Pineda’s “blind” gambit pays off

Writer Nestor U. Torre of the Philippine Daily Inquirer explores “democratic” ways of getting discovered in entertainment. The details surrounding Arnel’s discovery are not as simple as outlined on this piece. Circumstances other than those under Arnel’s control fortunately worked towards his advantage: Noel Gomez, a supportive manager and then-future bandmates giving him a week to meet their expectations – after an initial day’s mediocre performance. An excerpt from the article:

Also impressive is the achievement of our homegrown Arnel Pineda, who one fine day learned that the Journey band was looking for a lead, took a deep breath and put his cover of “Faithfully” on YouTube. It was a “blind” gambit on Arnel’s part, but most fortuitously, Journey’s Neal Schon watched the “evidence”—and was sold on it.

Arnel was asked to fly to San Francisco to audition, impressed Journey’s remaining bandmates with his astutely “Xeroxed” musical performance, and was hired on the spot!

Read more: http://entertainment.inquirer.net/153007/more-democratic-ways-to-get-discovered#ixzz3Dt60W0Ix

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  • twinrockers

    well he auditioned under very strict judges who had been in the business for almost 4 decades! and it’s like “ok you can sing but can you last a 60 gig tour?” it was harder than joining an amateur contest with local judges. and it’s not to belittle the judges per se but the idea of meeting international expectations vs the local .

    • fabbest

      Arnel’s complete story of how he reached this point is a collection of many seemingly impossible events: the center of it is the fact that he didn’t put the videos up like most everyone seeking instant fame. Off-topic: When I was about 12, I joined a branch of PETA, the drama group headed by Mr. Torre. He spent time teaching us and he gave me a plum role of an angel in this production based on a legend. I am grateful he recognized my ambition at an early age, despite the fact I looked more like the devil…lol. I believe he comes from a sincere place and really one of the greatest minds in performing arts.

      • twinrockers

        he is one of the widely read and well-respected writers indeed. i just think the article was hastily written. if he thinks you looked like an angel he must be right. now we need a picture of angel fabb. and tell us more about that ambition too. 🙂