• Jenaisle

    I found this online, Korean actor Jang Hyuk of “Fated to Love” an AP look alike.

  • Jenaisle

    I found this online:” Korean actor Jang Hyuk, an AP look-alike:

  • melrosel

    Nice one AP! You rock!

  • Jenaisle

    AP, you’re incredible.

  • Vivian Lee

    Way too cute! THAT was a yell!!

  • gail

    Arnel you are awesome!

  • Meryl Baraw Streisfeld

    Arnel thanks for joining the fight against this dreadful disease. Wouldnt this be a great way for you to get ready for a show??????

  • Bonnie

    Arnel as always you are the best always ready to participate in that which will help others. Thank you for allowing us to watch this “bone chilling” feat! Much love to you and yours.

  • Thank you, Arnel, for sharing yet another part of you with your fans. So many diseases that need awareness and it is hard for us to choose what we can and cannot support. I liked your uniqueness in not challenging anyone else but keeping our focus on the disease, ALS, in the forefront. As usual, a leader at heart! You also cracked me up with your self intro! God Bless you and your family.

  • Thank you for being a good sport Arnel. I kno we (prob me haha) might have peer pressured you into dumping ice on your head, but it was for a great cause. You rock!!!!!

  • @SilverLining

    Dear Arnel, Thanks for taking on the challenge and supporting the cause for ALS research & public awareness, even at risk to your own health days before an upcoming tour commitment, in order to save lives, no less! I also appreciated your uniquely not challenging anyone to dunk, instead preserving all viewer attention & effort to the real mission. Thank you for keeping us focused on the essentials. And, oh yes, great vocalization! Pati sigaw ang galing! Glad you limited the water level to protect your own health. You’re the best!

  • Becky

    Hahahaha, I take ice-cold showers every day & have for years–and that’s pretty much my reaction every morning!!!! Don’t you feel GREAT?!? Thanks for playing along, Arnel, and for pushing the cause forward… (Ya know, you could have filled that bucket all the way up to the top, LOL)