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  • MissFitz88

    We saw you on August 26th in Orillia. What a fantastic evening! You and the band were fabulous. The sound was incredible. The songs are still running through my head non-stop. Loved it, loved it, LOVED IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Lifelong Journey Fans………..

  • Davey Peterson

    Hi Arnel. I’m Davey. I’m a huge fan of Journey by the way

    Is it ok if I use Journey’s band name for my rock group e.g Journey Academics and for the group’s website e.g ??

  • Raul Delossantos

    arnel, tol, gusto ko lang na malaman mo at ng Journey na marami kayong fans dito sa west texas. pinanood namin kayo sa albuquerque. matanong lang kelan ba kayo papasyal sa Lubbock, tx? dito kami sa west texas mga 5 hours away from albuquerque. napanood ko dito yong Eagles. kayo na lang ang hinihintay namin.

  • pete desmond

    Arnel See you this Thursday 8//28/14 at the new York state fair

  • Rosalinda Russo Tamke

    Hi Arnel:

    This is Mom writing on behalf of my daughter who can’t. I can’t wait until next year to see you in concert again. I love all you guys. Please come to Florida next year or NJ again in June. You are all cute and I want a group hug. Jennifer is a kind and innocent person who loves her music. She wants to meet all the group. There are no tickets for the Atlantic City at Caesers so I have to wait until next year. God Bless You All. love Jennifer

  • Whipplewade1

    I can’t make it this year to a Journey concert. But I am hoping to make it next year if you come to SPAC. AS it is close to my home:)

  • Guest

    I can’t make it this year to A ourney concert. But hpoefully you come back to SPAC next year. It’s close to me. I would love to see you guys:)

  • @SilverLining

    Dear Fabbest, Administrator, through the kindness of Arnel, I viewed your APFoundation video montage. Thanks for brilliantly putting it all together to communicate the mission message across! It was informative, dramatic, powerful, inviting, effective, moving and inspiring! I loved it! So glad you’re there! Thanks again! Take care.

    • Bonnie

      I so agree! Profoundly moving and inspirational does a terric job educating about The Foundation, the need and the plight of so many. Such an acknowledgement of Arnel and his dream of making a difference and the wonderful team he works with to make that happen. Certainly you are a most important part of that effort! Bravo to all of you.

  • Rosalinda Russo Tamke

    Dear Arnel:

    I am writing this on behalf of my daughter Jennifer who is impaired and cannot do this but I would like to share with you her feelings about the band. We recently saw you in concert at PNC Art Center on June 11th. She was thrilled and so was I seeing you all in concert. She can’t stop talking about it. She tells everyone that will listen that she saw Journey. She really likes you the best. She said she is happy. She is looking forward to 2015 tour dates. She is a diehard Journey Fan. We all enjoyed the concert at PNC Art Center in Holmdel, New Jersey. If by chance you travel to Florida where we live most of the year we will be at the show. She of course wants to meet you she told me to put that in the letter which I have. She says she knows you guys are busy now on tour. I quote, “I love you guys so much”.

    Jennifer McAndrew

  • Jody Nichols

    Arnel you set a high standard for your sons to live their lives. That example of charity to others and loyality to family is a true gift to give. All fathers should learn from you.

  • Jhoy

    HI Arnel!

    I have a lot of things to say but I’ll try to be brief. I am a Filipino who loves listening to old songs and I always prefer the original singer. I was not a fan of Journey and never really tried to know anything about you. All I know is that you are good because Journey would never have taken you if you weren’t. I was watching “The Voice” on youtube when an old video of yours was recommended so I clicked it. I never thought that you are that good, I mean one of the best I’ve heard. Ive been a fan since then and its more than a year now.

    I just wanted to say that im sorry for I could have supported you from day 1 and could have protected you from insulting comments (lol). Many Filipinos still don’t know how good you are. I hope the documentary will be televised after its screening in cinemalaya. I’m very happy for you and you deserve all the happiness, blessings, good health, and fame. In your simple ways of being what you are, you already inspire so many people, that you already contributed to making the world a better place.

    P.S. Don’t feel so indebted to your fans because its a privilege to ‘fly’ with you. =D

  • niki m

    I finally figured out how to get on here, yay :-) I saw Journey last week in Wheatland, just outside of Sacramento. It was such a happy concert! I was right in front and it was incredble. Arnel, you are so great up there, you have been truly blessed, you deserve all good things and happiness. Enjoy your well deserved break with your family.

  • Crystal Dawn Hill

    Dear Arnel, I just discovered you and your amazing story a few months ago. Since then, I have been following you and Journey and can’t get enough of hearing your amazing voice, both with Journey and your bands you play with at home. I have watched your interview with Oprah, which deeply touched my heart, and “Don’t Stop Believing: Everyman’s Journey”. I have shared your story with my friends because I have been on a spiritual path for a long time and your story is the most evident of a TRUE MIRACLE happening in someone’s life. I have always believed in miracles very strongly, and have been very hopeful for one in my own life, but I could never be sure I would receive it. Well, I have to thank you from the bottom of my heart, because after hearing your story, I was inspired to believe more than ever that my own miracle was going to come. Within a couple of months, it DID! What’s more there is a connection to the Philippines, so I was immediately reminded of the significant role you played in inspiring me to believe. I love your voice, I love your Spirit, and I love you for being the talented, beautiful and amazing Soul that you are! Thank you from the bottom of my heart for all you do to inspire the world! God bless you, your family, and all your friends and loved ones! Namaste, Crystal Dawn Hill

  • Elaine Browne

    Just watched the video of the praposol, that was really cool! One of our best friends did the same thing a couple years ago, just not up on stage but it was when we were at your concert! I had to go again this year and my pic was taken at your concert! We had a blast, thanks!!!

  • Elaine Browne

    Hope you’re enjoying your family, they’re only young for a short time! :)
    Love your music, your family has to be so proud! Happiness looks great on you!

  • Eldonna Fernandez

    What a great show last night in Irvine! Thanks Arnel and all of Journey for such an amazing performance. Steve Miller and Tower of Power rocked as well. Arnel, your story, grace and humility give others hope that their dreams can come true.

  • alaskaicebaby

    Your mind is your garden. Your thoughts are your seeds.
    You can grow flowers or you can grow weeds.
    Arnel, you my friend grow flowers.

  • Jenaisle

    You’re amazing Arnel, you continue to brighten the world with your songs. God bless you.

  • Mary Romero

    Arnel, you are an instrument of His peace

    • Bonnie

      I think perhaps Arnel has taped into the collective unconscious of all who dream and yearn for a better world. A world that caring , compassion and love truly matter. That one day wishes and hopes may come true with hard work and commitment. On a more pragmatic note it doesn’t hurt that he is strikingly handsome, incredibly gifted and is filled with zest and energy!!

      • Mary Romero

        Bonnie, I think you are absolutely correct! I also believe he has been touched by the Holy Spirit with a tremendously important gift. We all know that music is the universal language but when someone has the ability to reach the souls of many with love, humility and genuine human sincerity and warmth, this makes all the differnence…and oh yeah…the ‘strikingly handsome’ part….All of the above is what MAKES him so incredibly charismatic!

        • Bonnie

          Beautifully said!

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  • @SilverLining

    My dear Arnel, You harvest what you sow. And the good you’ve planted & achieved by being yourself continues to inspire the world 7yrs on, changes it for the better, slowly but surely, & returns back to you! My heart overflows with happiness & gratefulness that you are so loved for all the many right reasons by each one who has written here, on Twitter & beyond, including myself! Yes, it’s so true the world, future generations & even ourselves are in great peril! Do not underestimate the power of prayer to change events! Having God on our side, I know we will succeed, as hard as it is, in the fight & mission to make the world a better place! All we can ever do, at most, is our best, just like you. Having you on our side to take on the great challenges gives me even more strength, consolation & a stronger will to continue on! You are a gift in many ways – the list is long, enumerated in detail by others here. All true!!! Who you are & the good you have done, all wrapped in constant humility & sincerity leaves me so AMAZED! Again, thank you sooo much for acknowledging, accepting & enjoying our great love for you! Long after the music, crowds, noise & fame have gone, you can count on me to still be there, giving you morale support, encouragement, prayers & smiles, when all you can offer is your quiet company. I always beg God in your behalf to keep you, Cherry & your family strong, healthy, united, protected, enduring, & full of love & faith in God & in each other! Thank you, thank you SO MUCH for all that you were, all that you’ve become, all that you will be, all you’ve done & will do! I am, and always will remain, incredibly proud of you. I fly with you always, my friend!!!… even though if you don’t notice me. Much love, respect & prayers to you as always! God.Bless.You!

  • nanaTo5

    I am so glad Journey found you! You have brought new life to my favorite music. I have only seen you 3 times in concert but hope to see you more. Thank you Arnel!

  • twinrockers

    I would echo what everybody here has already mentioned. All I can add is “Thank you for being you.”

  • Mary Romero

    Arnel, I am always amazed at your sense of humanity, humility, caring, strength, and courage. I thank YOU for reaching out to all those who care deeply for your happiness. We are all in this together and if only many others could see the light, open their hearts and have empathy for others, our world could produce changes beyond comprehension! PLEASE……make sure your family is safe first and foremost and make a ‘family plan’ in case anything should happen. I believe there are big changes for the world as we know it and this is just the beginning. There IS strength in numbers and we all need to connect mentally, emotionally, spiritually, and hand in hand (where possible) to safeguard against the evils in this world. I wish you and your family love and light <3

  • Knellsky



    • Minda Tan

      Ow!! You made me cry Arnel. But what you said is very true. What’s going on around us, the strifes, the negativities, the jealousies can be avoided if not for big egos, religion. We just have to continue to hope and pray.

    • Gigi

      That’s all we need to do, make a difference in our own small way so that our world will be a better place than the one we found. Thank you for sharing your journey with us, it inspires us to keep on doing better, to do the best we can, day after day. Soar high Arnel, it is a privilege to fly with you. ♡

    • melrosel

      Amen to that! What an inspiring message! Thanks Arnel!

    • disqus_K4r9E7m7mE

      Your actions and your words alone inspire us to be better people. One small act of kindness can make a difference but if everyone did the same it could definitely change the world. Keep doing what you are doing Arnel. You were meant to be part of Journey for a reason and forgive me if I’m over-stepping my boundaries but I truly believe your mom knew you were something special from the very start. ROCK ON WUK-STAH!

    • Lalahon

      Thank you for appreciating us Arnel, and more than that…..thank you for communicating that to us. As long as you “are”……we “are with you”. Continued love, good health, and happiness is wished for the Pineda family.

    • Michelle Kelly-Flanagan

      It is because of the man you are – over and above tour God given talent that compels us to follow you, to send you positive thoughts, and to care about you and your beautiful family. Your humility, consistent and truth, in spite of the fame you have so deservedly earned, are the things that make you who you are. There are a lot of famous and gifted people in the world, but too few truly humble ones who so lovingly give back to those who have so little.
      As your brothers in Journey so often say – you make US better people.
      I am so happy that you will soon be home with Cherry and Cherrub and Thea and can have some “femily” time. God be with you and them always.

    • Bonnie

      You and your words are so very inspiring! I have not followed any one before but you continue to amaze and bring light and thoughtfulness and delight to so many. You are I think truly realizing your purpose on this planet. May god keep you and your lovely family safe and healthy and just keep on Rocking!

    • WAVE63

      Nothing can stop us ,AP !!!!

  • Nancy Jane Webster

    I saw an article about a lonely elephant in the Phillipines named Mali.
    Please read this and check into what can be done to get her freed to a
    sactuary for elephants. The link about Mali is:
    Thanks Arnel I know I can count on you to help in anyway you can. Thanks and God bless.

  • betsy

    hi everybody… arnel is an amazing person and i just thought that we could show him our love by FOLLOWING HIM ON TWEETER. we can invite our friends as well. let us make his followers bigger than ever. how about a million and more? don’t stop believing!!!!

    • Bonnie

      I agree the more the better! He is just so fantastic!

      • betsy

        i know.. let us share how amazing he is!

        • gail

          I only follow a handful of people. And Arnel is one of them.

    • twinrockers

      funny how I was also thinking about this on my way to work this morning. arnels’ funny, inspiring, profound thoughts are definitely worth reading. i make sure i read them before the day ends. to one million followers and beyond!

  • Dan Krasnow

    What an amazing fellow you are. I saw your documentary and it brought me tears, at age 58 yet! Your Journey to stardom is well deserved. I particularly appreciate your modesty ( and Cherry’s too). As to your singing voice, it’s a gift from God himself.

    welcome to San Francisco! We live in Pacific Heights so maybe we are neighbors. Lastly, we saw Journey at the Concord Pavillion last night. I will remember it for a long time.

  • Australiano Pinas

    God’s Prophet to the Philippines is
    currently seeking Gospel vocalists to record his debut album. Email: or SMS 0915 352 2222 for details!

  • Christie Patocs

    Hi Arnel, i have been a longtime Journey fan and have to say Im quite impressed by you. You are an amazing man with an amazing story. I saw you the other night in Wheatland California and you blew me and my friends away.I read your story and it made me cry. My mother loved Journey as well and just passed away but I felt her precence at your show. I never thought someone could fill the shoes of the great Steve Perry but I was wrong. You are amazing and Thank you for an awesome show…

  • Reg Arcilla

    Hi arnel! this is regina from nashville tennessee. i would like to thank you, director jonathan and dr. mike manio from hongkong for sparing some time to talk to me over the phone to greet me last year. I didnt know that you have this page. i should have posted you a thank you message sooner. Im sure you might not remember that anymore but it was very very nice of you. And i was overwhelmed to hear from a nice person like you.
    We just bought a ticket on your upcoming concert… im not too sure how far we are seated to see you upfront but we are excited to watch you live! again thank you very much and still hoping to meet you! –
    Regina & Dr. Huong

  • danmahfood

    I just saw your concert in Utah last week. Arnel when you came out, I was an immediate Fan. God has blessed you, don’t screw it up. I have been listening and reading about you and the group. I find myself defending you to SP fans. I listened to a video of him singing on stage with some band somewhere. I also read some of the blog stuff, people were knocking you. I don’t normally write anything on blogs, but I had to ask them if we had just watched the same video!!!! SP sounded….not so good, and they were raving about him….He was good, long ago, and deserves some accolades.. but your voice is so pure and strong and clean…”WOW” I can’t stop listening. Your story is remarkable, I of course like anyone else would like to meet you sometime…I’m 57 yrs.’ old now and still love Rock and Roll music. I think I am probably your best source of advertisement….What I have seen of your attitude in today’s world is un heard of. People are so self centered and can care less about anyone but themselves. I grew up in a different time, and glad I did. I feel sad for my kids and grandkids, and you and yours. But there are a few of us left to make a difference, you especially. Me, not so much, but I will keep trying. You probably won’t even read this but my heart was in the right place….Thank you for who you are.. Dan
    P.S. Just an observation, the instruments are too loud to hear your voice, maybe backing them off and kicking your volume up a notch would have an even more awesome sound , if that’s possible.

    • Mallary Magill Skidmore

      You are so right about the sound levels! I saw the Concord show and the vocals need to be louder. Arnel sounded great but he is drowned out by the band. Castronovo was not drowned out his levels seemed correct? Not sure why this happens but it was a great show!

      • Louise Pardee Euclide

        I agree with the voice sound level comments. Saw you in WA in July – was so excited to see and hear you in person. Then, was sad that I could not hear your beautiful voice as well as I would have liked to. I am a true fan and believe that you have made Journey whole again. You are a joy to watch on stage, and your talent, kind heart, humanity, humility and love for others shines through and through.

        • Mallary Magill Skidmore

          Just out of curiosity Louise, were you up front at the show you saw and how did Deen Castronovo’s levels sound?

        • Louise Pardee Euclide

          Mallary, I was dead center fourteen rows back from the stage. Deen’s levels sounded good, but I could not hear Arnel well, which was very disappointing. Also, I could not see well. The stage there seemed lower to me than most are, and also everyone was standing.

        • Mallary Magill Skidmore

          That is a shame, I was pretty close to the front as well, I could see very well but I was on my feet the whole show. I hope this feedback gets back to the sound engineers and they turn up Arnel’s mic. Journey fans want to hear that voice! I saw them in Concord Ca. You are the fourth person to mention the sound and we all saw different shows.

        • Louise Pardee Euclide

          Yes, I really wanted to hear Arnel clearly. It’s not that I could not hear him at all, but the instrumentation was over-powering. I am a singer and I know the importance of blending instruments and voices. It was also hard to hear the voice harmonies, which I know Journey does so well. Regardless, I love Journey and want to see them again in September in Milwaukee. I live near there and if I go, I’m hoping I can both see and hear better this time around.

  • Lynn De Leon

    Hi Arnel, you can call me ate Lynn. I have heard a little bit about you years ago, but not the full details, until this past 2 months. I thought you’re just one of the Filipino bands/singers, until I searched the lyrics of Faithfully to prepare for my 25th wedding anniversary. My four children will perform it, my only son vocals & the 3
    sisters instruments. I really love that song, but I have no idea who sings it…google didn’t only show me the lyrics, but it took me to a Filipino lead singer of an American band??? Ay naku, I’ve been so behind, we don’t have Filipino channel. Long story short, I have read almost everything about you, I am touched & very proud of everything about you & what you have done. I also love the beauty & simplicity of your wife. Holy cow, I haven’t gone to bICU going our way.

    God bless you! The best part about you, in my opinion, is: you have reached the stars but your feet are still on the ground. Please keep it that way. Ate Lynn

  • Bonnie

    I keep trying to connect with other fans or get a response and I can’t seem to. Also I wanted to register to become a member of the forum I don’t know if there is a special registration or what. Could one of the moderators please help me?

    • Cynthia Nolen

      Hi Bonnie. You can log in with your Facebook login if you have one.

      • Bonnie

        Thank you so much! I am new to this and have never been interested in a celebrity this much except for Charlie Rose. I discovered Arnel on PBS and have been intrigued and fascinated since. His fans are delightful and seem to have such a great time sharing and I so want to be a part of that. You moderators do a wonderful job and thank you again for your reply. I did get to go to a concert in July and i was amazing, He is amazing and such a gift to all.

        • Cynthia Nolen

          Yes Arnel is very special. The moderators do a great job with this site. I am not one of the moderators but have been a great fan of Arnel’s for many years now. Let us know if we can help you here in any way. Enjoy!

        • Bonnie

          Thank you for your response! I look forward to continued participation on the web site. I am such a new fan and am incredibly enthused about him and his ongoing career. Hope to be able to meet him someday.

        • Cynthia Nolen

          You know the saying — “Don’t Stop Believin’”.

        • Minda Tan

          I second to that!!

  • Elisa

    Mabuhay Arnel…. Unfortunately I will miss the concerts in California… so sad! Raised in San Francisco so I’m a definite Cali woman. . . You are truly blessed. I surely hope there will be another Journey tour in the future. I sure will not miss out! You and the boys rock! Stay humble and be blessed always. Peace and love.

  • Whipplewade1

    Arnel~~I have listened to your videos of before Journey and with Journey. You are an incredibly talented person who earned every bit of what you have achieved. You are humble and sweet. Keep your family close and true to you as the road is a rough place to be making a living if your family stays at home. My husband used to play in a band locally and I was lucky enough to get to go with him most of the time. I hope one day to see you in concert. Take care:)

  • betsy

    hi arnel. I have always been a fan and always will be. it was the emotion in your voice that made me a convert but after i saw your documentary, mannnn…. you brought me to a higher level. you are an inspiration and we are so blessed to have someone like you in this generation. i cannot even imagine that someone as famous as you remained humble after all these years. thank you for being soooo awesome. you rock!!!!

  • Bonnie

    Just wanted to share one of my favorite moments at Concert in St Louis . While waiting for Journey to begin I moved to the very front to watch them change sets many had not returned to their seats. So while I watched fascinated a young man came to the front of the stage with a baseball cap on, dressed in jeans and a tee shirt he looked about 20 or so. I assumed he was part of the crew. Imagine my delight and and amazement when he said hello St Louis in that beautiful booming voice! I was only about 4 feet from him and stood like a wild eyed teenager until I had to return to my seat which was also very close to the stage. We danced and sang and were amazed and entranced by Arnel Pineda truly a gem. Thank you for a wonderful and memorable evening the best of my summer.

  • dorothy

    attending the concert tomorrow at Wheatland Ca. Can not wait!!!

  • Mallary Magill Skidmore

    Hello, I recently watched the documentary about you and how Journey found you, as a HARDCORE SP and Journey fan, for me there was no Journey after he was replaces by SA, they were off my radar until the Behind the Music episode which broke my heart and made me more resolute in my loyalty to SP. For me, his voice and Karen Carpenter’s voice have a very magical relationship with my ears, the tone is simply perfect to me. The point is, I did not want to like you. After seeing the documentary I came to love your personality and your voice. You are so sweet, humble and talented. I was particularly struck by the nice things you said about SP. I guess I never considered what it must be like for you, to have such big shoes to fill and to have to deal with fans like me who idolize him and resent any other Journey front man. So unfair and closed minded, I am sorry. Since seeing the documentary, hell has officially frozen over, I have bought all your work with Journey and even tickets to see Journey in Concord on 7/29/14. The last time I saw them was the Frontiers tour. It is as if I just discovered Journey, songs like We Will Meet Again, City of Hope, Where Did I Lose Your Love are so excellent I am blown away by how good they are! I wonder, you are able to emulate the voices of many other singers, for instance Sting (In the doc they show a clip of you singing Roxanne) do you ever feel pigeonholed having to sing like SP? Is your natural singing voice different? I have now come to realize that You, SA, and most of all NS and JC have kept Journey alive all these years and for that I just want to say Thank you very much. I Can’t wait to see you on the 29th. Don’t know if you can take requests but if you do, can you please sing We Will Meet Again. That song is a metaphor for my relationship with Journey. “We will meet again, on my heart it’s written.”