Arnel Pineda dedicates song to ‘Yolanda’ survivors

Journey frontman Arnel Pineda performed an original composition for the survivors of super typhoon “Yolanda” on “It’s Showtime” Saturday.  The ballad, entitled “This Christmas,” invites everyone to extend a helping hand to the survivors of the calamity in Visayas during the Christmas season.

“Ang message ng kantang ito ay lahat tayo in our own little way, puwede tayong maging ‘Santa’ sa mga gusto nating tulungan at sa mga mahal natin sa buhay,” said Pineda. (The message of this song is that all of us, in our little own way, can be a ‘Santa’ to anybody we want to help, and to our loved ones)



Through all these years, into crossfires of conflicts, buried in your eyes – a bloodstain of fears. You’ve trekked through a life all homeless and loveless, wounded and in near-death. Wonder if you’ll ever find the healing comfort of His cradle?

Can I be your Santa? Can I be the gift? Can I be your hero? Can I be your freedom…this Christmas.

Painful tears and cold roads are fading. Enough of darkness, days ahead are brighter! Angels’ little hands are reaching to grace you – the kindness of yuletide from the heavens!

So let me be your Santa, let me be your gift. Let me be your hero, let me be your freedom…this Christmas

I’ll never be our Savior in a manger; instead a friend who will stand by your side.

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  • seven

    “This Christmas” sang by a boy at a school Christmas program. Bad audio but the kid’s got lungs. He hit every note.


  • twinrockers
  • jodyt

    Wonderful song wrote by a beautiful genius. MERRY CHRISTMAS Arnel and family.

  • twinrockers

    It’s a masterpiece! Beautiful arrangement, production, lyrics, vocals, back up… perfect song for these times. Hope it would be released in iTunes. Would love to see him perform this with a gospel choir. I can imagine this also being sung in churches during this holiday season.

    • Becky

      Yes! A gospel choir would be awesome — we had the same thought! Or a children’s choir!

      But what would really be fresh and unconventional would be a choir made up of whole families affected by the typhoon, standing together and singing. Because the devastation affected every member of a family, from the very elderly down to the tiniest newborn, and everyone in between. Everybody would have to lean on each other and pull together in order to get through it as a family. How powerful (and empowering) that performance would be — for the families in the choir, for Arnel, and for all of us lucky enough to witness it. Getting goosebumps just thinking about it!!

      (Family Man Arnel, are you reading this?? What say you?)

      • Che@SiNewsOnTheNet

        Maybe down the road, after a while, when the families have healed and recovered. Right now, recording a song with a rockstar would probably rank very very low in their list of priorities :-). And to even ask them to do that, even with someone like Arnel, might be a tad insensitive. 🙂

        • Becky

          Yes, I understand the point you are making… it was certainly never my intention to be “insensitive,” very much the opposite. I never thought of a recording (though I suppose every time Arnel picks up a microphone now, someone is recording it). My only thought had to do with the liberating and transformative power of music — the comfort and healing that can take place through the magic of sound and the human voice — particularly when many diverse voices are lifted up as one. And isn’t elevating the human spirit what Christmas songs are all about? My deepest apologies if my comment offended you (or anyone else, for that matter), or was felt inappropriate.

          I do hope perhaps we might agree that this latest version, with shots of Arnel’s family, is the loveliest of all. ♥

        • Che@SiNewsOnTheNet

          No worries, Becky! Music is indeed healing, uplifting, and uniting. Yes, Arnel’s family is lovely. You are an incredible supporter and fan. 🙂

        • Becky

          Ah, shucks…you made my day! I would be honored to think I was “an incredible supporter and fan” since most of the time I think I’m just an annoying little git who won’t shut up. Let’s just say I am…*prolific* shall we? 😉

          I’ve just stepped outside and it’s a SPECTACULAR morning in my little corner of the world — sunny and bright, and there is a certain electric energy in the air that promises it’s going to be a day full of smiles and miracles…can’t wait!! I hope you have an amazing day too, Che.

  • Kimmy Arnelrocks

    Absolutely love it!! Beautiful in every way <3

  • Becky

    No “mistakes” here, hero. 😉

    Thanks for inspiring not only those affected by recent disasters, but all those on the ground trying to help put things back together, and all of us around the world who are privileged to hear you sing your song wherever we are. Many blessings to you and yours.

  • Jasmin

    beatuiful lyrics and melody…make my eyes in tears. very touching. this song wil be the light which shines the way for people in disaster. i love this song. this is a big X’mas present for me, too.

  • Lilly Sabas-simon

    You are indeed the total package of this song,Arnel thank you for this wonderful and inspiring song GOD bless everyone and thank you APFI volunteers for helping as well♥♥♥

  • Linda

    BEAUTIFUL…is right. He loves where he is from, and the people that need so much right now.That is what Arnel is about, and that is why we love him so.

  • Lalahon

    Beautiful, simply BEAUTIFUL!