• Rosie

    see you in Austin tomorrow!

  • Melissa Kostyu

    I just saw your tour date sched hoping to catch Journey just one more time. :( I realized ya’ll work like dogs…. then I thought of your family. I will Pray for you and your family on your Journey. Your voice is a gift from God one day I hope to see you leading praise and worship! Just a thought ;)

  • candace

    Hi Arnel..Its candac again…I have followed Journey for years.Then it was like they vanished.When I herd they had a new singer and he was from another country I myself wondered if they would live up to the power house they use to be .I found on public television one night a show about how Journey found their new front man.I thought well I can at least take a look and listen for myself.Well I have to say I fell in love with Journey all over again.I watch everything I can about you guys.I couldn’t never find another mans journey so I had to order one for myself.I know everyone at work wishes I would shut up about you guys but I think it Is awesome .Your story is so beautiful and heartfelt. I wish you and your family and the band a safe tour .Still hope someday to see a concert.Since I lost my husband everyone says I need to do something for myself.I may just do that.Thanks Arnel for just the great man and singer you are…

  • Lalahon


    Just wanted to tell you that as I looked around in the audience at the concert in West Palm Beach, I got goosebumps knowing how happy the crowd was, and especially, how very special you are to make them feel that way. What you have is a gift….a gift you give to others, you share yourself and your beautiful voice. Thank you for the gift, Arnel. Your mother is looking down from heaven and smiling, proudly. You’ve made it……you’ve really made it. Please keep it real….I give your family “thanks” also, for sharing you with the world. When all is said and done….it is in their arms that you will have comfort and forever love. Take care of yourself….you are a shining star and we love you.

  • wonderboy2die4

    ARNEL for chrissake ! where is your shirt with your face on it and name that I can buy. I need it for the concert in Montreal Quebec estie !!! (swearing in french) i m not Filipino god damn it but my girlfriends are. So open a store online fast I need to buy your shirt otherwise my girlfriends are going to break up with me. So you know what it means.

    Pleeeeeeeeeeease !

  • http://arnelpinedarocks.com/ Knellsky

    hey all..just wanna apologise if i wasn’t able to give way to all of your requests..due to a lot of factors needed to be considered,i cannot just say yes to all,but bear in mind that i took a moment to take them all in knowing how sincere you all were when faced with that urge to reach out..i appreciate them all my friends and hoping you’d keep trying until the right moment and your requests finally meet..
    sincerely AP

    • fabbest

      Okidoke…lol. Thanks for the post, AP!!!

    • http://www.arnelpinedarocks.com Coley

      Sometimes it is solis enough just knowing you read the requests and acknowledged them. You can only do so much and I think that is appreciated. :)

      • Bonnie


    • Cynthia Nolen

      Thank you Knell. Just keep on being you and we’ll all be fine. Safe travels.

    • Bonnie

      Thank you Knell for such a considerate and kind post! We will all just keep on trying and never stop believing! And of course continue to enjoy watching and listening to you. As I said before you are simply irresistible!

  • eunice de ramos

    Hi Arnel, I’m now one of your new fan, last night or rather early this morning from 12 -4.30am I listend to your Manila Concert and I was in awe of your great voice..loved it. Then I looked at all your youtube clip..wonderful story of your journey to better life with Journey..don’t stop believin’…much love and appreciation…Eunice

  • Linda

    Arnel I finely got to see you in NOLA. You and journey put on a great show. I had my 8 yr. old grandson with me it was a big night for him and me. He wanted to meet you so bad so did I, but maybe one day we can.

  • Alex Garcia-Mateo

    Hello Arnel,
    Dragon Five is a PR kids bands from ages 10 to 12 that are Journey fans. All five musician kids from Dragon Five wil be at your concert next Saturday, March 21, 2015 @ San Juan, PR. Im asking if you guys can bring this kids to the stage and let them play Don’t Stop Believin’ and make this kids dream come true. Attached find a you tube video to watch them play.


    Thank you,
    Alex Garcia

  • candace

    Hi Arnel….I love to hear you guys sing…My husband had a room full of sports mem and I would sit in the room while he looked at his sports stuff and I would listen to Journey and search for information on the internet about Arnel and how Journey found you..I love that story.I lost my husbnd to cancer last Nov so sitting in the sports room is out of the question but I still listen to Journey and I hope to attend a concert someday…Please be proud of yourself.You traveled a long road but look where it took you..Im glad Neal found you and they took a chance on you…love you guys

  • Tina L Goudy

    Dear Arnel, I am so glad that you are in with the band journey now, you are a wonderful singer and have a wonderful voice, I would love to be at one of your concerts that will be in Florida soon. How would I get some tickets to see you in concert? Please let me know..

  • Bonnie

    Dear Arnel, so wish I was in Nola tonite to watch and hear you that is home for me! I know those folks will love you and Journey! You will excite, soothe and mesmerize them with your beautiful voice and talent. Knock it out of the park as you always do! Hope you have a chance to dine at the Palace.Cafe on Canal Street, scrumptious as so many wonderful restaurants are there! Enjoy and I know they will so enjoy the gift of your presence!

  • Tina L Goudy

    Hi Arnel, my name is Tina Goudy and I would love to see you in concert in Tampa Florida but I just don’t have the money to do it, how could I get 2 tickets to come and see journey in concert? Journey is my #1 band and I would just love to see you in concert….

  • Rich Bintz

    Hello Arnel,
    I an American from Cincinnati that has followed you since you joined Journey. You have an amazing voice and are inspiration to a lot of people all over the world! I am also now proud to call Quezon City home as well. That is where me and my kasintahan stay when we are in Phil. Salamat Brother for bringing the world together in your own way! Dreams begin at 40 !!!!! You Rock !!!!!

  • John Martin

    Hello Arnel,

    My name is John Martin and I am the Public Relations Co-Chair for 2015 Spring Conference “Lakas Loob: Strength Without Shame” hosted by the non-profit organization, the Filipino Intercollegiate Networking Dialogue, Inc. (FIND Inc.)

    The goal of our conference is to face the unspoken issues in our Filipino/Filipino-American communities today. We want to face our weaknesses head on and take away the shame that is so very much associated with them that we become strong. But we would like to do it together.

    I have watched your documentary “Don’t Stop Believin': Every Man’s Journey” and I could personally relate to some of the emotions you went through. But, of course, you prevailed and it made you so strong that you weren’t ashamed of who you were or where you came from. I think you are a perfect example for anyone who attends this conference. You could really empower the hearts of many who attend this conference which is what I want for them to take out of this. What I’m really trying to say is that I invite you to come and be a speaker for us.

    For a little information about FIND:

    Founded on April 11, 1992, the Filipino Intercollegiate Networking Dialogue (FIND) stands as a symbol to the ethnic consciousness presently seen on university campuses. With the growing number of Filipino organizations at these institutions, there exists an inherent “desire to know” about one’s culture. Ranging from the personal search and identification to the large scale social awareness, FIND Inc. is an organization that opens the door to communication and collaboration among its members. It offers those interested an opportunity to see what else is out there: a broad perspective to the increasing Filipino presence in America.

    Our website is currently down, but it should be back up and running within the next week at http://www.findinc.org/

    I hope to hear back and that you could make it!


    John Martin

  • Tandria

    Hi Arnel! Can’t wait to see you in Columbia SC. If yall want a good steak and some seafood, come to The Old Armory Steaks and Seafood in Camden, its like 20 minutes from Columbia. Don’t Stop Believin…MUCH MUCH LOVE,

  • Carole

    Cant wait to see you next week in Jacksonville! Flying in from Toronto!

  • John Edwards

    Hi Arnel! You are a great story- my son, Zack, a long time ago made Don’t Stop Believing his Mantra-Played football in high school, broke his leg before the state finals- done! Played in college, found he had a condition that made him stop- done! He cheered his last 2 yrs of college! Went to OCS for the USMC- got injured and had to be discharged- done again!! But he still believes something great is going to happen- all he wanted for Christmas was tickets to the concert in Columbia, SC.He will be on row 2 on the floor and we can’t wait to hear how it goes!! You guys keep making great music- Love It!!! All the Best!!

  • Chris Tubo

    Need help Does anybody know the contact details of Arnel Pineda or his Manager / RM? We need him for an event. Pls text me at 09226967193. Thanks guys!

    • fabbest

      Arnel will see this, Chris. Thanks.

  • Lew Singer

    Hi Arnel. Any chance for a meet and greet when you’re in West Palm Beach? http://youtu.be/INKDEaWZXFg

  • JhOn EspinoZa

    Hi Arnel, see your story last night on a cable channel, and I loved it I also like your voice, I’m not a fan of rock, never listen to Journey… But I’m sure you will hear from the date you entered the band … Congratulations on the successes achieved, I’m your new fan of “Peru”, I hope they can come to Peru … Goodbye :)

  • denise nelson

    Another cold blizzard coming to Maine this weekend, but I have “Owe” to keep me warm! Thank you for another beautiful song to make us all smile! God bless you and keep you always, Arnel.

  • http://arnelpinedarocks.com/ Knellsky

    great read i had again on this wall..thank you so much everyone..a new adventure again this year..hope to see most of you on the road again..love you all my friends..

    • Eb2008

      love you back ap. Canada awaits your arrival. Love OWE

    • Donna

      Welcome back, Knell! Sorry no one was in the sb to say hello to you, but looking forward to seeing you next month!

    • fabbest

      Thanks, AP! Hope the continuing studio work is going well!

    • Fred Balon

      Still having a hard time downloading iTunes. Waiting for my son to do it. Hope Toronto would be added soon. Please. Love, love OWE.

    • Bonnie

      Arnel, Owe is absolutely beautiful and you sing it so perfectly. Thank you once again for gifting us with your amazing voice and talent!

    • Becky

      Hi Knellsky! How’s it goin’? I know there are probably times when you’d rather hang out with your family, or work on that new album, but we can’t wait to welcome you back to the States (and Canada and Mexico, too)!! Your “second family” awaits you–and the rest of the J-Boys–with OPEN ARMS for Tour 2015…see you soon!!!! :-)

      • Bonnie

        Hi Becky, getting close to the concert! I so envy you as it turns out I’m not going to be able to go to the NOLA concert either. I am soooo disappointed and sad. Would loved to have come to Austin to meet you and go to the concert with you and that won’t work out either. However I really do want to meet you so maybe sometime early spring or will you be in Europe then? Whenever, just would like to get together. I can’t wait to hear about the concert!

        • Becky

          Howdy, B-Girl…I left a message for you in the chat box :-)

    • Shelley Wilson

      Arnel I would be forever indebted to you if I could meet you in July in Edmonton , AB or Regina, SK. I am celebrating my 50th Birthday this summer and all I want is the privilege to say hello and get a picture with you. I have seen Journey 8 times in the past 3 years but only want the honor to meet you. I have a personalized Saskatchewan Roughriders jersey I would love to give you.

      Kind Regards


  • Becky

    I LOVE Ferdie Arquero’s new photos of Arnel (at the bottom of his home page)…Keep ‘em comin’ Ferdie!! (And doesn’t AP look sharp in that red jacket, AND the black leather one!!)

  • Amy

    Hi Arnel, I watched your video and I cried big buckets of tears of joy for you. WOW! You are one of God’s angels. I mean that seriously. People who are transparent like you are rare. You are very special. They did such a great documentary on your life. It was so sensitive to your needs as well as being honest. This life is never easy but I see your fight to have your family and your career. I hope that she gets to travel with you sometimes. Also I am glad you are able to help those people who are in need from where you are from. Anyway, I send virtual hugs to you and your family and I am trying to figure out which concert I am going to see this year. I listened to Journey in the 80’s and I am not one about looking to the past for my musical inspiration, I try to be present as to what is happening today. But what I can say is what you are doing IS about now. You make the music FRESH, it’s like hearing it for the first time but at the same time being brought back to when I listened to it as a teenager and just loving it as much, but also like discovering it as if it were NEW! Love it! All the best to you and the band. I pray that all of you are safe, healthy and just remember that people love you guys and want the best for you.

  • twinrockers

    Congrats for that well-written, beautifully composed song. Not to say the vocals are superb. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e6w2qD7_gi0

  • Ernest Olivarez

    Arnel, this is what my son Luke and I are making. (Rap)
    Hope you like it!
    Your living life, feeling like your all alone.

    Your dreams are crushed, and it’s cut you right to the bone.
    Your heart is heavy, like a weight pressed on your chest,

    feeling like you can’t breathe, can’t see, can’t step
    Frozen, stuck in place, feeling that you lost your way
    in your heart you’re crying out, does anyone hear you scream!
    You know, life is hard, feeling like a raging Sea,
    Out there in the crashing waves,

    Hold on, just believe.

    Sometimes it’s hard, to live a life in faith,

    and trust Him in a way
    He’ll gonna see you through the race.
    But all along, I know, God will make a way-
    his love goes on and on and on and on

    Those who’s hope is on the Lord our God, Shall renew there strength
    They will soar in the sky flying high like an eagle.
    As they run in the race of their life they will not be dismayed.
    They will walk by faith, not by site and not grow faint.

    Don’t you worry what tomorrow brings,
    cuz we know that in all things
    God works for the good of those who love him,

    and those that trust him Will never be ashamed,

    Even if they walk through the darkest valley,
    They will fear no evil; they say God is with me.

    He’ll give you strength everyday,

    his love goes on and on and on and on

    Those who’s hope is on the Lord our God, Shall renew there strength
    They will soar in the sky flying high like an eagle.
    As they run in the race of their life they will not be dismayed.
    They will walk by faith, not by site and not grow faint.
    Don’t stop Believin’
    It’s more than just a feelin’
    God loves people
    Don’t stop Believin’
    It’s more than just a feelin’
    God loves people
    Don’t stop Believin’
    It’s more than just a feelin’
    God loves people

  • Harry Beepat

    You truly is an inspiration man, keep true to yourself and your family cause ultimately in the big scheme of things, this is all that matters. Stay humble buddy!

  • Bluejohn

    Make your own destiny!!! Never Stop Believing! There is a city of Hope. Your are the light of the world, with The Light connecting us all. Keep Praying Arnel God hears us. Pray for this country and this president. Thank you for “The City of Hope!”

  • Linda

    Arnel coming to see you march 8th in NOLA, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE sing After all these years for my lovely husbon he loves this song a lot. Cant wait to see Journey again its been years. Thanks