Arnel Pineda plans solo album, but not leaving Journey

Arnel Pineda says he’s been putting together an album of his own compositions in his own voice to release this year, but he quashed rumors that he’s gearing up to leave the American rock band Journey.

The Filipino singer and Journey lead vocalist said he will stay as long as the band needs him. Pineda also dismissed talk of a possible band reunion with former lead singer Steve Perry.

The singer spoke in an interview Tuesday during the launch of his version of the song “Charity” in the animated children’s music video “Cha-Ching” on Cartoon Network.

The song about donating money or time to those in need can be purchased from iTunes to benefit Typhoon Haiyan victims in the Philippines.

The singer has been involved in charity projects in the Philippines. Having risen from poverty, he said it was his obligation to help those who struggle with difficulties he experienced.

Pineda, now 46, was once a homeless teenager in Manila who at 15 started singing professionally with small bands. He found success after Journey guitarist Neal Schon discovered him in 2007 on YouTube singing hits of Perry and sounding strikingly like him.

“Even though I am still with (Journey) and we are touring, I am also working on my original materials and I am also recording them,” Pineda said, adding he aims to launch the album this year.

This year, Journey is touring the United States and Canada, and next year will tour South America.

On rumors of a Journey reunion with Perry, he said he has not heard any talk of that.

If that happens, he said “I’d be more than happy to give way,” saying it would allow him more time with his family.

But Pineda said: “As long as they need me I will be there, I’m never gonna quit on them.”

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  • Rebecca Ann Crawford

    I have always loved Journey & saw the bio on Arnel Pineda, I cried & loved his whole family! I wished Journey could come to Prescott Valley, AZ.. We have an Event Center here, but, I can’t afford to go, but, I would be heart broken if my hubby & I a my 3 children could see this concert.. You are so awesome! I don’t know if you actually read these , but, please come to Prescott Valley Event Center, Tim’s Toyota in Prescott Valley, AZ… I live at 6251 N. Cattletrack Road, Prescott Valley, AZ. 86314, My hubby is disabled, my son watched your video & said you have an awesome voice, he is 38 yrs. old..Please! if we could get tickets for up here , we would love it.. lots of people would come to see you up here. Sincerely, Rebecca A. Crawford.. God Bless. I am almost 60 in June 29th, would love to see you..ty…can’t afford it, but.. that would be a blessing just to see you & Journey …..

  • seven


    New York, NY — (SBWIRE)
    — 04/16/2014 — Sanre Entertainment and client pop cellist Jela Cello announce her upcoming opportunities to play with numerous world famous artists. Icons such as Ross Valory and Arnel Pineda of the legendary band Journey, top jazz pianist and keyboard artist for Night Ranger Eric Levy, amongst others, have also expressed interest in having Jela Cello on some upcoming recordings.

    […]Globally renowned guitarist/songwriter Richie Sambora commented that he “would be pleased to work with Jela on a song.” Jela will also be performing on a new Jazz album with Eric Levy entitled [ Prior Knowledge ] and with Arnel Pineda lead singer of Journey on the solo single [ SoulMate ]. When asked Jela said “I am thrilled to have the opportunity of playing with some of the greatest musicians in the world. What musician wouldn’t be?!” […]

    • twinrockers

      that would be awesome! thanks seven for this great find.

  • Raffy Dela Rosa

    Arnel stay put with Journey.

  • Lisajo

    Good to know about the hair! I’m so excited!

  • mark

    watch the full story of journey on you tube and find out why SP leave journey twice and why he can’t go back anymore…arnel pineda ROCKS!!!!!

  • Linda

    Lisajo, Thanks for the info. Arnel is better than SP. Steve was great in his time with journey but Arnel is journey now and people need to get use to that, don’t you agree? Thanks again…………………….

    • Lisajo

      I think Arnel’s got way better range and strength. And he’s totally adorable, which doesn’t hurt! Perry sounded the same on everything! Yeah, it’s Arnel’s gig now. Perry checked out a long time ago!

  • Linda

    I am so sick of the journey band wanting this reunion with Steve Perry. This shows no respect for Arnel and what he has done for the band, and Arnel is the new journey lead singer and we all love what he has done for the band and journey music. Perry is the pass and didn’t think of the band or the fans when he left the way he did, and then said in a interview he never felt he was a part of the band. So exciting that Arnel is doing a solo album.

    • Lisajo

      I don’t think the band wants a reunion with Perry. Jonathan denied it a few weeks ago, and Neal has said that they only communicate through lawyers. There are a few hardcore SP fans out there living in the past, but they will probably be waiting for his return a long, long time.

      In a recent article, Perry said that he was writing songs and planned a solo project. At the same time, he said that the songs were unfinished, he feared people’s expectations, and suffered from arthritis and depression. He’s 65 now, and it doesn’t sound like he will get moving anytime soon, which was the whole problem to begin with.

      Arnel has breathed new life into the band, and they know it. His amazing talent allows him to not only sing the old songs beautifully, but also handle anything new that comes along. The boys in the band all seem to be bonded and supportive and appreciative of one another. I can’t imagine anyone mistreating awesome Arnel.

      Other band members do outside projects, too. Neal has a new album out right now. They are artists who continue to create and experiment both as individuals and and as a group. That’s why they’re still rocking our world 30 years on!

      See you in Houston May 23rd, Arnel, but can you grow your hair out a little?

      • Arnel said the hair will be just above the shoulders for this tour.

  • Kimmy Arnelrocks

    sooo exciting!!!!!! cant wait to hear the solo album!! Congrats to Arnel!!

  • I am so excited to hear that Arnel is going to put out a solo album. A long time in the making.

    • Anita Holloman

      I am with you Coley ~ SUPER EXCITED and so READY!!! What an amazing accomplishment with everything on Arnel’s plate!! ~ Time to celebrate and have a party!!! +))