever grateful💕 We will always support you sir , #humblestwokstahever God bless you 🙏

  • If I could say one thing to Arnel, it would be… How did you aquire so many special and wonderful plokkers? All kidding aside, thank you (from me) for the ever lasting support and love to Arnel and the site. It is the love and fans that keep this site running. ❤️

    • fabbest

      Well said, Coles