Win Tickets to the Manila Screening of “Don’t Stop Believin’: Everyman’s Journey”

On July 24th 2014, the documentary Don’t Stop Believin’: Everyman’s Journey will premiere in Manila with two screenings: 6:00pm and 8:30 pm. Director Ramona Diaz as well as other guests plan to attend. In celebration of this event, a free ticket to each of the two shows will be given out to two lucky individuals selected by random drawing. See more details about the premiere here.

For a chance to win a ticket, simply do the following:

1. Share this article about the event on any social media outlet (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, etc). If you don’t have an account, please ask a friend to share for you.
2. In the comments section of this page, post a link to the content where you shared the post.
3. State your preferred showtime.

Deadline: July 21st, 2014 at Midnight, Manila time. In case the two winners choose the same showing, the winner who posted first will be given priority.

Arnel’s Facebook Fan Page is also running a contest for two entrants to win ₱1,000 cash. Only one prize will be awarded per winner on this and the Facebook Fan Page contests. Thanks to the Assumption Alumnae Association’s Assumption Cares for this giveaway.



Winner of the 6pm showing: Izza

Winner of the 8:30pm showing: twinrockers


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  • twinrockers

    Watching the boys in the big screen is the next big thing to watching them live. None of us four who were there have seen them perform together live so watching it last night was like the first time for us. Even if we have already memorized some of the lines. lol It was a decent crowd, quantity and quality wise, with familiar faces you see in the biz circle. Che said she saw former Miss Universe Margie Moran. Being surrounded by these people, we had to contain our fangirliness. Gina can attest to that. It was her first time to watch it so she got a lot of teasing from us, or say especially from me. =) I avoided watching my dvd so the movie will look fresh when I watch it again on the big screen. True enough because maybe it was the sensurround or the size because it did feel like the first time watching it. The theatre probably holds 300 and I think it’s safe to say the crowd was close to 200. I have no idea what the crowd size was during the first screening at 6 pm but I was there before it started and there was already some crowd at the ticket table. More details later with some pics. I got vid of the Q&A, And yes, we were all clapping at the end of the movie.

  • Che@SiNewsOnTheNet

    Is there gonna be a meet up/mini-EB among plokkers? Where and what time?

    • twinrockers

      i’ll be there just after work to hang around before the 8:30 pm show. can you pm me on fb?

      • Che@SiNewsOnTheNet

        DM’d you in twitter.

      • Che@SiNewsOnTheNet

        Nice to meet you, Terri, and Ferdie, and Gina and Allenkikay! We should do that again soon!

  • Congrats Izza and Twinrockers! Enjoy the movie and share the joy with us again!

  • twinrockers

    whoa! yey!. later i got to go. but thanks thanks! woohoo. not so excited eh. hahaha

  • Congrats Izza and Twinrockers!!!!! Let us know how the premiere goes please!!!!

  • Greetings! Shared the article linked to this post through this Facebook post: https://www.facebook.com/manilascoopangel/posts/10152189198080658

    Preferred showtime: 8:30 P.M.

    Thank you very much, and more power!

  • Eb2008

    Protected Tweets

    Win Tickets to the Manila Screening of “Don’t Stop Believin’: Everyman’s Journey” | Arnel Pineda Official Site http://arnelpinedarocks.com/5371/arnel/win-tickets-to-the-manila-screening-of-dont-stop-believin-everymans-journey

  • twinrockers
    • twinrockers

      also have it on twitter. i retweeted coley’s tweet. =)

      • Thanks!!!!! Good luck!!!!

    • fabbest

      Thanks Terri. We can always count on you.

  • Mark Venson Navera
    • fabbest

      Thank you, Mark!

    • Thanks so much. Best of luck!!!!!

  • melrosel

    Facebook 6pm screening. Congrats Arnel/Journey! You rock!

    • fabbest

      TY, mel! Pls post your share link!

    • Mel…do you have a link to where you shared it?? Thanks so much!!!!

  • Izza

    https://www.facebook.com/FeistyFilipinas – 6:00pm screening. Salamat & good luck to all!

    • fabbest

      Thanks so much Izza!

    • Thanks for supporting this film. Good luck!!!

  • Gina
    • fabbest

      Thank you, Gina!

    • Thanks for the tweet. Best of luck!!!!!

  • Mary R. Chance

    FaceBook 6pm show

  • Facebook for the 6:00 show! Please and thank you!!!

    • fabbest

      Thanks Crystal!

  • Mich
    • fabbest

      Thanks, Mich!

      • Mich

        My pleasure. I hope I win, hehe. 😀