A rare onstage marriage proposal at a Journey concert

It started with a message from a fan named Rob on Arnel’s Wall. Arnel replied and promised to do his best. Three months later, after some coordination, it happened:

Rob’s story:

Hi Arnel,

First of all, I love your vocals and think you are an amazing addition to Journey! Your own journey has been amazing, filled with many human hardships and rewards. You have the fortitude keep on going no matter what. I love that! You inspire me!

I’m writing you because I wanted to ask you a question regarding your August 1, 2014 Mandalay Bay show in Las Vegas, NV. I am attending this show to celebrate my 50th Birthday! Would you allow me the honor to ask my girlfriend Tiffany whom I’ve been dating for the past two years to be my wife on your stage? We have tickets on the main floor 20 rows back at your August 1, Las Vegas show. This would be something she and I would never forget…

A bit about me: I’m also a performing artist, www.ShamelessRob.com on the long road towards maybe someday being recognized for my musical contributions. I was married for 16 years and divorced 10 years ago with three children. As a result, I lost everything, my house, my car and my family support system. I lost the support of my sisters and brother, and other friends and family because of my “sinful” divorce, and their religious convictions.

I’ve spent the last 10 years rebuilding my life, writing and performing original music, and building a new family. I met Tiffany along the way, and she really loves who I am. This kind of love is so hard to find. She has a three year old boy Dillon who calls me “Dad.” I love him so much. His father wants nothing to do with him. So I have found something really special with Tiffany and Dillon, and I wanted to see if you and your band would help me celebrate my love for them?


Arnel’s reply:

keep reminding me sir and pls look for yul or fabbest.they can help you get in touch with me.

And they lived happily ever after!

Journey does receive – but have to reject – plenty of similar requests while on tour. Fate smiled upon a fan and Arnel followed through with his promise this one time.

Update – Sept. 15, 2014:
First-person narrative video of what went down, edited by Rob himself. Take a look! youtube.com/v/hLVo-MJnCQs

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  • WAVE63

    AP should see this B-)……………Congrats Rob and Tiffany!!!!!


  • melrosel

    Yehey! I watched Don’t stop believing everyman’s journey tonight at CCP! Soo inspiring! AP has a natural sense of humor, he’s very natural , very humble too. Way to go AP!

  • twinrockers

    ahwww best news I read this morning. thank you for sharing this lovely video and his story. Love conquers all.

  • A million thanks to you Rob Leach for posting this article. I feel so much gratitude and appreciation to Arnel who is not only a man of his word, but made my dream of proposing to the love of my life in front of the greatest band ever (Journey) come true! Thank you Fabbest for really coming through and helping me communicate with Arnel. You’re a gem. And to Neil, the greatest lead guitarist ever, thank you! Seeing you smile at me and Tiffany on stage was priceless! Jonathan, Ross and Sean, amazing team of musicians, songwriters and performers. I’m in awe of your talent! Being on stage with you all was profoundly a special moment! Thank you everyone for supporting Arnel’s decision to make this happen for me and Tiffany. I forever consider you in the highest regard, dearest of friends and hopefully our “journey” brings us back together again! Sincerely, Rob and Tiffany

    • fabbest

      Wait a sec – I take it she say YES?! When is the big day?

      • twinrockers

        is this on yt?

      • Looks like she said yes to me. So sweet and a great way to propose!!!!

      • Hey fabbest, she did say yes. Watch the part of the video when we are both walking off stage. I briefly turned to the audience lifting my hand yelling, “she said yes! ” What an amazing night. We felt like Rock stars for a night. Had about 100+ plus people coming up to us at Mandalay Bay high fiving, hugging and congratulating us.
        Thank you again fabbest, Arnel, and all of Journey…also, sorry I spelled Neals first name wrong (Neil) earlier. Much love to you all, Rob

        • Che@SiNewsOnTheNet

          Hey, congrats Rob and Tiffany. So sweet! happy for you both. Thanks for at least making us part of your love story (even if just vicariously LOL). Pssst., and it’s Deen, the drummer, not Sean (grin).

      • Hey fabbest, 22 days to your wedding in Seattle! It’s July 12th on a yacht on Lake Union. I can’t wait to marry such a wonderful woman. It would be so cool if Arnel, Neil, Deen, Jonathan and Ross could be there? You all made my proposal so very special!!! Much love, Rob