• Christine Gunkel

    Happy Birthday Arnel!!!!!!!!!!!


  • Linda

    Is anyone having a problem getting Arnel’s facebook to pull up?

  • Ginger Wilson

    Awesome voice and GREAT to see u and Journey doing so well. I just watched the Don’t Stop believing Journey Men show and it was an awesome experience. Glad that you are a member; you are such a good person. I was happy to see you as a permanent member; it made me cry. I was happy to see your wife and child watching you in the audience. Glad you bought a home and put some of that money away for future when you have no jobs, etc. … I had seen a few years back Journey got another lead singer and was happy to see you sing so much like Steve Perry. Awesome. I was a teenagers when Journey came out and I loved them always. Everyone loved them… and still do. Keep up the work. I prayed God will keep your voice strong and in perfect shape. awesome. I need to buy your new albums. and downloads.

    stay true to your soul and to God.

  • Greetings Arnel from a new fan and supporter! You are a blessing to the world and a true inspiration to me. Just recently saw the Don’t Stop Believing documentary and became aware of you and your amazing story. Journey was my very first rock concert back in 1981. But over the years my musical interests went in other directions, so I missed out on knowing about you.

    I’m so thankful for all the puzzle pieces that fell perfectly into place and allowed you to have this opportunity to be known all over the world. Thank you for all that you do to spread love and peace and kindness, I very much admire the beauty of your heart and character.

    I love your new album and already got my ticket to see you in Dallas on Nov 17. See you then! Blessings to you and your family!

  • Pamela Bell

    Just heard your interview with Jackie. Once again your modesty overwhelms me.

  • Eb2008

    Hi Arnel! We miss you here in Toronto. Can’t wait for December 1st. Take care always.

  • Pamela Bell

    Just saw my first Journey concert,then watched Arnel’s documentary. I am so impressed with not only his talent but his heart and desire to help at risk children. As a former foster parent, I think he sees that there is no richer investment than the one you make in the life of a child, they are our future. Arnel, don’t ever lose that light. You are making a difference.

  • Love that this wall is still active. So many people have discovered and fell in love with Arnel. Incredible.

    • Bonnie

      Oh so very true! Never dreamed that a celebrity could influence my life as Arnel has! He is such a beacon of light for so many!!! Just love listening to, watching him and being a part of his fan base.Happy Birthday Arnel and much love to you😘

  • MM O’Connor

    Arnel, just watched “Don’t Stop Believin’ Everyman’s Journey” documentary and I just wanted to tell you that I am so happy for you. I was stationed in Subic Bay from 87-90 and saw you play in Caljams. I thought you were incredible then. I saw the way you grew up and you are where you deserve to be. Journey was my first concert with Steven Perry. I have always been a die hard Steve Perry fan but you have earned your right to be the lead singer in Journey. Again, congradulations from some who saw you in your original element.

  • Yvonne Dagger

    Hi Arnel, My husband & I were at the Toyota New Car Introduction at the Las Vegas Speedway this past week. We were blown away by your performance and voice!!! The concert was fabulous! Thank you sooooo much!!! All our best always, Yvonne & Denis Dagger (Smithtown Toyota, Smithtown, New York)

  • danmahfood

    Arnel, haven’t missed a concert that has been close to home in 5 years. Love your voice and your a great example for others to follow.
    Wondering how I could get some cool pics of you in action, signed of course…..Thanks

  • Robert K

    Hi Arnel, I saw the “Don’t Stop Believin’ Everyman’s Journey” documentary on Netflix last night and was blown away! You and the band are amazing musically but what was even greater was the genuine love displayed by you, the band, your family and fans. I’ve been a pro musician for about 40 years and your wonderful story with Journey really touched my heart. Thank you my friend! Wishing you and Journey continued success!

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  • Jay

    Hi Arnel! Blessings for you and your whole family ! looking forward to Seeing you In Vancouver Washington in November! You Have Inspired So Many to Never Give up on your Dreams
    Keep Hope Alive !! Thank you From My Heart to Yours!!

    • Jay

      Arnel Please follow me Here or and on Twitter I have a Personal message to share with you thank you
      Jay Mather
      @JayBirdFlys Means a Lot I have a Special Poem I wrote to my Daughter right after her mom had died and before she got married want to share . called ” My Little One” Goggle it if you want .

  • Deist A Cu

    hello Mr. Arnel . from Philippines here. i always wanted to see u personally and marinig ang wonderful voice mo… ur astonishing voice and ur classic personality

    #GO Filipino!
    #Para sa Bayan!

  • Joseph Zielinski

    Arnel, We will see you with Journey at the Borgata in Atlantic City, June 17th. We have front row seats. I will wear my copy of the shirt I threw to you two years ago. It is maroon with silver lettering: The Tailors’ Son on the front and Kuya Arnel on the back. I hope you can wear it during one of your wardrobe changes. Joe and Patti

  • Kasie Mahoney

    Hi Arnel! I’m a huge fan of yours. I love the way that u sing. Especially how u can hold those long notes. I know that “Open Arms” is a love song, but, it reminds me so much of my 9 year old and my relationship in a way. My son lives with my parents. But, every time I see him I start hearing that song in my head. Well, that’s all for now. I think that u are a hottie. And u don’t look ur ages. God bless u, and I will see u in Lincoln, Nebraska on March 25th.

  • Amy Holtsclaw

    Last July I lost my lifetime soulmate and Father of my Daughters to Liver Failure and we shared a love of Journeys music until the end. So thank you for keeping the music alive. <3 to you and many blessings

  • Sue Baker

    Aloha Arnel! Maui loves Journey and loves their new lead singer just a much! We were so excited for the concert that I left home without the tickets! Ugh! But we were early so it was not a problem to get the tickets by concert time. We made it and Journey rocked! Thank you for your electric energy and such a marvelous performance by all! Come again to Maui, we invite you and the band with Open Arms! I like your new look with the short cut hair, cute! Nice Japanese tattoos as well! Aloha till we see you on stage again! Rock on!

  • Haneul Mireu

    Arnel You Are Wonderful! <3

  • Susan Izdepski

    I am a vocalist.I am 65 years old.Listen…YOU DO NOT NEED TO EVER BE SICK I learned a VERY important trick from a doctor to stop any cold or flu in its tracks.and ..even if you already have it .. although best to do this at the first sign or hint.
    Take a very hot shower for 3 minutes..hot as you can…then just very cold for one minute..then hot again for 3 min. and then cold for one. and do it one more time ..3 minutes hot…one minute cold…end with cold..vigorously dry off and lay down for awhile..if you can , take carbon or activated charcoal to draw out virus.but this hydratherapy WILLwork without it. YOU WILL NOT GET SICK. and if you already are sick, it will diminish radically. You will be forcing your lymph glands to pump white blood cells into your blood stream to defeat infection…this works..On Tour you cannot afford to get a cold… I know..just want you to know this..keep up the good work my gifted friend..

  • Kevin Presley

    Arnel thank you really is not adequate. Hearing you sing these songs takes me back to my teen years growing up hearing Steve Perry sing them for the first time. Never fear that people do not hear you. You singing the songs with the rest of the band brings tears to my eyes for letting me relive those moments when life was so much more simple. I can see Steve when I close my eyes and listen, but I also see you. I see the joy and energy you bring to this music. I promise you I will be taking time to listen to everything you have produced as well. Thank you for bringing youth back if only for a song at a time.

  • Deborah

    Arnel, you can’t sell what you don’t own! You can freely give it but you can’t sell it! You were given the power of free will and free choice! Don’t forget that ever! God is waiting for you to reach out to him! I have no clue why you weigh heavy on my mind but to say that yes, you have a beautiful voice, you’ve been very blessed but it will be used to destroy you in the end. My heart aches for you and your family. I see your changes with sadness. Some may laugh or mock but if you do read this, you will always remember the words you’ve read, not because of me but because of the truth contained in it. AmazingFacts.org your freedom lies there.

    • Christine Gunkel

      Deborah I cannot speak for Arnel but all I want to say is that he has been through so many hardships and struggles and he deserves to be noticed for his humbleness. Arnel is much different from some celebrities, he truly cares about his family and he has been sooo thankful these past years with journey

  • Dede Lowe

    https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/73a1f9295393661dd91bce71c85e43dd0ba566b2a0e8bfc58fcd249feddebd4c.jpg Arnel, saw you in Seattle last summer! My daughter and I enjoyed every second! We’ll see you again in Maui in February! Great show! Fabulous voice!

  • Tammy Lee Kunkle-Monroe

    I just watched the Journey documentary on Netflix for a 2nd time. You are such an inspiration. Not only for your amazing story but also for the way you refuse to let the fame come into your private life. Very inspiring I pray God gives Journey many years more and cannot wait to hear your album. I love the way you sing for Journey, I can’t wait to see the way you sing for you

  • Oddie

    Hello Arnel! Thank you for a great and wonderful show last night (Powerhouse)! I really had a great time. You made my birthday extra special. I finally get the chance to meet you. I hope it won’t be the last.😆😆 Always take care of your health. Love from the Philippines. 😊😊

  • Joyce Boky

    Just wantes to let you know..i am missing you guys like hell.but every time i sign.in thete is nobody here….anyway…did not forget you guys…hope you still know me…D.h….muahhhhh

    • We are still here. <3

  • Manuel Nox

    Dear Arnel,

    I am a Musician and Journey is my all time favourite Rock Band So i made a Vocal Cover from Don´t Stop Believing.

    It Would be so Awesome to get a Feedback from the Band you
    Are My Heroes

    This is the Video


    It would be so awesome if you could make this happen.


    Manuel Nox

  • Chris R

    I don’t know where else to send this, but would love if Arnel or Cherry could share this heartbreaking story (we are all big fans, my sister and I saw you when you were just here in Raleigh!!). Carlo Bernarte is from Makati City, and his wife Weng is from San Felipe, Zambales. We are trying to bring as much attention to this horrendous ordeal as possible. The Bernarte family, who immigrated to Raleigh, NC from the Phillipines in 2000, saved their money to buy their dream home, and were able to do so in 2004… never did they imagine that their American dream would turn into such a nightmare. Their “dream home” has been hit by 6 cars since 2007 by people speeding and driving drunk, due to the design of the road and what happens at very high speeds…the latest being last month (August). Two of the crashes have resulted in four deaths of drivers and passengers, literally on the Bernarte’s front porch, in front of his young children. Many of the drivers did not have insurance so the Bernarte’s have had to file through their homeowner’s policy, they’ve been cancelled twice over the years through no fault of their own. The city/DOT has done very little to fix this issue, and have rejected the idea of extending the guardrail and stated the guardrail wouldn’t help anyway. Someone from the DOT actually said “”We can’t engineer out the speeding and the alcohol. Even if we installed a guard rail there that does not mean someone travelling 120 mph is going to be stopped from hitting their home,” Mike Kennon said the city considered everything from safety to cost to aesthetics and like the state, determined a guardrail in front of Bernarte’s home was not the answer. “The solution is to get people to obey the law,” Kennon said.” That “solution” would help many of the world’s problems, but it’s not a realistic solution and not one that helps this family sleep any better at night. The 5 of them currently sleep in their oldest son Carl’s room, since it is the furthest away from where debris enters and the safest place in the home. They can no longer use their dining room or living room, as they are the most unsafe locations in the home. This couple and their 3 young children are living every day in fear, fear of when #7 will happen. Will one of the kids be on the porch or near the window next time? One of the last times, the stop sign came flying through the living room window, just barely missing their young daughter Sophia’s head. The kids had glass in their hair, as you can hear little Carl talk about in the News and Observer video below. A petition was started last month and has almost 30,000 signatures, and thousands upon thousands of supporter comments from not only here in Raleigh, but globally… the petition is requesting the city purchase this home since they have failed to keep this family and home safe due to the major road it sits on. The house should be demolished and made into a natural area at the beginning of the subdivision. That would be the least expensive burden to the taxpayers, and the quickest way to get this family out of this house and into a safe home. By doing this, cars would not end up in other homes and yards, they would certainly hit many trees, but not people or homes. This family cannot sell their home, obviously, as nobody wants to buy a death trap. We are also raising funds through the Change.org petition to try and raise legal fees to take on the government as they have failed to provide a solution to keep this family safe. They do now have legal counsel but we need to raise as much funds as we can in order to keep this moving forward quickly. There is no time to waste. The more signatures and exposure this campaign gets, the closer this family gets to being able to sleep in peace and feel safe in their own home. Please help us share this story, petition and fundraiser… this family deserves so much more.

    Here is the fundraiser, petition, and several of the news articles that give more details.

    Fundraiser: http://chn.ge/2ccgy5n

    Petition to the city and state government: https://www.change.org/p/city-of-raleigh-buy-their-home








    Videos and pictures I took from the front porch and living room: https://vimeo.com/182553221

    Below is a letter to Mr Bernarte from the city, BEFORE the last 2 crashes:

    Dear Mr. Carlo Bernarte,
    The City in conjunction with NCDOT have reviewed your request for additional guardrail on New Hope Road in approach of Fawn Glen. Although New Hope Road falls in the City limits, it is on the NCDOT State Highway System. The City maintains the traffic control devices for the State on New Hope Road but does not have the authority to extend guardrail or make changes since it is a State Highway System Road. That said, the City has met with NCDOT multiple times to discuss the reported crashes that occurred near Fawn Glen, several of which resulted in a vehicle leaving the roadway and entering your property. Each case while tragic was a result of the driver failing to obey the posted speed, driving while impaired or a combination of both. Engineers design roadways on the basis that drivers will obey the traffic laws. The curve radii, super elevations (bank of road), and other geometric components are all set based on a design speed which is the basis for speed limits. When drivers disregard the traffic laws, the result can be hard to predict and sometimes tragic. Since poor compliance of the traffic laws often results in crashes, both the City and State have safety programs. Safety programs look for crash patterns that occur over time and a possible cause for them. The goal is to implement countermeasures for the issue causing the crashes. This can be difficult or impossible when the crashes are a result of blatant disregard for the traffic laws.

    As noted above, the City and NCDOT recognized that there was a pattern in the left horizontal curve in New Hope Road approaching and through the intersection of Fawn Glen in 2008. We installed additional traffic control devices in hopes of mitigating the speed related crashes. High intensity chevron signs were installed on New Hope Road on September 12, 2008. We also looked at extending the existing guardrail to deflect vehicles that may lose control.

    According to the NCDOT Roadside Design Guide, guardrail can only be placed at the face of the curb or at least 13 feet from the face of the curb for a curb and gutter section with a posted speed limit between 45 – 50 mph. Due to the slope of the terrain and public Right-of-Way line, guardrail 13 feet back would not be effective or feasible. Guardrail at the back of curb may have been effective at deflecting out of control vehicles but it also would have impacted the sight triangle for vehicles egressing from Fawn Glen. NCDOT and the City cannot implement any measure that violates existing engineering rules or creates a different safety concern. Since the additional traffic control devices were installed, three more crashes occurred with vehicles leaving the roadway. These crashes were also a result of a high rate of speed, driving while impaired or a combination of the two. The City and NCDOT met and discussed these crashes and possible mitigating measures. We looked at guardrail again. Guardrail can be used for several reasons. Regardless of the reason (typically an unrecoverable slope), it is designed to deflect a vehicle back to the roadway. This is the reason why we did not pursue installing guardrail around the north side of Fawn Glen, where your home is. Guardrail installed wrapping the northern side of the Fawn Glen intersection would create a hazard to vehicles. As previously mentioned, guardrail is designed to deflect a vehicle back into the roadway and not stop a perpendicular collision. This is why NCDOT and the City cannot support extending the existing guardrail or installing it on the northern side of the intersection.

    NCDOT and the City did work together to come up with several other measures which hopefully will mitigate the speed related crashes. Some of these measures qualified for NCDOT Spot Safety funding. NCDOT will be receiving funding to install special delineators that mount in the guard rail. In addition, special snow plow-able raised pavement markers will be installed in the curve on New Hope between the two northbound lanes. Lastly, high intensity large oversized fluorescent yellow-green signs will be installed in advance of the curve further alerting drivers. This project just received funding so work should start shortly. In reviewing the crashes, the City noticed that most of the injury/fatal crashes occurred at night. To ensure that inadequate light was not a concern, the City is upgrading the street lights on New Hope Road to new LED type street lights. LED lights are different than traditional incandescent lights and send a focused beam of light to a specific area with very little unintentional light pollution. The LED street lights will be much more effective of lighting the road and curve. Lastly, the City will be installing a concrete “pork chop” (see attached). This concrete island will allow a place for further delineation. Since there is no median break on New Hope Road, the Fawn Glen intersection functions as a right-in right-out. The concrete island will not prohibit any movements but reinforce existing ones. It will also allow the City/NCDOT a place to install additional signage and raised pavement markings.

    I realize you requested guard rail but hope this email explains why the City and NCDOT cannot recommend or install it respectively. While NCDOT and the City cannot ensure traffic law compliance, we do realize there is a pattern of vehicles leaving the roadway. However, every case involves a high rate of speed or an intoxicated driver. Neither NCDOT or the City are able to fix the outcome of poor compliance using typical safety engineering. Our hope is the multi-prong approach we are taking (State, and Local) will bring more attention and compliance to the curve in question. If you have any other specific questions or would like to discuss further, please feel free to give us a call.

    Brandon Watson
    Transportation Analyst
    City of Raleigh – Public Works

    Thank you for your consideration. Should you wish to publish or share this information, you can email Chris Redshaw at bernartepetition@gmail.com. This family doesn’t have time for red tape and delays… you can only get lucky so many times before tragedy finally strikes. We need as much exposure as possible, they deserve to enjoy the comforts of a home, and not live in constant fear.

  • Oddie

    Hello again Arnel! For the nth time wishing you a Happy Birthday. Now that the tour is over it’s about time to spend it with your love ones. I hope to see you when you come back here in the Philippines. Mabuhay ka Arnel!

  • Mandy Tess Hoit

    Happy Birthday Arnel!! Hope you get to spend it doing what you love and with your family – sending lots of love! <3

  • Happy Birthday!!!!!! Safe travels home. Congrats on another successful year of touring. Enjoy the gift of free time.

  • Shelley Wilson

    Happy birthday AP!! May the good lord bless you for many many more years , thx for all you do🤗

  • Linda

    Happy Birthday Arnel*******a little early, and have a safe trip home to your family.

  • Oddie

    Hello Arnel! I just want to greet you a Happy Birthday and hope your wishes would come true. I hope when you come back to the Philippines I can get the chance of seeing you. Praying for more success and health for you and your family.

  • Michael Anthony Gagliardi

    So sorry we missed you bro backstage in Chula Vista!! We were guests of Dave Mason band. You were standing RIGHT there and we didnt recognize you with short hair!!! Oh well maybe next time. We have many Philipino friends who would have loved an Arnel sighting and handshake my friend! Maybe next time. We will be at The McCallum Theater Dec 10th in Palm Desert if you want to see us and your in Cali!! Peace Brother ~Michael~

  • Hannah Gunkel

    Hi Arnel! I’m Elle, 11 years old from Fort Wayne, Indiana. You are my absolute idol! Last year I stumbled upon a video about journey’s new lead singer and I immediately fell in love with you and your amazing voice. And one day my Dad came to me and told me that he had tickets to go to Carb day at Indy and that journey was performing…I started to cry and the next few nights I was so happy that I didn’t sleep and when we went to the concert I experienced the best day of my life. Whenever I feel sad I just turn on my camera and watch all of the videos I took of the concert. You are so humble and I don’t even have words for how much you and journey mean to me! Just today my sister, Hannah and I found your website and the chat…..I went crazy and said “wait, you mean that Arnel…Arnel? Arnel will actually see this?!?!?!” Thank you so much for the inspiration you give to me! P.S I am sending an email to journey@journeymusic.com and I hope that you and the band might get it along with the pic.
    ~I’m forever yours…Faithfully!~ Love, Elle Gunkel

    • Hi Elle! I am so happy you found Arnel’s official site. You will find so much information on Arnel and endless pics/photos. Thank you for keeping the music alive. Enjoy the site!

      • Hannah Gunkel

        I’m so happy I found Arnel’s site too! I will be visiting here frequently and looking out for his response…Thank you and God Bless!

    • Toni Phillips

      Please check out this link for a chance to win a giveaway: http://arnelpinedarocks.com/7172/arnel/giveaway-end-tour-2016-celebration

  • Erin

    Arnel, I knew nothing of your story until yesterday and your continued humbleness is astounding! All that you’ve had to overcome and continue to take on each day is just remarkable. I pray that you are truly happy for you and not just for us the fans. Sincerely thank you for accepting this life for us and for Journey!

    • thank you Erin..will keep on doing it for as long as I’m able and strong enough..Rock on my friend…

  • Joey Vasquez

    Journey Rules!!!!!

    • We all need a license plate like this!

  • Mandy Tess Hoit

    Arnel – I first saw you on the Netflix documentary and could not believe how beautiful your voice was and how it sounded just like Journey always sounded to me listening to them growing up. You are absolutely amazing – your voice, your energy and your heart. Your story is SO incredibly inspiring to me and I applaud you for ALL you have been through and still go through being away from your family and on the road that shows your beautiful spirit and determination to never give up. You are a strong man. We need more people like you in this world….I am in love with your story. I went with my Mom a few weeks ago to see you in Omaha, NE and had the time of my life….you were amazzzzzzzzing!!!!! It’s a night I won’t forget and I can’t wait to see you I hope again soon!! ALL the best to you and your beautiful family who I hope you get the much needed time to spend with after giving your all to us, your fans. God bless and much love!!!

    • thank you so much for taking the time to watch the documentary movie..i hope you didn’t throw looking at my face..lol..and again thank you for watching the show this year in nebraska,so generous of you to spare some of your time just to see the show..i am personally grateful and am sure that the rest of the band appreciates you for your support with them…God bless you and your family and we are looking forward in having you again if we pass by your turf again..Go Nebraska!!!

  • Gil Blevins

    Greetings Arnel, I’ve just watched the documentary on Netflix on your career beginnings with Journey. I must say, Whenever I’m in a bad mood or just feeling very little faith in the human condition, it lifts my spirits. Most folks here in the US will never ever know your struggles you had to deal with growing up in the Philippines. You’ve stayed true to yourself and have been so modest in your dealings with the public and life in general. I just asked my wife how someone that is small in stature can boast the biggest heart and soul I’ve ever seen. Not to mention that voice. I’m anxious to see what the future holds for you. God bless, and good luck.

    • thank you so much for them kind words you have impart for me..i guess my struggles all these years didn’t go to waste coz i have your letter as a proof of how people like you recognises Faith,Resilience,Handwork and Destiny ultimately…may God bless you and your entire family of abundant grace and happiness my friend..

  • Oddie

    Helllo Arnel! This is my first time to visit this site but I’ve been a fan of yours since 2008. Unfortunately, I cannot watch most of your shows in the US since I am here in the Philippines. I hope I will be given the opportunity to watch you either you alone or with the band. Wishing you more health and success. Always take care of your voice and your health. Sending my regards to the whole family.

    • very generous of you Oddie..thank you kababayan..we will be in the Philippines soon,so watch out!!

  • J. Duttweiler

    Arnel, you are a talented and amazing singer. I hope you and Journey continue to perform for a few more years. I have seen Journey countless times, with Steve Perry, Steve Augeri and twice with you. My only complaint with Journey concerts is the set selection, they seem to be more or less the same songs. You guys rock, but a newer song since you joined the band would not hurt. Thanks for the memories. While in the Navy, was stationed at the base at Cubi Pt, Subic Bay

  • Shawn Williams

    Hello arnel I am about to buy tickets row 5 center stage for me and my wife she is from leyte in the Philippines she has been here for 2 years now and we both love you to death you are a hero to the Philippines and would love to see you close up in person. She was there in tacloban when the bad storm hit a few years ago. I did not hear from her for almost a week so I sent her money to move her family to palawan one of most beautiful places in the Philippines. Now she is here and her family moved back to tacloban and me and my friend who married her sister fixed there house and got them back on there feet. We can’t wait to see you and listen to one of best bands of all time. Thanks for doing what you do ….

    • thank you for unconditionally loving my country my friend..its an honour to be able to know someone like you who’s learned to love and embrace our culture..thank you too for your support and looking forward for a rocking show as you support us..Godspeed!!!

  • Dwayne Ford

    Hi Arnel, kumusta? My husband writes for a major U.S. publisher who specialise in providing music to large film productions. He asked me to contact you to see if you would be able to lay down a vocal track for this amazing song he has written about war, death, sadness and finally release. It needs your beautiful voice to make it perfect. By the way, taga navotas ako pero naka tira ako sa California with my husband. I would love for you to hear this song Arnel. I think once you hear it and realized what it could be with your vocals, you would agree. He said he would split some writers royalties with you. I think this is going to be huge. I hope your schedule allows. How do we get in touch to send you the song?

    • you can send the song through my official Facebook account and pls contact Emma Egham..

  • Tiffany Ann Nicholson

    I believe you did an awesome job at Bristow VA. Now you need to come back again. You do have a voice like Steve Perry. Keep up the good work. This was my first time ever seeing you guys… But always listened to the music my favorite song is Don’t Stop Believin

    • thank you my young friend..we are going to try to come back as soon as we can!!!

  • Nathan Rolf

    Hi all. I hope this is the official contact for the band. My girlfriend and I will be attending the July 29th show at Riverbend in Cincinnati. She will be turning 34 the day of the show and she is die hard Journey fan. Mega-fan. Beyond a fan but obsessed. I was inquiring about doing a shout out for a song for her during the show. Just a “happy birthday, Audrey, this is for you” or something. She has had various medical issues while working full time and going to school and it would mean the world to her. I can’t express the degree of fan she is of Journey. Uber, mega, major; whichever you prefer. Every category you could imagine. I bought the tickets for her for her birthday. I don’t know how this works but it would make her happy beyond words to cheer her up. I’m serious about the fan part. Any song is fine, but her favorite is “Separate Ways”. I bought her an autographed picture which I am framing with a vinyl copy of Escape, her favorite album, for her birthday. I hope this is the right address to contact the band or its management. I know it may be asking a lot, but she is going through a lot and it would be awesome for her. If this is not the correct address, please direct me to someone who may help.


    • hello Nathan..this is arnel..im sorry if i just saw this letter of yours..ive missed it obviously because of my heavy and hectic schedule of our tour.forgive me..i hope your girlfriend Audrey is feeling better now and i hope that you guys had a blast watching the show at the riverbend though..Godspeed to you and Audrey..

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  • Zach C

    COME ON!!! We gotta get Journey to perform Ill Be Alright Without You!!!

    We have heard Perry, Augeri, Dean Castronovo and Jeff Soto all sing Ill be alright… we NEED ARNEL to sing it!!!

    Virginia beach is waiting to hear it Arnel! July 1st!

    • oh yeah that song..i wanna sing that song..

  • Donna

    Congratulations on reaching 1 million Twitter followers today, Knellsky!

  • mnnsmom

    Good morning Arnel!! I will be bringing a dear friend of mine to the upcoming show in Bangor, ME on June 22. She has cerebral palsy and only gets out of the house a couple of times a year, for ANYTHING!! I surprised her with front row seats for this show and she’s so beyond thrilled and excited! I know it’s a shot in the dark, but I was hoping that you could add either “Send Her My Love” or “Girl Can’t Help It” to your set list for that night. I completely understand you probably already have a “set” set list, but I thought I’d try! Regardless, we are both so looking forward to cheering you on from the front row!! Blessings, safe travels, and let’s pray for beautiful weather this time around!

  • Brandi Morrisett Hodges

    My husband and I caught your show in Dallas for our anniversary and I was in awe. Your talent is unbelievable. I play Journey over and over every night on my tablet and it helps me unwind. I have not been able to get that concert out of my mind, so what did I do? Only thing I could do….I purchased tickets to the Oklahoma City show in August! I can’t wait to see you again! God Bless!

    • thank you so much for your support Brandi..so generous of you and may God bless you with great health and peace in life..

  • Lisa Ann

    sometimes God gives blessings by giving to the world those whom he has bestowed with unimaginable talent, such as you 🙂 Pagpalain ka ng Panginoon

    • salamat Lisa..God bless you..

  • Candice Sweet

    I grew up listening to Journey always one of my favorite bands. Going through crazy tough time and googled inspiring movies on Netflix watched the documentary about you and Journey. OMG! I cried and cried. You were so real….and grateful. Listening to you telling that story is definitely a Cinderella story. I see you are coming to Memphis this week and would love to be able to see you guys, but unfortunately cannot. Just want to say thank for being so humble and inspiring! You have renewed so much hope in me!!!!!! I know tough times don’t last forever, just ready for this one to pass.

    • Don’t Stop Believing Mam..and i know your strength will pull you out of that trial you’re on now..keep praying and stay faithful to yourself..

  • Rebecca

    Thank you for the wonderful show in Austin tonight. Your lovely voice, peace, happiness, and energy make it an experience to remember.
    Stay true, be well.

  • Rob Parsons

    Big thanks for taking my request at Vegas show last year for Anything is Possible….Will be hittin up Irvine show this Thursday and see if the Journey crew can cram in any of the following…
    Anything is Possible
    City of Hope
    Never Walk Away
    Change for the Better
    Where Did I Loose Your Love
    Separate Ways
    Don’t Stop Believein
    This set would frame the best of what you have created with Journey…..
    Anyways thanks for doing your thing and creating excellent tunes that enhance my enjoyment of life…

  • Zach C

    ARNEL!!! We want to hear you sing GIRL CAN’T HELP IT or I’LL BE ALRIGHT WITHOUT YOU! Put it in the set!

  • Robin Johnston-Durand

    It started in 1977 for me. Bought Infinity. Played that vinyl every day until Evolution hit the stores! I was 18 on my first road trip to Oakland for Day on The Green, Journey headlined 7 or 8 major bands. Me and my two best friends from high school stayed in a flea bag motel near the coliseum! Stupid kids…but we had a blast at that concert in 1979. We were diehard Journey fans. Now, I am 54. Two years ago, my husband took me to see my Band, Journey in Wheatland, Nor Cal. I was apprehensive to hear this “new guy” from Manila who took Steve Perry’s place as front man. As I stood there 4 rows back and Journey 2014 took the stage, any doubt about the continuity of my favorite band diminished. Arnel made s face melt as he belted out song after song. So, let me just say, as a 39 year Journey fan, Arnel didn’t take anyone’s place! He began his own legacy. Bravo on a job well done. Arnel! Your new music is great and you breathed new life into the good ole songs as well. Carry on and God Bless.

    • what a compelling kindness you have on me sir..thank you so much..youre one of the reason why i keep pushing despite constant indifference i get along the way..God bless your heart sir and i will keep rocking with your favourite band for as long as I’m strong enough to do it..

  • Linda

    Journey…… I love the journey band and Arnel is the best ever, BUTTTTTTTTTT what in the crap are you doing this year with the band? The drummer may be good for some but not for journey, and that backup guy is a joke please do something you all look like your lost.

  • Ivan

    Hi, I love your music I want to know if you come to South America in the near future, thanks … !!!

  • Gigi Wainman

    Good morning po Arnel. I live in Hancock, NY. I am married and I am working at Delaware Valley Job Corps. My friends from work will be watching your show on June 24, 2016 at Bethel Wood Center for the Arts, I have American friend who loves you so much and the rest of the Journey Band. He was so happy to know I am from Philippines, sabi nya, So you know the lead singer of Journey, Arnel Pineda?, and he knows your story. I wish I can attached here our pictures. I have one request, We are planning na mag line para po dun sa meet and greet, before the concert. Dun po yung sa gate ng concert stage. Pede po ba kayo ma meet, my friend Cullen and my supervisor will be with me para ma meet ka. I will show you our IDs. I am so proud of you, Cullen loves the song ‘Faithfully’. Sabi po nya, your accent sounds like an American. Please let me know. Thank you so much. God bless you and the rest of the band

    • hi Gigi..ive missed this na..i hope you will still get this..anyway,id like you to thank you still if somehow you made it sa Bethel wood pa din to see the show..

  • Joseph Zielinski

    Arnel, We are coming to see you with Journey on Friday, July 15th at the BB&T Center (FKA Susquehanna) in Camden, NJ. We have front row seats. I’m the guy who threw the maroon tee-shirt on stage in June 2014 with The Tailors’ Son on the front and Kuya Arnel on the back. If you have it handy, it would be great if you could wear it during one of your wardrobe changes. I’ll be wearing mine. I also wrote the screenplay, The Tailors’ Son. Can’t wait to see you. Joe, Patti, and Joan.

    • hello Joseph..missed this obviously,hope you are not disappointed..i really apologise..hoping too that you enjoyed watching the show once again and thank you for your continued support for me and the band..Godbless and respect..

  • Olga

    You are fantastic! Your voice is such a blessing! Good luck to you and your family 🙂

  • Kevin Johanneson

    I saw the documentary some time ago and tell everyone I ever talk music with to check it out. The odds of Journey finding you on the last click of the night browsing the many singers on You Tube is nothing short of a miracle. You knew it was a miracle and approached it with humility and grace. I have always felt that God puts us through difficult times so that we can come out the other side better people and so that we can share that experience with others that are similarly struggling. No one will believe there is a light at the end of the tunnel if someone else has not gone through similar circumstances and come out triumphant. Keep paying it forward and the miracle will continue while inspiring others. Thanks for keeping Journey alive and God Bless!

    • God bless you too sir and thank you for all the kindest of words you could ever say to a stranger like me..


    very happy to see your success knowing where you came from. tondo! man that is tough. i am so glad for you. invest your money wisely. keep on kicking ass pinoy! stay grounded. don’t change. bayan ko! talaga!

    • thank you so much sir..


        walang anuman sa iyo! stay up proud pinoy! for all the hardship and tough times, still the best people in the world. you can take the man out of the ‘pines, but you can’t take the ‘pines out of the man! God bless you!

  • Lynn DeGrave

    Hi Arnel , Have always loved Journey, and now you have come to do what you love and bring a new life to Journey and a dream to you and your passion. You have an amazing gift and it brings you and your family a new life. Would love to go see Journey am trying to work it out to go see you guys in Aug. in Minnesota fingers crossed.Listen to you all the time on my computer, you all put on such a great show,hopefully my dream can come true to to see Journey. Anyones dream can come true if you “Don’t Stop Believing” Keep up the Awesome career, you have a awesome voice. From a big fan Lynn Degrave

  • Tammy Deneise Douglass

    I saw Journey back in the Steve Perry Days. You Arnel have an amazing voice, clear precise and totally a powerhouse. Thank you for having the courage to share your talent with the world. I am totally looking forward to the show in Des Moines August 7th. 🙂

  • DigitalRaver

    Rogers, AR! The wife and I will be there! Your an inspiration and we can only imagine the stress it puts on you physically and mentally. What would it take to get back stage passes? Inbox us jeremynicole72@gmail.com

  • Belle Araneta

    Thank you for being a constant inspiration! Whenever I hear your songs from the Zoo band & Journey …. I smile!
    You truly make the world a nicer place!

    Many of life’s failures are people who did not realize how close they were to success when they gave up.” – Thomas Edison
    Thanks for not giving up!

    • thank you so much Belle..very kind of you…love that Thomas Edison quote,very true..

  • Another year, another tour. Welcome to all the fans, new and old. To those who are just finding their way to Arnel or to those finding their way back…I wish you all a lifetime of memories, love and music. Go out there and make this tour everything you want it to be. Bank a million memories and meet some fellow fans. I promise you a fantastic ride. Journey on friends. 🙂

  • ‘Humble Grace Under Fire’ should have been the title of that Netflix doc, Arnel. I can’t even imagine the strength and determination it took the first time you stepped into Perry’s shoes facing thousands of Journey fans just waiting for a rough spot where you didn’t fulfill their expectations. You found a way to suppress all your self-doubt and fears you were not afraid to express to us in those clips, and draw from another well within the very essence of your genetics and gifts given while forming in a womb that would shape the man we saw in front of us.

    Much respect and thanks for trusting me and others with your very soul you were not afraid to reveal to us. Ego would have stifled you, for fear of appearing weak. You could have given us a cocky, “I got this, no big deal, it’s Rock, man,” then throw up some devil horns we’ve all seen too many times before. Instead, you told us “This is me, and I’m scared shitless right now.” You had us in your corner with that trust and sincerity but I, for one, was all worried when those lights went on. Can this guy really pull this off?? He seems too nervous and unsure of himself. To see you exorcising those demons haunting you and nailing those immortal songs we have etched in our brains that were so important to us in life, through all the ranges, note by note, with crystal precision, had me jumping up on my coffee table pumping the air with my fist for you.

    Eat life up, man. You got the golden ticket for having The Gift. Not everyone gets that, but we sure do love seeing the ones deserving of it taking it and running with it. Best damn human interest story I’ve seen in like a decade. Whatta Rush!!!

  • Jennifer Tilley

    I’m sitting here, watching your documentary on Netflix… make no mistake, I heard that you were fronting Journey some time ago… but, I’m only now seeing the big picture. And, I just have to say ‘wow’… friggin’ wow… you are more than just a rock star… you are an inspiration. the haters are going to hate. even Jesus didn’t have universal approval… so, never aim for that. You met, auditioned for, and played with and in a band that you had/have passion for… let the naysayers do their thing… meanwhile, keep the love… the passion for what you do… and make it the sole reason you continue. and, for anyone who says anything less than complimentary… i’d like to see them go through what you’ve had to deal with, and come out shining as you have. even more than your ability to sing… I admire you humble nature. you are ‘real’… and for that… so many of us, sincerely ‘thank you’ 🙂 … much appreciation for all you are

  • Eddie

    Hi, Arnel are you coming at Irvine Meadow Amphitheater on May 12, 2016?…Hope to see you there..

  • Linda

    Happy Thanksgiving to Arnel and his family.

  • pep

    Hi, I live in Barcelona (Catalonia) and today I watched on TV your film about Journey.
    It was fantastic. I’m very impressed for your lifeline and your reflexions.
    I’m agree.
    Life is beautiful.
    I hope that some day you can play in Barcelona. It’s a great city. It would like you.

    • we miss Spain..ive been there twice but never to Barcelona..

  • Jenaisle

    Hello Arnel and Plokkers, many are asking about Journey, so here’s an article “Journey’s Greatest Hits” Album Remains on U.S.Billboard Top 200 Songs for 375 Weeks to Date http://jenaisleonline.com/?p=15797 #Journey #ArnelPineda

  • kiel

    Hi guys do you have his manager’s number?

  • Donna Russell

    It is morning here in Kansas City, Missouri
    The day you were born the universe became brighter. You are a shinning star that will be the eternal nightlight that shines throughout. You are loved by millions for who you are and what is in your heart, mind and soul which resonates through your voice. You are truly a gift from the Heavens. Always remember, never forget. They are with us watching over us and keeping us safe. You are an inspiration to all. Forever,

  • LoriM1

    Happy birthday, Arnel!! May you continue to enjoy all the love, success, good health and happiness that you truly deserve!! You and Journey are such a blessing to all of your fans!!!

    Xoxoxo -Lorinn1

  • Bonnie

    Happy Birthday Arnel! You are truly living The Heroes Journey. You have stood up to and slain the dragons on your path and continued to grow and bring to others the gifts and talents you have share. You have been and are, the Hero, who deserves the sunshine and happiness of life! You are an amazing young man!

  • Lalahon

    Arnel, as you celebrate your 48th Birthday, please focus on all the happiness and joy in your life, as well as being proud of all the happiness and joy you have brought others through your friendship, your music, and your philanthropy. No one deserves the blessed life you have…more than you…you’ve earned it. Thank you for being you, and Happy, Happy Birthday Friend! ~ Lalahon

    • Indaya09

      I remember this! Looking at all the smiles and the gorgeous faces of AP and femily. Thanks Lala!

  • James Dauphinais

    My wife and I will be celebrating our 30th wedding anniversary on Oct 6. After all these years is one our favorite songs..

    • Happy Anniversary to you both. I wish you a lifetime of love and happiness!!!

      • James Dauphinais

        Thank you..

  • Martin V Jones

    Hi Arnel, just wanted to send my brother, Christian Jones’s tribute to you guys, he loves singing Journey stuff hope you enjoy it 🙂


    • Lalahon

      Wow, Martin….Christian sounds really, really good!! Bravo!!

  • Toni Phillips

    Not going anywhere!! Here to stay, as I’ve always sworn!!

  • Nancyd2736

    We will always love and support you! So glad I got to see the show in Columbia earlier this year, it was awful not getting to see you and the boys last year! ❤️

  • Shelley Wilson

    OMG could never get tired of supporting you, it’s truly an honor sir ? lots of love and safe travels home to your loved ones!


    • Luirui Qkc

      Still shaking…. couldn’t believe I chatted with Knellsky…. You just made this lady so HAPPY… now I have the bragging right – I chatted with AP! My office mates will be so jealous!!!

      • Luirui Qkc

        Thanks Arnel…. safe travel ok….

    • fabbest

      Thank you, Arnel! I was wondering what you meant by “done” when you joined CHAT – so this beautiful message was it! You just completed a year-long Ironman Challenge, and earned the gold medal! LOL! Have a safe flight home, to your family’s loving arms.

    • Thank you for dropping by AP, sorry to have missed you! Safe travels and happy trip, I know you and the femily miss each other, Just got home myself, there’s really no place like home. Enjoy the time with family, and rest and recharge. Looking forward to seeing you in PI on periscope 🙂 God bless you Arnel, you will always have our love and support.

    • Eb2008

      Canada thank you and the boys. We will always be here to support you. See you soon. Safe travel. Your our ninja warrior, you conquered MT. CANADA, enjoy your rest time with family. Take care always. <3

    • Indaya09

      Thanks for the shout out AP! It’s been wonderful to see you, hear you, as well as seeing femilies, plokkers, and friends having a fantastic time! PLOKKER’S RIDE!
      Rest well…Godspeed!!!

    • Forever yours…faithfully.

    • Donna

      Of course we won’t get tired of supporting you! Never Walk Away ❤

    • susan

      Hi there Arnel,
      I am watching the Live in Manila concert now on TV
      I wanted to let you know you are awesome.
      I have been a big fan of Journey
      The band really ROCKS
      keep up the great work.

    • Shaleen Sisk Davidson

      So glad you didn’t give up! You’re an inspiration! Much respect to you battling your demons with alcohol. It’s not easy, especially in your line of work. When things feel too heavy just surrender to it. That’s where the power is. ?
      I saw you last year in Winnipeg. Was sad to have missed you at the meet and greet.

  • Howie

    Hey Arnel, I attended last nights show in St. John’s Newfoundland, big fan and first time seeing Journey. My parents, myself and brother and sister went as well. I also took a friend with me as well who at first did not have a ticket to go, and you all blew us away, totally amazing! I have watched your documentary and let me tell you that I am honoured and very proud to have seen you live in concert. You are definitely a big influence to myself as well to my brother, you show us fans that anything can happen when you believe and work hard!

    Newfoundland loves you and Journey, please come back!

  • Cheryl Morris

    Awesome concert tonight in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia!! A memory of a lifetime…thanks!!

  • Jenaisle

    Hi Arnel and Plokkers, I just want to give a heads up. There’s a contest now about the Greatest Summer Song and Journey’s “Stone in Love is a contender. Thanks. http://jenaisleonline.com/?p=15176

  • Linda

    Does anyone know why Dean is not with the band?

    • fabbest

      Hi Linda, just Google “DEEN Castronovo”. 🙂

      • Linda

        Hi Fabbest, I did see and read about Deen so sorry he messed up, but its never to late to get help. I hope he can get things together and come back to journey. Thanks Linda

  • Linda

    Where is Dean? He not with the band.

  • Hi Arnel,

    It’s me, Rob. I proposed onstage to my girlfriend Tiffany at your Journey
    concert in Mandalay Bay, Las Vegas August 1, 2014 last year. Video below:


    I had sent you wedding invitations months ago for our big
    day. I’m really hoping you received them, and hope you are considering going? We
    are getting married tomorrow July 12th, 2015 on a yacht on Lake
    Union in Seattle, WA. We have (5) seats that we have left open for you and your
    band members. July 12th, is my son’s birthday as well, and we will
    be surprising him with his first car after the cruise.

    I know you have a show tonight in Vancouver, BC, but it’s
    only a two+ hour drive south from Vancouver, BC to Seattle, WA. We are boarding the yacht
    at 3:30pm tomorrow (Sunday) and will be back by 8pm. I know this is asking a lot, but it
    would mean the world to us. So many good things are happening. I am in the
    process of adopting Dillon (Tiffany’s son), and it’s almost complete.

    You and your band made our engagement so very special, we
    would really love to meet you all in person. It would be a great opportunity
    for you all just unwind, and enjoy a heartfelt ceremony, great food and drink with
    us and our guests? Please, if there is any way possible, come share this moment
    with us? We love you guys, along with the beautiful music you’ve produced over
    the years! Here’s the address below:

    Waterways HomePort
    2441 N. Northlake Way
    Seattle Washington 98103
    Rob & Tiffany


    •Take Exit #169 (45th St)
    •Turn right (west) onto NE 45th St
    •Turn left (south) onto Stone Way N
    •Continue on Stone Way N until it turns into N Northlake Way
    •Continue on N Northlake Way until you reach our HomePort on the
    right/waterside of the street (look for blue flags)
    •Free customer parking is available in the Waterways parking lot. Free street
    parking is available on Northlake Way.

  • Belinda Winton

    Today I watched Journey With Rascal Flats on Cross Roads. I grew up with all the 80’s music. I new Journey back then they were great. I’m sorry to see Perry go, but you bring your own style in to it. Not bad. I love the 80’s Journeys music and will always listen to them. Keep up with the great job.

  • Jenaisle

    This kid’s rendition of a Journey song help make his performance the MOST VIEWED YOUTUBE VIDEO OF The Voice Kids PH auditions http://jenaisleonline.com/?p=15033

  • sonny dolor

    Can’t wait to watch your July concert here in Montreal, CANADA! Hoping to meet my cousin the great Arnel Pineda in person some way some how.

  • Karl Li Ceeshell

    Loved the New Orleans show! Thanks for doing what you do!

  • fabbest
  • Rob Parsons

    Arnel thanks for the great shows in Vegas. Before you skip town I highly suggest you take yourself and family on the Maverick Helicopter tour of the Valley of Fire and picnic stop in the Grand Canyon. Don’t worry, it is a safe gig and spectacular memories of a lifetime, just like going to a Journey concert…..God Bless

  • Emma Antonio

    Fying from Sasebo,Japan tomorrow to attend my son’s graduation on Friday…and driving to Las Vegas to watch The Journey Show on Saturday -:) Feeling excited !!!

  • Jenaisle

    I want to share this video of the duet of Arnel with Israel’s grand champion, Rose Fostanes. http://jenaisleonline.com/2014/04/07/watch-the-awesome-duet-of-journeys-arnel-pineda-and-x-factor-israels-winner-rose-fostanes/

  • patis lover

    ARNEL SCHWARZENEGGER ka talaga pre!! ang lakas ng inspiration mo sa atin brod!! i brought my 9 yr. old son to the show on the 6th and we had a blast dude!! maraming salamat talaga..nel dont stop believin’ in us ha & we will be here faithfully!!

  • Becky

    CONGRATULATIONS to Journey for being inducted into the Hollywood Bowl Hall of Fame!!!! Thank you, Arnel, for being the voice that rescued the band when they were out of options…and you were out of options…and for sticking with them all these years. I can’t imagine how hard it was for you in the beginning, but now it is your amazing voice, your energetic stage performance, and your connection to the audience that keeps Journey performing for sold-out crowds after all these years. Everyone can see the friendship and respect you all have for each other, truly you are a band of brothers…

    Thanks for keeping the legacy alive…for keeping us singing, dancing, and yelling–whether it’s with 15,000 people at one of your shows…or alone in the shower at home…your fans are still rockin’ right along with you.

    Congratulations again, to all of you, and here’s hoping there are many more years to come!!!!

  • Goldengrl

    Hello Arnel, we had such a great time Saturday night 5/2 at The Hard Rock, thanks to you, and being in the front row near Jonathan. My hubby and I were next to a couple of nice ladies who came all the way from Pennsylvania. It was fun to meet some who are just as excited about you and Journey as I am! 36 years after I fell for my favorite band, its amazing that because of you, I still get to rock out with them! We had a blast, thanks for hanging out on our side of the stage! Now back in Montana we look forward to the show in Lethbridge Canada in July. I’ll keep you forever, Goldengrl

  • Emma Antonio

    Hello Arnel,

    I would like to appreciate you and commend your hard work in the entertainment industry and also to your family for their continuous support in you and with the Journey Band.

    The reason I wrote these message, because I want to surprise my son, Fremont Angelo Antonio, who just going to have his college graduation ceremony on May 15, 2015 at San Diego State University. My son has a passion in a music industry since he was in High school. He continuously developed himself as a singer, event planner and an
    owner of his own music business (Audio Culture Events). At the age of 22, he was able to work his way up to working and meeting people that always connects with his passion in music and entertainment industry. He was able to work with his studies and at the same time, performing, creating and showcasing talented young musicians around San Diego, Los Angeles and Las Vegas area.

    I am so proud of what he had accomplished up to this day….

    I always bragged about you (Olongapo Days)… being an avid fan of yours and Journey. I even let him watched your story and be an inspiration to what he is trying to
    achieved and accomplished.

    On May 16, 2015, I booked your last show in Vegas (GA VIP
    Package). This is my gift to him, that hopefully he will be able to meet you in person.

    You can check his performances and accomplishment through
    his Facebook: Angelo Ace Antonio
    Audio Culture Events – Founder
    Pacific Records – Social Media Manager
    I would only ask if you can mention his name or even just greet him in between your show congratulating for his college graduation and his B-day on June 06.

    Congratulations to you Arnel and the Journey Band !!!

    More POWER and God Bless to ALL ….

    Proud Mom -:)

  • Rob Parsons

    Myself and my Wife needed a break from the grind and made the ESCAPE to the Vegas show Fri night. Went and spoiled my wife with VIP setup and an incredibly good time. Was stoked with the 2nd row and center seats. Great show. These guys and their circus create something special. Just wanted to thank Arnel for his personal empathy to connect with everyone he could in the crowed. Sometime during mid show he even took the time to take a request from me for “Anything Is Possible” and said ” excellent idea and this would be great for the show”. Then towards the end of the show he apologized to me that they couldn’t cram in my request…..then at the end of the show the very last thing he said walking off the stage was another apology to me for not getting to my request. Now I know that they probably have a set gig that maybe doesn’t allow for additions to the program but he

  • Spirit Fly

    I just bought tickets to the kingston ontario show and am sooooooo happy and excited that you are the singer. YOU are the blessing to the band! You gave them new life and energy!! Can’t wait to rock out with you!

  • Kristian

    BEST VOICE EVER !!!! I didn’t know that I could love Journey more than I already did. I am so happy that my favorite band also became my favorite story. May you be happily ever after !!

  • Brian

    Best wishes sir Arnel. Looking forward to see the Journey performance in Edmonton July 18. Best regards and many future successes.

    Kind Regards,

  • Brian

    Hi Arnel. Just curious….Journey apparently will be performing at a special event in Calgary Canada on July 8th? But as I understand it is a special event in which tickets can only be purchased by those who are part of sponsoring the event…. Is this true? No worries will be catching the Journey performance in Edmonton Alberta… Was just curious though about the Calgary show. Can reply at thisislife7@shaw.ca

    • Hey Brian. This is true. They are calling this a semi-private show, meaning only sponsors and their friends/family can attend. Each sponsor has a code to buy tickets. If you want to go, see if you have any friends that work for a sponsor. Good luck!!!

  • Sandra Itterman

    Just want to say Hi from Argentina, you have a beautiful voice. I love Journey and think you give a different flavor to the band. Congrats!!

  • Bonnie

    Mary, just wanted you to know what a great idea I think it is for the Plokker shirts! I believe they would bring incredible sales and be so much fun for Plokkers! Thanks for your creative energy and always making a contribution to others!

  • Rosie

    see you in Austin tomorrow!

  • Melissa Kostyu

    I just saw your tour date sched hoping to catch Journey just one more time. 🙁 I realized ya’ll work like dogs…. then I thought of your family. I will Pray for you and your family on your Journey. Your voice is a gift from God one day I hope to see you leading praise and worship! Just a thought 😉

  • candace

    Hi Arnel..Its candac again…I have followed Journey for years.Then it was like they vanished.When I herd they had a new singer and he was from another country I myself wondered if they would live up to the power house they use to be .I found on public television one night a show about how Journey found their new front man.I thought well I can at least take a look and listen for myself.Well I have to say I fell in love with Journey all over again.I watch everything I can about you guys.I couldn’t never find another mans journey so I had to order one for myself.I know everyone at work wishes I would shut up about you guys but I think it Is awesome .Your story is so beautiful and heartfelt. I wish you and your family and the band a safe tour .Still hope someday to see a concert.Since I lost my husband everyone says I need to do something for myself.I may just do that.Thanks Arnel for just the great man and singer you are…

  • Lalahon


    Just wanted to tell you that as I looked around in the audience at the concert in West Palm Beach, I got goosebumps knowing how happy the crowd was, and especially, how very special you are to make them feel that way. What you have is a gift….a gift you give to others, you share yourself and your beautiful voice. Thank you for the gift, Arnel. Your mother is looking down from heaven and smiling, proudly. You’ve made it……you’ve really made it. Please keep it real….I give your family “thanks” also, for sharing you with the world. When all is said and done….it is in their arms that you will have comfort and forever love. Take care of yourself….you are a shining star and we love you.

  • wonderboy2die4

    ARNEL for chrissake ! where is your shirt with your face on it and name that I can buy. I need it for the concert in Montreal Quebec estie !!! (swearing in french) i m not Filipino god damn it but my girlfriends are. So open a store online fast I need to buy your shirt otherwise my girlfriends are going to break up with me. So you know what it means.

    Pleeeeeeeeeeease !

  • hey all..just wanna apologise if i wasn’t able to give way to all of your requests..due to a lot of factors needed to be considered,i cannot just say yes to all,but bear in mind that i took a moment to take them all in knowing how sincere you all were when faced with that urge to reach out..i appreciate them all my friends and hoping you’d keep trying until the right moment and your requests finally meet..
    sincerely AP

    • fabbest

      Okidoke…lol. Thanks for the post, AP!!!

    • Sometimes it is solis enough just knowing you read the requests and acknowledged them. You can only do so much and I think that is appreciated. 🙂

      • Bonnie


    • Cynthia Nolen

      Thank you Knell. Just keep on being you and we’ll all be fine. Safe travels.

    • Bonnie

      Thank you Knell for such a considerate and kind post! We will all just keep on trying and never stop believing! And of course continue to enjoy watching and listening to you. As I said before you are simply irresistible!

    • thegift

      me & my bf are so glad & are uber thrilled to have received a heartfelt response from u, Arnel. Thank u so much & more power to u and to the awesome band, Journey. <3

  • eunice de ramos

    Hi Arnel, I’m now one of your new fan, last night or rather early this morning from 12 -4.30am I listend to your Manila Concert and I was in awe of your great voice..loved it. Then I looked at all your youtube clip..wonderful story of your journey to better life with Journey..don’t stop believin’…much love and appreciation…Eunice

  • Linda

    Arnel I finely got to see you in NOLA. You and journey put on a great show. I had my 8 yr. old grandson with me it was a big night for him and me. He wanted to meet you so bad so did I, but maybe one day we can.

  • Alex Garcia-Mateo

    Hello Arnel,
    Dragon Five is a PR kids bands from ages 10 to 12 that are Journey fans. All five musician kids from Dragon Five wil be at your concert next Saturday, March 21, 2015 @ San Juan, PR. Im asking if you guys can bring this kids to the stage and let them play Don’t Stop Believin’ and make this kids dream come true. Attached find a you tube video to watch them play.


    Thank you,
    Alex Garcia

  • candace

    Hi Arnel….I love to hear you guys sing…My husband had a room full of sports mem and I would sit in the room while he looked at his sports stuff and I would listen to Journey and search for information on the internet about Arnel and how Journey found you..I love that story.I lost my husbnd to cancer last Nov so sitting in the sports room is out of the question but I still listen to Journey and I hope to attend a concert someday…Please be proud of yourself.You traveled a long road but look where it took you..Im glad Neal found you and they took a chance on you…love you guys

  • Tina L Goudy

    Dear Arnel, I am so glad that you are in with the band journey now, you are a wonderful singer and have a wonderful voice, I would love to be at one of your concerts that will be in Florida soon. How would I get some tickets to see you in concert? Please let me know..

  • Bonnie

    Dear Arnel, so wish I was in Nola tonite to watch and hear you that is home for me! I know those folks will love you and Journey! You will excite, soothe and mesmerize them with your beautiful voice and talent. Knock it out of the park as you always do! Hope you have a chance to dine at the Palace.Cafe on Canal Street, scrumptious as so many wonderful restaurants are there! Enjoy and I know they will so enjoy the gift of your presence!

  • Tina L Goudy

    Hi Arnel, my name is Tina Goudy and I would love to see you in concert in Tampa Florida but I just don’t have the money to do it, how could I get 2 tickets to come and see journey in concert? Journey is my #1 band and I would just love to see you in concert….

  • Rich Bintz

    Hello Arnel,
    I an American from Cincinnati that has followed you since you joined Journey. You have an amazing voice and are inspiration to a lot of people all over the world! I am also now proud to call Quezon City home as well. That is where me and my kasintahan stay when we are in Phil. Salamat Brother for bringing the world together in your own way! Dreams begin at 40 !!!!! You Rock !!!!!

  • John Martin

    Hello Arnel,

    My name is John Martin and I am the Public Relations Co-Chair for 2015 Spring Conference “Lakas Loob: Strength Without Shame” hosted by the non-profit organization, the Filipino Intercollegiate Networking Dialogue, Inc. (FIND Inc.)

    The goal of our conference is to face the unspoken issues in our Filipino/Filipino-American communities today. We want to face our weaknesses head on and take away the shame that is so very much associated with them that we become strong. But we would like to do it together.

    I have watched your documentary “Don’t Stop Believin’: Every Man’s Journey” and I could personally relate to some of the emotions you went through. But, of course, you prevailed and it made you so strong that you weren’t ashamed of who you were or where you came from. I think you are a perfect example for anyone who attends this conference. You could really empower the hearts of many who attend this conference which is what I want for them to take out of this. What I’m really trying to say is that I invite you to come and be a speaker for us.

    For a little information about FIND:

    Founded on April 11, 1992, the Filipino Intercollegiate Networking Dialogue (FIND) stands as a symbol to the ethnic consciousness presently seen on university campuses. With the growing number of Filipino organizations at these institutions, there exists an inherent “desire to know” about one’s culture. Ranging from the personal search and identification to the large scale social awareness, FIND Inc. is an organization that opens the door to communication and collaboration among its members. It offers those interested an opportunity to see what else is out there: a broad perspective to the increasing Filipino presence in America.

    Our website is currently down, but it should be back up and running within the next week at http://www.findinc.org/

    I hope to hear back and that you could make it!


    John Martin

  • Tandria

    Hi Arnel! Can’t wait to see you in Columbia SC. If yall want a good steak and some seafood, come to The Old Armory Steaks and Seafood in Camden, its like 20 minutes from Columbia. Don’t Stop Believin…MUCH MUCH LOVE,

  • Carole

    Cant wait to see you next week in Jacksonville! Flying in from Toronto!

  • John Edwards

    Hi Arnel! You are a great story- my son, Zack, a long time ago made Don’t Stop Believing his Mantra-Played football in high school, broke his leg before the state finals- done! Played in college, found he had a condition that made him stop- done! He cheered his last 2 yrs of college! Went to OCS for the USMC- got injured and had to be discharged- done again!! But he still believes something great is going to happen- all he wanted for Christmas was tickets to the concert in Columbia, SC.He will be on row 2 on the floor and we can’t wait to hear how it goes!! You guys keep making great music- Love It!!! All the Best!!

  • Chris Tubo

    Need help Does anybody know the contact details of Arnel Pineda or his Manager / RM? We need him for an event. Pls text me at 09226967193. Thanks guys!

    • fabbest

      Arnel will see this, Chris. Thanks.

  • Lew Singer

    Hi Arnel. Any chance for a meet and greet when you’re in West Palm Beach? http://youtu.be/INKDEaWZXFg

  • JhOn EspinoZa

    Hi Arnel, see your story last night on a cable channel, and I loved it I also like your voice, I’m not a fan of rock, never listen to Journey… But I’m sure you will hear from the date you entered the band … Congratulations on the successes achieved, I’m your new fan of “Peru”, I hope they can come to Peru … Goodbye 🙂

  • denise nelson

    Another cold blizzard coming to Maine this weekend, but I have “Owe” to keep me warm! Thank you for another beautiful song to make us all smile! God bless you and keep you always, Arnel.

  • great read i had again on this wall..thank you so much everyone..a new adventure again this year..hope to see most of you on the road again..love you all my friends..

    • Eb2008

      love you back ap. Canada awaits your arrival. Love OWE

    • Donna

      Welcome back, Knell! Sorry no one was in the sb to say hello to you, but looking forward to seeing you next month!

    • fabbest

      Thanks, AP! Hope the continuing studio work is going well!

    • Fred Balon

      Still having a hard time downloading iTunes. Waiting for my son to do it. Hope Toronto would be added soon. Please. Love, love OWE.

    • Bonnie

      Arnel, Owe is absolutely beautiful and you sing it so perfectly. Thank you once again for gifting us with your amazing voice and talent!

    • Becky

      Hi Knellsky! How’s it goin’? I know there are probably times when you’d rather hang out with your family, or work on that new album, but we can’t wait to welcome you back to the States (and Canada and Mexico, too)!! Your “second family” awaits you–and the rest of the J-Boys–with OPEN ARMS for Tour 2015…see you soon!!!! 🙂

      • Bonnie

        Hi Becky, getting close to the concert! I so envy you as it turns out I’m not going to be able to go to the NOLA concert either. I am soooo disappointed and sad. Would loved to have come to Austin to meet you and go to the concert with you and that won’t work out either. However I really do want to meet you so maybe sometime early spring or will you be in Europe then? Whenever, just would like to get together. I can’t wait to hear about the concert!

        • Becky

          Howdy, B-Girl…I left a message for you in the chat box 🙂

    • Shelley Wilson

      Arnel I would be forever indebted to you if I could meet you in July in Edmonton , AB or Regina, SK. I am celebrating my 50th Birthday this summer and all I want is the privilege to say hello and get a picture with you. I have seen Journey 8 times in the past 3 years but only want the honor to meet you. I have a personalized Saskatchewan Roughriders jersey I would love to give you.

      Kind Regards


    • Diana Ramirez

      Hi Arnel, I just seen you perform 4 days ago at the concert in Austin. Your voice and talent is amazing, of course as are the other bands members. My very first concert ever was Journey in 1981 at the then, Fabulous Forumn in California. Let me just say, 34 years later I have a greater appreciation for the hard work and sacrifice that you all put into your craft. Thank you Journey for a most enjoyable night filled with sweet music! Diana

  • Becky

    I LOVE Ferdie Arquero’s new photos of Arnel (at the bottom of his home page)…Keep ’em comin’ Ferdie!! (And doesn’t AP look sharp in that red jacket, AND the black leather one!!)

  • Amy

    Hi Arnel, I watched your video and I cried big buckets of tears of joy for you. WOW! You are one of God’s angels. I mean that seriously. People who are transparent like you are rare. You are very special. They did such a great documentary on your life. It was so sensitive to your needs as well as being honest. This life is never easy but I see your fight to have your family and your career. I hope that she gets to travel with you sometimes. Also I am glad you are able to help those people who are in need from where you are from. Anyway, I send virtual hugs to you and your family and I am trying to figure out which concert I am going to see this year. I listened to Journey in the 80’s and I am not one about looking to the past for my musical inspiration, I try to be present as to what is happening today. But what I can say is what you are doing IS about now. You make the music FRESH, it’s like hearing it for the first time but at the same time being brought back to when I listened to it as a teenager and just loving it as much, but also like discovering it as if it were NEW! Love it! All the best to you and the band. I pray that all of you are safe, healthy and just remember that people love you guys and want the best for you.

  • twinrockers

    Congrats for that well-written, beautifully composed song. Not to say the vocals are superb. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e6w2qD7_gi0

  • Ernest Olivarez

    Arnel, this is what my son Luke and I are making. (Rap)
    Hope you like it!
    Your living life, feeling like your all alone.

    Your dreams are crushed, and it’s cut you right to the bone.
    Your heart is heavy, like a weight pressed on your chest,

    feeling like you can’t breathe, can’t see, can’t step
    Frozen, stuck in place, feeling that you lost your way
    in your heart you’re crying out, does anyone hear you scream!
    You know, life is hard, feeling like a raging Sea,
    Out there in the crashing waves,

    Hold on, just believe.

    Sometimes it’s hard, to live a life in faith,

    and trust Him in a way
    He’ll gonna see you through the race.
    But all along, I know, God will make a way-
    his love goes on and on and on and on

    Those who’s hope is on the Lord our God, Shall renew there strength
    They will soar in the sky flying high like an eagle.
    As they run in the race of their life they will not be dismayed.
    They will walk by faith, not by site and not grow faint.

    Don’t you worry what tomorrow brings,
    cuz we know that in all things
    God works for the good of those who love him,

    and those that trust him Will never be ashamed,

    Even if they walk through the darkest valley,
    They will fear no evil; they say God is with me.

    He’ll give you strength everyday,

    his love goes on and on and on and on

    Those who’s hope is on the Lord our God, Shall renew there strength
    They will soar in the sky flying high like an eagle.
    As they run in the race of their life they will not be dismayed.
    They will walk by faith, not by site and not grow faint.
    Don’t stop Believin’
    It’s more than just a feelin’
    God loves people
    Don’t stop Believin’
    It’s more than just a feelin’
    God loves people
    Don’t stop Believin’
    It’s more than just a feelin’
    God loves people

  • Harry Beepat

    You truly is an inspiration man, keep true to yourself and your family cause ultimately in the big scheme of things, this is all that matters. Stay humble buddy!

  • Bluejohn

    Make your own destiny!!! Never Stop Believing! There is a city of Hope. Your are the light of the world, with The Light connecting us all. Keep Praying Arnel God hears us. Pray for this country and this president. Thank you for “The City of Hope!”

  • Linda

    Arnel coming to see you march 8th in NOLA, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE sing After all these years for my lovely husbon he loves this song a lot. Cant wait to see Journey again its been years. Thanks

  • Rosalinda Russo Tamke

    Arnel my daughter’s 40th birthday present are tickets to Journey Concert in West Palm Beach. Surprised isn’t the word when she opens her card. Jennifer McAndrew a shout out to Jenny would be awesome when we go. She is handicapped but she is a lovable person who loves Journey. See you on March 15th. Thank you. Jenny’s Mom

  • The Documentary Dude

    Hi Arnel, loved your story in “Don’t Stop Believin” really impressed with your down to earth attitude and that you remain so humble despite the rapid rise to fame. I reviewed the movie here http://wp.me/p4Xfqn-34 and would love to interview you for my readers. If you are willing please let me know at mark@documentarydude.com

  • Alberto Soto

    I would like to offer you the service of copyright
    violation prevention for the upcoming Journey
    presentation in Puerto Rico. I tried to send a message through the Journey website but got error messages. If you are interested, please reply so I can send you a full proposal for your review. Thanks for your time and I wish you great success in Puerto Rico.

  • julie

    Arnel…greetings from a very humble nurse who heard your story a few days ago while walking in the mountains of Utah. Currently residing in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, after living overseas twenty years working with the Paraguayans, we would like to invite you to some great Cajun food after the NOLA concert in March. Please contact if interested. Would love to entertain everyone, and there is plenty of room in our country home. Julie

    • Bonnie

      Julie I am from Baton Rouge as well! Living in Dallas currently. I too am a humble nurse and loved the invite to Arnel.

      • julie

        Hope he shows up!!!

        • Bonnie

          Wouldn’t that be exciting! I’m trying to get tickets to the concert now

        • julie

          Definitely stupendous!

        • Bonnie

          Oh I agree! I went to the concert in St Louis in July and it was one of the most most memorable, fun and exciting things I’ve done! Arnel is amazing and the band terrific a perfect fit and on and on and on!

        • Becky

          Bonnie, will you come down for the show in Austin? I’d love to meet you! Lots of Journey fans here, but I don’t know any plokkers coming so far. Keeping my fingers crossed for some great weather to kick off the tour… It won’t be long now!!

          BTW, thanks for your kind words in the sb, that meant more to me than you know. You have a good heart and a generous spirit.

        • Bonnie

          Oh Becky thanks so much for the invite it means more than you know! I can’t make that date tho. However, I would sooo love to meet you and maybe we can make that happen at another time. I love what you write your comments always have so much wit, wisdom and insight!

  • Donna

    Happy new year and a big thank-you to all the mods for volunteering so much of their time to keep us informed and connected, and continuing to make improvements to this site – it’s looking great! (and a special thanks to Fabb for her endless patience in offering tech support!)

  • Minda Tan

    On my 4 1/2 hour stopover flight from Manila to Tokyo, there this newly Mom who has a non-stop crying colic baby. A lot of passengers tried to help, one by applying manzanilla on the baby’s tummy. On my ipod I was listening to Journey songs. I approached the MOM and I suggested to place my earphone to the baby’s ear. At that time it was playing Stay Awhile. As I said before, AP’s voice is very therapeutic. The baby stop crying on the last hour of our trip and she fell asleep. Unfortunately, the parents and I had to go separate ways. Them to Alberta and me to Toronto. I feel bad for the baby and to the Mom who was on the verge of crying too.

    • Cynthia Nolen

      Yes, Arnel’s voice is just amazing. I am not surprised it calmed the baby. Hope the trip for her and the baby continued to be soothing with the memory of Arnel’s beautiful voice.

    • Awwww, Minda, God bless you! I can relate as I flew with my twins alone when they were babies. I always feel for parents with little one’s because it can be traumatic for the baby. When I see a parent at their wits end, I always offer to take the child for a while to entertain them and give mom and dad a break. My daughters thought I was crazy the first time they witnessed me doing this until they saw how helpful and appreciated it was. It truly does take a village to raise our children and it would be nice if more adults exhibited patience and compassion. You probably gave them a welcome reprieve that they will never forget your kindness.

    • Donna

      That’s such a sweet story, Minda! How kind of you to reach out to help that family. It’s not surprising that AP’s voice singing that beautiful song had such a therapeutic effect!

  • Becky

    Knellsky!! You’re here!! How nice to have you stop by!

    I’ve had about all the negativity I can take lately… So let me do my bit to say something POSITIVE: In just 55 days — count ’em, 55 DAYS!! — Journey will kick off their 2015 tour in my city, Austin, TX! I can’t afford VIP tickets, and I don’t have much hope of ever meeting you like so many other lucky folks have…but, “Anything is Possible,” huh? I just feel blessed I get to be there at all, and I know it’s gonna be an amazing show. It’s great just being in the crowd — I’ve only ever been to two Journey concerts, both last summer — and you guys have some of the best fans ever!! Super nice people…

    Please keep in mind it can still be plenty cold in the US in March, so don’t forget to pack the LEATHER PANTS.


    Hope everything is going well with the album, can’t wait to see you my friend. Keep smiling!!!

    • Wish I had the opportunity to join you as well Becky. Have snuff fun for the both of us lucky lady!

  • Minda Tan

    I have been away for a month and was shocked to read too much negativity here. There is an old adage that says “If you don’t have anything nice to say then don’t say it”. Once you write something awful and hurtful, you cannot take it back.

    • I must have missed something. Can you or someone bring me up to speed on what negativity has been going on. Shortly of course…. don’t like to open old wounds 😉

  • Negativity is a PLAGUE that we ought to cure ratherthan help SPREAD..

    • Love and laughter is all we need.

      • twinrockers

        Should I change my name to ‘celadon since 2009 and wish it was earlier.’ that’s too long eh. The holidays are over. But wait… there’s still Valentine’s Day and then the Chinese New Year! Gong Hei Fat Xi. Hope I am not mixing Mandarin with another chinese dialect. As Snoop Dog once said in a movie…”I’m all about the looove.”

      • Ladybug67

        You’re quite a joke! Dishonest and nothing but a bully through the screen. You really should take some “Grown Up” classes and learn how to treat everyone with kindness. Instead of talking about people and keeping drama stirred. YOU are the reason people leave his fan base. But that’s exactly what you want….SMH pittyful!

    • Cynthia Nolen

      Very true Knell! We just need love, laughter, and your voice.

    • Absolutely Knell! empathy is the cure if someone is looking to change a negative mindset. BIG PLOKKER GROUP HUG!!

    • Donna

      So true – thank you for always leading by example!

  • Ladybug67

    Take Care , Be Safe everyone…I’m out…Peace to ALL!

  • Ladybug67

    If that post was truly true..what a beautiful letter. But you are not that person anymore. You lost your sincereness,forgiveness,, unconditional way to ALL of your fans….even the ones who was there supporting you in the beginning and the new fans that have came in but get pushed out.

  • Jarhead

    Maybe Arnel can tell me who this lead singer was….it was taken back in 1990 or 91 before the mountain blew in Olongapo. I use to hang out with this cover band there, and when I wasn’t enjoying live music, I was hanging out at 100% Rock. Good times, and a lot of laughs; memories I’ll never forget. Now at 48, I am a working stiff like all the rest. Great job Arnel in adjusting to your new gig. Are you going to move to the states now? I almost took a girl back with me, but I was too afraid she might become “Americanized” and not be the same girl I came to know.

  • Ladybug67

    I have wrote this comment 3times now and it keeps disappearing. Im not going to waste my time writing it all over again I must get some sleep; I will tell you briefly how much I adore your talent. I love you with my heart I could watch a show every night. You are that amazing. My question is why do you have 2 obnoxious people running your social sites? I know there are more but you can surely guess we’ve bought

    • fabbest

      Hi Ladybug67, are you posting on your phone? I’m not sure why it’s cutting off. You can email your message to me at info@arnelpinedarocks.com and I will post on your behalf. What obnoxious behavior did you observe by me and the other moderators? Thanks, Yvonne

      • Ladybug67

        Hello Fab… Thank you for replying to my post. I definitely appreciate it. No not on a phone but I will email you on your link you posted. If you can will you please delete those messages that make it all messed up on his feed. I would appreciate it. I don’t come to this site often. I just wanted to express how much he touches me when I am at his shows. When I get VIP tickets through presale. I find it very offensive that a very caring and passionate person would ever block a fan. Even through our VIP tickets we get NOTHING but a seat and a vip necklace. When the concert is over, we get pushed of the venue,. We get NO m & g’s or nothing yet the “Friends” get full access backstage and pictures taken with the band. Even the friends they bring get pictures made with him and the band. Its got to the disappointed stage when they run and post them on their twitter account but we get the boot. I’m guessing the “friends” don’t even purchase a ticket. Yet we pay full VIP price and get sent on our way. Its getting very disappointing as many shows as we’ve attended. If he chooses to pick his small circle and will not take time to mingle with his regular fans and show his appreciation with us, he may want to remember fans are what keep him on that stage performing, You run your fans off, the shows will slow down. Because no fan wants tout as much as traveling out of state, with our VIP passes and get completely snubbed. I am pretty talks to. So if he feels he needs to block his fans on his official site, so be it. They will walk away, He’s allowing one specific person to run them off for him. That’s kind of surprising knowing that this takes place. Why even put his twitter name up, if its for his circle only? If you don’t mind, please delete all my post. And I wont comment anymore. Ive talked to you as well on twitter and you have ignored me every time I ask a question or send you a tweet. This is not the way a person treats his fans. He is too awesome to be sending his fans away by his persona off stage. But that’s his choice and he can deal with that, I was asking every person that runs his sites for help finding 2014 tour shirts for a Christmas gift NOT one person responded but a fili[ino fan. She talked with me, but got no results. If I am disliked by him and all of the twitter group, my attendance will no longer be present. He can block me and I can move on and not look back. But he sure fooled a lot of fans who thought he was so caring and humble, etc…. He doesn’t think about any of hi his fans when he leaves the stage. Just his twitter circle. So keep me blocked if that’s his desire. I will move one and not worry about attending another concert. He has hurt my feelings and ripped my heart out by the treatment we have received. I never in a million years would let this go to his head. Such a sad situation. He’s not the Arnel he portrays in his movie. He has one trying to dress him in high fashion clothes,boots , etc..That’s not Arnel at all. Look at him when he first started out. That’s the REAL Arnel. Not what he is trying to be today. Gosh I love his voice and performance. He now feels like he doesn’t have to show any appreciation his fans anymore. He needs to remember that’s what keeps him on that stage. But if he wants to lose fans, he’s doing a good job. I love the whole band. Its sad I have to give it up over the twitter influence. I wish him nothing but success and good luck in his life and that someday, he will realize how much he meant to the ones who walked away, Again I would appreciate, if you deleted my post. Thank you and may God bless you all.

        • Ladybug67

          Sorry for the typos, I’m using a touchscreen and my fingers hit different letters when I am trying to touch the other.

        • Ladybug67

          Did I just read Arnels,,post again and read that he loved everyone??? Maybe he needs to rewrite his post.

        • While I am glad you felt confident to share your true feelings, Ladybug, I feel bad that this is how you feel and you are not the first person I have heard some of the same by. I cannot speak for Arnel as I only know him through concerts and maybe a SB conversation here and there. I will agree that, at times, it does seem there is favoritism but I think we need to remember Mr. Pineda is pulled in so many different directions that he couldn’t possibly please everyone. I don’t think it is something you should take personally as I’m sure Arnel does not purposely set out to hurt anyone’s feelings. Isn’t that one of the many reasons he has such loyal fans? It is who he is as a person that keeps us connected. I have requested more times than I could count for him to follow me on twitter as well as contact me in regards to is foundation because I wanted to offer to help the kids…. no reply. I just chalk it up to his busy schedule and balancing his family life with that. Sometimes we just have to accept what is, hold onto the positive and let go the negative. We are all God’s children and most of us try to do our best in life. I hope you feel better having had the opportunity to have a voice but also that you are able to let go and move forward with the many great things in your life.
          Wishing you meant blessings in this new year,

        • Ladybug67

          Hello Mary..Seeing you replied to my post ,I feel it’s right to reply to yours. Yes,first let me say I do know he is pulled in many directions. This whole ordeal began when I was blocked from his twitter over a year ago because 2 of his “mods” had access to his twitter and had a field at blocking people they didn’t care for. When it was brought up it was a “lie”. To lay it out Coley is the main trouble maker in this whole circle. She sent me a tweet telling me to get over A I was just another fan he had no time for. Then to find out I wasn’t the only one she had done that to. She had all of the twitter plokkers block me, and sent 3 people come to me at once jumping me,calling me names and harassing me. She tried to lie about that but her name as well as Fabs name was attached to all the hateful things that were said to me. I even had one that felt so bad about doing it,she came to me apologizing and told me yes it was Coley that had them do that to me. That’s some emotional abuse there.
          I’ve been on twitter,I’ve seen vulgar conversations between AP and a couple of the twitter circle. It blew my mind seeing that was his official twitter page and she claims she’s 1/4th of team AP giving people news on him. While talking people down on her own page as well. Yet that was a “lie” as well. I’m sorry to be the bearer of bad news but you wouldn’t believe the thanks I got for speaking up and bringing it to someone’s attention since I was getting no where with him or any one. People don’t want to say anything for fear they would be rejected by him as well. So I was glad to be a voice since I was a nobody to him.
          I had to go to this last concert because there was no refunds given out. I walked in with a pit in my stomach knowing he could care less if I was there. But I went. That makes 2 since this started. If I wasn’t a dedicated fan of his voice and performance would I have went knowing how he felt and that I was not good enough to be on his twitter? I am a fan of the whole band back from the 80s but I never had a chance to get to know any plokkers because Coley took care of that real fast. That’s why none of you had the chance to know me and that I am truly a caring person. However Coley had everyone block me and was dm people I could tell from the rude comments coming from this twitter circle. So I never got to meet any personally,but talk to several online. Again I blocked Coley and no one else because I have nothing to hide. I wasn’t trashing people. She is the one that keeps the negativity going but she hurries and covers it up so she’s not caught writing such stuff. I have no plans of attending anymore shows. I even sent my Christmas money to AP when the storm hit. But was once never thanked or appreciated for it. That hurt too. Like his compassion has flown off in the wind.
          Now we have Miss Melissa thinking her fake company has taken over AP. Sh blocks me automatically. I’ve seen some uncalled pictures that wasn’t appropriate in the least bit. I’ve never talked to her and never intend to. It’s strange how all these “gifts” and clothes and all is going on and that she’s snuggling up to Yul trying to work her way higher up the ranks. Coley should have never ran into her while they all were partying down in FL. In 2013 and I don’t even want to think I know what happened but Coley got knocked down a notch. So now days his focus is on her instead of taking time for his fans. Because all the tickets we’ve bought we only got a push through pic in 2011. Since then I’ve been pretty much cut off from him. So why does he write these compassionate letters if it’s even him if he don’t have time for m & gs except with Melissa,Coley,Art and a few more yet we don’t even get to see him until he’s on stage,then he’s gone but his handler traveled with them for most of the tour. I gave up awhile back. I seen he changed and it defiantly was not “for the better.”
          So I will wrap this up and if I have upset anybody, so sorry for that. Maybe you will get a taste of what I had to deal with to see him in concert. And to make some of you who are not on twitter,you don’t even have a clue. I will rethink my decision once the old AP comes back and treats his people equal. All of his friends their friends and families go backstage,get pictures. We’ve got nothing with vip passes but a sear to call our own for the night. If you wish to carry this conversation further,I would be glad to talk to you. With this hopefully people can decipher what’s going on. Oh yes one last thing the “mods” get their friends front row seats & m& gs. If you’re going to share equally and quit going on people’s Facebook post and claim your prayers are with someone then go back to twitter and degrade people. Never forget what kind of place you was in at on point in your life. God Bless you all. Some more than others. Just let me know if you have any further questions Mary… Thanks

        • Lisa Rachels

          Hi, my dear friend Mary! Since I am on the ‘hate list’ also, I thought I would make a comment. I will be short & sweet. MANY fans have been treated very badly. They all name the same names that are doing it. Arnel is the boss & has been informed of it and he continues to let them work for him and be at the top of the power chain. You cannot be an entertainer and treat fans like that or allow anyone that works for you to treat anyone like that in your name! Get rid of them & get some decent ones like Emma, Fabb, or Gigi. By keeping them on (as he is the boss) he is condoning their behavior. I have too much pride and think too much of myself to be treated badly by such people as these. Their actions show what kind of people they are.

  • Ladybug67

    I’m just stooping in as I never post on here. I want you to know how special you are as a talented and excellent performer you are, You’ve brought back SO many memories from the 80’s and brought a whole new generation of fans that was t even born yet to rock out at a Journey concert.I

  • Ladybug67

    You erased my letter…

  • Hey Magick Lady, thank you for sharing your love for Arnel and the Journey Guys!! I may do the Austin Gig if I can arrange to deliver a few of my German Shepherds while I’m down there, that will help pay for the trip. Otherwise, I will head to South Carolina as my son lives in North Carolina and he’s a drummer and I would love to take him to this concert in March!!! I will probably be weak in the knees to see them in person with this incredible comeback!!! God Bless You & Yours in 2015 with all of His Blessings……………

    • Magick_Lady

      I live in Montana, Peggy. I missed them when they played in Greatfalls, MT. I saw that they were there when I was Journey’s site. I wish I would have known back then, what I know now about the New Journey and what a gifted and wonderful person AP is.I just saw his story on PBS, too.

  • Is Michigan on your schedule for 2015?? I will have to drive to South Carolina if that’s the closest gig and so far from your postings, there’s no Michigan in your tour schedule. HELP!!! Gotta see you rock on stage!

  • Oh my gosh, I just watched Arnel’s Story on PBS in the middle of the night, here in Michigan!! Have I been living under a rock?? I am in awe and amazed at this young man’s journey in life with “JOURNEY” and how great is our God for putting these guys together???? I love your dedication to family Arnel and your good heart (God Heart) will always keep you grounded to “keep it real” because your sweet family is the real deal and they love Arnel, the voice is just icing on the cake!!! Congrats for following your dreams, you are incredible and you rock!!!

    • Magick_Lady

      Peggy, Look on Journeys website and I think AP has it on his page, too. They don’t have Michigan listed. I’m thinkiing of flying to Austin, Texas in March, if I can afford it and get tickets.I think I was living under a rock, for a long time, too. I always liked Journey, But, they were kind of off my radar for years. Now that Arnel is front man. I love Journey. WOW. Is all I can say. Arnel has been with Journey for years now and they are packing any venue they play. Again. It’s like the old days.

  • Lalahon

    Dream as if you’ll live forever. Live as if you’ll die today. ~James Dean

    Hoping 2015 brings nothing but joy to the Pineda family, including his dedicated plokkers.
    Wishing everyone a happy, healthy new year ahead. God Bless.

    • Bonnie

      Wishing you a year of health and joy for you and yours!

  • Laura

    Just watched the PBS doc of your journey. Such a great story. What a wonderful gift God has given you. So happy to see that you are thankful. Such a beautiful soul.

  • linda seib

    Enjoy your life and family thank you for making us Happy with your song!!! Lin Seib

  • Magick_Lady

    Wishing you and your family the very best in 2015. I saw the Journey rockumentary. Your story was so amazing and touching. I think that “Eclipse” is one of the best recordings that Journey has done in years, It’s so wonderful that they found you, Arnel. All I can say is “Wow”. You are truely incredible. What a voice you have. I’m an old time Journey fan and it’s awesome to know that Journey is doing new things with you as front man. You are awesome. Keep on rocking and never quit. Ignore the nay sayers who make negative comments. They don’t know what they’re talikng about. I’m a new plokker.

  • Cynthia Nolen

    Wishing you and your family the best in 2015. Happy New Year!

  • Commie_obamastinks

    Best wishes to you and your lovely family for a happy, healthy, and prosperous New Year. I just re-watched the entire documentary again to start my new year with joy (that is one of my all-time favorite DVD’s) . . . you are a beautiful person, and deserve every good thing that has come to you. I am so glad that God blessed you with all of this good fortune. I am also glad he shared you with us – it has been a gift to millions. I have always been a huge fan of Journey (from Day 1), but love them even more after seeing how much the veteran members have treated you with so much love, respect, and nurturing. Not only do you deserve all the good the world has to offer, they do as well. What incredibly nice (as well as talented) people you all are! I look forward to enjoying more of this fabulous music in this new year. God bless you all.

  • Keith C. Rundles

    Happy New Year, Brother ! Bless you and your family, both immediate and extended. My best wishes for all in 2015. Plokkers too.

  • pinay in caracas

    Arnel and family, I wish you all a happy new year. Thanks for working so hard and being an inspiration to everyone. Be happy and enjoy life’s simple beauty. God bless you.

  • Mary Beth

    Thank you! Watching Independent Lens, I was fascinated by your story. I was so fascinated by your story, I didn’t want to move – I didn’t even get up for water! You are focused on what is truly important in life, and I enjoyed the peek at backstage moments and at your family life. You are a breath of fresh air in a world which sorely needs it! Seems you see negativity everywhere you look… Thank you for your contribution to Journey and to the world, and for allowing us to see your own Journey to fame. – MB in Houston

    • RhondainKentucky

      Mary Beth, I was shocked to find this documentary DVD at Walmart (a place I rarely go) . . . it was an absolute gift for New Year’s, as like you . . . I found this story to be an inspiration .. . . God truly does work in mysterious ways. I hope you can find a copy, too . . . it is one of my most treasured possessions & it has extra footage that wasn’t on the PBS program. Happy New Year to you, as well as to Arnel, his family, ,and the wonderful band, Journey!

      • Mary Beth

        Happy New Year to you, too! Thank you for the comment.

  • Helen Blakemore-Ingram

    Arnel…I too enjoyed the documentary on our local Nebraska NET public television station. Such an amazing journey for all of you! I grew up in the 70s and have always listened to classic rock…..back in the day we would hitch hike to Lincoln and catch amazing concerts for a mere $5.50 per ticket. Love the old Journey….and now I am simply amazed at your vocal addition as their latest lead singer/songwriter. Was hoping you would get closer to us in the 2015 tour dates. Omaha, Kansas City?? Congratulations to you all. For family, faith, perseverance, stamina and love of the business. Happy New Year 2015! I wish you good health and happiness.
    Peace– Helen Ingram

  • Just Simply Amazing!!

  • Kimbo

    Arnel, I just watched the documentary and can’t decide if I’m more amazed by your voice, your spirit or your endurance. I’m so glad you were wise enough to ignore the haters! You have made me remember why I was a fan of Journey but I’m an even bigger fan of the way you live your life with awareness and positivity. I wish you much health and happiness with your wonderful family.

    • RhondainKentucky

      I feel the same way, and I was SHOCKED when Arnel said that there were initially haters. Who in the world could help but love Arnel? He not only has talent, but such a beautiful soul. I cried when I watched the part about his childhood . . . nobody should have to weather a storm like that at such a tender age. But, it sure showed me what he is made of! I love that God has given him not only this fame & fortune, but such a lovely family. I think Cherry is a lovely person and a great match for him.

  • M.A.D. Making A Difference


    • RhondainKentucky

      What in the world are you talking about? I thought they have been very supportive – they had to give him the instruction he needed to roll with such an established and iconic band. Throughout the course of the film, I thought they showed great support and respect for him. It seems to me that there is a great deal of mutual affection among Arnel and all of these band members. And “stupid”??? There is no way that these veteran rockers are stupid – they would have never gotten where they are and maintained their much revered status for decades if they were. Don’t forget that it was members of this original band that diligently sought out and recruited Arnel. I can’t help but think Arnel would not want anyone speaking ill of the band he loves so much and the members he shares so much of his life with. I know you are just trying to show your support to Arnel (we ALL love him!), but come on . . . let’s not bash those who were instrumental in making this magic happen. Then, too, there is the amazingly difficult lifestyle that they endure for all of us. Trust me, I haven’t done it, but I am positive that being on the road so much of the year is a difficulty that you would have to experience to appreciate. God Bless each and every one of them!

  • lynn buck

    hello Arnel Beautiful Voice! Hope Your Wife and Kids are well! i see you have a kind heart and sing with passion. was wondering If You have ask the Lord Jesus to Save You do you Believe in the Bible record? and do You plan on singing Before Our God and Precious Savior One Day with Your God giving Talent? lynn

  • Kellynne

    Just watching the rockumentary and wanted to drop a line to say the people who have nothing good to say are just unhappy people who complain about everything and don’t deserve your time and attention. You have an amazing voice!

  • Becky

    PBS will be rebroadcasting Ramona Diaz’ amazing rockumentary about how Arnel came to join Journey on Monday night, Dec. 29. DON’T MISS IT!!

  • Thank you so very much for taking some of your time to let us know what is in your heart and on your mind, Arnel. I believe I can speak for every one of your plokker femily members when I say that we have all been blessed by you being brought into this world to share your very special spirit. Cherry is also such a blessing as she is willing to share her ‘true love’ with all those who care about you and your family.

    If we can all envision holding hands in unity and stretch across the world, we CAN make a difference….each and every one has a special gift to share. Every prayer and every deed, no matter how small you may feel it is, makes a world of difference to those who are in need. You know this from experience, AP and so do I and so many more of your endearing friends and family.

    May the spirits of all help lift the spirits of others so that the ‘downs’ don’t feel so down. We CAN be the change we want to see in the world. I personally thank you for simply being you, my friend.

    I wish peace, love and light to you, your family and all my fellow plokkers!

  • good day my friends,my femilies,my dearest plokkers and guardian angels
    another year is about to depart in a few days,but it won’t go without reminding us how good it has been to us,but admittedly not too good to a lot of people around the world too
    we feel for those people and we will continue feeling sympathetic for them and if we could afford,we help,in our own little way..
    let us not stop having this common bondage to always hold hands,whether its LIFE’s UPS or DOWNS..
    and as CHRISTMAS is fast approaching,lets all be thankful to GOD for giving us the power to turn FRIENDSHIP such a better deal,UNCONDITIONAL,FORGIVING,PATIENT and most of all,ENDURING..
    may we all continue doing so,especially what feels and deemed RIGHT and just..
    HAPPY XMAS EVERYONE and huge,huge outpouring of LOVE and RESPECT from Me and my Family..i love you all!!!

    • Donna

      A very merry Christmas to you and your family, Knellsky! Love you too! Thank you so much for thinking of us and dropping by!

    • Cynthia Nolen

      Hi Knell,

      Thank you so much for your post. Yes we are all femily and it is good to be here for each other through the ups and downs. Life is good and I wish joy and happiness to all. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all the plokker femily and to you Knell and your family. God bless.

    • twinrockers

      a blessed christmas and prosperous 2015 to you as well as the rest of our plokker family. thank you for continuing to be an inspiration to all.

    • Beautiful and powerful words. Another year down and another year coming that we can continue to spread the love. I hope you and your family have a wonderful Christmas and enjoy your time together. Merry Christmas plokker femily!!!!!

    • Bonnie

      Happy Happy ChristmascArnel to you and your beloved family! Thank you for being such a gift to all of us. You have been tapped by God I believe to share your extraordinary gifts and talent. So thank you again for being who you are, a remarkable young man and a STAR!

    • Michelle Kelly-Flanagan

      Wishing you, Cherry, Cherub, and Thea a blessed Christmas Arnel. I hope to see you in Cleveland on the next tour ( fingers are crossed). You are a blessing to your fans, but even more of a blessing as a genuine, compassionate man with a heart that gives back to others – God bless

    • Lori Voss Green

      Wishing you and your family a very Merry, Happy, and Safe Christmas and New Year. I am an admittedly late to the party fan. For many years, I have only listened to Korean music, so I have been so out of touch with American/English language music. One random click, and I found you. There are no words for the complete admiration I have for you and your talent. I am so sorry it has taken me this long to become a fan, but I am here now and will remain here! 🙂 ♥

    • HowieReportingLive

      Arnel, Good morning, hope you & your family had an Amazing Christmas Holiday!

      My name is Howie Handsel & I’ve been a Journey fan since I was a child. I’ve been following your story Arnel since you became the new lead singer of Journey 7 years ago. The Journey Documentary Rocked! It was such a great story! I have a pretty good sized Youtube Channel with 31,000+ Subscribers & almost 15 million Video Views.

      My Youtube Channel is called HowieReportingLive:


      I’ve been on Youtube since 2006 & I’m also a former Television News Reporter that worked in the Macon, Georgia market for almost 3 years.

      You’ve messaged me back on twitter from time to time. My twitter name is @JustPlainHowie. You’re such a nice guy & a very amazing man! I also think Neal & The other members of the band are also really great! This will be my first Journey Concert. It would be the greatest thing if you could provide me a few backstage passes to the show. This would be a dream come true!

      Can you make this happen? & I of course would be sharing the experience by making a video on my main Youtube Channel! It will be such an awesome & amazing experience!
      Thank You so much Arnel,

      Howie Handsel
      West Palm Beach, FL

  • Bonnie

    Fab, I want to get tickets to the New Orleans show! Will they have premium or VIP seats?

    • fabbest

      No word on VIP tickets yet. I’ll post in the New Orleans and other shows’ threads if I hear anything.

      • Bonnie

        Thank you so much!

  • Hi Arnel! I first saw you when you played the Bang Your Head festival in Balingen, Germany, in 2009. I was the singer of Ross The Boss (former Manowar guitarist), we played earlier this day. What a way to celebrate a good show of mine with that killer performance you delivered there! I love your voice, the feeling you put into your singing! I can feel that you cherish what you are doing – and you are taking on so much responsibility. I wish that Journey record more albums with you, Revelation was a masterpiece and Eclipse has two of my all-time Journey faves: Chain Of Love and Resonate. Come back to Germany! All the very best, cheers, Patrick

  • Mel Ortega

    Hi Arnel. I work at a community college and it would be wonderful if Journey could come to performed here in Merced California. I’m happy that you are out there representing the filipino culture!
    Thanks again. 🙂

  • Carrie Nelson

    Arnel I saw you in St. Paul this year and 2 years ago. Please come back to Minnesota!

  • Tanya Jenkins

    Hi Arnel. I just watched your documentary a few weeks ago on Netflix. My husband and I bought the DVD afterwards. We can’t wait to see you in Texas next year! You are an inspiration to a lot of people. We all discovered you through Journey but will still follow you if life happens and you find yourself venturing out with your own music.

  • Heavenly Dementia

    I took my Daughter to see Journey for her first concert and it was Awesome! We both love you and are SO happy that someone as talented as you joined Journey and allowed us to make such an amazing memory! 🙂

  • Tamara

    Hi hope everyone is having a great day!

  • Tamara

    Hi Arnel, hope you are well, would love to see you again next year, you have an amazing voice and spirit!

  • Jan Brooks

    ARNEL I just saw the documentary about how Journey found you. I think you are so the right lead singer for Journey and your voice is just magical!!! Your spirit and mannerisms are quite good to look at, and your wife is so lucky, but also so lovingly on to that like you said family is always worth more then any thing. I hope you get this ARNEL it would be great to hear from you, I truly am sold on you and the new Journey. Love and God’s speed!!!!!

  • hope

    I am a huge fan of him

  • hope

    hi this is Hope Schreiber is Arnel Pineda there

  • hope

    HI is Arne; Pineda there this is Hope Schreiber

  • concerned parishioner


    we know you have helped more than enough for the people of eastern visayas hit by typhoon haiyan.

    hope you will consider helping little more

    pls help out in rebuilding the Sto. NIño Parish of Tacloban City,

    the rebuilding is on going but it needs more for its completion.

    i am just a concerned parishioner who firmly believes of your good willed heart.

    if ever you consider arnel, the parish office landline number is 053-321-2602

    the Parish Priests are: Rev. Msgr. Alex Opiniano and Rev. Fr. Isagani Petilos.

    God bless you, your family, your friends, your journey and all your plans
    may God protect you always and may you have the best of health always.

  • Becky

    Today marks the 1-year anniversary of Typhoon Haiyan (also known as Yolanda) slamming the east coast of the Philippines, with a confirmed death toll of 6,340, and over 1,000 people still missing. Entire villages were wiped out by the Super Typhoon, leaving heartache and devastation in its wake. The rebuilding will go on for many more years to come. If you can, please consider making a donation to your charity of choice to aid in the ongoing efforts to rebuild in the Philippines.

    And while you’re digging into your pockets, or whipping out that checkbook, you can listen to Arnel’s catchy tune for Cha-Ching Videos (and download it) to inspire you!! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c7CPWtz7zqI

    BTW, if you didn’t know, the Arnel Pineda Foundation has a great updated website, with a super-easy way to donate using PayPal–couldn’t be easier!! Check it out, and see what Arnel and his team are doing to make the world a better place.
    https://www.facebook.com/ArnelPinedaFoundationInc (Facebook)
    https://twitter.com/APFInc (Twitter)

  • Arnel, you are so humble. You deserve all the love and adoration your fans bestow upon you because you have such an amazing voice. Journey knocked it out of the ball park when they found you.

  • francis santamaria

    congratulations on this journey and mission to spirituality.

  • Stephano Christophero

    Hi Arnel! I tried to reach you privately, but this is the only way I can figure out how. Please Forgive Me!First Off, Let Me Say How Happy I Am That You Made It! I’m very happy for your big break with Journey. I had always hoped it would have been me. But, it didn’t turn out that way. Mainly, b/c I am a Viet Nam Vet & Can’t Do Full Time Gigs. So My Dream Was Shattered! I still am learning to adjust.

    Arnel, God says Seek & Ye Shall Receive. Well… You Did & YOU DID!! Proud Of You! And, I would like very much to do the same… But Only Just One Small Wish! After not singing a long while, I did a quick demo of Open Arms that I humbly ask you to listen to and then tell me if you could PM Me. As I have a Very Important Question To Ask You! Wont Take Long I Promise. I am very happy for you Arnel!
    Blessings To You With Living Your Dream My Brother! You Do A Real Nice Job! Please PM Me At… FBDotCom/PandamanEntertainer where you’ll find my demo. God Bless You!

  • gail

    I am watching Journey Live in Manila on VH1CL satellite right now!! So awesome!!!!!

  • Makes me so happy to see that so many of you have newly discovered Arnel and how many of you are still hooked. I could only imagine the happiness it brings to him to see all of you supporting him and dropping your well wishes on his wall. If you haven’t explored the other areas of this site, please do. It will give you so much insight into Arnel Pineda and you will meet other fans who share your same passion.

    • Bob


      I represent a veteran’s group that attended your concert Cincinnati Music Hall on Dec 3, 2013. There, Arnel Pineda performed War Is Over by John Lennon. The veterans really enjoyed it and one of them who is approaching the end of his life, wanted me to reach out to see if you might be able to provide a video of the performance. We would be greatly obliged if this were possible.

      Thank you,

      • I will do my best to hunt down the performance from that specific venue. Hopefully this will do until I can. Please send my sincerest gratitude to all those veterans who served. http://m.youtube.com/watch?v=hhy2ze-BbxI

        • Bob


          Thank you so much. I have found this video as well, and while it is a beautiful rendition, the video was not taken in the highest quality as I’m sure you would agree. What is important to my friend is the song with Arnel Pineda singing, not the location or date.

          Thank you,

        • twinrockers

          hi coley. here’s another but audio is not so good. i may have used my cellphone as i my card may have run out of memory. this was an encore number if i am not mistaken. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H6R6ps3UZ4c

  • Mark S Tylosky

    My idea from 2011. FreeH204Africa. I started to make flower vases and drinking glasses out of recycled whiskey bottles and heavier Ale bottles. With a good % of the profit give free bottled water to The Horn of Africa 1st an then spread out. I’ve got a great name for the business and have it as a fictions name allready. I’very got the diamond saws & grinder/polishing equipment already. My wife & I have been sick for a while. I’very bounced back but she is still straggling with multiple medical problems.

  • Tonya

    Nashville, TN 9/12/14, This was the worst concert I have even been to. The concert
    started off ok but went downhill fast. The lead singer says Hello Houston in
    Nashville. It was boring and caught myself dozing in it several times. The lead
    singer took way too many breaks (after every 2 songs) during breaks had solo’s it was more a Neal Schon concert not a Journey concert. He done a star spangled banner solo due to it being 9/12 and this is one song you just don’t mess with and for him to make it a hard rock song was just too much. The lead singer sounds a lot like Steve Perry I give him that. Then the last song Wheel in The Sky the best song Journey is known for they botched up so bad made a beautiful slow song turn into a head banging hard rock song. The one song the drummer song was great and he done a much better job and should be on the front line. My overall rating this was the worst concert I have ever been too and 3 hours of my life I will never get back. Save your money don’t go. Leaving I heard so many people talking about how boring the show was and the drummer sounded the best.

    • Lauren Perley

      Tonya – Imagine Arnel’s position: jumping around the stage, singing his heart out, for two hours a night, 6 days a week for 5 months with barely any breaks and all his spare time spent travelling on a bus. How would you fair? Next time, see a band at the beginning of their tour, not the last night.

      Secondly, we all agree Deen is an awesome singer, and if you knew anything about Journey, you would know he did sing lead for a while, at the same time as playing the drums. Can you play drums the way he does and sing at the same time for two hours a night, 6 days a week for 5 months? Besides that, Deen has always said although he is honored to sing a couple of songs, he does not consider himself a lead singer but an awesome, rock-out drummer.

      Tonya – please appreciate that you were able to go at all…some of us were not.

      Rock on, Journey! I love you!


      • Bonnie

        What a great way to respond to a negative opinion! You did a beautiful job thanks so much.

  • Bonnie

    JW thank you for such a thought provoking post! Sometimes I think fans so badly want to know Arnel Pineda and so we think we actually do and of course that is an illusion. He is, I think a very intriguing man and people are drawn to his seeming humanity and ability to transcend hardship and pain and still be a positive force. In the end probably only the people who are closest to him really know him. It must be stressful to keep up with constant fan demand . I would imagine that those really close to him are very lucky indeed! He is a gracious man and does a great job with contact with fans I would imagine sometimes it must be overwhelming. It must be such a relief to be just Arnel the man and not always the Rock Star. In any case, thank you again for your post. I know I have gone on and on and on and on!

  • JW

    Of course there is nothing to say about your vocal talent that people have not said before (phenomenal)-but the most impressive to me is your “humanness” in making the world a better place. I am also very very curious on your ability to transform adversity to the extent you were able. How you kept up with the passion of your art and maintain a healthy mentality when times were most difficult. Without fans, there would be no touring-how in the world do you maintain sanity when fans also fall for the “illusion,” of thinking they know who you are and through their excitement “want a piece of this or that” from you? Fans know the stage persona -so how does one manage this mask? Is it lonely when people care more about the mask than respecting the “human” person?

  • Linda

    Thanks to everyone for sharing photos and videos of Arnel and the band this season.

  • Reg Arcilla

    arnel we are excited to see you!

  • tracy smith

    Just look for the girl with the awesome Tshirt

  • tracy smith

    Arnell I can’t wait to see you in nashville. I came all the way from California!!!

  • Susanne Copas Catanzaro Nave

    Just saw your show in Columbus. I absolutely LOVE you!!!!! Your voice is amazing. I also wanted to say that I love your story! Can’t wait to hear you perform again

  • Lisa

    Just saw your show in Columbus Ohio! Awesome! I was very impressed! Happy belated Birthday! Mine is this Saturday!! Rock On Arnel!!

  • Yoli Luevano

    4 more dates then rest… An admirer from the onset. I have seen and read how you have made so many plokkers happy by just taking a few minutes to acknowledge and say hello during your tours… That is a rarity thank you for paying it forward.

  • ajel

    Hi Sir Arnel, belated happy birthday. Today is my birthday. Hehe, I just would like to share this video with you. Napaka-galing niya! Iba talaga ang mga pinoy. This is a friend of mine singing Faithfully. He is actually a seminarian studying there in US and gifted with lovely voice. He is a fan of yours at ang song na ito ay favorite ng tatay niya.


  • Rosalinda Russo Tamke

    Happy Birthday Arnel. You rock.

  • Linda

    Happy Birthday Arnel!!!!! and so many more to come.

  • gail

    Happy birthday Arnel! Wishing you all the best.

  • Bonnie

    Happy Birthday Arnel, you are so incredible! It is amazing how you have called forth so much love and devotion from so many. Smiles abound, clapping, singing and dancing people just Love you and want to see and know you. You bring so much to so many. It is such a privilege to see you and hear you and read your thoughts . Well enough said, just love and hugs to you on this wonderful day.

  • twinrockers

    Happy Birthday Arnel. I don’t have flowers in my backyard but I do have these photos of flowers from the Pink Sisters Chapel in Tagaytay that we visit every now and then to ask for prayers not just for family but for femily like you. 🙂 Wishing you more luck, love, good health and prosperity.

  • AP43v3r

    Happy Birthday to the most awesome frontman of all! Arnel, we love you! Enjoy your special day! May God shower you with more blessings for years and years to come!
    You blessed our lives more than you’ll ever know. You are God-sent and a true blessing to Journey. You are a warrior armed with nothing but your humility, gratefulness, appreciation and your sincere smile, coming out victorious, as you conquered the obstacles that came your way with an added a weapon so powerful and mighty it pierced our very soul-your God-given voice. Thank you for being you, Arnel, and again, Happy, Happy Birthday!

    • Bonnie

      So very true and well stated!

  • HAPPY HEALTHY BIRTHDAY ARNEL….Banana, oats, & CHOCO CHIP cookies…very yummy 4 YOU!

    • Bonnie

      I would just love to sit down with a cup of coffee, visit and eat those cookies! All in Arnel’s honor of course. Wouldn’t it be fun and amazing to actually sit down with Arnel, visit And of course eat your cookies!

      • Yes, indeed, Bonnie. Thank you BTW. While I don’t really do coffee, a good cup of tea would be nice as well. I think Arnel would enjoy the ‘down time’ as well. We can always hope, right?? 🙂

  • WAVE63

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY SEXY IDOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  • Rowena


    I know you love flowers, so here is a homemade bouquet from my garden!


  • Indaya09


  • Guest


  • danmahfood

    Arnel……Are you coming back to Salt Lake City next year?

  • David Brown

    Hi Arnel,
    Are you coming to the UK?
    Just saw your film Don’t stop believing. How amazing. You truly are an inspiration. Incredible story. What an amazing journey you have been on.

    David B

  • MissFitz88

    We saw you on August 26th in Orillia. What a fantastic evening! You and the band were fabulous. The sound was incredible. The songs are still running through my head non-stop. Loved it, loved it, LOVED IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Lifelong Journey Fans………..

  • Davey Peterson

    Hi Arnel. I’m Davey. I’m a huge fan of Journey by the way

    Is it ok if I use Journey’s band name for my rock group e.g Journey Academics and for the group’s website e.g http://www.journey-academics.com ??

  • Raul Delossantos

    arnel, tol, gusto ko lang na malaman mo at ng Journey na marami kayong fans dito sa west texas. pinanood namin kayo sa albuquerque. matanong lang kelan ba kayo papasyal sa Lubbock, tx? dito kami sa west texas mga 5 hours away from albuquerque. napanood ko dito yong Eagles. kayo na lang ang hinihintay namin.

  • pete desmond

    Arnel See you this Thursday 8//28/14 at the new York state fair

  • Rosalinda Russo Tamke

    Hi Arnel:

    This is Mom writing on behalf of my daughter who can’t. I can’t wait until next year to see you in concert again. I love all you guys. Please come to Florida next year or NJ again in June. You are all cute and I want a group hug. Jennifer is a kind and innocent person who loves her music. She wants to meet all the group. There are no tickets for the Atlantic City at Caesers so I have to wait until next year. God Bless You All. love Jennifer

  • Whipplewade1

    I can’t make it this year to a Journey concert. But I am hoping to make it next year if you come to SPAC. AS it is close to my home:)

  • Guest

    I can’t make it this year to A ourney concert. But hpoefully you come back to SPAC next year. It’s close to me. I would love to see you guys:)

  • @SilverLining

    Dear Fabbest, Administrator, through the kindness of Arnel, I viewed your APFoundation video montage. Thanks for brilliantly putting it all together to communicate the mission message across! It was informative, dramatic, powerful, inviting, effective, moving and inspiring! I loved it! So glad you’re there! Thanks again! Take care.

    • Bonnie

      I so agree! Profoundly moving and inspirational does a terric job educating about The Foundation, the need and the plight of so many. Such an acknowledgement of Arnel and his dream of making a difference and the wonderful team he works with to make that happen. Certainly you are a most important part of that effort! Bravo to all of you.

  • Rosalinda Russo Tamke

    Dear Arnel:

    I am writing this on behalf of my daughter Jennifer who is impaired and cannot do this but I would like to share with you her feelings about the band. We recently saw you in concert at PNC Art Center on June 11th. She was thrilled and so was I seeing you all in concert. She can’t stop talking about it. She tells everyone that will listen that she saw Journey. She really likes you the best. She said she is happy. She is looking forward to 2015 tour dates. She is a diehard Journey Fan. We all enjoyed the concert at PNC Art Center in Holmdel, New Jersey. If by chance you travel to Florida where we live most of the year we will be at the show. She of course wants to meet you she told me to put that in the letter which I have. She says she knows you guys are busy now on tour. I quote, “I love you guys so much”.

    Jennifer McAndrew

  • Jody Nichols

    Arnel you set a high standard for your sons to live their lives. That example of charity to others and loyality to family is a true gift to give. All fathers should learn from you.

  • Jhoy

    HI Arnel!

    I have a lot of things to say but I’ll try to be brief. I am a Filipino who loves listening to old songs and I always prefer the original singer. I was not a fan of Journey and never really tried to know anything about you. All I know is that you are good because Journey would never have taken you if you weren’t. I was watching “The Voice” on youtube when an old video of yours was recommended so I clicked it. I never thought that you are that good, I mean one of the best I’ve heard. Ive been a fan since then and its more than a year now.

    I just wanted to say that im sorry for I could have supported you from day 1 and could have protected you from insulting comments (lol). Many Filipinos still don’t know how good you are. I hope the documentary will be televised after its screening in cinemalaya. I’m very happy for you and you deserve all the happiness, blessings, good health, and fame. In your simple ways of being what you are, you already inspire so many people, that you already contributed to making the world a better place.

    P.S. Don’t feel so indebted to your fans because its a privilege to ‘fly’ with you. =D

  • niki m

    I finally figured out how to get on here, yay 🙂 I saw Journey last week in Wheatland, just outside of Sacramento. It was such a happy concert! I was right in front and it was incredble. Arnel, you are so great up there, you have been truly blessed, you deserve all good things and happiness. Enjoy your well deserved break with your family.

  • Crystal Dawn Hill

    Dear Arnel, I just discovered you and your amazing story a few months ago. Since then, I have been following you and Journey and can’t get enough of hearing your amazing voice, both with Journey and your bands you play with at home. I have watched your interview with Oprah, which deeply touched my heart, and “Don’t Stop Believing: Everyman’s Journey”. I have shared your story with my friends because I have been on a spiritual path for a long time and your story is the most evident of a TRUE MIRACLE happening in someone’s life. I have always believed in miracles very strongly, and have been very hopeful for one in my own life, but I could never be sure I would receive it. Well, I have to thank you from the bottom of my heart, because after hearing your story, I was inspired to believe more than ever that my own miracle was going to come. Within a couple of months, it DID! What’s more there is a connection to the Philippines, so I was immediately reminded of the significant role you played in inspiring me to believe. I love your voice, I love your Spirit, and I love you for being the talented, beautiful and amazing Soul that you are! Thank you from the bottom of my heart for all you do to inspire the world! God bless you, your family, and all your friends and loved ones! Namaste, Crystal Dawn Hill

  • Elaine Browne

    Just watched the video of the praposol, that was really cool! One of our best friends did the same thing a couple years ago, just not up on stage but it was when we were at your concert! I had to go again this year and my pic was taken at your concert! We had a blast, thanks!!!

  • Elaine Browne

    Hope you’re enjoying your family, they’re only young for a short time! 🙂
    Love your music, your family has to be so proud! Happiness looks great on you!

  • Eldonna Fernandez

    What a great show last night in Irvine! Thanks Arnel and all of Journey for such an amazing performance. Steve Miller and Tower of Power rocked as well. Arnel, your story, grace and humility give others hope that their dreams can come true.

  • alaskaicebaby

    Your mind is your garden. Your thoughts are your seeds.
    You can grow flowers or you can grow weeds.
    Arnel, you my friend grow flowers.

  • Jenaisle

    You’re amazing Arnel, you continue to brighten the world with your songs. God bless you.

  • Arnel, you are an instrument of His peace

    • Bonnie

      I think perhaps Arnel has taped into the collective unconscious of all who dream and yearn for a better world. A world that caring , compassion and love truly matter. That one day wishes and hopes may come true with hard work and commitment. On a more pragmatic note it doesn’t hurt that he is strikingly handsome, incredibly gifted and is filled with zest and energy!!

      • Bonnie, I think you are absolutely correct! I also believe he has been touched by the Holy Spirit with a tremendously important gift. We all know that music is the universal language but when someone has the ability to reach the souls of many with love, humility and genuine human sincerity and warmth, this makes all the differnence…and oh yeah…the ‘strikingly handsome’ part….All of the above is what MAKES him so incredibly charismatic!

        • Bonnie

          Beautifully said!

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  • @SilverLining

    My dear Arnel, You harvest what you sow. And the good you’ve planted & achieved by being yourself continues to inspire the world 7yrs on, changes it for the better, slowly but surely, & returns back to you! My heart overflows with happiness & gratefulness that you are so loved for all the many right reasons by each one who has written here, on Twitter & beyond, including myself! Yes, it’s so true the world, future generations & even ourselves are in great peril! Do not underestimate the power of prayer to change events! Having God on our side, I know we will succeed, as hard as it is, in the fight & mission to make the world a better place! All we can ever do, at most, is our best, just like you. Having you on our side to take on the great challenges gives me even more strength, consolation & a stronger will to continue on! You are a gift in many ways – the list is long, enumerated in detail by others here. All true!!! Who you are & the good you have done, all wrapped in constant humility & sincerity leaves me so AMAZED! Again, thank you sooo much for acknowledging, accepting & enjoying our great love for you! Long after the music, crowds, noise & fame have gone, you can count on me to still be there, giving you morale support, encouragement, prayers & smiles, when all you can offer is your quiet company. I always beg God in your behalf to keep you, Cherry & your family strong, healthy, united, protected, enduring, & full of love & faith in God & in each other! Thank you, thank you SO MUCH for all that you were, all that you’ve become, all that you will be, all you’ve done & will do! I am, and always will remain, incredibly proud of you. I fly with you always, my friend!!!… even though if you don’t notice me. Much love, respect & prayers to you as always! God.Bless.You!

  • nanaTo5

    I am so glad Journey found you! You have brought new life to my favorite music. I have only seen you 3 times in concert but hope to see you more. Thank you Arnel!

  • twinrockers

    I would echo what everybody here has already mentioned. All I can add is “Thank you for being you.”

  • Arnel, I am always amazed at your sense of humanity, humility, caring, strength, and courage. I thank YOU for reaching out to all those who care deeply for your happiness. We are all in this together and if only many others could see the light, open their hearts and have empathy for others, our world could produce changes beyond comprehension! PLEASE……make sure your family is safe first and foremost and make a ‘family plan’ in case anything should happen. I believe there are big changes for the world as we know it and this is just the beginning. There IS strength in numbers and we all need to connect mentally, emotionally, spiritually, and hand in hand (where possible) to safeguard against the evils in this world. I wish you and your family love and light <3



    • Minda Tan

      Ow!! You made me cry Arnel. But what you said is very true. What’s going on around us, the strifes, the negativities, the jealousies can be avoided if not for big egos, religion. We just have to continue to hope and pray.

    • That’s all we need to do, make a difference in our own small way so that our world will be a better place than the one we found. Thank you for sharing your journey with us, it inspires us to keep on doing better, to do the best we can, day after day. Soar high Arnel, it is a privilege to fly with you. ♡

    • melrosel

      Amen to that! What an inspiring message! Thanks Arnel!

    • disqus_K4r9E7m7mE

      Your actions and your words alone inspire us to be better people. One small act of kindness can make a difference but if everyone did the same it could definitely change the world. Keep doing what you are doing Arnel. You were meant to be part of Journey for a reason and forgive me if I’m over-stepping my boundaries but I truly believe your mom knew you were something special from the very start. ROCK ON WUK-STAH!

    • Lalahon

      Thank you for appreciating us Arnel, and more than that…..thank you for communicating that to us. As long as you “are”……we “are with you”. Continued love, good health, and happiness is wished for the Pineda family.

    • Michelle Kelly-Flanagan

      It is because of the man you are – over and above tour God given talent that compels us to follow you, to send you positive thoughts, and to care about you and your beautiful family. Your humility, consistent and truth, in spite of the fame you have so deservedly earned, are the things that make you who you are. There are a lot of famous and gifted people in the world, but too few truly humble ones who so lovingly give back to those who have so little.
      As your brothers in Journey so often say – you make US better people.
      I am so happy that you will soon be home with Cherry and Cherrub and Thea and can have some “femily” time. God be with you and them always.

    • Bonnie

      You and your words are so very inspiring! I have not followed any one before but you continue to amaze and bring light and thoughtfulness and delight to so many. You are I think truly realizing your purpose on this planet. May god keep you and your lovely family safe and healthy and just keep on Rocking!

    • WAVE63

      Nothing can stop us ,AP !!!!


  • Nancy Jane Webster

    I saw an article about a lonely elephant in the Phillipines named Mali.
    Please read this and check into what can be done to get her freed to a
    sactuary for elephants. The link about Mali is: https://www.thedodo.com/how-you-can-help-mali-the-only-646378675.html
    Thanks Arnel I know I can count on you to help in anyway you can. Thanks and God bless. NancyJane2nd@frontier.com

  • betsy

    hi everybody… arnel is an amazing person and i just thought that we could show him our love by FOLLOWING HIM ON TWEETER. we can invite our friends as well. let us make his followers bigger than ever. how about a million and more? don’t stop believing!!!!

    • Bonnie

      I agree the more the better! He is just so fantastic!

      • betsy

        i know.. let us share how amazing he is!

        • gail

          I only follow a handful of people. And Arnel is one of them.

    • twinrockers

      funny how I was also thinking about this on my way to work this morning. arnels’ funny, inspiring, profound thoughts are definitely worth reading. i make sure i read them before the day ends. to one million followers and beyond!

  • Dan Krasnow

    What an amazing fellow you are. I saw your documentary and it brought me tears, at age 58 yet! Your Journey to stardom is well deserved. I particularly appreciate your modesty ( and Cherry’s too). As to your singing voice, it’s a gift from God himself.

    welcome to San Francisco! We live in Pacific Heights so maybe we are neighbors. Lastly, we saw Journey at the Concord Pavillion last night. I will remember it for a long time.

  • God’s Prophet to the Philippines is
    currently seeking Gospel vocalists to record his debut album. Email:
    THE001Music@hotmail.com or SMS 0915 352 2222 for details!

  • Hi Arnel, i have been a longtime Journey fan and have to say Im quite impressed by you. You are an amazing man with an amazing story. I saw you the other night in Wheatland California and you blew me and my friends away.I read your story and it made me cry. My mother loved Journey as well and just passed away but I felt her precence at your show. I never thought someone could fill the shoes of the great Steve Perry but I was wrong. You are amazing and Thank you for an awesome show…

  • Reg Arcilla

    Hi arnel! this is regina from nashville tennessee. i would like to thank you, director jonathan and dr. mike manio from hongkong for sparing some time to talk to me over the phone to greet me last year. I didnt know that you have this page. i should have posted you a thank you message sooner. Im sure you might not remember that anymore but it was very very nice of you. And i was overwhelmed to hear from a nice person like you.
    We just bought a ticket on your upcoming concert… im not too sure how far we are seated to see you upfront but we are excited to watch you live! again thank you very much and still hoping to meet you! –
    Regina & Dr. Huong

  • danmahfood

    I just saw your concert in Utah last week. Arnel when you came out, I was an immediate Fan. God has blessed you, don’t screw it up. I have been listening and reading about you and the group. I find myself defending you to SP fans. I listened to a video of him singing on stage with some band somewhere. I also read some of the blog stuff, people were knocking you. I don’t normally write anything on blogs, but I had to ask them if we had just watched the same video!!!! SP sounded….not so good, and they were raving about him….He was good, long ago, and deserves some accolades.. but your voice is so pure and strong and clean…”WOW” I can’t stop listening. Your story is remarkable, I of course like anyone else would like to meet you sometime…I’m 57 yrs.’ old now and still love Rock and Roll music. I think I am probably your best source of advertisement….What I have seen of your attitude in today’s world is un heard of. People are so self centered and can care less about anyone but themselves. I grew up in a different time, and glad I did. I feel sad for my kids and grandkids, and you and yours. But there are a few of us left to make a difference, you especially. Me, not so much, but I will keep trying. You probably won’t even read this but my heart was in the right place….Thank you for who you are.. Dan
    P.S. Just an observation, the instruments are too loud to hear your voice, maybe backing them off and kicking your volume up a notch would have an even more awesome sound , if that’s possible.

    • You are so right about the sound levels! I saw the Concord show and the vocals need to be louder. Arnel sounded great but he is drowned out by the band. Castronovo was not drowned out his levels seemed correct? Not sure why this happens but it was a great show!

      • Louise Pardee Euclide

        I agree with the voice sound level comments. Saw you in WA in July – was so excited to see and hear you in person. Then, was sad that I could not hear your beautiful voice as well as I would have liked to. I am a true fan and believe that you have made Journey whole again. You are a joy to watch on stage, and your talent, kind heart, humanity, humility and love for others shines through and through.

        • Just out of curiosity Louise, were you up front at the show you saw and how did Deen Castronovo’s levels sound?

        • Louise Pardee Euclide

          Mallary, I was dead center fourteen rows back from the stage. Deen’s levels sounded good, but I could not hear Arnel well, which was very disappointing. Also, I could not see well. The stage there seemed lower to me than most are, and also everyone was standing.

        • That is a shame, I was pretty close to the front as well, I could see very well but I was on my feet the whole show. I hope this feedback gets back to the sound engineers and they turn up Arnel’s mic. Journey fans want to hear that voice! I saw them in Concord Ca. You are the fourth person to mention the sound and we all saw different shows.

        • Louise Pardee Euclide

          Yes, I really wanted to hear Arnel clearly. It’s not that I could not hear him at all, but the instrumentation was over-powering. I am a singer and I know the importance of blending instruments and voices. It was also hard to hear the voice harmonies, which I know Journey does so well. Regardless, I love Journey and want to see them again in September in Milwaukee. I live near there and if I go, I’m hoping I can both see and hear better this time around.

  • Lynn De Leon

    Hi Arnel, you can call me ate Lynn. I have heard a little bit about you years ago, but not the full details, until this past 2 months. I thought you’re just one of the Filipino bands/singers, until I searched the lyrics of Faithfully to prepare for my 25th wedding anniversary. My four children will perform it, my only son vocals & the 3
    sisters instruments. I really love that song, but I have no idea who sings it…google didn’t only show me the lyrics, but it took me to a Filipino lead singer of an American band??? Ay naku, I’ve been so behind, we don’t have Filipino channel. Long story short, I have read almost everything about you, I am touched & very proud of everything about you & what you have done. I also love the beauty & simplicity of your wife. Holy cow, I haven’t gone to bICU going our way.

    God bless you! The best part about you, in my opinion, is: you have reached the stars but your feet are still on the ground. Please keep it that way. Ate Lynn

  • Bonnie

    I keep trying to connect with other fans or get a response and I can’t seem to. Also I wanted to register to become a member of the forum I don’t know if there is a special registration or what. Could one of the moderators please help me?

    • Cynthia Nolen

      Hi Bonnie. You can log in with your Facebook login if you have one.

      • Bonnie

        Thank you so much! I am new to this and have never been interested in a celebrity this much except for Charlie Rose. I discovered Arnel on PBS and have been intrigued and fascinated since. His fans are delightful and seem to have such a great time sharing and I so want to be a part of that. You moderators do a wonderful job and thank you again for your reply. I did get to go to a concert in July and i was amazing, He is amazing and such a gift to all.

        • Cynthia Nolen

          Yes Arnel is very special. The moderators do a great job with this site. I am not one of the moderators but have been a great fan of Arnel’s for many years now. Let us know if we can help you here in any way. Enjoy!

        • Bonnie

          Thank you for your response! I look forward to continued participation on the web site. I am such a new fan and am incredibly enthused about him and his ongoing career. Hope to be able to meet him someday.

        • Cynthia Nolen

          You know the saying — “Don’t Stop Believin'”.

        • Minda Tan

          I second to that!!

  • Elisa

    Mabuhay Arnel…. Unfortunately I will miss the concerts in California… so sad! Raised in San Francisco so I’m a definite Cali woman. . . You are truly blessed. I surely hope there will be another Journey tour in the future. I sure will not miss out! You and the boys rock! Stay humble and be blessed always. Peace and love.

  • Whipplewade1

    Arnel~~I have listened to your videos of before Journey and with Journey. You are an incredibly talented person who earned every bit of what you have achieved. You are humble and sweet. Keep your family close and true to you as the road is a rough place to be making a living if your family stays at home. My husband used to play in a band locally and I was lucky enough to get to go with him most of the time. I hope one day to see you in concert. Take care:)

  • betsy

    hi arnel. I have always been a fan and always will be. it was the emotion in your voice that made me a convert but after i saw your documentary, mannnn…. you brought me to a higher level. you are an inspiration and we are so blessed to have someone like you in this generation. i cannot even imagine that someone as famous as you remained humble after all these years. thank you for being soooo awesome. you rock!!!!

  • Bonnie

    Just wanted to share one of my favorite moments at Concert in St Louis . While waiting for Journey to begin I moved to the very front to watch them change sets many had not returned to their seats. So while I watched fascinated a young man came to the front of the stage with a baseball cap on, dressed in jeans and a tee shirt he looked about 20 or so. I assumed he was part of the crew. Imagine my delight and and amazement when he said hello St Louis in that beautiful booming voice! I was only about 4 feet from him and stood like a wild eyed teenager until I had to return to my seat which was also very close to the stage. We danced and sang and were amazed and entranced by Arnel Pineda truly a gem. Thank you for a wonderful and memorable evening the best of my summer.

  • dorothy

    attending the concert tomorrow at Wheatland Ca. Can not wait!!!

  • Hello, I recently watched the documentary about you and how Journey found you, as a HARDCORE SP and Journey fan, for me there was no Journey after he was replaces by SA, they were off my radar until the Behind the Music episode which broke my heart and made me more resolute in my loyalty to SP. For me, his voice and Karen Carpenter’s voice have a very magical relationship with my ears, the tone is simply perfect to me. The point is, I did not want to like you. After seeing the documentary I came to love your personality and your voice. You are so sweet, humble and talented. I was particularly struck by the nice things you said about SP. I guess I never considered what it must be like for you, to have such big shoes to fill and to have to deal with fans like me who idolize him and resent any other Journey front man. So unfair and closed minded, I am sorry. Since seeing the documentary, hell has officially frozen over, I have bought all your work with Journey and even tickets to see Journey in Concord on 7/29/14. The last time I saw them was the Frontiers tour. It is as if I just discovered Journey, songs like We Will Meet Again, City of Hope, Where Did I Lose Your Love are so excellent I am blown away by how good they are! I wonder, you are able to emulate the voices of many other singers, for instance Sting (In the doc they show a clip of you singing Roxanne) do you ever feel pigeonholed having to sing like SP? Is your natural singing voice different? I have now come to realize that You, SA, and most of all NS and JC have kept Journey alive all these years and for that I just want to say Thank you very much. I Can’t wait to see you on the 29th. Don’t know if you can take requests but if you do, can you please sing We Will Meet Again. That song is a metaphor for my relationship with Journey. “We will meet again, on my heart it’s written.”

  • Elisa

    Hello and Mabuhay Arnel …. I hope this message finds you in good health, spirit and blessings. First and foremost, I would like to congratulate you on your continued success. You truly have been blessed with a gift and with all your hard work and dedication I am so happy that your dreams came alive. It definitely is your time to shine. As a San Francisco native, I have been an avid Journey fan for years. You have made it possible for the group and especially for me to revive and bring back all the familiar music we loved and rocked to back in the day. . it’s even better now!! For that I thank you! I’m so proud that the fans accepted you and came to love, respect and honor you. As a mother of a famous, well known, and respected musician son, your story has the same similarity. It was his hard work, persistence, dedication and the chance audition which made his dreams come alive. So proud of you both! It would be an honor to meet you to tell you the similar story someday. I so look forward to attending the Journey concert in Mountain View on July 26th as well as the one in Vegas, Mandalay Bay on August 1. Thank you again for all the great music, great vocals and especially for representing as I am a proud Filipina as well.
    Peace, love, blessings and always stay humble Arnel.

  • Tom

    Hey Arnel………cannot wait to hear you and the boys jam tonight. It’s been too long. I have seen you multiple times at this venue & honestly, as many times as I’ve seen concerts at this pavilion over the years……..YOU ARE THE ONLY ONE THAT HAS EVER GOTTEN IT RIGHT!!! You once said we are glad to be here in Cuyahoga Falls……..that’s right. You guys are performing tonight in Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio…….NOT CLEVELAND. We are really nowhere near Cleveland. It will
    be a personal honor to all of us tonight if you care to get in right. Either way, it’s gonna be a great night, a fantastic night to remember. Thanks for keeping these songs, & my personal Journey through life alive. Peace bro, Tom

  • Carmen

    Hoping Journey will have a concert here in Orlando, Fl!

  • Yasmin Aziz

    Just saw the concert at Blues fest in Ottawa with my 17 year old daughter. I listened to Journey in the 80s in high school and yet she knows WAY more about the band than I.
    Great Mother/Daughter moment.


    Arnel it will be 1 month i’ve been off work on sick leave finally friday the 27th of June i get to see you in Pittsburgh, this is the highlight of my summer as i’ve been a Journey fan as long as i can remember I just wanted to say thank you, in the unit i was on in the hospital we were not allowed to have our own i pods etc but what got me through was I kept Singing Over And Over in my head the words to Don’t Stop Believing and that helped me through those long lonely hours, that and i knew i was going to have to get myself together and get better so i could be at your concert on friday the 27th well it’s Monday i’m doing great and I will see you Friday in Pittsburgh Pa (Burgettstown) THANK YOU MY FRIEND FOR HELPING ME GET WELL. PEACE


    hey Arnel can’t wait to see you guys in Pittsburgh this friday June 27th Journey Greatest rock band ever wish i could meet you guys you just keep getting better especially with you as the Lead singer. PEACE.

  • Jena Bowen

    I just watched Don’t Stop Believing, and I was SO MOVED and SO HAPPY for you! Your talent is IMMENSE, but your HEART for music and your family impressed me the most!! You have a fabulous personality and I could see you being a great person to talk to and get to know. I am praying for you to continue with health and happiness!!!

  • Godspeed and many blessings to you as well, Arnel. I spent the day in the hospital but told them I HAVE TO BE ABLE TO WALK for the Journey concert in Va. Bch. on Saturday. I got the VIP tickets and everthing…..I will be there if I have to crawl! So, if you see someone crawling around and waving a hand, that’d be me 😉

  • Crystal Dawn Hill

    Hi, Arnel. I have messaged you on Facebook a couple of times, but discovered that you are active here and I just wanted to say Hi and tell you how much your story inspired me. If you would like to read my messages on Facebook I am Crystal Dawn Hill on there, or I will copy and paste them here if that is easier for you.

  • Yul….if you are ‘out there’, please, please, please contact me. I would be ever so grateful!

    • fabbest

      Hi Mary. Where have you BEEN?

  • Bouncing around just waiting for the Virginia Beach concert this weekend. Got my VIP tickets so I’ll be eating poncit for a while 🙂

  • Josh Rodriguez

    Hi Arnel,

    My name is Josh Rodriguez from Ace Saatchi and Saatchi advertising. I’m trying to get in touch with you for a possible event on August. You may email me at josh_rodriguez@acesaatchi.com.ph for further details.

    Hope to hear from you or you manager soon.


    Josh Rodriguez
    Events Coordinator
    Ace Saatchi

  • Donna Laird

    Seen you in Scotland, England and Wales last year, cant wait for our “Journey journey” again next year if you tour UK.

  • Virginia Cruz

    Was at the Journey concert last night in Holmdel, NJ PNC Bank Arts Center, Arnel, and it was unforgettable! What a wonderful time we had. Your energy is unsurpassed and I love the way you engage and interact with the audience. I wasn’t as close as to give you a high 5, but I enjoyed watching your interaction with those close to the stage. My friend, Jim, and I are from New York so we took the bus to the arena. However, when we the concert ended, we found ourselves stranded because we missed the last bus going to NY! Thankfully, my friend had some money, so we cabbed it to NYC. It was all worth it, though, because I had an unforgettable time at your concert. Attending your concert was an answer to a prayer request I made to my Heavenly Father! May God continue to bless you, your family and the other band members.

  • Minda Tan

    To Journey,
    I visited a friend of mine in a hospital. She has terminal cancer and she always listens to Tantra. Beside her is her notebook and she is always on Youtube listening to Journey songs esp Tantra. She wishes and hopes that Journey plays Tantra in one of the concerts. Told her I’ll pass on the message to Journey.

    • what is her name?one of these days i will dedicate the song to her before i sing it..

      • fabbest

        Minda is gonna be there in TO tonight!

      • Minda Tan

        Thank you for your reply Arnel. Her name is Teresa Nobles. Unfortunately she passed away 2 days ago while listening to Tantra. I will mentioned to her children about your planned dedication. I hope it lands on Youtube so they can see it. Bless your heart Arnel!

        • Zach C

          Minda, Just so you know, the concert I was at on June 21 in Virginia Beach, VA was a GREAT JOURNEY SHOW! Probably the best show of theirs I have seen. Arnel’s voice and energy was AMAZING!

          I usually keep up with their previous shows on youtube, just so I can get an idea of what they will probably play when my show finally comes…. and when it did come I was extremely excited to hear one of my favorite songs that they had not yet performed on this tour…Tantra.

          Arnel kept his promise, the song Tantra was done on June 21st in Virginia Beach, Virginia for your friend Teresa. Jonathon Cain introduced the song and told us a story of a woman who was in the hospital with cancer… explained what the word Tantra means and then begun the song.

          Today I came on this website and just happened to see your post to Arnel about your friend…then I realized that his comment about dedicating Tantra to her was just a couple days before the VA show… and it seems they haven’t done that song since… it is no longer on the set list…Journey truly performed Tantra in Virginia Beach as a special tribute to your friend Teresa.

          Here is a video from that night.

        • Minda Tan

          Thank you Zach. Arnel tweeted that the song was dedicated to my friend. He made not only my friend very happy (wherever she is) but also the countless of fans who have been waiting for this song to be sung. The band really has a big heart and compassion and they are one in a million.

  • Donovan white

    Kuya Arnel, Sabik na sabik kami makita ka sa Saratoga this coming Saturday! My brother and i grew up in the philippines and are very proud of you and for all that you have accomplished! Mabuhay! Sincerely- Donovan and Gary White (ps, how would we be able to meet you in person? Will you be playing any solo shows in the US?)

    • ayos, pare…saratoga it is

    • hey guys..so sorry if it took a while to read this.and late na yata.but i really appreciate you guys taking time in telling me the great pride youre all feeling for me.thank you so much and Godspeed!!!!

  • Yoli Luevano

    Arnel we really do miss the fun we had with in in the chat box.. Come back soon.

  • cacapoil

    Hi Arnel,
    What a great job you do on the vocals, simply amazing!! Can’t wait to see the whole band live jamming with the crowd in Québec city for it’s summer festival. There are rumors that Steve Perry might be sharing a few songs… Is this what’s being called ” to share the love of music”??
    You guys are really an inspiration and meaning of Live Rock Ultimate Experience… Hordes of fans are ready to share the vibe with ya’all!

  • Becky

    So by now many of you will be aware that Arnel Pineda’s Twitter account is about to hit the 500,000th follower!!!! In fact, I calculate that by Tuesday afternoon my time (US CST) — so let’s say maybe 6:00 am Arnel’s time (I think I figured that right) — he will hit that Big Number. I have a feeling Team Arnel has something special planned for the occasion… 😉

    I watched the count of followers for a few days and then did a little math (yes, all by myself!!), and what folks might not realize is that in order to get to that milestone, Arnel is currently adding well over 600 followers EVERY DAY to his Twitter account. Pretty danged impressive!!!!! But he’s a pretty impressive guy.

    CONGRATULATIONS, Arnel, on hitting that half million mark…so happy to see that more and more people all over the world appreciate your amazing talent as a vocalist and as a performer, and the special qualities that make you who you are…this is just one more tangible reminder of that. And congrats also to all those folks behind the scenes who help you every day to do what you do, and share in this milestone… Have yourself a CELEBRATION — you’ve worked so hard to get there — and enjoy that BIG. FAT. NUMBER!!!!!!!!!

  • Cheryl

    Hello Arnel,
    I would like to say I became a fan of yours in 2007 ,on my visit to Manila for my mother in laws 80th B-day and when they announced that you were selected for lead with Jouney I was ecstatic. I have since meet you twice in Atlanta ( recently this past Friday) and would like to thank you for signing my Hard Rock , Makati shirt as well as my Philippine jacket and pictures which included the night we saw you and Zoo play @ Hard Rock. I really have to thank my niece Jenny Orola and her sister in law Ann Ramoso ( her husband is Jojie the GM of Hard Rock) for taking us to see you and Zoo.
    We wish you continue success with Journey and I hope to see you sometime in Manila as we plan on returning in 2016 to look for our retirement home!!
    Again, THANK YOU!

  • Rick Arcia

    Hi Arnel! I saw you in Raleigh last week and am still on a “high” from the terrific concert and hard work you all put into the best show EVER! I danced the whole concert! My wonderful husband gave me tickets for my birthday and gave up seeing Tower of Power (one of his favorites) and I came with my best friend. My husband set it all up that we had a nice hotel to stay at and get front row seats. You are THE VOICE to Journey and am so glad the band chose you to be the best vocalist (ever). Every single song means something to me as I have been listening since 1980 and I can also say I was just WOWED!!!! This meant so much to me and am so grateful I got the chance to see you and hope to meet you and the band in person some day. Keep going strong and come back to North Carolina cause I’m gonna see you again!!!! God bless. Sincerely, Gerda Arcia (#1 fan).

  • Virginia Cruz

    Hi, Arnel: I’ve always been a Journey fan, but was out of touch for a while because I was missing that sound I fell in love with when I was a teen. Then your documentary appeared on Netflix and I watched it and I fell in love with Journey all over again because you brought back that nostalgic Journey sound! I’ve sinced watched the documentary several times, because the Hand of God in your life is so evident that I never tire of experiencing it through this video. since then I’ve been searching the internet for your next tour dates and am praying for an opportunity to see you guys when you come to NY. Wishing all of God’s blessings for you and your family.

  • Charlotte Lopez-Munoz

    Hi Arnel, I always listen to your albums/journey albums- revelation and eclipse. City of hope is my favorite. Hope your journey will last, will never stop! Good health and God bless!

  • Kim Simmons Vigil

    Arnel – I wanted to share this with you and the band members to remind you of just how much impact Journey has on people’s lives. My daughter, Amanda, has loved Journey since she was introduced to your music when she was about 2. Her all time favorite song “Don’t Stop Believin'” has been one that has helped her through many stages in her life. She was born with a cleft lip and palate so she has had to overcome many obstacles. The doctor’s informed us that she would have issues with speech but this did not stop her from becoming the President of her high school choir and scoring perfectly at every UIL performance. She began piano at the age of 7 and it didn’t take long before her little fingers were playing “Don’t Stop Believin'” and “Faithfully” religiously in the house. She is graduating Magna Cum Laude this year and has been accepted to Texas A&M University. All this because she never stopped believing. As a reminder, she also had Don’t Stop Believin’ stitched on the back of her letterman jacket. I am sharing a link that I hope you and the band members enjoy. I am sure that even from the lawn at the woodlands pavilion you will hear Journey’s number one fan singing every word! Thank you so much for all the strength you have given her through life.

    • fabbest

      Kim and Amanda, thanks for sharing your story. Arnel just read it, and tweeted his thoughts: https://twitter.com/fabbest/status/469948486431936514

    • im very very happy for your daughter and for you fir you did not let life’s side of cruelty get to the core of your foundation which is love.you wnet above it and took the challenges life has to give,and there you go,success..congratulations and thank you for all the love and admiration.keep bringing pride for your mother amanda..much love

  • midala40 .

    Dear Arnel or management
    I ask all to come and join us on July 18th,2014 for Party of life giving hope to children with cancer. Philippine children’s Medical Center Quezon City. From 1pm to 5 pm. Join us as a company and help sponsor our event. If you would like to… come and inspire the children bring something to share with them, toys, snacks books close and more. this is your time to inspire a child to beat this deadly sickness. Please come and join us.
    I know by you being at this even it will inspire these children with cancer to fight.
    Thank you so much,
    Mike Lampkin
    (Founder of Philippine Educational Charities


  • Shameless Rob

    Hi Arnel,
    First of all, I love your vocals and think you are an amazing addition to Journey! Your own journey has been amazing, filled with many human hardships and rewards. You have the fortitude keep on going no matter what. I love that! You inspire me!

    I’m writing you because I wanted to ask you a question regarding your August 1, 2014 Mandalay Bay show in Las Vegas, NV. I am attending this show to celebrate my 50th Birthday! Would you allow me the honor to ask my girlfriend Tiffany whom I’ve been dating for the past two years to be my wife on your stage? We have tickets on the main floor 20 rows back at your August 1, Las Vegas show. This would be something she and I would never forget…

    A bit about me: I’m also a performing artist, http://www.ShamelessRob.com on the long road towards maybe someday being recognized for my musical contributions. I was married for 16 years and divorced 10 years ago with three children. As a result, I lost everything, my house, my car and my family support system. I lost the support of my sisters and brother, and other friends and family because of my “sinful” divorce, and their religious convictions.

    I’ve spent the last 10 years rebuilding my life, writing and performing original music, and building a new family. I met Tiffany along the way, and she really loves who I am. This kind of love is so hard to find. She has a three year old boy Dillon who calls me “Dad.” I love him so much. His father wants nothing to do with him. So I have found something really special with Tiffany and Dillon, and I wanted to see if you and your band would help me celebrate my love for them?



    • keep reminding me sir and pls look for yul or fabbest.they can help you get in touch with me.

      • fabbest

        Okay, noted!

        • Hi Fabbest, again I appreciate this opportunity to make this proposal really special. Thank you! Here is my contact info if you need to reach me; Rob 2062806570 bgb777@gmail.com

        • fabbest

          Hi Rob: I sent an email on July 24th.

        • Hi Fabbest, I received your email and forwarded it like you suggested. Thanks! Rob

        • Hi Fabbest, per Arnel’s suggestion, I wanted to just send a reminder about proposing to my girlfriend Tiffany at the Las Vegas August 1 show. I’m really excited and grateful to Arnel and yourself for giving me this beautiful opportunity to share such a sweet moment. I purchased her ring last week, and she has no idea that I’m proposing to her. As we gets closer, please let me know what I should do the day of your show? I’ll drop you a line next week. Thanks so much! Cheers, Rob

      • Thank you Arnel! This means a lot…If possible, I would like to sing her a proposal on an acoustic guitar. But yes, I will keep in touch. I look forward to meeting you in Vegas!

  • Haley Cree Shores

    I hope that this little message finds you well! I just have to express how proud I am of you and that you are a prime example to myself and others to never give up. Salamat po! Ingat palagi!

  • Becky

    We were ahead in the Ultimate Classic Rock semi-finals (http://ultimateclassicrock.com/rush-journey-hall-of-fame), but now Journey is lagging behind Rush… and we’ve only got two more days to vote!! Are we gonna let those guys win?!? C’mon, Journey fans, you can vote once every hour…as I type this, I figure that gives each of us about 54 chances to click on that JOURNEY button before the deadline. So set your alarm (you heard me) and vote…VOTE…*V*O*T*E*…**V**O**T**E**!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • CJC188

    Arnel….just watched your documentary….it was very moving and fantastic!! Please take care of your precious voice….you are a true STAR! 🙂 Thank you for sharing your life story…..amazing….. :-0 Continued success to you and JOURNEY…I think it’s great that you started a foundation in the Phillipines! Good for you….you are a kind person….I wish you all the happiness your heart can hold….<3

  • Bridgette Swenson

    I saw your amazing story on Netflix! Congratulations with your success! Your story was so inspiring! Don’t Stop Believing! Thank you!

  • Arnel my name is Ross Green. I am the founder of Music Seeds International. We help disadvantaged youth write and record their own songs. I’ve just sent an email to your foundation. Please check out my site and let me know if you are interested in having this kind of work take place with APFI. http://www.musicseedsinternational.com

  • Debra Adams

    I just saw your amazing story on Netflix. Congradulations on all your success. You have an amazing voice. I hope to see you in NJ later this year.

  • Indaya09

    I know miss all the fun at SB last night, but I’m still here continue to be one of your avid fan. Still, you never cease to amaze me! 🙂 Good Luck on your coming tour!!!

  • Becky

    So glad you remembered you have this Wall here, Knellsky…people say amazing things to you/about you…you don’t want to miss it! I hope rehearsals are going well, you’re feelin’ good, and having fun. Stop by here once in a while, OK?

  • first time i guess in five months i have re-visited this WALL.im just completely amazed of the kind of devotion you all have been giving here just to oeep the sote alive.kudos of course to you Fabb and the rest of the FEMILY PLOKKER around the world..thank you over and over again..we are again unfolding a new leaf of great moments this year and id like to sincerely share them with you all.with all my love gratitude..YOURS TRULY..

    • lizzgell

      Welcome back Arnel..we truly miss you at the chat room. I missed my
      plokker family too. I must admit, I’ve been inactive in the chat room
      due to personal reasons. I’ll be at Oakland A’s game on May 10, 2014 ,
      the Music of Journey fireworks night. It was announced that Neal Schon
      and Jon Cain will be there, I’m hoping you will be there too. Good luck
      on your 2014 concert tour. I’m sure all of them will be sold out. Thank
      you for keeping us rocking!!!

    • Jenaisle

      Keep rocking the world, AP. We love you!

    • peaceandlovesing

      Hello Arnel ! One week ago I was lucky to meet you on a magical night. I sang for you and you loved my voice ! Please let me know if you know a kind philanthropist who will help me. I have a terminal illness but I cannot afford the medicine that will keep me alive. Peace and Hugs !

    • fabbest

      Thank you, AP! We just hang out here, you know… just do your thing and we’ll just talk about you while you’re away…hahaha… or you can chime in anytime!!!

      • Cynthia Nolen

        Yes, we do that and have so much fun.

    • Toni Phillips

      Don’t be amazed – some of us are here for the long haul!! ♥♥♥

      • Cynthia Nolen

        Of course Toni……it’s the Journey after all.

    • Eb2008

      we are cemented here now. here to stay. have a good day.

  • Tom Tarr

    Arnel – I wanted to share a very special story with you…in 1992 I was a US Marine stationed at Subic Bay Naval Station. While there I had Filipina girlfriend for the time I was stationed there. My time at Subic ended and I left. Fast forward to August this past year and I receive an email from a young lady from Manila claiming I was her father. As soon as I saw her photo I knew she was in fact my daughter. DNA confirmed it a month later.
    Two weeks ago I arrived in Manila to meet my daughter and grandson for the first time. During my visit we went to the old Subic base and was sitting in a bar on the beach listening to a local band. When the band launched into “Faithfully” I grabbed my daughter and took her out on the beach for our first ever father daughter dance. She cried the whole time we danced and it was one of the most memorable moments of my life! She told me that when she was a young girl all she wanted was to be able to dance a father daughter dance! I was finally able to make this happen and it was to a song by my favorite rock band! Please pass my story along to the rest of the band. I’m hoping to be able to catch you guys in concert in Cincinnati this year!

    • Fred Balon

      That is a very touching story. It boggles my mind why your former girlfriend didn’t bother to let you know about her pregnancy at that time. You could have been there with her and your daughter. Anyways, continue to take her to dancing and enjoy your time together. I hope your bonding time is worth it.

      Best regards.

  • wendy-ohio

    airnel , I just recently saw the documentary on how you came to be with band journey. I know it’s been a little while now but after hearing your story I was compelled to send you a message. It’s something I’ve never done before. I don’t normally even use my computer that often. But your story compelled me to do it. Don’t ever listen to people that put you down. It made me mad to hear people were doing that. I don’t care what country you are from. That has nothing to do with how much talent you have!!!! You have got one of the best voices I’ve ever heard….Period I am 48 yrs old. and I grew up listening to Journey. Like most people over the years I lost my virginity and fell in love while listening to Journey songs. The band was blessed by God to find you to sing with them. I personally think you sing a lot better than Perry. No offense to him. I love your sense of humer and smile. I love how you get so involved and run the stage while you sing! Don’t listen to the haters!!! Your wife and child seem very sweet! Make sure you cherish them. Tell Neal and the rest of the band they made a wise decision picking you to be in the band. I love all of them also. I don’t know if you will ever get this message but I hope so. I’m not a wealthy person and I don’t live near a big city so I may not ever see you guys in concert.. But keep up the good job and god bless you all! Thank You for your music. Wendy Stapleton in Bryan, Ohio

    • thank you sooooo much wendy..somehow your name reminded me of my eldest son’s mother.her name is wendy too..

  • noemi famador

    Arnel, your song with Lani is on repeat right now…soooooo good!!!!! Mahal Kita maging sino ka man…

  • terry bausick


  • Tara Church

    I think you are truly amazing! Your story inspires me and I have a renewed love for Journey. I will see you in Noblesville, IN June 28th!!!!

  • Lorraine Varela

    Hi Arnel. I hope you will read this. I, along with many others that commented have become a die hard fan after watching the documentary. You have inspired me so much, I can’t even tell you. My husband and I will be driving from El Paso, tx to Denver just to see you live in July. We will be celebrating our 10th wedding anniversary and would LOVE to have any opportunity to meet you if by some crazy miracle. I just had to try. 🙂 You are awesome. Thank you for sharing your story and your talent with the world.

  • SAlights Journeytribute

    hello Arnel, how are you? JOURNEY is coming to San Antonio,
    Tx May 22 for a performance at the AT&T Center. I work for a San Antonio
    band by the name of SA Lights JOURNEY Tribute, and they have been carrying the
    torch for JOURNEY for the last 4 years. We have kept journey fans alive here
    with the sound of JOURNEY’s greatest hits. I know this is a long-shot, but is
    there any possible way that our singer from SA Lights can sing one song with
    you at the show on May 22? Please help our singer. Arnel, you have fulfilled a
    dream that most singers will not achieve in a lifetime and to perform with a
    legendary group like JOURNEY is quite an accomplishment. Congratulations.. Can
    you give our singer an opportunity to fulfill his dream to sing one song with
    you? Check us out on facebook@ SA Lights Journey Tribute. thanks

  • Arcticgypsy

    Got to see Journey last summer. It was the 1st time in many years. I have to admit, I really wasn’t sure what to expect, and then you sang. It was amazing. You really managed to bring back the magic, and I can’t wait to see you again.

    PS. Just finished watching “Don’t Stop Believin’: Everyman’s journey”. Thanks for sharing your amazing story. I’m sure it will inspire a lot of people to chase their dreams.

  • Daisy Talob

    Hi Arnel, I just wanted to write you a note after watching the Don’t Stop Believin’: Everyman’s journey. I must admit after Steve Perry parted ways with Journey, I gave up on them until you came along. Even though I’ve been in awe of your voice and story, I didn’t appreciate what an amazing vocalist you are until watching the documentary. Also as a Filipino American, it makes me proud to see you succeed. It appears that you have remained humble with all of of the craziness being in a successful rock band brings. I wish you the best with your journey. God bless!

    PS: I really appreciate seeing how you’ve kept your head up despite some of the racist and hateful comments made about you and how positive you’ve remained with all of the comparison to Steve Perry. No one will ever be Steve Perry and no one will ever be you. You rock!

  • Brian Keith

    Simply Stunning Vocals…..A success story for all time !!

  • mark

    i agree to that i like your long hair arnel mas astig bro!!!godbless kepp it up you make the us proud filipinos wish more albums and waiting to your new album…peace….

  • Joyce Boky

    missing you buddy, huge D.h. xoxo

  • Anthon Garcia

    Hi Arnel,
    Pleased to introduce myself. My name is Anthon, a journalist from Gulf News in Dubai. We would like to interview you about your plans for a new album which you are producing yourself. I hope you can accommodate our request. Big Filipino community in dubai would be proud. By phone or email possible? Look forward to your feedback

  • Karen Bird

    Arnel, I just wanted to tell you that your beautiful voice and spirit has touched my soul. Thank you for all the sacrifice you have made to allow this to be. Thank you and God Bless you always.
    Respect and love.

  • Steph Leistico Wolters

    Arnel, you are the best!!! Love your personality, sense of humor, humble beginnings, etc. Would you consider growing your hair back??? Loved the long hair on you!! It is such a beautiful sleek, shiny black. I’m seeing you in Illinois in July… you have that long to let it grow…. peace, 🙂 nn/

  • neebette

    Dear Arnel,
    I just want you to know that I am a Journey fan from the 80’s to now. After S.P. left the band, I truly thought that the band was just not around anymore. I heard you were touring but had no intention of ever buying a ticket until TONIGHT! I was laying in bed sick with the flu, channel surfing, I saw Don’t Stop Believing 2014 in the guide. I turned it to PBS, and lo and behold, I listened to your story, I listened to your voice and I was not only in AWE,but also I felt the utmost respect for you. Wow! Thank you for not letting Journey die, but be reborn for a new generation to listen to and love the music you sing. I will buy my tickets to your upcoming show in New Mexico tomorrow! Thanks for being a HUGE inspiration to people across the globe to not give up on their dreams. YOU are really AMAZING! God bless you, S.P and the band. Keep on Rocking!



    • That film definitely showed so many people the struggles Arnel went through to get where he is now. Glad to hear you are a lifelong fan. You need to see him in concert and capture the magic. He is amazing!!!

  • Big Fan

    Wow, you are amazing! My wife and I cannot believe how talented you are, keep up the good work. Awesome band with an awesome singer! Hope to see you in July in Tinley Park, IL.

    • Steph Leistico Wolters

      I’m seeing them there too!!! Can’t wait!!! fifth row center

    • Yaaaay. Glad to see so many people going to Tinley Park. Please come back to the site and post pics and videos of the concert. I would also love to hear about your experience.

  • Dave S

    I have been a Journey fan from the first time I heard them on the radio back in the 1970’s. I saw and heard you on the PBS special and I have to admit that if I closed my eys I would have sworn it wad Steve Perry singing. You are FANTASTIC and I wish you much success along with the rest of the band. Hope to see you in Western Canada one day.

  • Kelly Thuy Luong

    I just watched your documentary film on PBS in San Francisco. My husband and I immediately bought tickets too see you thisJuly in mountain view. Never been to journey concert, but you really inspired me!

  • aavamphibs

    A co-worker was on a cruise, said he saw you on screen was telling me about you, a Filipino singer for Journey, and it rung a bell. SAIPAN? 1999? HARD ROCK CAFE?

  • aavamphibs

    Arnel, did you perform on SAIPAN in the late 1990’s at the HARD ROCK CAFE? If you did, I remember you. I remember a band playing JOURNEY music like exactly the way Journey sounded as if playing from the record. Was that you? And SHAKEY’S is the best pizza joint in Philippines. I eat there everytime I go there. I was also wondering if you have plans to ever play in ROADHOUSE MANILA BAY?

  • Romel Dinglasan

    Hi Arnel..my bestfriend & his family are having a vacation here in Manila this coming March & they wanted to see u perform…where do u prrform here in Manila. Thanks a lot, bro. God bless

  • Shannon Wimberly

    WOW!! me too!! love your story Arnel…. fabulous voice dude!!!! I’m actually a new Journey fan, always liked the music growing up, but never was a diehard until now….. going to see you guys in St. Louis in july…. OH YEAH!!!!

  • John GaltShrugged

    I, too, just finished watching “Don’t Stop Believin’: Everyman’s Journey” on Netflix. Arnel, your story and your style are an inspiration. From what I can see you represent the very best of the Filipino culture… and that’s high praise. They are an amazing group of people who stay good and fair through a very hard life. I am so happy for them to have such an exceptional World-wide representative in you.

  • Cindy

    I just finished watching the Journey documentary on Netflix. Arnel you ROCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I was so moved by the whole thing that I immediately checked out the tour to see when and where the closest concert is. I bought four tickets for the Toronto show!!!! Can’t wait to see you guys! Your voice is incredible! My husband and I are going to travel to Toronto to see the concert with my sister and her boyfriend. They are the ones that told me to watch the Netflix documentary on the band. We live in Ottawa so will take the road trip to see the show. The whole band is awesome and the documentary really made me appreciate the brotherhood that the band has created, well done to all of you!
    WE CAN’T WAIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Becky

    Did you love Ramona Diaz’s documentary on Arnel Pineda and Journey? Last fall PBS showed this film on their program Independent Lens, and you can go to their website (http://www.pbs.org/independentlens/award) and give 1 to 5 stars to vote on how you felt about any of the films listed for this broadcast year. The highest scoring film will be honored with the 2014 Audience Award. (The 2014 award includes all the films broadcast last fall through the end of this spring.)

    Not a lot of people have voted for this award because it is sort of hidden on the Independent Lens website…still, it’s helpful for them to see what sort of films resonate with their viewers, it helps viewers decide what to see, and to be given the Audience Award is certainly a nice feather in the cap of any filmmaker.

    Just click on the number of stars you want to give it to place your vote. (Note: I discovered my vote didn’t actually count when I was using Firefox; watch to see if your vote adds to the total, and if it doesn’t, try another browser — it worked when I switched over to Internet Explorer. Let me know if it doesn’t work for you — I’m already in contact with someone there and will let her know if others are having problems like I did.) Also, it doesn’t look as if it will allow you to vote more than once for the same film. 😉

    Regrettably, this film is up against Blood Brother, a documentary about love in its truest and deepest form (**not to be missed** if you get a chance to see it), and I don’t think it can be beaten. But maybe if there were TWO films that stood out way above the others, Independent Lens would let them share the award. One can hope.

    Let’s send Ramona and her team, Arnel, the Journey band members, and all the other folks involved — in front of the camera or elsewhere — a big thumbs up for their work on this extraordinary film!!

  • Jenaisle

    Hi Arnel, I would like to share a post I’ve written for you. Thanks.Take care always. http://jenaisleonline.com/2014/02/07/rockstar-arnel-pineda-tweets-i-am-still-the-one-fronting-your-fave-band-journey/

  • david

    arnel, you sing( journey) better then steve and we all know that you are you and not another version of steve, because you have a richer and wider ranging voice………. ignore those who complain, those are people who are insecure and envious of your voice and talent. the others refuse to give up the 80s and 90s lets move on people we all get old… when someone is talented they are talented..

  • Gina

    You have a voice of an angel…never get tired of listening to you…I wish you much success and hope to get to meet you someday…love always

  • Deborah

    Dear Arnel, I am contacting you regarding the upcoming build of an EARTHSHIP on the Philippines by American architect guru Michael Reynolds. Please contact us at deborah@earthship.com and I will post more information to you. This is a one in a lifetime opportunity to get involved with a project like this. Thank you.

  • vanessa

    Arnel I am so happy that Neal found you. you are great and do a great job with your awesome voice. I wish you and you family well. and congrats on your new baby girl.

  • dianna

    What the heck is a PLOKKER??.

  • Jackie Hadley

    Hi Arnel- I have been a big fan for a long time. I work for Anova, a non-profit K-12 autism school and treatment center in San Rafael, CA that serves hundreds of Bay Area families. We are losing our lease on our school and are doing a fundraiser gala on Friday, April 25 to raise money for a new school. We really need a great band like Journey to make the event a success. We have $10,000 or so as a budget. Would Journey please consider playing at our event? It would be a small venue and Willie Brown, Gavin Newsom, and Congressman Jared Huffman are supposed to be there. I couldn’t find your management info online, so I thought I’d reach out here. Thanks so much, Jackie Hadley, jhadley@anovaeducation.org or 707-527-7032.

  • Melody Howard Clark

    We are watching your documentary and wanted to tell you that we love Journey and we love you! God Bless you Arnel!

  • Tony Gestone

    Can I go on tour with you with you guys? I got songs. http://www.youtube.com/user/Anthonygestone

  • Mary Heatley

    Arnel. Just wanted to encourage you that many people in the US still care deeply about the devastation to the lives of so many in your country from the Typhoon — even though I know the news doesn’t cover it much here anymore.
    Some friends of mine in San Diego immediately packed up suitcases full of water filters and took them on the planes to several hard-hit areas (including Tacloban and Bohol). They installed them in many hospitals and clinics and taught locals how to install them so they can send more. They went twice already.

    They also arranged with a local boatmaker to build a “fishing boat bundle” which is a boat, motor, gas tank and nets. They raised $5000 and now 10 fisherman plus 20 widows will have some way to get income. They left someone there to oversee it and hopefully expand it.

    And finally, a local high school in San Diego is holding a city-wide food drive on Jan 5 to hopefully fill a container of 300,000 meals to send to the region.

    Although my friends have gone out in the past to Haiti and Africa to help in disasters, they have, as we all do, found there is a special place in their heart for the Filipino people.

    I’ve been a Journey fan for decades and am blown away at your talent and how much it has contributed to the band. You just keep going, Arnel! You are an extraordinary talent and human being. You’re doing great for the band, yourself and the Philippines! The music world and those of us who just enjoy music are very thankful for you!
    Wishing you and your family all things bright and beautiful in the New Year! — Mary Heatley

  • Henry Sams

    PS Happy New Year brozinski!

  • Henry Sams

    Just watched the Everyman’s Journey on Netflix / Where have I been? Definitely, Tears for fears man. I’ ll be bookin tickets for Chula Vista, the Holly Bowl, and Phoenix. Yeah you can damn well sing man, but it ‘s who you are as a person, that I’ ll be comin’ to see. Keep it goin.
    It ain’ t just about the glory and fame, now… It s our Legacy.

    • Patricia Pope

      I too just watched Everyman’s Journey on Netflix..I love your voice! I am a new Fan and I hope to see you in Montreal,Quebec.Canada in 2014!!!

  • Fred Balon

    Are the beautiful hibiscus (gumamela) from Arnel’s garden? I have not seen a variegated one except now. They are soooo pretty.

  • Linda

    Arnel, Want to wish you and your family a very Happy New Year. Thanks for all the good things you done in 2013, and for sharing your family with us, its fun to watch the kids grow up. And God Bless journey this 2014 year. Your Christmas song was from your Heart and I know the people there was blown away by the song. Thanks

  • Larry Mead

    Hi Arnel ! We haven’t chatted for a long time! You DO deserve the love that is shared for you. You were meant to be in this light. I told you long ago you are a “man among men” and I will believe that as long as I live. I just FINALLY got a copy of Every Mans Journey!!!! We love it ! Wishing you and your beautiful family all the best this Christmas!! Stay strong and grounded. We were at the Battle of the Blues in L.A.with my friend Jason when you guys were here last summer so we missed out!!! Maybe next time. Love from us here in Iowa. Rock on !!!

  • Theresa Baxter

    You close your eyes tight
    To shut out the night
    Cold against your skin
    Too empty for tears
    No longer know fear
    Ending no where to begin
    But that was yesterday
    Seems so far away
    The dream is alive
    You can touch it
    You can taste it
    Don’t let it go
    Don’t you waste it
    It happens once in a lifetime
    When you have no lifeline
    Except what is your gift to give
    And for that choose to live
    You owe us nothing
    But give us everything
    And we thank you
    From the bottom of our hearts
    Sing man sing
    Yet don’t let it tear you apart
    Now when you close your eyes
    Dream of the stars in the sky
    And take your place among them
    Your soothing songs friend
    Given freely from your soul
    Make our broken selves feel whole

    • melrosel

      awwww! so sweet! beautiful message.

  • Jhoy

    Hi Arnel! Are you alright? I’m a bit worried about your tweets. Hope you feel better soon. Many people love you, so try not to be upset. God bless you and your family.

  • Patrick Dunham

    We are fans but the reason I am writing is to help someone in the Philippines. Her name is Jeanbreak Tolentino. I know you do charitable things for your people and she needs help. She needs to have heart surgery that costs $11,500 there. She lost her sister to the same thing at 31 she is 35. She has also lost her father. She is a single mom of 2. She lives near Manila. If there is any way you could help her please let me know. Or she is on Facebook. She is struggling to even get $100 together for an echocardiogram. I hope this get to you. If not I am also going to try to do somekind of a fundraiser. I think she will die within the next year without this. So if you can help thank you and if you don’t get this we will understand. Thank You.

  • Chris Kent

    Hello! Merry Christmas! I wish to simply say that you are a phenomenal vocalist. My wife and I are professional singers and actors. We often have to do long runs of shows(vocally heavy) with no one to cover us. We watched a documentary about you joining Journey with live concert footage. Amazing. We are also a fan of Entertainers Secret;) and take many of the steps you do to help our voices maintain strength and longevity. I think you have your own, beautiful sound. Sure, there are similarities between you and Perry on certain tones, but I think your voice is unique. I applaud the energy you have. May God continue to bless you and your family.
    Sincerely, Christopher A Kent

  • Christine Oakley

    Thank you Arnel for the download of your song This Christmas. May this season find you and your family happy and healthy

  • Becky

    Check It Out: Filipino boy band The Filharmonic from LA makes it
    through the first round of competition on the a cappella singing show
    The Sing-Off on American TV! I missed the beginning of the show and
    supposedly you can view it online (http://www.nbc.com/sing-off), but it
    doesn’t work on my computer; maybe others will have more success.

    So nice to see these young men who are proud of their culture. Filipino
    singers score again! Yeah! Yeah! Yeah! Hope these guys do really
    well on the show. 🙂

  • Therese

    Thank you so much for the early gift “This Christmas.” What an awesome gift from an awesome idol, hero, inspiration, etc., etc. Your genuine goodness, sincerity and generosity make us try to have a more meaningful, useful and relevant life just like yours. Your voice is not only a joy for us, you are also a blessing and a model to emulate as a family man. Your endearing humility and simplicity despite your rock star status is unbelievable! God bless you!

  • and oh,those who has been continuously helping and handing out their small share of love and compassion for the Yolanda victims,i salute you all.heroes you all are indeed.you made those victims’ lives a little more bearablefor them,though we all know that no ever words nor help can ever ease the pain of loss they have sustained.lets all keep on praying for them..again,SALUTE!!!

    • Cynthia Nolen

      I was happy to help in my small way the victims of Yolanda. Prayers still going out to them to help mend the pain of their losses. Cannot imagine the devastation there. Thanks to APFI for organizing the relief.

    • Michelle Kelly-Flanagan

      It is so gratifying to see my students collecting money and selling t shirts with the Philippine flag with all the money going to the victims of Typhoon Yolanda. They are “all in” in doing all they can to help. Their concern and spirit makes me very proud.

  • hello my dear friends,plokker family,tweetmates and instamate!!!!another year has just passed,sixth year in a row now and you are all still here by my side.growing bigger each day.may great LORD make this FRIENDSHIP we have built together,thick or thin,in sickness and in health too(LOL!) go on forever,but then nothing last forever,so they say,and let just translate that into GOOD unfolding into a million fold of sweet memories.until then my dear all.i owe these great blessings to all of you and remember,ill never make itonmy own,you made it ll happened for me and my family..cheers to the coming YULETIDE..be blessed and love to all.

    • Cynthia Nolen

      Thank you Knell. I am proud to be by your side on this journey and into your next journey. You and your family are very special. Love and peace to you and your family.

    • Michelle Kelly-Flanagan

      Being a teacher, I love it when the “good guy” comes out the winner. And for you Arnel, they don’t get much better. You are the best of the good guys and deserving of all good and wonderful things. You inspire us not only with your talent, but with your heart and your humility, and the deep love you have for your family. Here’s to another 6 years. I can’t wait to see you in July in Cleveland.

  • Michael Casey

    Man Arnel you rock thank you for making journey alive again!

    • i should thank them instead and you guys for giving me the biggest opportunity of all..

      • melrosel

        You deserved all the adulation and blessings Arnel!!! keep up the good works! Stay safe and healthy.

  • Christine Oakley

    so glad that you are living your dream.

  • hi everyone, sorry I’ve been sooooo busy.just want to let you all know i see and feel ur love everyday…going home after theDallas show, then flying back for neal’s wedding.take care all..

    • Cynthia Nolen

      Safe travels always Knell. We feel your love too. Hugs to you and the femily.

    • Che@SiNewsOnTheNet

      True friends are those who stay with you even when you are far away. You are our friend and we are yours. We share in your triumphs, knowing you want to share them with us. Safe travels, and keep well for us, Arnel.

    • melrosel

      safe travel Arnel!!! congrats to your Ohio private concert. You deserve all the adulations and blessings .

  • Lauren Perley

    Arnel – I was so disappointed I couldn’t see you on Gandang Gabi, Vice. I am in Florida and couldn’t get the link to work. Hopefully someone will tape it and post it somewhere (YouTube?). By the way, you are deserving of our love and adoration…for your big heart, your big smile and your big voice! You are an amazing human being and a wonderful, handsome man with a lovely family. I could only hope to be half the person you are…

  • sonny dolor

    Not to flatter myself but we can be TWINS! Born in 1968 in Pandacan, MANILA….. been living in Montreal, CANADA since 1986. It has been repeated so may times man but INSPIRATIONAL is indeed the word. I know how it felt to grow up in Manila…lost my parents at a very young age and experienced all the struggles that came along with it. Too bad you’re not passing by MONTREAL in 2014 but will try to see and meet you in person in TORONTO. You make me proud to be a FLIP. Merci Beaucoup from Montreal!

  • juan molina

    Hi Arnel.I would love you can answer me once to se if this is true or not. I live in Chile .You started singing for Journey in Viña del mar ,do you remember? .Well I live in the South Of Chile I had not the chance to see you on concert in 2008 or in 2011. I hope to see you on stage some day .Perhaps Ill be in South Dakota in March,I have relatives over there…do you think I could have the chance to see you in a concert or just meet you as an ordinary man. By the way I am a teacher of English..Wishing you the best I hope to receive some words from you,take care and continue the legend of Journey my favourite band.

  • Michael Matheis


  • Lalahon

    Arnel, What an incredible performance on Showtime of “This Christmas”. Your kind heart and beautiful soul were portrayed in your melodic voice and inspiring lyrics. Such a special tribute to the people of your country who are truly in need. God bless them all. I am very proud to have met you, and thank God for the gift you share with the world….your music…..and you. Job well done my friend, job well done!!

    • dawn

      Beautifully said.

      • Lalahon

        Thank you so much Dawn….it’s heartfelt for sure 😉

  • Jenaisle

    Hello AP, thanks for your continuing effort to help the Haiyan survivors. I wrote a post about it.


  • Geno Jslick Shire

    Im a Filipino artist born in the Philippines adopted at birth and brought to the united states since age 3.I recently watched a video on Arnel and his story touched me and inspired me even more to be heard.My fuel to my fire is my family back home.I’m 1 of 13 children, I hope that one day my talents will be recognized and i will be able to find them.The storm brought me to tears because who knows some of those bodies shown on T.V could of been them.When you all have the time please check my vevo account out https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uje0OUdtoIc

    • Jenaisle

      Great rap and music. I’m sure if Arnel has enough time, he would reply and encourage each and every aspiring singers to keep going, just like what he did. Keep going. Your persistence and patience would surely pay off eventually.

  • dawn

    To: Arnel, Jonathan, Deen, Neal, and Ross and all the crew May you have a safe journey as you embark on your tour May God travel with you and keep you safe. Bless you all, yours faithfully dawn.

  • Michelle Kelly-Flanagan

    On Monday Nov 25 all the students in the school where I teach are donating money for the victims of the typhoon. In addition, they are all wearing the colors of the Philippines. They have organized other schools in the area to do the same. I am so proud of my students and their compassion.

    • dawn

      So wonderful you should be very proud.

      • Michelle Kelly-Flanagan

        Thanks Dawn. I am very proud of them. Especially when 40% of the student body is at or below poverty level. They are wonderful, caring students. I am blessed

        • dawn

          It is refreshing to know that the kids are so willing to help it does my heart good to see this happening.

  • Yoly Sison-Hensley

    Thank you Arnel for coming out and making yourself visible. You have spoken the words that our affected countrymen needed to hear most. God bless you forever! Andang

  • Mieko

    Dear Arnel,
    I was so impressed to watch your video “An Appeal” and the one of your visit to WFP.org. I almost cried to tears by your heartfelt message.
    These days in Japan, there is no days when I don’t see any news about the disasters in your contry. Everytime I see terrible situation, I cannot help but feel sad and depressed. All I can do is to make a small donation and pray for all the people who has lost their loved ones, houses, or belongings.
    I hope from the bottom of my heart that the day will come soon when the people in the affected area can smile for the future.
    God bless you, your family, and all the citizens in the Philippines.

    • thegift


      • teresa

        Totally agree everytime I’ve listened to both I feel the emotion and love sent through Arnel’s message – beautiful soul and wonderful person. thank you Arnel.

  • Tamara

    Arnel, I want you and your wife and the rest of journey know we are praying and will continue helping that’s what we are all called to do help one another, thank you for being the man God has made you, keep us in touch with everything, bless you my friend!

  • fabbest

    Arnel and Cherry Pineda wanted this shared. Thank you!


    • Anita Holloman

      ~~ More than happy to share and support this most important message Arnel & Cherry!!! We will faithfully and continually send all our love, prayers and support!! Thank you again for leading the way with kindness and love, always inspiring all of us!!! Stay strong and take good care of yourself! Gods rich blessings on you both :+)) “Little by Little is an effective strategy for victory. Trust God to move Your mountain. But *keep on digging*” ~~

  • ray

    Arnel it is obvious God graced you with a gift, yes the voice but more your heart. You have inspired so many people but more than that you have changed the world. Through your heart you did not forget where you came from and continue to remember the place and people that you once were part of. There is an angel in heaven watching you smiling proudly telling everyone, that’s my boy! God Bless

    • dawn

      Love that so nice.

  • Anita Holloman

    ~~ Arnel, as I am watching your interview with Anderson Cooper I am overwhelmed and overcome with incredible emotion!!! It is clear to see and to once again be reminded that you have been groomed from the day you were born and chosen to be used by God to not only inspire and give hope to all those suffering and hurting but to be a leader having a huge impact on this world!!! How amazing is it that as a teenage boy you and the band you were in sang the song “We Are The World” and now the remake here in the U.S. has been tailor made for your beautiful country and people… a defining full circle moment!!! You are truly a beautiful blessing with the sweetest spirit Arnel!! God’s continual protection and health for you and your precious family ~~ :+))

    • dawn

      Beautifully said.

      • Anita Holloman

        Thank you Dawn!! :+))

    • Jenaisle


  • dawn

    Mr arnel pineda you my freind are amazing you have a rare gift that makes people love you, and to use that gift for good is even more amazing. Your people should be so proud of you, I no I am. You make so many people happy when you smile. I say this from my heart and thank you for all that you do. The genuine love you have for your fans is quit breathtaking never lose that your fans Love you and you make them so happy when you tweet them or mentioned their name I see their reactions and it is so beautful they are so thrilled just knowing you are here every once in awhile. Your fans are the best people and you are truly blessed to have them. You have the hearts of all your fans keep them safe. May everything you do turn to gold. God love you and your femily and keep you safe. Yours faithfully dawn.

  • Elizabeth K Richie

    Your amazing!!!

  • Sabrina Rich

    I’m so glad you’re okay. I’m watching Don’t Stop Believin’ for the third time on PBS. God has so blessed you. it is inspiring

  • dawn

    Hello plokers,just wanted to say God bless you all I love reading all your uplifting messages it makes my day and I am sure it makes arnels day even brighter. May God keep you all safe in his loving embrace.

    • WAVE63

      God bless you too,Dawn : )

  • Charlie F

    I just watched DON’T STOP BELIEVIN’: EVERYMAN’S JOURNEY, and it was just great. You breathed a new life into Journey Arnel. You should be proud 🙂 Im a fan from back in the 80’s. When Steve left I thought ” Well that’s the end of that.” And now here you are, making Journey great again. TY Arnel, and I hope all is well with you and your loved ones.

  • Jodi Ehrig

    Praying for you & your people. A Journey benefit concert would be a great thing.

  • Shawn Axelrod

    Dear Mr Pineda,

    I wanted to take a moment and share with you my thoughts. I recently watched your movie, “Don’t Stop Believing” and I must say it is wonderful. I’ve watched it many times now with my 2 sons, girlfriend and I am actually watching it as I write this.

    Arnel, there are many aspects of your story that are inspiring, but the one that rises higher than all others for me is your humble, kind and appreciative personality. Music has always been an integral part of my life and I purchased some Journey songs as a result of the movie. You have an amazing voice and I want to thank you for sharing it with all of us.

    Life is filled with many highs and lows but music has always been a high point for me. I suffered a Traumatic Brain Injury 4 years ago and music helped me through the recovery process. I still suffer from long term affects but life is GREAT regardless!

    There are few stories, events or actions that inspire me but yours defiantly is one. I added my newly purchased Journey songs, the one problem I have is you are not performing the vocals. I hope Journey visits Denver Colorado again, Red Rocks is an amazing venue. If you do come through my entire family will be in the crowd. I live just a few miles from the venue and I often ride my bike around the park. I usually ride to the top of the road that takes you to the top of the Amphitheater and look out over the city of Denver and the Red Rocks stage.

    My family wishes you well

    Thanks for having the courage to dream!

    • im humbled by your story as well.pls keep your faith strong.unseen it maybe but its far stronger than what we see everyday around us.the one that truly holds you together..

      • Shawn Axelrod

        Thanks for taking the time to read and reply! Wonderful to hear from you and I hope to see you if you come to Denver Colorado in 2014.

  • Becky

    Google launches Person Finder

    It makes my blood run ice cold and I get sick to my stomach to think of this — too many memories of 9/11 and Hurricane Katrina — and maybe this isn’t the right place to post it — but I thought I would let readers here know that Google has set up a Person Finder to help people reconnect after Typhoon Yolanda. After Katrina, I volunteered to help evacuees who were warehoused here in the Austin Convention Center to try to find their families and friends. At that time you had to check a couple dozen different sites run by various relief organizations, hospitals, etc.; Google is now trying to make this process easier by having a more central location to post info.

    Sorry for posting this here, but I know first-hand that when other forms of communication have all been knocked out, services like this, imperfect as they are, can mean *everything* when it’s all you’ve got… And there are happy endings. So if anyone can use this, here’s the URL.


    Keeping everyone affected in my prayers.

  • Dave Bliss

    praying for you, your family and all of the people of the Philippines

  • suebrowcounty

    prayers to you and all of the of the Philippines. I hope your family and loved ones are safe.

  • Becky

    Arnel, I had an immediate visceral reaction to the tweet you sent out earlier, and I’m posting my too-long-for-a-tweet reply here…

    I know this song is important to you and you wanted the performance of it to be perfect. But you’re being way too hard on yourself, Arnel! As a creative person AND a perfectionist myself, I understand your feelings all too well. Isn’t it funny how we can be so much harder on ourselves than we would ever be on someone else?

    The song you wrote and did your best to sing came from your heart, and *that* is what is important.

    When you create something from the heart and send it out into the world, the little (or even big) imperfections don’t matter that much, because the heart has a voice all its own. It sings in its own special language that goes direct, from one heart to another. That’s the song I heard…WE heard.

    Don’t worry about the mistake — what’s done is done. Be kind to yourself. The song was *beautiful*, and that is better than being perfect.

    • dawn

      Beautifully said.

    • Jenaisle

      I absolutely agree. What mistake?

  • Felipe Watkinson

    We are positively praying in Ensenada, Mexico for your country and your extended family back home. May God speed the recovery!

  • Deborah Robinson

    Arnel, few things in my life have so inspired and affected me as your documentary ‘Don’t Stop Believin’ . . . ‘ on PBS a few weeks ago, When I came across it, I watched it EVERY time PBS aired it throughout that weekend, after that. I pray you can/do keep your head on straight, and the good heart that beats within you stays true to yourself and your precious family. I cried every time I watched the doc because my own dream has never really come true for me, but it lives within me always like a candle giving me hope . . . a light in the darkness; never extinguished. I am 57 now. Deb Robinson in Omaha, Nebraska P.S. I just VOTED online for your doc! Also, I am praying also for your homeland where the huge storm hit.

    • in this world,we can always live our dream no matter what,fail or succeed.whats i portant is you know you tried your very best..put that FEEl in ur heart and soul and better you will look at life where youre in.hardas it may be..

  • Mike Leavitt

    Praying to God for your homeland the Philippines. The Storm has been devastating and my wife and I are praying that someone like yourself and Journey will step up and start a benefit concert. Now more than ever you have the power to influence people and places. I pray God uses you to help your people weather this storm.

    God bless you!
    Mike and Marivic Leavitt

  • Jason Way

    I just finished watching Everyman’s Journey, which is funny, because I’ve never considered myself a Journey fan. Your story was absolutely amazing. I felt myself rooting for you throughout the whole film. I felt nervous for you prior to your first performance in Chile, and wanted your star to soar! You did not disappoint. Your raw vocal talent is stunning. I could not believe those sounds came out of your tiny frame.

    Do not ever, ever, let the selfish, pointless, negative comments of any pathetic online critics tear you down. If placed in your position, on a stage in the shoes of their beloved idol Steve Perry, they would piss in their little pants, before fainting and require a stretcher to be carried back to their little basements cry and blog… You on the other hand, not only filled those shoes, you picked up your feet and gave a performance that brought the house down! You are an inspiration! Mind blowing! Your passion is so real, your personality shines. You are a star! The band is entering a new decade with a quality front man.

    Peace and love, take care of yourself!

    • dawn

      You have it right

  • hope

    Hi there arnel Pineda my name is hope Schreiber your the best singer in the world I love all of your songs from journey open arms and Don’t stop believing

  • dawn

    Hey everyone Mrs Philippines is in top 10 Mrs universe pagnent.

  • Olivia Trevino

    Armel..my name Is Olivia .i just saw Oprah last month…i googled your name n became so inspired by all your songs n life story…You are a spécial person n a wondetful soul..God has truley blessed you n your family…great success n happiness to you always…Prayers go out to your cities in the Phillipines..Wé love you n dont stop singimg!!! Grow that haïr back n you will bring back the people you had in your concerts like the sold out one in your hometown.. You done good ;-)-) Your long haïr Is your signature n you definitely make the girls go crazy..especially with your voice..Amazing..!!





  • Michelle Kelly-Flanagan

    Such great news about DSB being a finalist . Don’t forget to start voting tomorrow

  • Eb2008

    Morning! Doing my count down to see your docu again and this time I don’t have to fly to another country to watch it. Watching it here in Toronto with other plokkers in the big screen would be so awesome. Can’t wait for this inspirational movie (eventhough I have it on CD and keep watching it hehehe!!!) Stay safe and healthy. God Bless until we meet again. Rock on.

  • DaNielLe

    Hi Arnel., I’m such a big fan of yours… I got really dissapointed when I missed your concert here in Montreal,Canada.. I am hoping that I’ll get to see you in person someday..:) thanks a lot kuya for inspiring us all 🙂 – . We will continue to support you no matter what. Keep rockin’ and just enjoy.. we got your back.:) • I won’t stop believing

  • dawn

    Hi everyone out their just thought I would write a few lines, I lost my mama today she had a long illness with her heart, she fought a good fight.I was with her when she passed holding her hand as she took her last breath and you know when she passed I swear I felt a feather light touch on my face like a whisper it was like I could see everything so clearly, the love in my heart for her ,our laughter, our tears, our love for one another it was all their in that instance, that brief moment I sat their looking at her with tears in my eyes, I felt that nothing in that moment would be as beautiful. I will pick up the pieces of my life and go on but that brief moment will be forever burned into my heart. Love your family never take for granted they will be their tomorrow. Cherish the little moments you have with them,a laugh, a smile, a touch, it all means something. May God bless you all and keep you safe in his loving embrace.

  • melrosel

    that was nice Arnel! your rendition of O HOly night is amazing! I hope that ASAP will give you a SOLO number. Your hair is growing na, sana wag mo nang ipagupit ng sobrang ikli, mas bagay yung mahaba ng konti just like in 2010.Thanks. God bless.

  • Anne_Hedonia

    Hi, Arnel. My husband and I rewatched your story recently. We’re both your basic American honkie weirdo nice people, who stumbled on your story when we were looking for Journey songs to listen to on YouTube. We were totally caught up and delighted, as so many people have been.

    I wanted to write and tell you that I hope you are taking care of yourself; for some reason we worry about you. What a weird thing to write to a total stranger, but there’s something about you that I think a lot of people relate to, or that makes people feel hopeful and happy – and that’s a LOT of pressure for any person to have. Especially someone who was “just a guy” for most of his life, and then becomes this overnight phenomenon. My father was a semi-famous actor, and he struggled with fame… so, of course, being the motherly type I am, I worry about you sometimes. In between being totally blown away by the gift of your talent. My husband and I tell all our honkie weirdo friends about you, and wish you nothing but happiness and joy. Best to you and your family, from ours – S.

    • dawn

      That was a lovely thing to write.

      • Anne_Hedonia

        Thanks, Dawn! 😉

    • clarissamia

      I love your username, Anne. My boy would have related immediately.

      Che <—gets it

      • Anne_Hedonia

        Oh, I’m always SO thrilled when someone does get it!! Thanks; it is rare when that shoe drops! <3

    • Thanksfor ur concern,i really try to do my best

  • Deborah Harper

    Hi, Arnel. I have been a Journey fan since they began quite a while ago and am still one of their biggest fans. They kinda fell off for awhile when Steve Perry left, tried out several other lead men……were still good but just didn’t sound the same. Then Neal discovered you and Journey was back! You sound exactly like Steve did…….just so much better. I hope the guys know how incredibly fortunate they are to have found you and that you all continue to make music together for a long, long time. I live in West Virginia and when I am outside I listen to Journey really loudly. My husband and I also raise hybrid wolves and when you hold those really long notes….they love to howl (which usually means they like you too.

  • Carmalita Franco

    Hi Arnel, Thank you for being you. Your story of overcoming and never giving up lifts others up. Your honesty in the Netflix documentary shines through. You now have an opportunity to help your family, community and anyone who sees your story that struggles with substances will be inspired by your experience, strength and hope. You are part of a journey much larger than only a band. God is Great.

    God Bless You, Carmen

    • thx,hope it alsoinspires others to significance other than earning a great gig like this…

  • Cindy Lopez

    Arnel, Like many comments on this page, I saw Journey in concert since they first began. But facts are they got boring. When I heard of the new singer I jumped to see the difference and WOW! Your voice had the recognition of Steve Perry but your style made it better. Your energy level? Amazing! Plus your HAIR set you apart. Now you look like the common Asian singing white music. With your long hair, you gave the emotion of “I like ol skool” versus now ” I want to fit in”. Your voice has the power but long hair is a blessing that should be recognized. Women are the true ticket buyers and (yes) you have success but it could be better. Bring back your true origin, just saying….Remember you don’t get paid in pesos anymore so stand up and be proud of your voice and bring your HAIR back….. Que Dios te Bendiga

    • like samson? haha..

      • Becky

        Poor Arnel, people are always telling you what to do with your hair, aren’t they? Maybe you should shave it all off and go bald just to spite us. At least that would quiet the people who think you should be dyeing your gray hair black! But she’s right about this, dude — Women loooved the long black hair. It looked stunning on you. (Am I right, ladies?)

        Remember: Samson’s long locks gave him the power to slay lions…

        I loved the long black hair, too, but I love even more that you do whatever it is YOU wanta do. Glad you keep a sense of humor about it, anyway!

        • Becky

          OK, now I can’t get the image of a bald Arnel out of my head — and it ain’t pretty, bro.

  • Carol McLaughlin

    Hi Arnel. I have followed Journey since 1977. I think Neil made a good decision when he got you for their lead singer. I have been blessed by your story of courage and all that you have been through. I hope that you all will come back to Bossier City, La. Last time you were here I didn’t get to go. Thanks for making Journey great again!

  • Rocco

    It’s not the destination that maters but, the journey. Love ya!

  • Rocco

    Thank you Arnel. You have given hope to me. There is nothing that is insurmountable. Life is a journey……….

  • Michelle Gierhart Merringer

    I am inspired by your story of courage, hope and kindness. You never forgot your humble beginnings and now you work tirelessly to give others hope for a better day… sunshine. As a mother of two sons, I can’t help but to think how your mother must watch from above and shine, shine, shine with pride and joy.

    • thx,really miss her..

      • Michelle Gierhart Merringer

        I understand that pain too well… I lost my mother a long time ago and there is not a day that goes by that I don’t think of her. Still, I know she would want me to be the best I can be and move forward… and so I do… every day. Take care.

  • katherine

    I wish I saw you when you came to my town! But I didn’t know about you until I saw your netflix documentary! You kindness and humbleness is amazing! Come back to Hawaii! I adore you! I am so glad that you were discovered!!

  • Helen Marsolais

    I just finished watching your documentary on Netflix and I think you are a very humble and beautiful person.How you took care of your family when you were younger really moved me,I wish you and your family all the best in the future and enjoy the best JOURNEY of your life.

  • Elizabeth Jane

    I recently saw your story and it moved my heart greatly. I loved seeing how God worked miracles for you and continues to do so! I can’t wait to share your story tomorrow and your mission with the International Ministry I am apart of in my small community. We reach out to the Asian community within our city and are apart of supporting missions over seas in the Asian communities they come from. I pray God continue to bless and keep you and all your family: the one at home and the one you are apart of on the road with as well. ~ God Bless! Elizabeth Jane http://www.elizabethjanemusic.com

  • ma teresa rondera

    arnel how are you? i would like to ask about your upcoming shows!!! my bf from USA who is an American really loves your band, He dont believed that you were here in the Philippines!!! He is coming on December to spend xmas with me and my family, He want to watch your show in Manila if ever there is!! i know there are lots but i dont know where to catch yah,, i would like to know your shows si that we can watch here in Manila ,,, His favorite song is Don’t stop believing!!! thanks and more power!!! pls post your upcoming shows !!

  • dawn

    arnel you are a wonderfully beautiful and I thank God you were born so that we could enjoy your beautiful voice. I think God put you here so you could help your people live better lives. May God keep you and your family and band mates safe in his loving embrace.

  • Romina Wilcox

    Arnel, please come to Mt. View, California. We have shoreline ampitheater here where concerts are held. I would love to see you perform LIVE!!! I’ll make sure and buy a front ticket… I’m so proud of you!!!!!! But oh, can you grow your hair again. I think that’s sexier. LOL.

  • Mary Erickson

    Hey heard you were doing a Christmas album..just a suggestion… My favorite.. “Mary Did You Know”!

  • Jenaisle

    Hi, Arnel, hope you’re doing fine, I posted this on your wall because I’m sure many would be reading it. Guys, you may want to vote for Arnel in these links. http://www.imdb.com/list/kpqypSwb_rI/ and here at Gotham. http://www.indiepixfilms.com/videocontest/IFP-AUDIENCE Thanks.

  • EA

    absolutely, absolutely love your singing, you are truly talented!!!!!! God Bless you!!

  • JackChua

    Hey bro. Saw the documentary. Great film. I saw it inflight, CX Flight. Some asked me which category to view from. Then, they were quite a few of us watching the film. In the end, I reminded them to purchase hard copy as it is really worth it. Kudos Nel. Cheers! Jack

  • joeziephd

    Arnel, Please try to get back to me about the ninety page screenplay I have written that might be useful in your proposed bioflic. I am one of your biggest fans. You will be surprised by all that is in the script. Joe Zielinski at joeziephd2@comcast.net

  • MarkInEugene .

    Arnel: You are a joyful voice in a world of danger, challenge and sacrifice. You easily reach to the level of a world class frontman. Your stage presence is simply magnificent. Thank you for sharing yourself with the world!

  • Debora Clark

    Dearest Arnel, I dont want you to get me wrong when I say this, because I am in no way a hater… I just want you to know my adoration comes from a real place and not because your my homeboy, if you know what I mean? I just watched the doc you guys made in 2011, and upon my word, I never thought I would hear another angelic voice like Steve Perry’s in all my life. Then here you come, bold as you are never giving up on your dream and pushing to the perfect!! I admire that so much I just want to say, in the doc, when you said, “Why me? I’m not cute, Im soo Asian!” Well, first you are adorable, you have a wonderful attitude and whats wrong with being Asian? I mean Im not Asian, but who cares what anyone is these days.? What you are is a God given gift to Journey! They may have discovered you, and I get how exciting that must be, but you too have brought back one of my favorite bands, Thanks for that. I noticed in the doc, you seemed to be a little sad and a bit lonesome for your girlfriend. well, when you feel that way, dont forget to stay connected with your home and your family. Rock is great, fans are great, but, you only get a slim few chances at a family and true love. Dont lose it. Maybe you could introduce some of your originals to the band and have them record some of it. I would love to hear them. Anyway, just a little advice from a mama in Lewiston, Idaho p.s I think your a wonderful singer, almost operetic. Not many peoiple can say that! God bless

  • Dane Myers

    Hello Arnel! Put your thinking cap on and try to remember many years ago, back in 1990/91. You and I met at “Fire and Rain” bar, in Manila, where you and your band played quite a bit before heading to Hong Kong. My name is Dane Myers, and I would contantly ask you to sing ‘Faithfully’ and a Billy Joel song. I was in construction working on the U.S. Embassy back then. You and I talked frequently between sets, and I always told you, “Arnel, you need to take your voice to the U.S. and get out of here!”. And, look what happened, you’ve made it. I am so happy for you, and wonder all the time if you would remember those days so many years ago. My wife, Lisa, who you met as well, constantly say, “We know Arnell very well”. If you can remember and ever get a chance please drop us a line. We will look for a tour date in Boise, Idaho, and maybe we can reunite after so many years! Take care, Arnel. Sincerely, Dane Myers (dane.myers@ch2m.com)

  • Tamaracffh

    Hi Arnel, your story has touched my heart, but your kindness is so inspiring, I also have rheumatic heart disease as your mom had, I think you are a very special person because of your circumstances, God bless you my friend!

  • Lori Boucher

    Hey Arnel….I thank God that you and Journey have crossed paths. There was a def a plan from God himself in this. Your testimony and YOUR Journey have been so inspiring. Please don’t ever think you are not touching lives with your testimony because you are. You are an amazing person with a beautiful voice. I would love to watch your documentry but I don’t know where to look. If you are not to busy could you please let me know? Write me back here or at ItaliaSiciliagrl@aol.com? Thank you so much for the music that you and Journey put out. My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family…..God loves you so very much Arnel, you are the apple of his eye…..Your mom was so blessed to have such a wonderful son….love to you and yours xo

  • Deirdre McLaughlin

    i have been waiting to watch this documentary for so long! even the trailers used to make me cry. i think it is so beautiful that you hold your family life as the most important thing, and the guys in the band seem really nice. who knew? salamat for such an inspiring story! it made me miss the philippines and all its beautiful people.

  • Khrystiane Friedli

    I just watched the documentary and I love it! I’m so glad they picked you to be Journey’s lead singer. You are super talented, humble and family oriented, very important values to teach the young generation that your band will influence. I love the fact that you are Filipino which brings a multicultural flavor into Journey. I wish you and your family all the best! Don’t ever let fame change you! bless!

  • Jon Reid Gable

    You guys are an awesome band. One of my favorite bands. You can check me out if you want but you guys are a great band. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QBJ5e66Jstk&feature=player_detailpage

  • Mary Jo Franklin Desmond

    Netflix has its moments! So nice to watch your journey. Such a talented, incredible young man you are. I am old school – Dude you Rock! Peace to you and your lovely family. MamaJo

  • joeziephd

    Arnel, I have heard you speak of doing a bioflic and that you have some potential investors. I have followed you for over five years and I have just completed a ninety page screenplay, written on spec, about you from your early childhood through your early Journey years. There are some specific personal information/history gaps from the 1980 and 1990 Manila and Hong Kong years, save for your musical accomplishments during those years. I hope you will consider reading it. How do I get the screenplay to you? I have it available in pdf format. My e-mail is joeziephd2@comcast.net. Joe Zielinski

  • Jennifer

    Caught your documentary on Netflix yesterday…first of all, I didn’t know that Journey still existed after Steve Augeri. Second, Journey was one of my very favorite bands while I was growing up (I am now 48 years old). I LOVED the documentary. Your journey into the group Journey was an inspiration to me. If you could do it, anyone can live their dreams. I am currently a very struggling student teacher (yes, at the age of 48, I finally decided what I wanted to do with the rest of my life 🙂 Your story about personal struggle and your attitude during the entire documentary and your clear love for life makes me want to be a better person, and it makes me want to see the band in concert too! May you continue to have much success with the band and with life.

  • Stacy Fernen

    I just finished watching your documentary on Netflix. Amazing story, amazing voice, amazing person. I know this documentary was made in 2011 but you often seemed overwhelmed & not so happy during its creation. Not sure where you are in your life but I know the price of fame is not always happiness. I know this opportunity has allowed you to take care of your family in a manner you never would have been able to afford. I just hope you have “gone confidently in the direction of your dreams & you are living the life you have imagined”. I wish you health, happiness & peace.

    • it was filmed in 08,i was quite new..thanks so much

  • Nicole

    You give me hope for humanity. Your light from within shines BRIGHT! What an inspiration to us all to be better human beings. It’s so refreshing to see someone with such amazing talent have a heart for family and a genuine consideration for others. Wishing you all the best in ALL of your endeavors. Thanks for sharing yourself with us 🙂

    • very very flattered,thx indeed..

  • Tom Owens

    I just yesterday saw the documentary after it showed up on netflix… What a neat story, and what an inspirational man you are. The grace you demonstrate towards some very insulting and very rude ‘fans’ by saying ‘i understand them, i’m a fan of steve perry too’ is going to sit with me forever. You have true class…

    • Jenaisle

      Arnel, indeed, has true class by reacting the way he did, It’s one scene that has been emblazoned on my mind, as well.

  • Hyacinth

    Arnel. I saw the documentary last week and somehow I am compelled to write you a note! WOW, your story is nothing short of amazing! It really moved me. I can so relate coming from nothing myself. Your talent is stellar but what’s more striking to me is your deep humility. You’ve accomplished so much and yet you’re so grounded- I love that about you. Congratulations and I wish you continued success!

    • i appreciate ur message.we can’t not look back no matter what,..

  • Anthony Folsom II

    Arnel I watched the rockumentary on Netflix man I have many friends from the Philippines and many of whom have been through similar life situations as you I just wanted to say your story touched me and you are a living inspiration to all of us musicians out here, it isn’t easy sometimes I’ve felt like giving up too man but just forget the haters because though you’re from the Philippines your voice is from heaven and no one can hate on that. Magadang gabi from the tagalog speaking American white guy….be safe in your ventures man

  • Jennifer Plante Johnson

    Dear Arnel,
    I just watched the documentary for the first time the other night. Tears flowed down my cheeks as I watched the documentary for many reasons: for the connection you and Journey were able to make, for the talent you have that you are able to share, for the hardships you’ve gone through and the way you took care of your loved ones, for the excellence of Journey and their willingness to embrace such a talented singer with grace and keep working hard for their fans and their love of music. I am grateful that there are so many amazing Journey songs in the world for us to enjoy. Your beautiful voice and presence have honored the legacy of the Journey that came before you and have breathed a new life into songs that mean so much to so many people. I am so happy that such a beautiful spirit came prepared to meet that moment of connection humbly and with humor.
    You are a bright light and I hope I can’t wait to see a Journey concert fronted by you soon!
    With warmest regards,
    Jennifer Plante Johnson
    resident of Goteborg, Sweden
    born in Boston, MA

  • Marlene Tetford

    Hi Arnel. Last night I saw the Journry documentary and I just wanted to say that I think that you are fantastic, phenomenal, amazing, awesome, etc. I was blown away when I heard you sing. Journey hit the jackpot with you. You are the perfect person to replace Steve Perry. I have been a Journey fan for a long time(the song that my ex-husband and I danced to at our wedding was When You Love A Woman) I was sure that no one could replace Steve Perry. I was wrong. I am so glad that they chose you. Also, I think it’s great that you didn’t let fame go to your head. You Rock Arnel!

  • Marilyn

    HI ARNEL – I saw your story on PBS – you are a fantastic singer!! BUT EVEN MORE THAN THAT, YOU ARE SUCH A SPECIAL PERSON – You are so warm and loving – Don’t ever change. YOU ARE ALSO A HANDSOME GUY WITH A BEAUTIFUL SWEET SMILE. GOD BLESS YOU AND YOUR WIFE AND FAMILY! Please keep using that wonderful voice.

  • annie amoranto

    Hi Arnel,

    A friend of mine is coming home next week for a two week vacation from New York. She’s a big fan of yours. She wants to go to your bar in Timog, just want to ask if you have a scheduled performance there this October?

    Thanks and regards,


    • rockville is on a break,hope to reopen soon…thx

  • Seth Tanner

    Arnel – just saw the film. Wow….. Very, very inspiring. Please don’t allow the crazy world you now find yourself take from your true self. The person you are at the core. I would tell you that within 60 seconds of watching the film on your life and beginnings with Journey…. I knew you were a good person. It is obvious. The way you act and the things you say. More than your gift of singing, your humility is your greatest gift and the very most impressive quality about you Arnel. Never change that part of yourself.

    I have been listening to Journey for so many years-from the beginning. I am now 48 and remember singing “Faithfully” to my wife of 26 years when we first met. Still our song. Still love Journey… always will. You have improved the band… and the sound my friend. Steve Perry was great, but you too have the same vocal genius. Its pure heaven on earth. Thank you for rockin the house in Salt Lake last year on tour. I wished you guys would have come back this year. I need to head down to Vegas or a better venue next time you are on tour.

    Your story reminded me of part of the lyrics to a song by the band RUSH called “Limelight”.

    Living in the limelight the universal dream
    For those who wish to be
    Must put aside the alienation
    Get on with the fascination
    The real relation
    The underlying theme

    Thank you Arnel for bringing angelic vocals to one of the greatest rock bands of my lifetime. May God bless you and your little family on your travels.

    Seth Tanner- Journey fan since 1978

    • love rush,brilliant artists..

  • Amy Klose

    Hi Arnel,

    Just unbelievable! How amazing how things worked out for you. It is more amazing how you took on this challenge . In the end, the true lessons of your life story you preach are the values of love, family and service with humility. After seeing your video, my hope is renewed, my faith is strengthened and I am so grateful I have lived to hear life stories like yours. You are blessed and I pray your love of your family, and your humbleness remain as you proceed more in your journey.

    Take care.

  • Brenda Bergquist

    I cannot believe the God given talent that you have been BLESSED with. You are indeed magic. I love your voice, personality and your stage presentation. You look like you really enjoy preforming and making people react to your sound. I am disappointed that you’ve cut your hair. I loved it. I have been a Journey fan since Steve Perry and I loved him but, I am not disappointed with you. You now have another follower, Me. Post pics of your family. Your wife is very pretty. Keep smiling.

  • Matthew Ward

    Hi Arnel! I just saw “Don’t Stop Believin” and I was so fascinated by your story and excited for you. I’m not sure how much touring you’re doing with the band now but I hope those “weticos” (crazy westerners lol) aren’t pushing too hard. Get Neal to do some instrumental songs, get out the bongos, and give your voice a break. Your voice is a gift from god. It’s not to be used and abused by the mass marketing machine. Peace and Love… Matthew

  • Tim Gray

    I saw Journey at DOG 1 Oakland Stadium 1981 or 82, I think. Then I spent 2 years in the Philippines (USAF). I just sat through the Independent Lens documentary and the “wow factor” is through the roof. I’m still not sure about what I’m seeing and how I missed this since 2007? Just unbelievable !!!! Arnel, you are nothing short of phenomenal. Continued success to you! Thank you / Salamat po

  • Andrea

    Your voice makes me vibrate from the inside out. I watch your heart spill out on the stage as you perform. You are a true shining star. It’s amazing your ability to reach out through a tv screen and touch another humans emotions. You, Arnel are extremely rare. God Bless.

  • sandra

    you are awesome,man!! i just saw your film on pbs and was really moved. wishing you all the best in life! peace!

  • Emma Juliano Ramos

    From Chicago-Arnel – Stay healthy and of well-being for the sake of your family. Love the PBS documentary on your rags to riches life. I just wish that there were subtitles whenever you spoke in Tagalog for the sake of the English speaking people watching the film. They missed on your thoughts because of the that. Good luck and God speed.

  • Tracia Fenstermacher


  • Tracia Fenstermacher


  • Suzan Cherubini Titus

    hi arnel, saw your story on pbs, and I was truly moved by it. you are a very humble man with a huge talent. sending my blessings to you and your beautiful family,,suzan

  • Jenaisle
  • Laura lou

    Hey Arnel. I just watched your music video. You came along way, I only wished I heard you back in “08. You definitely have that pure talent……& the rest follows. *`*~`*☆ Journey

  • Michele Marone


  • Jana Clover

    Hi, Mr. Pineda. I don’t typically take time to visit fan sites much less post a comment but after seeing your story today I felt compelled to do just that. I was flipping through the channels and came across a video of an interview of a man with this million watt grin and an energy that practically jumped through the glass. It took only 2 seconds of that and I was hooked. And then you started to sing. Oh my goodness! I was blown away by what I saw! Seeing you on stage, putting everything you have into your performance, was truly awe-inspiring. Mr. Pineda, I think you are probably one of the only performers today that truly understands that music is more than just a way to make big money. It is obvious by watching you that you are in it for the music itself and the people who love it as much as you do. Your love for your craft, for your listeners, shines through with every note you sing and seeing it today literally brought tears to my eyes. You are an awe-inspiring example of a true artist and I sincerely hope that you will continue to share a bit of your magic with the world for many years to come. Thank you. ~Ms. Jana Clover

  • Briss

    Hi Arnel. I only wish to see Journey live. I didn’t know when you came to Spain 🙁 I’ll try to go to USA to enjoy Journey’s music and specially your beautiful voice.

  • Paul

    Arnel, just watching your documentary on Netflix. I heard your story a few years ago and it really is unbelievable. You deserve everything that happened to you. You’re a nice genuine guy with an amazing voice, Perry would be proud of you I’m sure.
    Hope to catch you on tour in the UK soon.

  • Curtis Collins

    Arnel, This week was the first time I heard you sing but even though I am a long time Journey fan I am more impressed with your life story. I love the fact that you have came from nothing and succeeded but not forgotten where you came from! If what I see and hear is true, I believe what you do and how you give back, realizing this short term fame can be an avenue to help others, is a true motivation that comes from God! Being married to my beautiful wife for over 26 years I can only admire and appreciate your love and devotion to your wife. Your wife seems to be a virtuous woman! Remember my friend the value of a wife like that is worth more than all the worldly fame you can obtain. I pray you never change and always hold strong to God, family values and help those who are in need! Keep yourself pure my friend and remember we are only here for a short time. If you guys are ever on tour again in my area I will try to make sure my wife and I see your show. Thank you and God Bless you for your inspiration to give back!


  • Nancyd2736

    Hi Arnel! I had a viewing party for the movie, everyone loved it and the inspiration it gave! I remember that is what you told me, you wanted to inspire others not to give up! God bless you Arnel, love you to the moon and back!

  • Maria

    Hi Arnel,
    I also just watched “Don’t Stop Believin’ ” and I think your voice is amazing (better than Steve Perry’s). You are also way too modest. Journey is lucky they found you not the other way around! I think you add a positivity, energy and down to earth quality to the band, which is desperately needed. It’s too bad the band didn’t let you give the songs your own style though. I would rather see you moving around on stage than standing still in one spot the entire time. Anyway, your awesome!

  • Melanie Duncan

    Watched “Don’t Stop Believin’: Everyman’s Journey” tonight. I listened to Journey growing up as a kid due to having older brothers, that listen to Kansas, Kiss, Robert Plant, ACDC, Lynyrd Skynyrd, Boston, and Queen. Steve Perry’s voice was Journey but you are now Journey made all over again. Your voice is a testament to true and unforgettable music. Your love for your past and where you came from has defined you as a person. Keep doing what you are doing. You have rocked us all. A sincere fan. -Kenneth Duncan

  • Lucretia Ann Thompson

    Arnel I have been a journey fan for many years….you are the REAL THING no joke man you are amazing brother keep it up

  • Shawndra Graham

    Dear Arnel,
    Great pipes , wide range, grateful spirit. Please don’t listen to negative people. Keep singing. We are listening and enjoying your gifts !

  • James Walker

    Watched “Don’t Stop Believin’: Everyman’s Journey” today. Great story. It’s the first time I heard you sing and you are pretty good. Keep it up.

  • Chris Hayes-Seamon

    It’s always encouraging to see someone climb to the top, as you have. I enjoy listening to you and the band. I am also in admiration of your kindness, politeness, and your seemingly much love for your family. I hope you keep that. And, as far as your passed addictions-well, I for one know the hardships and heartaches that come with that game. I know the lifestyle all too well-know this, you are not alone with constant temptation, and it’s never going to be easy, just keep in mind your family. That’s what helps me. I’ve been sober for ten years now. Keep on keepin’ on, and never lose sight of what’s most important in life-love and family. May my God in heaven keep you humble and bless you with all the love and pleasures that life can truly bring.

  • delonge

    Dear Arnel,
    I am a huge Journey fan and the magic you bring to the round is awe inspiring. Seeing where you started from and now ending up in one of the greatest bands on God’s Earth is truly a blessing. You are an extremely talented man and I applaud your gifted voice. I myself am just a theatre student who is dabbling in a few hobbies. One of them is manning a web series where I review music, one episode dedicated to Journey ironically. However there is one hobby I wish to grow into and that is autograph collecting. I was wondering, if it wasn’t too much to ask, if I could request your autograph Arnel? Now I now you’re a very busy man with a heavy schedule. If you say no, I’ll understand. I just thought I’d ask one of my favorite singers this opportunity. Again, God bless and keep singing.

  • disqus_HkGSszRck3

    Steve Perry is no Arnel Pineda!

  • m drinnon

    I’m not a screaming fan, I just watched your story on PBS. I lost my voice in a car accident & wondered if you had idea on things I can do. I’m 42 & can’t speak well. I saw things on your counter. I used to sing ok, nothing like you. But, I can’t even get a phone job, although I have a degree. Was super nice to see this PBS show. I’m Swedish all day, but my step family is Fillipino. I’m so happy you made it guy! I’m proud!

  • Fernando Silva


  • Guest

    I saw the documentary last night. It was so inspiring. You have an awesome voice. Every chance I get, I’m watching youtube videos of you now. I Love your values and your dedication to family. Take care! Thank you!!

  • Ellaine Tiamzon

    Thank you for the Great documentary show last night.

    Proud to be Filipino Arnel!
    Great talent and keep your self on the ground.
    Mabuhay kabayan!
    Hope to see you perform here in Calgary Canada.

  • kerry michaels

    My dear Arnel, thank you for inspiring me to reconsider my music again as a singer and songwriter. I would have never imagined wanting to sing again until I saw your story, and I wish you and your family all the best that the world has to give you. thank you for giving me hope

  • Brenda

    You are awesome! Ignore the haters. They just have ugly hearts! Everyone knows your blessed with a voice and a beautiful heart. God bless you.

  • JanetTotten

    Hi, Arnel! I saw the PBS show last night. Wow! What a story. You have been through so much and deserve all of life’s blessings. It is an honor to hear you sing.

  • Julie Hymel

    I watched your documentary last night on PBS. You are an amazing person and so deserving of all you’ve been blessed with. You are humble, loving and real which is a refreshing thing to see in someone that has fame. It was so great to hear you say that family is the most important thing in this world, I couldn’t agree more, they’ll be the ones to stick by you through the good and the bad. Your childhood was so difficult and it is a testament that we should always look to a brighter future, what seems bad now won’t always be that way. May God continually bless you and your family!

  • Sherri Braziel Walker

    Arnel. God has given you an amazing gift. You’re voice. You have overcome many hardships to be blessed, as you are today. Stay true to yourself and the values you have embraced along the way. My best to you and your lovely wife, Cherry. Be faithful and true to each other as you go through this journey together. My best to you. God bless you always.

  • Suzann

    No matter where you are or where you come from, there is a greater purpose to your life.
    It’s good to see someone with your passion for life no matter what has been given or taken away.
    To see some of your life’s purposes in full bloom has been a privilege! Yeah, I’ll keep Believin’!

  • Teri Pratt-Yates

    Amazing, Arnel. You have total and complete talent. God Bless and good fortune to you and your family! Loved the DOCUMENTARY – excellent portrayal and very real!!

  • Laura

    You are an amazing singer and person! You deserve all you have gotten! God Bless!

  • Cheryl N Chuck Negra

    I just finished watching the OPB special on journey’s journey to find a new lead singer and boy was I amazed at just how great the documentary was!

    You are a perfect fit for this band 😉 and they know it! As a diehard fan of rock and roll I appreciate how hard it must have been for you to transition to the U.S.

    Thank you!

    Cheryl in Newberg, Or.

  • Kyle

    Dear Arnel: Your story, your voice, the heart that comes through it and the man that you are brought a warmth to my heart I cannot describe. If ever there was a story of destiny, yours is the ultimate!! I hope to see you live sometime. I am 60 years old and I saw Journey in 1981 and hope to see them all again with you as the lead vocalist. Stay true to your focus on family and you will continue to thrive! Thank you for sharing your gift!


    Just heard Arnels voice, what a range!! He is absolutely amazing! A true talent, thankful to have him join such an iconic group…..Love Journey!! Thank you Arnel for giving the world another beautiful voice!

  • Silvia Sharrar

    You are truly amazing! Just saw your documentary again and once again had goose bumps watching your story. Stay true to yourself Arnel! Can’t wait to see you again in Honolulu,HI!

  • Nel NagatSu

    Alguém pode informar quando vai ter show do Journey no Brasil??

  • Joe

    I grew up with Journey and when Steve perry left, I was heartbroken, I was certain that the band would go under, then one day as I was walking in the mall I past a music store and journey was playing on the TV, and I heard the voice of Steve perry but I seen you as the singer, I was shocked and excited , My favorite band of all time had once again found it’s voice.

    You are an amazing singer and one talented individual, and I thank you for bring back the band of my youth.

  • Eric Mueller

    I just want to say you have an Amazing voice and I wish you the best 🙂

  • Tomas Mosley

    You ROCK brother. I love your voice but more than that….I love your heart. Stay true to your woman and family. Your words hold great power as long as you live by them. Remember where you came from *drug/alcohol and how that is a dead end street. When times get tuff…when you get down…go back to your roots….love and family…never forget God’s blessings on you. Peace

  • hello…back home for now..thank you thank you for all your messages!!!

    • Cynthia Nolen

      Glad you are home. Enjoy your break from touring. Rest up, take care, enjoy life. We are here when you need us.

    • Bonnie

      Arnel, stay aware of the signs of the presence of God in your life.

  • Tamaracffh

    Hi Arnel, first off I am so proud of your accomplishments and I want to say you have fans all over, I hope you enjoy your time off and hug and embrace your family, your story growing up touched a special place in my heart, I also have the condition your mom has, let me say I’m so sorry for your loss. I’m sure your mom is so very proud and watches over you, God bless never change!!!

  • Kristina Lynn

    Dear Mr. Pineda,

    My name is Kristina Lynn Bowden and I love Journey. I’m 19
    and I have autism. My favorite song is “Don’t Stop Believing.” I just saw your movie and I like it. It was
    very interesting. I would love to meet you. Have a picture and autograph. And tell
    you I help for homeless people who live in Galt and need food and clothes and
    everything they need. It’s called Project Love. I would really love to see you
    and your band in concert and hear Don’t Stop Believing. Can you be in Sacramento,
    CA? It will really mean a lot to me. Please let me know.

    Thank you.

    Kristina L. Bowden

    p.s. my 3 year old niece Ava loves “Don’t Stop Believing.” She’ll ask more Journey? Or I need Journey. Could
    I have two shirts one with an autograph? It don’t matter what size. It’s for my
    Ava. Thank you :}

  • Carlos Mercado

    Arnel dito pa kosa Pinas, ang daya mo nag bithday ka di ka nangumbuda ah, jamming muna bago ulet ako bumalik ng barko, 0919 6677226 / 410 3125

  • melrosel

    yey!!! congratulations Arnell/Journey ! your perpormance in San Francisco Bay was sooo amazing!!! the audience were great and they loved you! Way to go Arnel. Keep safe and healthy. God bless you and your lovely femily!

  • Silvio Borsato

    Hi Arnel,
    I live in Braeside, Ontario, Canada. I love your performance and view of life. You are doing a fantastic job under all the pressure of traveling away from your family and giving to the fans. Believe in yourself my man and enjoy the ride because it will end one day. Hug your family whenever you can. Peace!!

  • Geno Orphanopoulos

    Hi Arnel. I was so impressed with the band last night at the America’s Cup Pavilion in San Francisco. The band was tight, and the energy was fantastic. But I must say, I was most impressed with you! You owned the stage last night. Your voice was powerful, spot on, and never once missed a step. As a matter of fact, you went above and beyond on some notes! I’m a singer with a discerning ear, and I know what I heard was amazing. Journey is an iconic band, and you are now the heartbeat of the band with your soaring tenor and charming personality. You won the heart of San Francisco last night. As I said to you backstage, thank you for your gift – your gift to all of us of not only your incredible voice, but your humble and appreciative attitude. You are a superstar, my friend. Rock on! And one more thing – when you first performed in Santiago, Chile (where most of my family resides) you also met my niece, Consuelo, pictured below. I’m happy to say now two of my family members have met you, and Consuelo’s mother – my sister, Alejandra – is ready to say hello on your next trip to Chile. You stand as a reminder that good things do happen to good people. Blessings and continued success. – Geno Orphanopoulos

  • Wylou Jay C. Garciano

    Hi Arnel, This is Wylou from Digos, We meet each other before in Digos City at Aurora Highway, when you had your vacation… I am pleased to inform you that Angelo your son is loving music and doing good in music industry in our town, They have a group called Angelo Pineda and The Boyfriends… we are helping them together with Manoy George… Hope we could meet up soon and if you have time visit us in Digos… You may contact us directly at +63919-657-3156 or email me at wylougarciano@yahoo.com… Thank you! More power to you and God bless!

    • melrosel

      like father like son, handsome and charming din ang anak mo Arnel! congratulations!!!

  • Traci Lapp

    Hi, Arnel! You and your story are amazing. I am in love with “Eclipse.” I’m a teacher, and the theme for this school year is “Together Anything is Possible.” I took my CD into my administrators office and played “Anything Is Possible,” and I had her read the lyrics. It sends the message we want to give these children. She loved it, so our whole elementary school will be hearing it and singing along with it all school year! I would love to meet you, or be close to you in the pit at a concert some day. I saw Journey at Hershey Park, Pennsylvania back in August. I was about 60 rows back, and when you went down onto the lower platform, I couldn’t see you! But, I watched you on the big screens. I hope Journey will consider doing another tour. I’ve seen them with 3 different lead singers…but there’s something special about you!
    Traci Lapp

    • Jenaisle

      I agree a hundred percent!

  • Brandy Leigh Dunnigan

    Loved Journey before Arnel but a couple months ago my husband and I watched the documentary and not only did I fall in love with Arnel’s story but his voice is AMAZING and although we have always loved Journey’s music ( I grew up listening with my parents, I am 36), Arnel has given us a renewed enthusiastic interest and as I said before, his voice is nothing short of amazing.

  • Yasuharu Murakami

    Hello Arnel

    I send a message as a Japanese fan
    My Name is Yasuharu Murakami
    I am a Japanese, but a wife is a Filipino
    I am a fan of JOURNEY from old days
    After you became a member of JOURNEY
    The band powered it up
    Very splendid

    I was going to go to LIVE HOUSE which you of Kezon City going two years ago, but I thought that I knew it, but, in Japan, there was a very big earthquake disaster
    My Home Town was a place near the epicenter

    My house did not have the damage, but the house of my younger brother was strolled around for a tsunami

    And father died by this tsunami
    It was Shock and a very sad event
    I fell down by a disease, too and was hospitalized for one year
    Two years passed since that, and a heart became finally calm

    And from December 27 to January 5 of the next year
    I am going to stay in the Philippines
    I want to go to hear your song during the stay
    Are you in the Philippines?

    Want to know the schedule of your LIVE HOUSE; if is good, please tell me, and thank you.

  • Jeff

    Dear Arnel,

    I realize this message will not likely reach you personally,
    but I will write it any way. I’m not sending a message to praise you as that
    would be to obvious. You are truly great in your own right and I admire that.

    In short, I am a 50 something guy who still hasn’t given up
    his dream, and you have inspired me to write this.

    I actually learned about you and your story on a video on a
    flight from Thailand to Abu Dhabi recently. It inspired me to try to contact
    you. In vain, I know, probably, but I figured, what the hell , why not. Your
    life changed from an email, so maybe mine might.

    I’m long past the dream of being a famous rock star, but I
    feel I still have something significant to offer as a song writer.

    I won’t waste your time, so let me conclude by saying, I think I have
    “something” to offer to a wider audience from my 2×1.5 homemade
    soundproof booth. I do of course realize this is “Mental” to probably
    even write, but, I figured, hey, if I never give up, just maybe, someone else might
    agree, I have something good to offer.

    Thank you for your time.



  • I just saw the documentary and have to say I think you are amazing and inspiring!

  • Darren McCormack

    Hey Arnel,A belated Bday msg for you 😉 My name’s Darren & i’m a 70’s rocker from Australia 😉 I was just on way home from Europe…France-Melbourne & watched the Journey movie x 2 😀 Loved the way you worked your way up from the streets of Manila to achieve your goals & dreams…Such an amazing & spiritual JOURNEY for you my man…Your awesome voice & feet on the ground,level headed approach to life is an undeniable & powerful mix…I’m proud of you & wish you all the success possible for the future 😉 A special mention to Mr Schon for searching so long & hard to locate you…Not to mention his awesome guitar playing…Enjoy ur life & more importantly enjoy the JOURNEY…Cheers Bro..!! Daz 😉

  • fenor1

    Arnel, you are a very gifted artist and a wonderful human being to all and to your Plokker family from all over the world. You’ve always been modest and simple in your ways, accommodating and approachable to your friends and fans and most of all you wear that big heart of yours every moment you can with whatever you engage yourself into. You inspire people unknowingly with your unpretentious but responsible personality. We are so proud of your talent, personality and appreciate your friendship. As always,we’ll be here for you and support you! Happy birthday, AP and may God keep you, Che, the children and bless y’all today and forever!!

  • charles miller

    Hello buddy Chuck Miller here your first security guy ;). Happy Birthday. We both started in 2008 at 40!! time flys. Hope your well you have done great. I love your movie and so glad to be apart of your adventure even if only for a minute lol. Cheers!! Miss ya dude.

  • Joyce Boky

    Xxxxxxxxx l. D.h. thanks for all you are, did and for all the happiness, music, love, joy and faith you will bring in ur future

  • Jhon Kenneth Ramirez

    Happy birthday, Kuya Arnel 😀 Your voice truly inspires everybody. How I wish I have the same voice as yours. XD Wish you all the best and more birthdays to come. God bless, idol.

  • tokiwa

    Happy Birthday Arnel

  • Eb2008

    Eb2008 ‏@eb2008to2m
    Happy Birthday @arnelpineda from Toronto Plokkers pic.twitter.com/rcS6qJxqqf


  • Anita Molina

    Happy Bday Arnel, I wish you more success, good health and happiness with your family

  • lizzgell

    Happy Birthday Arnel!!! May you have many more to come…enjoy your special day with family and friends. God bless idol!

  • Sally Lagman

    Happy Birthday Arnel. I am so taken by your amazing talent & presence. I wish you love & happiness. Will be at the San Francisco concert on Sept. 16. We flew to Atlantic City to see you on Aug. 4th & loved the show so much.

  • Alona Mira Robinson

    Arnel, David said Hi, and take care of your voice. Have a Wonderful Birthday, and enjoy your vacation.

  • Jenaisle

    HAPPY, HAPPY BIRTHDAY ARNEL! Thanks for being an inspiration to me and countless of people around the globe. You rock!

  • Lori Z Allberry

    Hi Arnel, We (my husband and I) have been Journey fans forever!! We met when I was 15 and he was 16, and ‘our song’ from the very beginning was Faithfully. Now with 25 years together, my husband and I now claim ‘After All these Years’ as our song. Needless to say, our children have grown up listening to Journey! We always have Journey playing in the car, during our spare time, we play Journey YouTube videos on tv, as a matter of fact, that is how we spend a lot of our weekend evenings! ;o) We have been to five of your concerts (which is not NEARLY enough!), and were lucky enough to see you this past weekend in Aspen, AND bring our children! All three of our children (ages 23, 21 and 17) agreed it was by FAR the BEST concert they have ever been to! Arnel, we were the three gals in the front row, you waved to us before the concert started when I spied you from the corner of the stage, you looked at us while singing, you came down off the stage to let us give you hugs (so exciting for us!), and then replied to our Tweets after the concert, you have no idea how much it means to us! We can’t stop talking about the experience or thinking about it! We can NOT wait to see you again! Your voice, your enthusiasm, your smile and your energy is AMAZING! YOU are AMAZING! We won’t be able to make it to your Lake Tahoe or Atlanta concerts unfortunately, but can’t wait until your 2014 line up is announced! Thank You for ALL you do for so many!!! You make our hearts happy!!! ♥ All the Best, Lori

  • Elaina Benson

    I wish you nothing but peace, love and happiness for your birthday and all year through. ..Elaina…Toronto, Canada..

  • Alona Mira Robinson

    Happy Birthday Arnel.. See you next concert in Albuquerque, NM. Kumusta mo ako sa mga ka babayan dyan sa atin

  • merly crisostomo

    LOVE YOU SO MUCH!!!!!!!:> …!!!

  • WAVE63

    Happy Birthday Arnel!!!!!

  • margie

    Happy Birthday to you Arnel!!! We love you and think you are the most amazing man we have ever had the honor of meeting. Enjoy your break and the time with your family.Have a wonderful birthday!!! Love Ed and Margie Varley

  • Jennifer Arzac

    Hola!! Solo quiero expresar toda mi admiración para Arnel, que voz!!

  • Lucena Reccion

    Hi Arnel! Enjoy your break. God bless you and your family. I wish you the best of health always, so you can continue to inspire your fans in the world. Best of luck to you and Journey to your forthcoming concerts and commitments. Your music is amazing! I was watching the U. S. Open tennis earlier today and they announced that they were playing Don’t Stop Believing when the rain stopped the games.

  • Jenaisle
  • Laura Esteves De Irlanda

    You are the only celebrity I follow… I always thought this was stupid, but you are absolutely amazingly humble and real. My kind of people! I could not resist to write you and maybe meet you one day 🙂 Steve Perry…Amazing voice.. But you have the spirit and your voice speak for many… My mom was my inspiration as well… I miss her too.

  • Laura Esteves De Irlanda

    ang cutest Pilipinas kailanman

    • Laura Esteves De Irlanda

      opps ! Don’t know how to erase this! Bad translation. Sorry Arnel I stay to english for now. Love you! Cutest Philipino ever!!! Your got me when you smile 🙂

  • Laura Esteves De Irlanda

    Hello Arnel.. I will learn Tagalog just for you lol ! mahilig ka

    • Jenaisle

      @lauraestevesdeirlanda:disqus hehehe. I think that’s not what you mean. It has a meaning which is negative for men.

    • Connie Ruiz

      hahaha no comment just LOL

  • Laura Esteves De Irlanda

    Happy to finally find this page 🙂

    • Cynthia Nolen

      We’re glad you did too Laura. Come to the Chat room to chat with us.

      • Laura Esteves De Irlanda

        Thanks.. How?

        • Cynthia Nolen

          At the top of the page in the menu bar, click Chat. You’ll need to be logged in to post. We are there off and on daily. Can’t wait to see you there.

        • Connie Ruiz

          warmth welcome to you Laura 🙂

        • Laura Esteves De Irlanda

          Thanks Connie !

  • Laura Esteves De Irlanda


    • Jody Nichols

      Arnel I hope you realise you are so respected.You are a good honorable man

  • Mark Packernation Tomlinson

    So when will journey be comming to green bay wi. They were here last year but not this year. Arnel we want you and journey back in titletown usa home of the 13 time world champion green bay packers. We love journey

  • Roberto Payes

    Hello Arnel, we also saw your concert in Albuquerque, great concert, except that the sound system there, left alot to be desired. It seemed like the Amplifiers on all Instruments and vocals were wide open and drowned each other out, except on some songs where the guitar and you were the only ones competing. Your voice is amazing and the band was great, the solos, were also great, just wish the sound was better.

  • Alona Mira Robinson

    Hi, Arnel we saw your concert last night in Albuquerque. That was great show except that drunk lady who gave you a ring almost vomit on me.. don’t wear that ring baka may gayuma yon!

  • Anita Holloman

    Hello Arnel! Watching you perform in Mulvane, KS knowing you were not feeling well was unbelievable and inspirational!!! I stood in amazement as the people around us were blown away by your stellar voice, killer smile and breathtaking moves…thinking to myself, you should see him perform at 100%…he’s that great!! Watching you perform is truly a privilege and honor Arnel :}} Thank you again for sharing your beautiful talents with us, as well as sacrificing so much… always going above and beyond to make us happy!!! ~ Stay strong & Stay the course ~ LOL *Always & Forever* :+))

  • Phil Forsongwriter

    Hey Arnel If your Working on a Solo project are you looking for any co-writers anytime soon?

  • Karen Timmins

    Hi where can I buy the album live in lamilla

    • Cynthia Nolen

      Hi Karen. I got my Live in Manila DVD at WalMart but you can also get it on Amazon.com. Let me know if you have any other questions.

  • Connie Ruiz

    Hi sir Arnel, pa ” Hi ” naman po. Pinanood ko ang concert nyo, napakalapit nyo sa akin pero and layo nyo pa rin abutin para lang sana ma shake hands nyo sir 🙂 umm kelan kaya mangyayari yon 🙂

  • hey everyone.you keep me going on and strong as always..and i guess its only right to thank you all over and over again.you never cease to amaze me.your love and support is just overwhelming..God bless everyone and ill keep you in my prayers..love and respect..yours truly..

    • fabbest

      Arnel, thanks so much for your message to Joanne. She couldn’t believe it!!! She is so inspired by your story (she pays very close attention every time you spoke, haha) and it’s literally driven her to get up every single day.

      • Jenaisle

        That goes for all of his fans, me too. Keep inspiring people, Arnel.

    • WAVE63

      Thanks AP,I’ll support you always and forever ,God bless you and your family : )

    • Indaya09

      THANK YOU!!! You so deserve our loyalty, love, respect, and adoration. After seeing you perform 3 times live for the last 10 mos., I’m still keeping my high hopes that one day I’ll be able to shake your hand…(I died the last three times I missed shaking your hand). But you know, I resurrect upon hearing your songs… God Bless you and yours!!! 😉

      • Indaya09

        I got your EJ dvd 3 days ago. My family and I were @AFI Silverdocs (opening) the 2 day screening in 2012. We couldn’t get tired of watching your story…it continue to inspire us and remind us that dreams do come true…

    • Jenaisle

      Hi Arnel, you’re also a inspiration to all of us. Keep rocking! God bless you too!

  • Meg

    And God bless you and your family.

  • Meg

    Yes, thank GOD for His gift to Journey and to all of us.
    Arnel, your hard work, humility, and constant smile are truly inspirational.

    PS… Thank you for rockin’ Ravinia

  • Yoli Luevano

    I just watched Everyman’s Journey.. Just WOW! This documentary just increased my adoration and respect for you 10 fold… Thank GOD for his gift to Journey!

  • Amy Lee

    Have a Blessed Day Arnel and THANKYOU for bringing us all together. Godspeed!

  • chris

    Hi Arnel magandang araw sayo,

  • Connie Crawford

    * Hey there Birthday Buddy!! I’ve been enjoying all the photos and videos that everyone has been sharing….no shows in or near NY this Tour, so I have to wait again till next year…maybe….2 years without a JOURNEY SHOW??!! Only show I had tix for last year were VIP for BROOKLYN and SANDY took care of that one….PLEASE try to come back to Saratoga soon…or even NYC…miss you!!

  • Jenaisle

    Hello Arnel, @coley716:disqus finally found the AATY in Cheyenne video. I wrote about it. http://jenaisleonline.com/2013/08/13/video-of-journeys-after-all-these-years-with-arnel-pineda-in-cheyenne-wyoming-finally-found/

    • Jenaisle

      wow! thanks for liking, Arnel. You made my day-no matter what!

  • Jenaisle

    Hello guys, could you help me in this search of any video of Arnel and Journey’s “After All These Years” performance in Cheyenne Wyoming? Your “LIKES” and “SHARES” would be truly appreciated. Thanks.


    • Jenaisle

      Hello Arnel, I haven’t Stopped Believin’ 😀

  • Jong

    Hi arnel,
    I am a co-parent at DPS and there was where i first saw you. You really took time to be in the school to support your child, awesome!!! You are so cool and so nice to let all of us star-strucked moms/school employees take our picture with you. I couldn’t believe that someone as popular and successful as you would be very humble and accomodating. God bless you always and stay continue to be an inspiration to all of us.

    • Lucena Reccion

      Arnel, you remain an inspiration to so many. Please don’t ever change. Stay humble and take care of your finances.

  • Jenaisle

    Arnel, I wrote another post about your documentary film: “Don’t Stop Believin”. Continue serving as an inspiration to others. http://jenaisleonline.com/2013/08/07/arnel-pinedas-journey-to-stardom-continues-with-dont-stop-believin-everymans-journey-film/

  • Pwb

    Arnel, I just watched Don’t Stop Believin’: Everymans Journey. I have to say you rock! Your story is very inspirational. The Internet is such a great tool. I’m glad Journey found you and you can see it…Journey has been re-ignited and rocking like they always have. Congrats to you for making Journey special to so many people.

  • Jenaisle

    Hello Arnel, I’m on a crusade for any video of you performing “After All These Years” in Wyoming. I just can’t get over it. I know somewhere out there someone has videotaped it. I’ll just to look farther and not “Stop Believin.” Thanks again for agreeing to perform one of my favorite songs because of a fan request. I wrote about it, and would keep searching. Thanks.


  • Christina Nelson

    I am on my way with my family to Gilford, NH to see you and the band at Meadowbrook tomorrow night. My husband and I are bringing our two children to see you. They love Journey, especially our soon to be 12 year old Gage Nelson, his birthday being this weekend. He idolizes the band Journey who’s favorite song is “Don’t stop believing” I wonder if you get this you could possibly do a shout out to him. It would mean the world to him.
    Christina Nelson

  • Carl

    Is there any plan of shows here in L.A area? Please email me or post in my facebook. carlpetalber@yahoo.com.

  • dxwarrior

    Hi Arnel,

    Sana mapagbigyan mo kami, please sing the songs “Show Me The Way”, and “Can’t Live Without Love” by the Storm. Dream namin noon pa na marinig na ikaw ang kumakanta ng songs na to. Kahit portions man lang kung merong contractual issues. Ka range mo kasi ang boses ng singer nila.

    I think this would also help bring this songs to popularity, sayang kasi parang di naririnig ng mainstream samantalang magaganda rin naman sila and typical Journey ang pagkakagawa.

    Thanks in advance.

  • Scarlett

    hello kuya arnel, i hope mawala na po yung jet lag niyo. just relax and smell the flowers para maenjoy mo yung beauty at kultura ng iba’t ibang bansa sa tour niyo 🙂 i think you’re really awesome and such an inspiration talaga. i always listen to your music kahit yung mga singles niyo way back sa ph. and i always watch out for your next activities. i hope you and the band (journey) can come down here in ph soon for another concert. manood po talaga ako 🙂 wishing you all the best in the world. love love love

  • Manny Pangilinan

    Hi Arnel,

    My brother and I had the pleasure of meeting you June 30th on the flight from Nagoya to Manila in the business class seating section. You wanted me to touch base with you when you have your concert in Windsor at Caesars Windsor July 24th. Would love the chance to say hello. If not, have a great concert.

    • oh yeah.naaalala ko ito.hope you guys are great..thank you for supporting.

  • melrosel

    kaya mo yan ARNEL! be strong and have faith in yourself! Don’t stop Believing. We love you!

  • Shelley Holden Hathaway

    just watched “Don’t Stop Believin’ ” and Arnel your story is SO
    awesome. I think God had you picked out of all the millions it could’ve
    been! Your Mom would be so proud. I lost my only son to a drunk driver,
    he was only 21. He loved Journey too. God bless you. You are so very
    talented. Wishing you all the best. You brought new life to JOURNEY! ♥

    • sorry about your loss,stay strong..

      • Shelley Holden Hathaway

        Thank you!!! God bless you and your family. Love to hear you singing!!!

  • Sheryl Ann Cameron

    Hello Arnel I am a true Journey fan! I have listened to Journey for as long as I can remember. In 1977 I left home to join the carnival and Wheel in the Sky was my theme. Now 36 years later I will return to that very state fair I left with and see you for the 1st time. I am pumped!! Thank you for coming to the NDSF. I will NEVER stop believin………in Journey! See you in Minot.

  • mae belec

    hello arnel…i know you have many fans all over the world…and i hope you will appreciate how i adore you…i will still be a fan of yours even if you lose your voice because you are a very good person…you deserve all the blessings that you have…hope i would see you one day arnel….

  • Bruce Biddinger

    Arnell fthis is from traverse city michigan i sponsored your movie at the traverse city film festival we had so much fun with Cappella that movie inspired so many people,I also missed a meet and greet at the soaring eagle in mt pleasant because of things happen wrong when u r so looking forward for a once in a ltfe time chance to meet a person wit a story like your oh well maybe someday,however we did see u in grand rapids that was a great concert,and that was 3 short weeks after my knee replacement,well enough chater for now be safe keep yourself healthy and dont stop believin!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! p.s tell YUL hey

    • wow.i just got tjis oday.lon ime.i am so so sorry.thank you so much for supporting sir.may God bless your kind heart..

  • Jenaisle

    Hello Arnel, I have come across this request at Facebook from one of your avid fans in Wyoming and decided to write about it. I posted everywhere, hoping you would be able to read it before your July 19 concert. http://jenaisleonline.com/2013/07/15/a-request-from-an-avid-fan-from-wyoming-for-arnel-pineda-and-journey-to-sing-after-all-these-years/

    • fabbest

      Hi Jen! He will get this message. However, the setlist is entirely up to the band and management – not only Arnel; so let’s hope they do it!

      • Jenaisle

        Thanks a lot @Fabbest, you’ve been very hopeful. Yes, I understand. I do hope they’ll consider her request.

        • fabbest

          Arnel just tweeted:

          After All These Years is so noted.the boys said yea. do watch out..— Arnel Pineda (@arnelpineda) July 16, 2013

        • Jenaisle

          WOW! that’s amazing fabbest. I’m sure she and many more fans in Wyoming would be super thrilled. Thanks for sending this to Arnel.

          Thanks a zillion times, Arnel and Journey, for considering the humble request, you’re great persons, worthy of adulation and respect. You truly rock!

        • CONGRATS!!!!! After All These Years was added to the set list tonight in Cheyenne, WY.

        • Jenaisle

          YAY!!! THANkS, thanks.

        • Carl

          Hi fabbest it sounds like you have connection with the band. Do you know if there is plan of shows here in L.A. area. Theres one in SF on Sept 2013 but it takes me 7 hour drive. Thanks.

  • AP is looking for a Mangkono seedling. Anybody knows where to get one?


    Hey tweetmates from pinas! anyone knows where u could hook me up with a MANGKONO seedling? known also as ironwood tree.

    • Jenaisle

      I have announced this on my FB page, I hope someone responds.

    • Jenaisle

      Hello Arnel and moderators,

      I’ve found this online from the Rainforestation Information Portal, for the Mangkono seedlings:


      Sitio B-Uno, Brgy. Canlubang; Calamba City; Laguna

      Earth Day Network Philippines, Inc. – Tubong Pinoy Central Nursery

      Contact Person:
      Forester Ryan V. Vita

      earthday.phils@gmail.com, rvvita84@gmail.com, (632) 332-6030 / 0916-5764859

      Species Available:

      Mangkono (Xanthostemon verdugonianus), Molave (Vitex parviflora), Narra (Pterocarpus indicus), Natong-linis (Palaquium glabrifolium), Philippine teak (Tectona philippinensis)

      I’ll try to contact too, if i can.

    • Jenaisle

      I posted the source of Mangkono seedlings here, but it has been deleted? Should I post it again? Kindly inform. Thanks.

    • Jenaisle

      Hello Arnel, Fabbest,

      I saw this online from http://www.rainforestation.ph/rfsitesnurseries/nurseries.html. I hope it helps.

      Location: Sitio B-Uno, Brgy. Canlubang; Calamba City; Laguna
      Institution: Earth Day Network Philippines, Inc. – Tubong Pinoy Central Nursery
      Contact Person: Forester Ryan V. Vita

      earthday.phils@gmail.com, rvvita84@gmail.com, (632) 332-6030 / 0916-5764859

      Species Available: Mangkono (Xanthostemon verdugonianus), Molave (Vitex parviflora),

    • dxwarrior

      hello gigi, there are a lot of these “mangkono” in surigao del norte. Actually it is called “Magkono” there. I’m in saudi right now but will go home by the end of this month. I’ll check where we can get seedlings from and i’ll get back to you.

  • Jenaisle

    Hello Arnel, I am a recent but avid fan; I can’t survive a day without listening to your music. One of the items in my Bucket List is to be able to watch you perform LIVE, have a picture taken with you, and have your CD autographed. I hope all these would be fulfilled.

    Here’s an article for you. I hope you’d be able to spare the time to read it. I would be extremely happy if you did. Here it is:


  • Lookforthegood

    It is easy to sit back and imagine a band or favorite music in your life. Journey fulfilled that place in my life from the 70’s and on. I have found the music to be extremely relevant and helped me look inside to find the true person I’m. Thank you Arnel for allowing that legacy to live on. Your contribution means so much to so many. You, along with the entire band of Journey have been with me through the best of life, and the worst.

  • epiblandon19

    Knellsky, thanks for letting your fans know that you appreciate our posts and that you read all of them. We know you are very busy and yet you take time to write and keep us updated on what’s going on with your private life. I just want to say that not a lot of celebrities do what you tried to do keeping in touch with your fans. Also want to say that you and your family is blessed because of your beautiful heart.

  • Indaya09

    AP, thanks for taking the time posting your lovely messages here AP…it meant the world to a lot of us…with your busy schedule and family time, you managed to make time for us! We appreciate you, adore you, and love you for that!!! God Bless You and Family!

  • Thank you for sharing and celebrating with me the blessings this whole phenomenon has brought into our lives.one magic moment indeed.and a lifetime of gratitude to remember by..i love you all and will remain in-debted for feeling so proud for me. PLOKKERS!you rule!!! Pls know that i truly enjoy reading and never get tired of reading your messages.sometimes i feel like i don’t deserve your adoration and appreciation.once again,thank you sooooooooooooooooo much!!

    • Toni Phillips

      You do deserve our adoration and appreciation! ♥♥♥

      • Lalahon

        Yes Toni, he does…and so much more!

      • twinrockers

        more than deserving, not just us but the world.

    • Nancyd2736

      You are more than welcome Arnel! You give us so much joy!!!!

    • Cynthia Nolen

      Hi Arnel. You are welcome, but I thank you for the Plokker femily. They are a world of support and we are all here because of you. You are the best!

    • Jenaisle

      What about us-non Plokkers- are we considered “stalkers”? 😀 hope not.

      • fabbest

        Here’s an article from ’09 that may be of interest: http://arnelpinedarocks.com/53/arnel-offstage/plokker-etymology

        • Jenaisle

          Thanks for the information. I thought I had to log in on a certain site and become a member, just like Twitter.

          Anyway, may I declare myself now a “plokker” for Arnel?

          Or are there formal initiations into the group?

          Okay, just kidding.

          Fabbest, you’ve always been very helpful. More power to you!

    • Shelley Holden Hathaway

      Not many famous, busy singers especially on tour would take the time to read fans’ posts and answer them. You are so amazing!!! I hope to see you the next time you’re close enough for me to get there!!! Rock on Arnel!!!! You are loved and admired.

  • melrosel

    We’re soo proud of You Arnel Pineda!!! in all these years, you gained fame and fortune, but you still remained humble, kind-hearted , generous of your love for those in need esp. the underpriveledged kids and of your talentl. It’s amazing how God truly works his wonders to us, we cannot deny the fact that your discovery by Neil Schon is heavenly guided, and you are a gift from God, soo continue what your are doing. Stay humble, keep safe and healthy . And we are always here, your friends and fans to support you in all your endeavors, Journey or not, you are our IDOL. God bless.

  • Indaya09

    Hey guys!!! AP, just visited shout box…this is his message for everyone…

    Knellsky: hello?

    Knellsky: anybody home?

    hello fabb.this is for you.help me post this message to ARNEL’s wall.im
    having a hard time.a lot f great and selfless peeps have been leaving
    me sweet and wonderful messgae there and i havent said a single word
    about it.pls pls pls let them know these wonderful people that i truly
    enjoy reading their message and never get tired of reading them once in a
    while.its just too much .and sometimes i feel like i dont deserve their
    adoration and appreciation.once again,thank you sooooooooooooooooo much
    and thank you for sharing and celebrating with me the blessings this
    whole phenomenon has brought into our lives.one magic moment indeed.and a
    lifetime of gratitude to remember by..i love you all and will remain
    in-debted for feeling so proud for me.PLOKKERS!you rule!!!

    • Anita Molina

      Hi Arnel, yeah we understand, at least u take ur time connecting or posting here once in awhile, me too is not regularly posting but lurking almost everyday, i mean every night after work at least before bed…hv a gd day/ night to u and to all fellow plokkers…

    • Thank you for bringing it here Indaya! Arnel, we know that however busy you are, you are thinking of us, thank you for being YOU! Rock on!

  • Jane

    Hey Arnel. I cant wait to see you and Journey when you come to Belleville ON in July. So excited.

  • Kristine Clemmons

    My 5 year old really loves your music. In her words you are the best band in the world. She keeps asking me to take her to a concert. She also keeps telling me that you are coming to her birthday. When will you be coming to California? Near Bakersfield Ca. I told her I would also get an address because she wants to write to you herself and draw you pictures. I have never seen here get more excited than when she listens to your music.

  • Mark Haase

    Hi Arnel. Since my last post here I have read the other comments regarding your skills and professionalism. Their comments seem to wholeheartedly agree with me that you are THE lead vocalist for Journey and all of the fans out there who really know what Journey is about have to come to love your music. Again I salute you and will always be a fan no matter what lies ahead for you and journey. Personally I pray that Journey in its current form never changes musicians or vocalists. Its truly a beautiful thing to behold and listen to. Love and Peace, Mark Haase

  • Ana Marie

    Hi Arnel, we are excited to watch your upcoming Cheyenne Frontier Days concert on July 19,2013. I’m a Filipina and my husband American..When i told him that the new lead singer of Journey is Filipino, he was very surprised because you are so good. We hope that we can take picture of you with us together. God bless you and takecare always..See you there!

  • chris smith

    Arnel you are quite simply the new industry standard for frontmen …..your stage presence is off the chart…and you seem to have a respect for music/this music that borders on reverence.Thank You for breathing new life and new fire into the dying Grand Dragon of arena rock and resurrecting it from the ashes like the Phoenix. As for the other issue that seems to be under contention…IMHO…Arnel can do Steve…Steve cannot do Arnel …It’s…a change for the better.

  • Ener Valera Barcena

    ..just like almost everyone else out here, I have seen your concert at least three times, and I never get tired listening, watching, all your concert..i watch everything in your show, from the setups, lightings, the sound management, placement of speakers, monitors, all the AV setup….i am a child of the 70s of course… retired from the Navy (24 yrs) and still currently working for the UC University…I have seen you in your younger years with the local ‘Gapo band, and now your cinderella story, discovery and rise to fame..you truly deserve it because you have not lost your footing and your heart still on the ground… Steve Perry is steve perry…great singer of his time….Arnel Pineda is Arnel.. you have you own !!! thanks for resurrecting and continuing the magic of Journey…I came to America when I was 21 (1974), during the birth of classic rock of the 70s…and Journey is one band that have stood the test of time, still bringing the tunes to the people…. thanks to Neal’s mesmerizing guitar riffs, Jonathan’s virtouso on the ivory, Ross’ beats on the bass , and Deen’s own show on the drums… you truly make JOURNEY the best rocker band of all time…and still is rocking the world… we are truly proud of your heritage, your humility, and simple outlook in life…you are truly blessed, and keep JOURNEY rockin’…..

  • Angie

    Hi Arnel, saw you in Cardiff two weeks ago with Whitesnake and Thunder. You and the band were absolutely awesome. Also saw you two years ago with Foreigner in Birmingham – one of the best experiences of my life!! Are you planning to team up with them again and play in the UK – please say yes!!

  • Cindy P

    Hi Arnel!! We will be driving from San Antonio to Coushatta (Kinder) in August just to see you!! My husband and our teen kids are SO excited to see you live and we can’t wait!! Thanks for your amazing music with Journey!! Cheers to our Filipino culture!! Please let me know if there’s any possible way to meet you, that would be an ultimate dream come true!!

  • Tessie

    Your story after your mother died it made me touching my heart. You have good heart and good attitude. You help poor people from the Philippines especially educate them. That is nice of you. Hope you help other country too because they love journey. I love your voice is huge and high. Journey are beautiful songs and the writer. Very romantic song and people loves it.

  • scottml43

    Arnal is a very nice young man who has a wonderful voice. I am going to download his voice singing Don’t Stop Believing…I am 70!

  • Arnel, I consider Journey to be MY band, been following the band since the middle 1970’s. For all those fans who grumbled during the band’s lean years I offer up the old american football quote “No Pain, No Gain” Yes, Journey has gone through some challenging times over the years but … From the first moment I heard your voice I thought “WOW, finally a vocalist that captures Neal and Jonathan’s spirit in words.” As good as Steve Perry was, Steve could never be an Arnel Pineda and you shouldn’t try to be him. You are your own amazing person Arnel and I am among the millions of Journey fans across the universe that truely appreciate your contribution to the band. I consider the current lineup of Journey like an exquisit wine and like all fine wines they take the proper time to age, to mature. Neil and Jonathan provide the spirit, Ross and Dean provide the body, and you sir, tie them both together with an awesome fragrance, meaning the best vocals I have ever heard. Without the contribution of any single part the whole would be, well, just another cheap wine. I just saw your movie about how Neil found you. Truley a dream come true. As the song says sir “Don’t Stop Believin.” please, Please, PLEASE, never doubt your contribution to Journey. Those of us who are true fans of Journey’s message of pease, love and hope to the world appreciate you and salute you. I hope to get to see your concert in Las Vegas in August 2013.

    Best Wishes for an extremely long successful run for you and for Journey, if you guys don’t run another 20 or 30 years at least I will be seriously heartbroken.,

    Mark Haase

    • Anita Molina

      I like the logic of your post,Arnel is totally has his own voice, if you listen to him carefully he has different voice not same as Steve Perry although they are the same tenor voice, Steve has thinner voice while Arnel has fuller, that’s why some said he didn’t fill Steve’s shoes instead he brought his own shoes.

      • Mark Haase


        I totally agree with you

  • Tabby

    Your voice is absolutely amazing! I look forward to watching your continued success.

  • Michelle Lawson

    Hi Arnel i know this might be a long shot ive tried all sorts of ways to get a message to you, My mam is a massive fan of Journey and have seen yous perform many times, we are coming to your show on Wednesday 22nd May @ Newcastle My mam will be celebrating her 60th Birthday and it would make the night even more special if you could do a shout out for her, he name is Elizabeth Lawson and we will be sitting about 5 rows from the front of the stage. Looking forward to the show next week hope you get to see this in time.

    Love Michelle

  • Noel Sellon

    Hello Arnel! please do a cover of the song Another Day by Dream Theater. Please…………..

  • My family and I are watching the documentary about you and Journey, wow! Voice matches perfect. Pay no attention to people who say negative things, sometimes it’s just their way of expressing how they feel about themselves even if they are not aware that their words are really a reflection of them, maybe because they feel inadequate due to low selfesteme. This is your dream, nobody elses, live it man!! Nothin’ but respect and love for Journey! -Sulentic Family

  • Myles Villoria

    So excited to take my wife to your upcoming concert in the States! We have both been Journey fans since the 80s. I was born in Cebu but raised here in the States so I was ecstatic to learn about how you became Journey’s frontman. I am also the President of the Asian Pacific Employee Network at my work and would love to discuss a possible future opportunity to have you as a guest speaker. I actually corresponded with Bert a few years ago but the timing wasn’t right. Knowing that your concert schedule is so busy, I know that your free time is very limited so I completely understand. At any rate, we’ll be sure to scream our loudest at your 6/8/13 concert, only 10 minutes from our house!

  • Tamara Williams

    Arnel, I have been a Journey fan since the early 80’s. I really enjoyed those years and all the great music, but I must say that I am totally OBSESSED with your voice. You are truly an anointed young man. God has blessed you with amazing talent and a humble, angelic spirit. I keep watching Everyman’s Journey over and over. Your story is so inspiring and a tribute to the human spirit. I hope and pray that you will continue to find great joy in your music and enjoy the love of family and friends that support you. Hope to see you in concert sometime in the very near future. I remain your devoted fan. Blessings!

  • jeffreygoss@yahoo.com

    Arnel – When I saw Don’t Stop Believin’: Everyman’s Journey on Vudu (an HD video streaming site), I immediately rented the title. I lived in the Phillippines in junior high school — and those were the best two years of my life so far. I am incredibly thrilled for your success. I only wish Pavrotti was still with us so you too could have performed on a Pavrotti and Friends album or event. I’m thinking you and he would have made magical art together — and the world would have been an even better place for all of us. Best wishes for continued success with your band mates … and many thanks to them for finding you and bringing your amazing art to the world!

  • Jes

    Hi Arnel… I don’t know how far this message will get, but I figured to give it a try. My name is Jes. My fiance, Scarlet, and I are set to marry August 4, 2013 in Brooklyn, N.Y.. We are dancing to Journey’s “Faithfully.” I know that you have a concert the night before, on the 3rd, in New Hampshire. However, we would love it if you came to say hi or even came to sing our first song. We don’t have much to offer but we can definitely feed you and the crew :-)… If not, it’s ok. We’re still your #1 and #2 fans!! Thanks for your consideration!… By the way, we’re Filipinos and you know how we party 🙂

    • Michelle Lawson

      Hi Jes Im Michelle in the UK me and my Fiancé are due to get married next year and we too have picked Journeys song Faithfully as our wedding song, Hope all goes well for your upcoming wedding

  • Misty Farrell

    I watched Don’t Stop Believin’ this weekend and was in awe of Arnel’s story. It was so inspiring, it brought tears to my eyes. Thank you Arnel for being such a kind and genuine person. Wishing you all the best.

  • asuncion cooper


  • hey eveyone, anybody know of a good band that needs a bassist?

    • fabbest

      Where are you based, Steven? You should post some more info; you never know! And good luck!

  • hey Arnel, hope you are doing well my friend, just stoppin to say hi.

  • I am now a certified fan, ‘after all these years’ that I haven’t been. Don’t stop believing that we’ll always be here for you, and we’ll never walk away, and stay faithfully as your fans, although, we’re in some ways going separate ways because of our geographical location. Keep inspiring people with your songs.

  • Cheers 145,000 followers 

  • akojulio02

    Hay naku Idol sa sobrang galing mo kumanta di na kita tinantanan sa panunuod ng mga videos mo, tuloy di na ako mkpgreview maayos;( pati naninira sau talagang inaaway ko.sana hindi ka magbago,stay humble,at sana idol makita kta sa personal dahil un sa mga pangarap ko. thank you! keep on rock’n!

  • Sunnysfriend

    Hi Arnel, Please check into some old soul songs by the Chi-lites (Oh, Girl), Percy Sledge, Otis Redding, etc.
    They need to be revived for a new generation and you’re the only one who can do it.

  • andie32328@yahoo.com

    I never knew that Journey had a new frontman, Arnel Pineda! I was watching the Superbowl and caught the show ya all did with Rascall Flatts, it was spectacular! I have been Journey crazy every since. I listened to Steve Perry and Journey at the roller rink that I used to skate at every week when I was in my teens. I think that Arnel’s voice has a richer sound to it, 🙂

  • Arnel, just remember to always be humble and not let the fame get into your head. I watched the documentary about how you got discovered and I must say that God really is watching over you. Take care and always remember your followers. Wishing you and your family best of luck.

    Mabuhay ka kaibigan.

  • Hope Schreiber

    hey there Arnel Pineda hows it going my name is hope Schreiber I love you so much from Wisconsin Your totally Amazing person I love your song called don’t stop Believin if you can Decade a song to me when you have time

  • I am a 50 year old women that has grown up with Journey. What you have done to bring life back to this band is simply amazing! I have seen 3 performances and plan on going to many more! (have also watched Everyman’s Journey 3 times!) THANK YOU! So good to see the band so happy. You have a beautiful voice!

  • MaryW

    Arnel where do you use to live in Sampaloc?

  • maliy

    Congratulations Arnel for the successful concerts and for the very inspiring film. I really enjoyed watching evey minute of. Thank you Arnel and to all the mods for giving us this home. We love you!

  • hi arnel! loving your renovated house.

  • Hey Arnel. Just wanted to kick off the new site with a friendly hello!!!!!!!

  • disqus_K4r9E7m7mE

    Arnel, congrats on your new site…the mods out did themselves. Its fantastic! The video from Budokan is really cool (lovin’ the red jacket and the hairstyle!)

  • rhayan

    hi im one of the big fan of journey specially arnel…. just wanna ask when will be the showing of Dont stop believing everymans journey here in the PH or even the DVD release keep on waiting for it… ;c

    goodluck Kuya Arnel keep on rockin rollin youve been one of my inspiration and influence when it comes to music more power and God bless

    • fabbest

      Hi rhayan – I am not Arnel LOL but according to the producers during a Q&A at their FB Page. it will be opening in theaters in the Philippines in mid to late April: http://arnelpinedarocks.com/?p=740

  • Hi Arnel, wanted you to know I’ve watched your film. Loved it. I laughed, I cried but overall it was the best ever. I have seen several times now. Thank you so much for sharing your story with us.

  • Arnel when are you guys coming back to Bay Area? We are so proud of you kababayan take care of your self & your golden voice.

  • Cynthia Nolen

    Hi Arnel. I love the new site. So much love went into updating this site. Love the moderators for doing this for you so we can all enjoy it. Hope you can come visit us soon. Miss seeing you there. Hugs and kisses. Congratulations on a very successful tour in New Zealand, Australia and now Japan. You are the best rocker ever.

  • Hi! I just want to say that you are such an inspiration for me. Please keep doing what you love to do and stay happy always. You are an amazing person. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lpnEnt-qOw4 this will keep me going through hard times.

  • Kareen


  • Kareen


  • Shannon

    Hi Arnel, I saw you when you first started singing with Journey at the Winstar Casino. You are so talented and humble! Congratulations on all of your success!

  • I have watched “Don’t stop Believin” back to back 5 times, on demand cable network, Sacramento, Ca. Love it, love the sound of the band, and appreciate the Men who make that sound happen. Nan

  • wayne shinbara

    I just viewed the movie “Don’t Stop Beleiving”….Mr Pineda, the discovery of your talents to become a true part of Journey is a gift from God and your mom. Mom insprired you to do the best and not give up and BELEIVE! You NEVER forget your motherland “phillipines” and your family and the people of your heritage. You make the filipino community around the world VERY PROUD!!!! I will send your website to our local filipino radio station and newspaper to inform locals here to go see your movie!

  • tammy c

    just happened across you and want to say to you, keep pushing forward. be thankful for everything.your story brought tears to my eyes. congradulations!

  • Teresa

    I saw Arnel with Rascal Flatts on the Super Bowl 2013. His incredibly awesome voice blew me away. I have been a fan of Journey for years. Arnel’s voice is fresh, strong and better than the former singer of the band, Steve Perry. Arnel’s energy and sweetness touched my heart as I listened to him hit all those wonderful notes in Journey’s songs. God, bless you, Arnel, with peace, joy, prosperity and abundant health in your future Journey.

  • melrosel

    I’mreally excited and dying to see your concert on March 21, 2013 at SM Arena, but it was cancelled, WHAaaaaa!!! but whatever the reasons are , i still love you and i’m 200% behind you Arnel! you are our rockstar, a very humble one, you make us all proud PINOYS!!! So, don’t stop Believing!

  • miracle

    I wanna buy ticket on nagoya venue but already sold out.shock!i was wishing to watch it with my husband.I need miracle.

  • disqus_5RsYNOabL8

    Keep on rocking my man!

  • Ana Paula

    Arnel…que trabalho lindo vocês fazem…sua voz é encantadora e preciosa…que Deus continue te abençoando nessa caminhada…mesmo tão longe acompanho vocês…mil beijos

  • stam

    love the new hair!!!!

  • stam

    love your songs!! hope to see u in person!! thank you for giving hope!!

  • Maria Jasmin R.

    Hi! ARNEL I WILL ALWAYS REMEBER YOU ON STAGE AT CALIFORNIA JAM, WAS 18 to 19 at that time. Olongapo was indeed a fun place so long ago, I’m 42 now and i still remember you after all this years.

  • Paula Cáceres

    Te enviamos amor desde CHILE …gracias por tu corazón tan apasionado y transparente ….eres una inspiración… Abrazos y esperamos verte pronto aquí en Chile .. te queremos del 2008 Viña … Paula
    Sorry no se escribir en inglés

  • akiko0711

    howdy sir arnel..i just hope i have the same talent & skills as you and make fortune to help my family but that guy up there is damn unfair and didn’t even give me a li’l bit of luck to get a fu_king job. anyway screw him..because at the end of the day what truly matters is fame, fortune and money. so live your life to the fullest and long live to your foundation.

  • Angie Bostic

    thanks for Rock-in Indiana , you guys sound great…….

  • Daniela

    Hi Arnel, just to drop you a few words from a huge fan of Journey in Brazil (Sao Paulo): PLEASE COME BACK SOON! it´s been 2 years since last show, I would love to watch live you singing with so much passion and grace. Love you guys, I saw Jonathan saying that he was a better man just knowing you, well he is really right, I´m also lucky to have records of you and the band! PS: LOVED your t-shirt in one of the photos here on the right! XXXOOOO

  • Tess from Philippines

    Very impressive, Arnel. I wish you all the best in the world. You’ve done it. Keep it alive.

  • Nancy

    I have to admit I was a non-believer…until I saw first hand what a wonderful voice you have at the concert lastnight in Fort Wayne, IN….you are amazing…God Bless and Don’t Stop Believing! You Rock!

  • Went to the Journey concert here in Grand Rapids last evening. Having grown up listening to Journey songs, I was concerned that they would not be the same. However, I was blown away by your voice and performance. The concert was awesome!!! Thank you!

  • I
    have been a fan of band for a long time , but now that you are with them I’m feel proud
    because you are with them it makes all Filipinos proud. Even those of us who are half breeds. Love your music ,and keep on singing .

  • Carole Tate

    Have you recorded from Crossroads with Rascall Flatts. WOW!!!!! 2 of my favorite bands together!!! Thought you did such an awesome job on Rascall Flatts’s songs, didn’t think ANYONE could accomplish that & vise versa! Great job, I wish you all the best. May health, happiness & peace always be with you & yours. 

  • WOW!!!! 

    Saw you on Crossroads this morning, AWESOME VOICE.

  • BrendaSlone

    Your voice is AMAZING!!!  I also watched the Crossroads concert with Rascal Flatts and it was awesome!  You are so talented!

  • 11CarleneAbbott11

    My husband and I and another couple made a 5 hour road trip to see JOURNEY in Sioux City, Iowa on Tuesday evening.  What a concert it was!!!  OMG – I have waited a very long time for the opportunity to see the bestest group on earth!!!!!  The long road trip was so worth it – we arrived back home at 4 a.m. and had to be at work at 6 a.m…now that’s LOVE!!!!!  Your music has always been a big factor in my life.  Keep singing that beautiful voice of yours and can’t wait to see you again in the heartland!!!!!

  • reddiehed7

    I saw Journey perform last night in my town of Moline, IL. Arnel has the voice only that God could have given him. He is such a awesome performer and I could listen to him sing all day. Such a talent and blessing that God has allowed him to share with the world.

  • Ronda25

    I saw you in Indy three years ago at the State fair. You are wonderful. I wish you would grow your long hair back. I just watched you on CMT with Raschal flats, wonderful. Keep up the good work.

  • pam

    All I can say is MY MY MY!! Thanks to the good Lord above that he leaded U to Journey!!!  I really think that Blessed the Broken Road is a good song for you guys. Seems roads where broken and you all have been blessed with you, Arnel coming to join the Guys!! Thank you for wanting to share your great talents with us all?? Finally got my sweet hubby to understand that there isn’t a thingyou can not sing!!! He’s slow at time LOL!!!!


  • hi there Arniel my name is hope Schreiber i am a huge fan of you i love you so much from Wisconsin

  •    hi there Ardel my name is hope Schreiber i am a huge fan of you i love you so much from Wisconsin i love the band Journey i was watching the show today

  • mit1965

    Hi Arnel! Great job on CMT Crossroads- nailed those Rascal Flatts songs! What a great collaboration! And great shout out to the Mother Country- you  make us proud to be Pinoys! Love it!
    Best wishes from your friends in Alabama- Ronnie and Mita (Mit1965 at APR) De Jesus

  • Hi ! my name’s Julia and my dad is the biggest Journey fan and has been since he was young. He has waited so many years to see you guys in concert and now that you are coming to Melbourne, is there any possible chance of him meeting the band ? It would just be simply amazing and I don’t think I would ever hear the end of it ! 

  • Arnel, steve perry was good but so are you love your voice and i love that you are philipine my wife is from mindanao, philippines love your music keep rockin your awsome love ya man.

  • your voice and charisma is ooozing liked . the best, more blessed .

  • its now 2013 but i just discover your popularity last dec.2012.i was outside phil. for 11 yrs ..the reason that i dont have any latest eventsbfr. the phil.  i start to hook the journey concert wth u as a lead singer when i spotted those in youtube..now i’m looking 4ward for more concert dvd..i have only manila,u.s.a. and chili,what am lookin is the latest concert,where can i found those,if it was in phil. plz. inform me,i will ask my sis to buy for me…more blessed and more years for the band and you..god blessed.

  • WhiteWolffe69

    Hi Arnel, I’m a big fan. I just wanted you to know I think Journey is lucky to have someone as talented as you in the band. Love your voice, may God bless you.

  • Hello Arnel. My name is Deana. I live in Myrtle Beach SC. I used to live in Oklahoma. When Journey had done ya’lls tour last year my bff of 25 years & I went to see ya’ll in Ok C (Oklahoma City). OMG Dude U can sing!!!! I always thought journey had a good thing goin when Steve Perry was w/ them. Wow. There’s NO conparison. Steve perry was good for Journey back in the 70’s & 80’s, but YOU Arnel Pineda is the BEST thing that has happened for JOURNEY. Night Ranger & Foreigner was good that nite but ya’ll JOURNEY kicked ass that nite. Ya’ll had the place rockin. You Rock Arnel!!! Keep Rockin. JOURNEY U ROCK!!!! I’ve followed Journey & have been a fan since the late 70’s. <3 <3 <3 JOURNEY

  • Bruno Rogerio

    Hello Arnel, my name is Bruno Im from brazil and Im a big fan of you… I became a fan when I saw you singing “alone” from Heart. Im a singer and composer… and I believe that one day I will see you singing one of my songs  

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h5q3ipHzFoU  ( I could live forever)

    This is the link of youtube of one of my songs. 

  • Im a big fan of yours i can listen into your voice over and over and never get tired of it.GOD BLESS YOU ARNEL!

  • Im a big fan of yours i can listen into your voice over and over and never get tired of it.GOD BLESS YOU ARNEL!

  • I have just discovered your voice and your story. I am in awe. You bring me to tears. You are wonderful. I do not have words that I believe deserve to be heard by you. 

  • Josephine69

    Hi Arnel, guess am your latest fan from Malaysia. I am in awe. Love your story. You’ve a God sent voice. Keep singing. 

  • hi arnel im your biggest fan here in uk   sana mag concert ka rin dito sa GLASGOW ….at sana dont you ever change …i mean sa ugali mo …stay same as you are ..kahit iba na ang status mo this time ….lagi kong pinapakinggan ng song mo na faithfully …you do it well than any other ….we love you here arnel dami mong fans dito …

  • venice2010

    hi Arnel,
    havent visited your site for a while now…. but have seen you twice last year ( you are amazing!) hope to get to watch more of your concerts this year…. God keep you safe always in HIS care, hugs!

  • Robert martin

    kamusta arnel i’m robert  i am married to a filipino and been around filipinos a very long time i am a musician also but getting older ha ha  i was in a band with a fili in the 80s he died with cancer you remind me of him u are doing very well   i have a good story for u sometime  hope to hear from u Robert

  • Paula Caceres

    Cuando vienes a CHILE 🙂 ?????

  • Paula Caceres

    Hello  is from  CHILE  you is master ARNEL love is you…                                                 Thank you for your heart real, intense, being a transparent and simple person a big hug   Paula                                                                                                                                              

  • mjed_97

    Hi Arnel, this is Mercy, Reva,s cousin, you used to come to our boarding house in Sampaloc that was 1982,83  and you,Reva and me had a good times, you always sing for us and sometimes we went to shakys cubao to watch you.Hope to see you here in California.

  • twinrockers

    Just popping here for a bit to wish you and family a belated happy new year’s greeting. I’ve been busy with visiting relatives – they keep asking me when they will see you perform 🙂  I had promised to bring them to Rockville when their plans to visit were finalized but the news weeks before they arrive came that RV is going to be transferred and that there are no shows at the moment because you have to rest.  Anyway, I just told them to watch your gig with Journey in their respective cities when the opportunity comes. Have a blessed and healthy 2013. Hugs to cherry and the little ones.
    Terri aka twinrockers

  • Eb2008

    Happy New Year Arnel! Wishing you and your family more blessings in 2013. Rock hard and continue your amazing endeavors with APFI.  Take care always. 

  • hi arnel.. im jonavie of montalban rizal, i am a big fan of yours, i like all your performances a lot, i always feel “kilig” whenever i see u sing..hehehe.. i wish you all the best and congratulations to your new baby.. mmmuwahh…

  • Phillip Terry


    name is Phillip Terry and I Manage Jarmaine Santiago, Jarmaine is a
    very popular Social Media Star with over 1 million subscribers 

    on YouTube. 


    would like to meet with you and your staff to see how Jarmaine can help
    your cause with her worldwide reach, Jarmaine grew up in Manila and now
    lives in L. A. we will be in Manila on March 27-31, 2013. 

    Please feel free to contact me by email at phillip@jarmaine.com if you are interested in her help.  


    Thank you, 



  • milla120490

    Hi arnel, my name is dan miller from england. I’ve been surrounded by rock music all my life, bands like whitesnake def leppard and bon jovi, I never really heard a journey song till I was in my early teens and I’m almost 23 now but ever since then I have been a massive fan of the band. The first singer I heard was Steve Perry and I thought its physically impossible for a man to have a voice like that, when I read about the situation with steve I lost interest cause I thought they would never be able to top him. Then I saw a video of the band with this phillipino man who I had never heard or seen before. And my first thoughts were he won’t be as good as the previous singer I had heard. But oh my life I have never been so wrong in my life, I was left mesmerized by your voice, by your stage presence and by your whole performing ability. In my opinion you are the best singer the band has had and I love everything about journey now. I was a massive fan then but now I can’t explain how much I love journeys music! As soon as I heard your voice I just had to get all the albums the band did from 2007 onwards and I never listen to anything else now! I’m a singer myself and since I heard you sing all I do is sing journey songs at every oppurtunity! I can’t sing them like you but I still have to sing along to them. Revelation has to be my favourite. I love all the tracks on the but if I had to pick a favourite it would be Stone In Love or After All These Years. I hope you and the band come to england during a tour so I can feel the amazing atmosphere and be at a journey concert for the first time! Anyway hope you and the band have a fantastic christmas and a great new year, all the best for 2013 and the future and I hope the band continues for many years to come. Thanks. Dan Miller, a huge fan!

  •  hi arnel am one of your fans i saw u in honolulu dec 12 and dec 15 i was at the stage you were awesome i actually  gave u a lei  hope u come back to hawaii again sana babalik ka uli soon salamat

  • lizadiazmarcelino

    Hi Arnel  This is lIZA  a huge and  die- hard fan of yours from Bulacan. Wishing you all the best good health happy family and more success in your career. Merry xmas  !

  • Eb2008

    Thank you for an amazing 2012 concerts. Merry Christmas and A Happy New Year! Enjoy your time with your family. Until we meet again in 2013. Lots of hugs and kisses. God Bless!

  • disqus_UCXXLP3bsO

    I worked at your concert last night here in Victoria BC and loved it. Keep up the wonderful work that you do. You have an amazing story of survival and hope. I didn’t know your voice until I worked at the Journey concert last night. I even have more appreciation for you after reading your journey. I’d love to work or volunteer for your foundation one day. Cheers, Anna

  • bongskie14

    hey Knell, u are indeed one of the inspiration of all Filipinos all over the world but u inspire me most of your charity works and love to all of our poor kababayans… may our Lord God Bless u always!

  • David Rhoades

    Journey is my all time favorite group! I got to see you perform at the Verizon Wireless Amp. in North Georgia a few years ago. You were wonderful!! You did an amazing job! Thank you Arnel for being a part of Journey. 🙂

  • Mye

    you rocked Edmonton last night!!! so proud to be Pinoy!

  • Jenn Cayanan


    This is Jenn Cayanan of Multimedia Exponents, Inc. Would like to know who I should contact for Arnel Pineda’s booking. I would like to inquire on his availability on December 10, 4:00 to 5 pm.

    We’d like to invite him to deliver an inspirational talk for an event in Dusit Thani Makati re how he succeeded in his music career.

    You may contact me at 09277978505 or at jenn_cayanan@yahoo.com.
    Hope to get positive response from you today.

    Thank you!

  • Arnel We are so happy you were well enough to continue the concert in Milwaukee November 16, 2012. It was the first time I saw Journey (we were VIP 3rd row) I have been a fan since the early 80’s. Thank you all for bringing back so many wonderful memories of childhood (first love,first kiss,first date,first heartbreak). Here is video footage of you kissing my friends hand (and vice versa) we were both dress up 80’s that night. http://youtu.be/0GHiO5yI5Qk God bless you!!

  • Emiljean

    Thank you for the awesome concert in Green Bay, WI, on 11/17/12. Your voice is absolutely incredible. Your talent and energy is a great gift to us.all.

  • benjalma241@yahoo.com

    well I’ve been a journey fan, more so that Arnel is now the front man and am already 51 yo. Yes am a Filipino and so damn proud to have you Knell as a kababayan. I am a karaoke singer and when having a few smlights, i could belt Open Arms with my lungs popping out. Hehe. Bro keep the humility goin…and someday I hope to have the pleasure of meeting you soon. God bless!

  • disqus_0XoxeX6UDM

    Yo Arnel, saw your guesting on Spoon of Janice and you said there Journey will have a concert here next year sometime Feb-March 2013 can you confirm these my man.

  • michelle

    Hello everybody I am not sure if I am doing this right. I am trying to sign up to be a plokker so if anyone is reading this let me know if I am doing this right. Lol

  • Paul Whitlow Jr.

    Kuya Arnel!!! Mabuhay!!! Ingat!

  • Hi Arnel I saw you in Montreal November 5 Journey concert, hubby bought VIP package included picture taking with the group. I was disappointed when you didn’t show up but at the same time I understand. I was so happy to see you on stage, I was right infront of you standing and cheering and I even got a change to hold your hand…. 🙂 You are truely amazing. My husband and I truely admire and love you. I hope next time you come to Montreal I will make sure to buy VIP package and hoping to meet you in person.


  • Hugs! You’re Montreal concert was great and I already miss you guys! You are spectacular and never lose that flame! Oh no you like Brazil!! Hmm..I’m an Italy fan….lol!

  • edmond garnier

    Dear Arnel,

    I thank you for your patience waiting for my response
    to my husband Eddie’s comments and tweets. We have had several family
    responsibilities to handle and it has taken a lot of my time. So please
    let me start with the fact that my husband is a very talented musician.
    He is multi-talented with different instruments but the one he is most
    accomplished on is drums. Eddie has been playing since he was 2 years
    old. His mother watched his father play drums while carrying him. It
    is a talent built from spiritual learning before being born. Throughout
    his life he has had many (I mean many) things hold him back, but never
    his music. If it weren’t for his music and love of God I feel he would
    be dead. Eddie was born with Asperger’s syndrome, which is a mild form
    of autism. He is mentally intelligent, savant with music, but has a
    hard time comprehending facial expression, tones and reading
    comprehension, if there are not a lot of detail. With Eddie it needs to
    be black or white, which in a perfect world would be what everyone
    should be. He is a no nonsense kind of guy, but with a heart of gold
    and extremely great sense of humor.

    During his growing up Eddie
    was sent to many doctors in the 70’s who knew nothing of Asperger’s and
    therefore was misdiagnosed time after time. He was medically, sexually
    and physically abused from the age of 2 until he was 15. This abuse
    came from doctors, group homes, bad babysitters, horrible step-fathers
    and peers in school. He had been beaten, raped, sodomized, spit on,
    stuffed in lockers, thrown in a lake, food spit in, verbally assaulted,
    told he was dumb, retarded, stupid, crazy, etc. He had to eat with the
    school principal every day to keep the kids from abusing him. If that
    were today, things would be different, but they weren’t, it was the
    70’s. He has never done drugs, rarely drinks alcohol, has never been
    arrested, never raised his hand to a human or an animal and still
    believes in God. How could someone so kind be so abused? At the age of
    15 he was alone on the streets. He sometimes went from shelter to
    shelter, slept on benches or found someone to room with (and even then
    they ripped him off). He occasionally had an apartment when things were

    Throughout all this he continued to play music. Music is
    his savior. When he was 12 years old his music teacher at the time
    told his mom he should be in college studying music. The only things
    that kept him back was his age and he did not know how to read music.
    He has an ear for music that would astonish you. He can pick every
    instrument out of a song and tell you if the guitar was out of key! His
    will to play music in front of people and maybe even teach music is
    amazing. This has been his dream all his life. In fact, when he was 9
    his mother took him to the Sheridan Resort Hotel and Night Club/Casino
    in Portland Maine to play with a couple students from Bates College. He
    played many songs but one that stood out was his playing and singing to
    a Journey tune, “Don’t Stop Believing”. He had listened to it only
    several times and was playing it like he wrote it!

    When I met
    Eddie I fell in love with him instantly. His kindness, caring,
    softness, humor and talent were on his sleeve and he shares it with me.
    I feel privileged to be his wife. He completes my life. I have been
    by his side to help him get his equipment, find a place to practice,
    help get press kits together, study music and get himself out there.
    His dad is getting together a professional video for his press kits that
    will include a special one for you, if you would be willing to check it
    out. For what it is worth, you won’t be wasting your time.

    this is so important is because one night, in the middle of the night,
    he woke straight up in bed and said that he had had a dream that he had
    contacted you and you would be his helping hand into the music business.
    He and I agree that you are not under any obligation to him or anyone
    else to do anything, but it is what inspired him to contact you. He was
    also inspired by your story even though your stories have differences,
    there are similarities in the struggles you both had with homelessness.
    It was his sincere hope that when you got off tour and had the time you
    would contact him.

    If you are interested in contacting him could
    you let me know how to contact you privately. Eddie didn’t mean to
    come across as someone who was making stuff up when contacting you on
    Twitter, but has not been taken seriously throughout his life and felt
    you, being famous, may have had people make up stories before. I can
    assure you he is not. I thank you for your time and hope all is well
    with you and your family. Good luck and God Bless.


  • What a successful concert Arnel Americans loves your voice …proud pinoy

  • Good job Arnel we are enjoying here in upper box…..

  • disqus_PjZIMXBNN4

    Happy Halloween Nel !

  • You’re terrific, Arnel. You’ve given our favorite band a fresh new face and incredible voice and we appreciate and love you very much! Best wishes to you and your lovely family!

  • Hello Arnel, I Live in Bangor,Maine I saw your concert at the waterfront it was raining pretty hard i guess you guys was cold up here in Maine as you all had your jackets on!And i see you have a new hair style which is cute on you,But I Love your long shiney hair!! I have the live in manilla concert where it was long I love that concert i watch it constantly.I love all the songs and your beautiful voice!!! I can listen to you all day long!! Love To You,Judy

  • CitaDoe

    Hi Arnel Please sing “AFTER ALL THESE YEARS” on your concert at Bell Center Montreal on Nov. 5, 2012 and at Moline IL on Nov. 13, 2012 whereI will be there. Thanks. God Bless.

  • alma

    you really stole my heart, you have amazing voice and you are wonderful person, congratulations to your family, your wife and kids. please don’t change. God bless you.

  • Guest

    arnel you are truly a hero for the kind of things that have transpired for you I will always be a superfan

  • johnpiercy

    Get well , Arnel , hope your mini break brings you some reilef and some time with family , saw you in Hamilton Ont , you rocked the joint .,, continued good health and enjoy family time

  • Get well soon, brother. Enjoy the rest and time off, hopefully with your family.

  • Hardy del Castillo

    Hi Arnel,

    I have a project that with your presence here in Calgary could probably help me raise some money.

    Heres a link: http://www.kofc.org/un/en/service/affiliate/wc/index.html

    If you can be with us for a small time while you will be in Calgary on November 25, it would really help.

    Please respond to Hardy del Castillo and my email is kc14746sanlorenzo@yahoo.com


  • kathy mccarty

    Arnel, I saw you in concert in Greensboro NC Oct. 3rd . I came to see Pat Benatart my idol since the 70’s. U guys were just the added bonus. But I was impressed with you. You have a beautiful voice and put on a GREAT show. Thank you!

  • Christine Davidson

    Arnel, I grew up listening to Journey. They always have been by for my favorite band. I must say I was a little skeptical when I heard they had a new lead singer. I saw your show a couple of weeks ago in OHIO. It was phenomenal to say the least. Your voice is completely magical. The emotion and passion you showed was by far breath taking. Call me a sap I had tears listening to you sing Faithfully. I am a big concert goer and your show that nite despite the rain, cold and mud was by far the Best I have seen. I sure hope with your next tour you perform again in OHIO. I wouldn’t miss it for the world. Keep up the good work, and the passion you put behind your singing.

  • edmond garnier

    hi arnel its ed agin sorry to type agin so qwickly after typing such a long letter but at the end of my letter she typed i hope this letter has touched my hart as much as it did mine my wife ment to type i hope this touched your hart as much as it did mine she miss spelld lol sorry for that thanks agin for reading my story other then my mom dad and my wife no one on this planet knows that story exsept you i know alot of ppl think rock stars as some ppl put it act as if there not human but can promise you this althogh you dont know me im hoping you will see from my story and all iv said that im true in all iv said im very thankfull that you read myletter wen you typed on twitter to my responce wen i said there are alot of weird ppl out thear but there are also normal ppl out there two you typed back saying ya your right so why dont you go to my sight and type me hear and for a min i thought oh no i hope arnel dosent think im one of the weird ones lol cus of all of my tweets and you had not responded to my other onse so i thought you might have been a littel freaked out then some guy tweeted me and said go on arnels sight and type your messege there thank you and that was it and i thought wat if that was some one over seeing ur tweets to make shure i wasent some kind of clown like your management or somthing i probably took it rong but i misunderstand things somtimes and not knowing at the time how twitter worked i wasent shure wat to think cuse my buddy who iv grown up with since i was 2 now 38 the same age as me who plays gutir now in a band calld beyound the fall neil deen and ross and jhon would love there album its call face the music you get it on eye tunes or eny bull moose records and cd srore world wide. said that some not all but some bands that are qwout famus they have ppl in there managment wright there fans back for the artist cus thers so meny out there who all say the same thing that its some times hard to tell who the real down to erth and normal and honest ones from the ones who arnt so i just want you to know arnel that if you spoke to me for even 5 sec youd see that i am as normal as they come and im not some odd ball wanna be fan saying wat ever but that i have a semi back ground in the nusic biz just not on a huge level but have ben playing the club sene since i was 17 and beyond that and some of the bands i was in wer ok just not at a touring level iv been ready for a touring band id say since i was ten of course i mean in my mind not like id be touring at that age lol but my talent was at that level as far as playing wise gos and now my freind who got all the lucky breaks growing up now a guy by the name of don dokken from the 80s hair band if you will other wise known as dokken i dont if you know them or have herd of them i know neil and deen do and you probably do to they wer all over mtv and very famus in there time did a show in portland maine at a club calld the asylum a month ago or so and beyound the fall my buddys band opend up for him and don dokken liked wat he herd so much hes now been emailing my buddy back and fourth for at least 2 months now and has produced and played gutir and backing vocals on one of beyond the falls new songs and is trying to get them a record deal but will see i just feel that as happy as i am for him id like to be given that same chance. eny way ill send you guys some photos of the tours my dad worked with you guys on my dad said steves ok but your way better and trust me your styel is flawless i mean close your eys you have sting close your eys agin then open them its bryen adems don henley or eny one for that matter my ear is so on target wen it comes to hearing sound wether its in the studio or live or if im runing sound for a local band and im nothing im a peon compeard to my dad whos been doing lighting and sound also for some of the bands hes worked for for 15 plus years his last tour he worked on was the prince purpel rain tour and im telling you arnel it took me wen i first herd the cd with all the classic tracks that you guys rerecorded it took me 5 times of hearing the cd and atleast 10 ppl freinds of mine to get me to finly say ok its not steve perry i sumit so thats flawless in my book and to boot you have your own styel wich even givs a bigger boost to how very gifted you are your like me a savont it means you wer born with it god gave you that talent and i kmow your mom is looking upon you and shes very very proud and i am to the band is also very very good to you and thats why you all fit so well together team work is wat its all about well thats it this hear was part two to my story if you will i wanted to just say at first sorry for the miss spelld word in my last messege my my soul just told my fingers to keep on typing im praying you reely like all iv said cuse theres know way on gods green erth i could ever re type all this a secont time im suprised my hand hasent fell of lol thanks agin arnel i hope to hear from you soon and frome now on we can email and talk small stuff no more long letters lol promise but my strory was a long one and still as long as both of my messeges wer this is still the short ver lol theres alot more but you get my point by now im shure lol oh yea tell the band id like them to read this as well wen they have time and tell deen awsame doubel bass reely nice foot work and real good drum fils as well not to sound un humbel but in very nice way i play at that level just like guys like deen and other guys like him and im also lerning at the same time ive been playing to deens stuff and watching his drum solos and the guy is top notch all you guys are good cd eclips by the well produced and mix and very good writing work as well talk soon good luck on next show keep up the good work thanks agin

  • edmond garnier

    Hey Arnel…it’s Ed. My wife was having trouble getting her computer to
    run the program to be able to add comments on your wall. I apologize.
    I only sent you so many tweets because I’m use to texting on my phone
    with unlimited space. A friend of mine told me that reaching people on
    twitter was the easiest way to communicate with someone. I tried
    twitter for the first time and had no idea you had to send so many
    tweets when all I wanted to do was send one long message… LOL. Here’s my story. So as I said before I
    started playing drums at the age of 2 and for the first several years
    of my life my dad was on the road touring working with lighting
    companies. One of the big name companies he worked for was Show Lights
    based out of California. Just to give you a short list, because the
    full list is way too long, he worked with such bands as Sting, Pat
    Benatar, Loverboy, Pink Floyd, Sammy Hagar, Stevie Nicks, Bryan Adams
    and Journey being one of the biggest tours he ever did. One of the
    other big bands he worked with and was on the road for a complete year
    and a half, my dad still says is still the biggest indoor show ever
    taken on the road, was the 1984 Van Halen tour. Journey was next. He
    was the head lighting tech and robotics engineer for the Journey Escape
    tour as well as the Frontiers tour. As my story continues, growing up
    all I wanted to do was play the big stage and use my gift in music that
    God gave me that I might someday share my gift with the world. Although
    my story is not exactly like yours it has it’s similarities. Growing
    up was tough for me because my dad was gone a lot touring and my mom
    raising me and my sister was not easy. I was picked on in school a lot,
    wasn’t very good at academics, but when it came to music it came
    naturally. My music teacher said that even at my young age, 12 yo, I
    had what it took to go to a music school, such as Berkley in NYC, but
    when my music teacher tried to get me into the school the only thing
    that kept me from getting in was my age and that I could not read
    music. Like you with your vocals, where you can sing exactly like
    anyone note for note, I was able to, and still am able, to play any song
    I hear by ear. I can hear it once and play it like I’ve known it for
    years, note for note. Til this day amazes me. Trying to find bands to
    play with growing up was very tough because none of them were dedicated
    so I spent time believing that these people said they were serious when
    they weren’t. I went through that for several years and seemed to get
    no where. This all started when I was 15 and moved out on my own
    because my life at home with my mom and stepfather, not my real dad who
    toured, was very abusive. So I had enough and left home, my sister
    moved out also. I did keep in touch with my mom through all of this.
    For a period of time I was also homeless and experienced what the cold
    streets were like. Like you I had no idea where my next meal was coming
    from or where I would sleep at night. There is a lot more to the
    story, but to sum it up I then finally got an apartment with a friend
    and for a few years lived like that until I eventually got on my feet.
    Then I got my own place and began to try to live out my dream once
    again. I was constantly running into road blocks everywhere I turned. I
    finally met a guy from a friend I knew, who lived in Portland, Maine, who played guitar. So he and I started writing material and soon auditioned
    for a singer and bass player. The bass player we found was from a band
    called Little Gin out of NYC and had 2 songs aired on national TV for 2
    episodes of Dawsons Creek and widely known TV show Friends. Our singer
    originally from Texas also joined the band and from there we wrote a
    full length album, went into the studio to record it, spent over $20,000
    to record it and the engineer who produced it had worked with many
    major artists. We then did a series of live shows for 3 1/2 years,
    having the opportunity to open for many national acts, such as Godsmack,
    Creed, MudVain and Cold Play. After all of this I finally thought I
    was as close to living my dream as possible when the bass player and
    singer took a sudden turn for the worst and suddenly leave the band.
    After that I spent several more years trying to regroup and get my life
    together by furthering my education, etc. At this point, skipping a lot
    of years and detail to shorten this story that is already long enough
    as it is, and this is the short version LOL, I then had kids, 2 boys and
    a girl. Unfortunately it did not work out with their mother, but I
    have since met my soulmate. Now at the age of 38 I began to feel I was
    not going to do anything with my music beyond my apartment. I waited
    all my life to find the right woman and that has now come true. My life
    has now taken a turn for the better, all that is left is one thing, to
    finally make happen what my mom and dad, and now my current wife, Jean,
    have always believed I should do and could do if given the opportunity
    and a chance. As my wife put it, I was meant to rock the world. I had
    all but lost my hope and confidence that I would ever make that dream
    come true, but I was watching YouTube 2 months back, speaking of the
    Believing, and saw a Journey interview which spoke of their new lead
    singer and how he came from the life he lived and all of a sudden in a
    blink of an eye joining one of the biggest legendary rock bands on the
    planet. As I listened to interviews from you, as you told your story,
    and I’m sure you’ve heard this all before, but I tell you I speak this
    sincerely from my heart that when hearing your story, not only how you
    came to be in the band but about your mom passing and struggle to
    survive it made me so sad that I often cried. To see someone that
    struggled worst than I had suddenly brought me to a reality once again
    that their are people out there who have it worse that I did. I
    suddenly started listening to the song “Don’t Stop Believing” the song that I have always loved,
    along with many other Journey hits, took on a whole new meaning for
    me. Because of your success, not as a rock star, as someone who rose
    above all he had struggled with and became the lead singer of the very
    band he had never thought he would be singing in. Because of you I have
    built my confidence back up and believing that I too can make my dream
    come true, but only one small problem. My dad told me that if I wanted
    to make it on the big stage I needed to move out of the state of Maine.
    He was right. There is not a lot of musicians, at least that I found,
    that are road ready and are willing to tour to make it their full
    living. My wife and I have talked about this at length and we have
    decided that moving out of state on a whim, with no plan in place, would
    be stupid. What we did agree to was that I was going to start
    rehearsing daily on my drum kit and put together a full press kit with a
    professional CD/DVD of my drumming along with me playing some songs to
    give potential contacts a taste of what I can do. When and if someone
    discovered me, either by forming a band of my own or while scouting out
    different acts, traveling on the weekends to places like Boston and NY,
    which are closest to Maine, then if the opportunity arose and had a
    solid plan in place at that time my wife and I agreed we would move
    anywhere, regardless of the distance or travel if that’s what it took to
    make my dream come true. I’ve since then spoke to my dad and have
    asked him also if he would help me with some of his connections he once
    had. He told me that he would love to but a lot had changed in the
    music industry since he was last on the road in the early 80’s. The
    management and companies he worked for either no longer exist or have
    changed their personnel completely since so much time has passed since
    his touring days. I told my dad that I wanted to write a letter to
    Journey, but also to you personally for your story, which you have
    shared with so many, and asked him if he thought the guys in Journey
    would be willing to give my CD a listen when it was finished and if
    maybe they would help me in some way that my music may be discovered.
    If not, that’s okay too, because I also, as weird as this may sound,
    woke up out of a dead sleep 3 days ago and had this inspiration in my
    soul, for the life of me I couldn’t understand it myself, other than
    what I have written to you, but something even deeper than that told me
    that I needed to share this letter with you and the rest of the band.
    Maybe I am out of my mind or just dreaming but from what my dad told me
    about the band, back when he met them (all the original members) Neil,
    Ross and Jonathan probably wouldn’t remember my dad only because he was
    on the lighting crew and only met them briefly in passing with the
    exception of Steve, who he knew quite well. With that and the
    interviews I have seen lately, with you in the line up, I knew there
    were no rock star attitudes going on, but very humble human beings,
    including yourself. Although being a famous band, and legendary at
    that, I knew sending this message to you I would have a better shot than
    most other bands. I say that because my dad has told me over the
    years, like with anyone else in life, some people are humble and nice
    and understanding, you have also said in an interview yourself, some
    people are just unkind and unwilling to lend an ear or helping hand. If
    possible I would like the opportunity to meet you and the band only
    that I am very touched by a very talented and successful musicians, but
    most of all humble human beings. I would go out of my way, regardless
    what it took, to meet you and the rest of the band, for you touched me
    that deeply. Again I would like to say your show on September 28th in
    Bangor, Maine was really awesome. You hit every note like I have never
    heard a vocalist do before. You have given Journey the magic and the
    chemistry that Journey lost when losing Steve. Although he was a good
    singer as well you give the band new life and I say that not as a hyped
    up fan but as a professional musician who knows what it is like to
    perform live and put on a good show, which I have also done at some
    level for several years. Thank you for taking the time to read this.
    If you would like write back in response when convenient for you I would
    love that very much. Now that I have had a little time this morning to
    get use to this Twitter thing and how it works and now that you have
    heard my story I would be willing to tweet you and say Hi now and then
    when you have the time. I promise you it will be short for I have said
    all the major things I want to say. Again I’m sorry for so many tweets,
    but I wasn’t aware that Twitter allowed so little typing space within
    one message. As your slogan says, Never Stop Believing, I’m holding on
    to that hope that we can keep in touch and maybe I have made a new
    friend. Journey was right when they said you have a good heart, that
    you do, and I am grateful if down the road, it’s totally up to you, but I
    would like to give you our personal number if you so choose, I would
    love to speak with you. I have always been better on the phone anyway.
    My wife at this point probably has permanent damage to her hands from
    all the typing, LOL. She typed this for me because I’m not very good at
    typing on a computer. Hopefully this will touch my heart as you have
    touched mine. Thank you again Arnel and hope to hear from you soon.

  • james oneal

    Arnel I wanna start off by saying your a very talented guy I been a fan since the 80s when I was a little kid, I seen journey in 2009 in pensacola florida and the show was just what I expected its sounded so orginal with your wonderful heart filled voice your vocals are outstanding and amazing, so much like steve perry but so much heart into every great song sung by you, god has blessed you in so many ways I read about your past struggles as a child how your friend said use your voice to make it through life and never stop believing, you have brought journey back the way it should be, I listen to your music every single morning I wake up it gets me through my days puts a smile on my face and alot of times it makes me cry, I have both revelationvd live and your live manila dvd both very great it would be my dream come true to me to able to meet you in person your an inspiration to me and my idol, I know you have millions of fans all around the world but im just one fan that would mlove to meet you it would change my life, going to see you in concert october 5th in my home town at bayfest music festival in mobile hearts alabama, I cant wait im so excited I know it will be an amazing show and look forward to seeing journey alot more upcoming years keep up the amazing work touching peoples hearts all over the world god bless you ar
    nel and love you thanks for everything

  • jill

    I saw you in Bangor, Maine a few nights ago… Sept 28/12. I had traveled a 6 hour car ride to get there from Canada. As much as I was looking forward to seeing one of my favorite bands, I was afraid i would be let down. I followed Journey from the Steve Perry days…. and well, he was Journey’s front man in my eyes….

    Arnel, you blew me away… Not only did you do Steve justice, you shone so brightly in your own right… It was weird… I felt like I was seeing Journey, all the elements of the original were there (the whole band and experience was awesome), yet it was something new and fresh, and very exciting. I left the concert feeling elevated and just soo happy.

    Thank you seems to be an understatement…. but it’s all I can think of to say…. THANK YOU ARNEL!!! for sharing your amazing talent through and with an amazing band!!!

    Sending big smiles, from Nova Scotia Canada.


    ~ jill

  • Shirley Caguioa

    Hi Arnel I just want to tell you that we can’t wait for you to come here in Edmonton.Me and my friend (Eilleen ) are keeps on checking internet on your upcoming concert.We watched your concert the last time( 2 years ago) you came here in Edmonton and still kept the ticket that we purchase.By the way I just want to ask if u can just say hello to her or call her coz she really likes you.She’s planning to travel to US to watch your concert.I can u give her number in private message on my email

  • Amazing Job last night in Providence, RI!!!!!!!! Looking forward to seeing you again next tour!

  • Eb2008

    Good luck on the rest of the tour and again thank you. You Rocked Hamilton. Jboys delivered and still in awe when Neal did Oh Canada. Hug to Deen for throwing us the stick. See you in few days… West Palm Beach

  • An inspiration and amazing entertainer …totally love your energy and music … continued success Arnel!!!

  • Yani Roumeliotis

    Just saw Arnel perfom live with Journey in Ottawa, Canada last night! What a show. Arnel: I’m a believer in your talent. Journey fans love Steve, as you do, but you belong in Journey. Will you ever perform with Steve on some future project? God bless the family. Continued success Arnel!

  • shannon cameron

    Hi Arnel, My husband and I went to see you last night in Ottawa, ontario canada and I just wanted to let you know that the show was amazing, we were not disappointed at all. I hope to enjoy your music live again some day.you are a inspiration to everyone out there that dreams do come true, if you work hard enough for them.
    Warm hugs to you and your family
    shannon cameron

  • Janet Pangilinan

    Hi Arnel,

    My husband and I are going to be at the concert tomorrow night at the Scotiaplace and was wondering if we can come see you after the show.
    It will be awesome if we can.

    Hope to hear back from you. Sorry, it’s last minute.
    Luc Doucet & Janet Pangilinan

  • Irene

    Is there a tagalog worded after all these years somewhere?

  • I wanted to say how much I love your voice,but your dedication to family and friends impress you even more.I love the videos of your birthday party,you seem so much at ease when you are at Rockville.The sacrifices you and your family make for this amazing “Journey” are I am sure very hard,I pray when the bad out weighs the good and the joy of performing is too much,that you will come home to family,friends and keep having videos posted from Rockville,because I love your heart and love your voice.hope to keep watching you rock for a long time

  • Sue

    Hi Arnel…I just saw you In Mount Pleasant Michigan and it was my 7th time seeing Journey….I continue to go because I love watching you on the stage and your voice is unbelievable. I am in my 60s and had such a wonderful time last night..I am going to see you in Grand Rapids,Mich in November…Cant wait…Sue…

  • Patrick

    Hey Arnel, I hope you get to read this. My name’s Pat, a Filipino musician who’s been living in New Zealand for 10 years now. About two weeks ago, I showed one of my kiwi friends your Live at Las Vegas show with Journey. And since then, he’s practically been ecstatic about your music – you absolutely blew his mind. On top of this, his wife got into it too, as well as the rest of his family and workmates. Funnily enough, his mom was already familiar with some of Journey’s work (Hits like ‘Open Arms’ and ‘Separate Ways’, among some songs that are known here), but didn’t get to fully appreciate the band until my friend showed her the 2011 Manila Tour and got blown away by your voice. Kiwis do actually know about Journey, but I guess that the country got cut off after Mr. Perry. We get EVERYTHING last in NZ you see – music, movies, even touring groups almost all finish tour legs here. But I don’t think Journey ever got here 🙁

    The heart of the matter is – Journey’s presence is widespread throughout the MASSIVE Filipino community in New Zealand. One word that you’re coming, whole filo families alone are SURE to sell it out nationwide. On top of this, there are PLENTY of European Journey fans that live here who would absolutely be excited that the living legends would come to visit. Would you please consider it with your band and management? It would mean so much to so many if you could bring your tour here!

    I blast “Be Good To Yourself” at the start of the day to hype me up – then I continue blasting the rest of the albums in the car to keep the energy going. You’ve really given life back to a band that I love, and will continue to love for the rest of my days. Belated happy birthday again and more power to you guys. If you don’t think you guys can make it, do you think I could get send you something for Journey to sign? Maybe a poster or a flag, so I could give it to my friend. He’s taken on Journey as a huge part of his life, possibly bigger than his other favourite band Dream Theater (and he’s followed their career for 7 years!). Forever a fan, faithfully,


  • My wife and I celebrated our 25th anniversary just as “After All These Years” was coming out. The “Revelation” album was my gift to her for standing by me all these years. As a bilingual and bi-cultural Christian songwriter, evangelist and worship leader, I am acutely tuned into the need around the world for a message of everlasting hope. Thank you for being a part of our love story! Here is a humble sample of a song that I wrote way back in 1978 http://soundcloud.com/felipe-watkinson/juntos-estamos-aqui-mezclada

  • My wife and I celebrated our 25th wedding anniversary right about the same time that “After All These Years” came out. It couldn’t have appeared at a better moment. I gave her the album for our anniversary. Very touching moment indeed. As Christian, missionary, evangelist, bilingual, bi-cultural, songwriter and worship leader, I am acutely aware of a world in need of real hope. Here is a humble sample of a song that I wrote way back in 1978. Enjoy! http://soundcloud.com/felipe-watkinson/juntos-estamos-aqui-mezclada

  • Hi Arnel! I’m from Olongapo and I am a big fan of yours since I was in my Elementary years and now I’m 31 and still a big fan! (oopps did I mention your age? LOL) By the way, let me share this photo. This was taken during your CalJam days in Olonapo. I am the “kid” on the center and I am with my Tita Ana if you still remember her. She’s also a really really HUGE fan of yours until now! She even watched your concert in Hawaii (where she is based right now) I hope you still remember her because she is still soooo KILIG even if we just mention your name!

  • Happy Birthday Arnel. Hope you have a wonderful day!!!!!

  • Sheree Landry

    Hey Arnel, OK, here goes, Im pretty new to all of this,,,Ive been talking with other plokkers in your chat room…waiting for you to come in and say hello. They said I should write something on your wall, so thats what Im going to do….(this is the 2nd time im trying to write this)…your voice and presence is so inspirational to me it takes my breath away just thinking about your songs. I listen to your City of Hope CD everyday on my way to work…what a beautiful way to start the day…So, just wanted to say thank you for being you and dont ever stop performing. Happy Birthday Arnel and congratulations on the christening of Thea, she’s beautiful, just like her mom and dad!!! Safe travels and much love AND on behalf om fellow plokkers, pop in and say hello from time to time…you’d make somesone’s week….Love <3

  • Guest

    Your Journey and APR Plokkers join you and Che in the spirit of family, friendship and Christian faith as you celebrate your birthday and Thea’s new life as a child of God! May God bless you and your loved ones on your momentous day in your lives! Sending our best wishes and love from all over~~~~

  • Guest

    Your Journey and APR Plokkers join you and Che in the spirit of family, friendship and Christian faith as you celebrate your birthday and Thea’s new life as a child of God! May God bless you and your loved ones on your momentous day in your lives! Sending our best wishes and love from all over~~~~

  • Guest

    Your Journey and APR Plokkers join you and Che in the spirit of family, friendship and Christian faith as you celebrate your birthday and Thea’s new life as a child of God! May God bless you and your loved ones during this momentous day in your lives. Sending our best wishes and love from all over! !

  • Nancyd2736

    Happy Birthday Arnel! I hope it is the best birthday ever! I know it will be special since you are back with your family, love you!

  • Guest


  • Eb2008

    Hi Arnel! Hope you arrived safely to your dearies. Enjoy your bday, Thea’s christening and those precious moments with your family. Take care always and God bless.

  • as a lifetime Journey fan back into Steve Perry’s days I wanted to share with you that I saw you last night at the Minnesota State Fair with my 17 daughter. She has been raised with the music of Journey so it was an amazing night for myself as well being able to see her enjoying her evening out with mom as we both sang our hearts out along to the songs with you and the band. Arnel, you have two new fans(& many more I’m sure)here in MN who believe you were meant to bring a whole new generation of dedicated fans to Journey. Thank you for delivering the most amazing performance last night for my daughter and I to remember for the rest of our lives.

  • Marissa

    Hi Arnel,,,would it be possible for you to meet with the Filipino community,here in Lafayette Louisiana,,,Cajun Dome,,,after the concert,,,on Oct 16,2012,,,thank you and looking forward to hear you sing,,,and have some photo shots with you,,,salamat…Marissa

  • lettie kelly

    Hello Arnel. I have listened to Journey for years and when Steve left, I just didn’t like the other singers, Then by chance I found you singing with them. I can only say that my heart sings when I listen to Journey with you as the lead singer.Awesome doesn’t even come close to how the band is and how your singing is!! Your mother was a blessed wise woman. I am a 67 year old great grandmother and no matter what happens in my life, if I can heal good music I am ok. This whole week it was Journey with a Arnel, and Tran Siberian Orchestra. Thank you, thank you.

  • Fanstic show in Dallas! Sorry we missed you at the VIP Nation photo op. I promoted you and e band to 5th degree black belts. I hope you were given your framed blackbelt and certificate. It is a honor for me to pass this on to you and the band, my heros! Hope to see you in Tulsa!

  • Saw you in Dallas last night. Third time seeing you with the band. Been a fan since 1983. Love Journey so much and I hope your plans are to remain with them! God bless you and your family!

  • DiamondGirl

    Saw Journey in Albuquerque, NM on 8/22/12. EXCELLENT concert. Keep being you. Your light shines strong and bright and it is obvious that the entire band is ONE. Journey rocks and I love you more than ever!!!!!! Anyone with tickets on this tour: Get ready to be entertained with some AMAZING talent!! Arnel is Arnel and no one else.

  • Valorie Tungate

    Saw the show at the Kentucky State Fair, Arnel is amazing. Not only does he hit every Journey note, he delivers pitch perfect Led Zepplin.

  • Kaycee

    The concert last night was amazing (:getting to meet you was the best way to spend my birthday

  • Maria

    Hi Arnel, I just wanted to tell you that my husband and I took our 9 year old daughter (trying to educate her on some of rock’s greatest) last night to the concert in The Woodlands. We LOVED it!!!! We grew up with Journey, and although I never had the money to see them in concert when I was young, I was not the least bit disappointed in finally getting to see you all last night. I was thrilled and overwhelmed!!!
    You are a very talented, energetic, and AMAZING performer. We wish you all the best!

  • your overflowing and overwhelming support is making such an impact in mine and my family’s lives my friends..so thank you so much and hope you are all keeping yourselves healthy,safe and fairly content with God’s blessings and graces..Godspeed..

  • I love your voice.. Bless you 🙂


  • Arnel, My youngest son Gage is 12 yrs. old and has a learning disability. He is a huge Journey fan, As am I myself. He is dead set on sending you a letter that he has worked very hard on. I cannot seem to find a fan club mailing address or anything of this nature. We do not have a home internet connection for him to subscribe to your page. Can you by any chance give me any kind of info. on where I can mail his letter to?

  • asyverson


  • Arnel,
    I’m looking forward to seeing you here in Albuquerque, New Mexico next week…I have seen you with Journey before here in Albuquerque but it was rainy and cold for the entire concert…(Cheap Trick opened the show) Despite the weather you guys did and amazing job and played your hearts out to the freezing crowd.

    See you on the 22nd you ROCK!

  • Hi Arnel..saw the show in Atlantic City last night. All I can say is AMAZING!!! The band is unreal–highly accomplished musicians of course but your voice is omg. You are so blessed to have such a God given talent. Please don’t ever stop singing!!! I had such a good time rocking out!  Hope to see Journey again soon!

  • janmay

    TRULY AMAZING.. was your show at Jones Beach last night!  I’ve been a Journey fan for over 20 years and YOU ROCKED THE HOUSE last night!  Thank you for an amazing night, your amazing voice and talents!  DON’T STOP BELIEVING! 

  • rrlovesarnel

    there r countles reasons why you r there arnel, one of them is me! you came to my life when i was soo down. you practically saved me… thank you is not enough! we miss you in Paris! pls take care on the road! 

  • Arnel, 

    Just saw you at Jones Beach.  Your voice is so amazing.  I am still hearing the music in my head.  Thank you for sharing your wonderful talent with all of us.

  • Loricakes

    Hi Arnel, I just got home from seeing you perform at Jones Beach and what a show!!!! You know I sang my heart out to every song and was quite amazed with your voice!!! Not only do you sound like Steve Perry but your voice is powerful!!! Anyway I loved it and thank you for doing what you do best!!! I am glad they found you!!! Lori

  • That’s why I love you! You already posted some pics from Wantagh NY and by the way I love your colorful pants 🙂

  • It is 8:35 and i just got home. The concert started @ 7:00 (Wantagh NY). I waited for this concert for many months, but my kid had doctor’s appointment today in NYC and with all that rain i didn’t make it back on time 🙁 . I will try to see you guys in Brooklyn in October ( If am not mistaking) But anyway, just wanted to share and say that i hope the rain didn’t interfere on tonight’s concert. Pls, post pic asap. Love you 🙂 

  •   I used to come and watch you with your former band AMO at California Jam every weekend @ Olongapo City  back in the 80’s.
    It was a pleasure U have been able to come and join us on our table
    even for short period of time. I watched all your Journey concerts here
    in the Bay Area since you joined the band. More power to you and the

  •   I used to come and watch you with your former band AMO at California Jam every weekend @ Olongapo back in the 80’s. It was a pleasure U have been able to come and join us on our table even for short period of time. I watched all your Journey concerts here in the Bay Area since you joined the band. More power to you and the band.

  •  My daughter is more in love with you now than before! She kisses your signature on her picture every day! Thanks for making my 4 year old girl’s day. You’re a class act, and hope to see you again soon!

  • Hi, Arnel,This is to you and the rest of Journey — with much lovel 
    I am writing to you on behalf of my husband, Martin Hall, who passed away suddenly 14 days ago at the age of 49, following a freak accident here at our home.  He was working on his pick-up truck, and it started to roll down our sloping driveway.  In an attempt to either slow it down or stop it, he must have slipped, and one of the tires rolled over his head, causing massive brain trauma.  Because he so loved your music, I felt compelled to write to you just to let you know how much you had touched this man’s heart.  Now as I’m trying to work through the grief of this sudden loss, I have been reading through the lyrics of your songs, and find that it is providing me some comfort as well.
    Marty would play your music almost every day, with the garage door wide open and the stereo blasting so loud that you could hear it a block away. I’m guessing that the neighbors probably grew tired of the same music played all the time, but not my Marty. He would work on cars, sing along with the lyrics, and every so often stop to accompany a certain song on his drums. He was a true shining star whose light has been extinguished way too soon. He was the kind of person who definitely marched to his own drummer, but you would have never met a man more wonderful, kind, and loyal. He was the type of person who grabbed life by the horns, and he so loved to make people laugh and smile.

    I was lucky to have had 13 years with him. I came into his life around this time of year in 1999, after he had spent the previous nine years trying to accept the sudden death of his mother in 1990. When she died, he was so lost for so long. He always told everyone that his mother up in heaven sent me to him to help him find his way again. By Christmas of the same year, he had asked me to marry him, and we got married on Valentine’s Day of 2000 at Caesar’s Palace in Las Vegas. He was so excited that you were performing at the state fair here at the end of August. We were just waiting until I got my next paycheck to buy the tickets. He was really looking forward to it and that’s all he had talked about since it was first announced. Times had been pretty tough for us the past few years financially, but we were finally coming out of the tunnel and we had so many plans. We were also talking about going to Disneyworld at the beginning of the year, since he had never been there before. His enthusiasm for life was much like that of a child. I just feel so lost now without him — the future sure doesn’t hold the same promise as it did before. If nothing else, I was so looking forward to growing old with him. I find myself trying to hold on so tight to my memories. I haven’t even able to delete his Facebook page yet. Please know that most of these memories will include you.I am also holding on to the hope that he is waiting for me “just beyond the clouds”, as your songs allude to. As I mentioned earlier, I am finding that your songs have been speaking to me as well lately, with words that I imagine are being currently uttered by my lost love. I know that your music had helped him find feelings in himself that he didn’t always know were there — of love, commitment, and compassion. He would hate to admit it, but between you and I, we managed to “soften” him up a bit — this wild and crazy south Minneapolis party boy.I’m sincerely hoping that you get to see this letter, and that your press secretary doesn’t throw it on the pile along with all of all of your other thousands of emails. It was important to me that you knew what a profound effect you had on this one man. He was so special — in my 59 years of living, I have never met anyone like him.Anyway, thank you so much again for your songs and your music. I would nominate you for the Nobel Peace Prize if I could. You may not have the cure for cancer, but you do something as equally important: you sooth our restless souls and provide us with the hope of something better waiting for us.Sincerely,Bev HallP.S. Although Marty LOVED Steve Perry, he thought that Arnel was the bomb.

    • Cynthia Nolen

       Hello Bev. We are all so sorry to hear of your loss. It was wonderful reading about Martin and his love for Arnel and Journey. Thinking of you always.

    • Lalahon

      I am so sorry to hear of your loss Bev, what a nice letter you wrote to Arnel.  I pray for peace to enter your heart and happy memories of your husband drown out the sadness you feel.

  • Hi, Arnel,

    For you and your fellow bandmates – with much love

    I am writing to you on behalf of my husband, Martin Hall, who passed away suddenly 14 days ago at the age of 49, following a freak accident here at our home.  He was working on his pick-up truck, and it started to roll down our sloping driveway.  In an attempt to either slow it down or stop it, he must have slipped, and one of the tires rolled over his head, causing massive brain trauma.  Because he so loved your music, I felt compelled to write to you just to let you know how much you had touched this man’s heart.  Now as I’m trying to work through the grief of this sudden loss, I have been reading through the lyrics of your songs, and find that it is providing me some comfort as well. Marty would play your music almost every day, with the garage door wide open and the stereo blasting so loud that you could hear it a block away. I’m guessing that the neighbors probably grew tired of the same music played all the time, but not my Marty. He would work on cars, sing along with the lyrics, and every so often stop to accompany a certain song on his drums. He was a true shining star whose light has been extinguished way too soon. He was the kind of person who definitely marched to his own drummer, but you would have never met a man more wonderful, kind, and loyal. He was the type of person who grabbed life by the horns, and he so loved to make people laugh and smile.I was lucky to have had 13 years with him. I came into his life around this time of year in 1999, after he had spent the previous nine years trying to accept the sudden death of his mother in 1990. When she died, he was so lost for so long. He always told everyone that his mother up in heaven sent me to him to help him find his way again. By Christmas of the same year, he had asked me to marry him, and we got married on Valentine’s Day of 2000 at Caesar’s Palace in Las Vegas. He was so excited that you were performing at the state fair here at the end of August. We were just waiting until I got my next paycheck to buy the tickets. He was really looking forward to it and that’s all he had talked about since it was first announced. Times had been pretty tough for us the past few years financially, but we were finally coming out of the tunnel and we had so many plans. We were also talking about going to Disneyworld at the beginning of the year, since he had never been there before. His enthusiasm for life was much like that of a child. I just feel so lost now without him — the future sure doesn’t hold the same promise as it did before. If nothing else, I was so looking forward to growing old with him. I find myself trying to hold on so tight to my memories. I haven’t even able to delete his Facebook page yet. Please know that most of these memories will include you.I am also holding on to the hope that he is waiting for me “just beyond the clouds”, as your songs allude to. As I mentioned earlier, I am finding that your songs have been speaking to me as well lately, with words that I imagine are being currently uttered by Marty.   I know that your music had helped him find feelings in himself that he didn’t always know were there — of love, commitment, and compassion. He would hate to admit it, but between you and I, we managed to “soften” him up a bit — this wild and crazy south Minneapolis party boy.I’m sincerely hoping that you get to see this letter, and that your press secretary doesn’t throw it on the pile along with all of all of your other thousands of emails. It was important to me that you knew what a profound effect you had on this one man. He was so special — in my 59 years of living, I have never met anyone like him. Anyway, thank you so much again for your songs and your music. I would nominate you for the Nobel Peace Prize if I could. You may not have the cure for cancer, but you do something as equally important: you sooth our restless souls and provide us with the hope of something better waiting for us.Sincerely,
    Bev HallP.S. Although Marty LOVED Steve Perry, he thought that Arnel was the bomb.

  • Arlsant

    Best Wishes to you and your family and the band.  You’re an absolute powerhouse.  May God’s unmerited, unearned favor continue to flow to you and through you.

  • Just saw Arnel in concert over in Indiana. After reading about his life struggles, it has made me appreciate him that much more. You rocked it tonight, congratulations! Keep living your dream! 🙂

  • marigold143

    hi arniel do you have any day na schedule sa bar mo na ikaw ang kakanta? idol ka ng asawa ko gusto niya makakita sayo in person..sayang hindi siya nakasama sa akin b4 nong nag concert ang journy sa moondance in walker minnesota…he really wanted to see u paguwi namin jan in january..just let me know naman thank you

  •  Hi Arnel,
    I have been a fan of Journey for many many years when Steve
    Perry was lead singer. I even saw them in concert in my teens. I am
    disappointed that Steve did not return to the band but I have to say
    after hearing you sing..you are amazing!! I will be seeing the band this
    coming Saturday in Atlantic City, NJ. I am very excited! I wish you
    much luck in your future with this amazing band!

  • Hi Arnel,
    I have been a fan of Journey for many many years when Steve Perry was lead singer. I even saw them in concert in my teens. I am disappointed that Steve did not return to the band but I have to say after hearing you sing..you are amazing!! I will be seeing the band this coming Saturday in Atlantic City, NJ. I am very excited! I wish you much luck in your future with this amazing band!

  • Hi. Just want to say that i love the new songs. I feel that you are  more confident with them since you don’t have to hear people comparing you with SP. Although i love to hear the old songs on your voice. You really nail it! Big fan forever 🙂 

  • Cynthia Nolen

    Hello Arnel. I am watching you on TV – the DVD from the Revelation CD. Just love hearing you sing.  I have the Live in Manila as well. Can’t wait to see you in West Palm Beach Florida in October. Take care, keep your rest up. Remember we are always with you. Love ya. Cyn7274

  • Guest

    Hi Arnel, I’m listening to you singing “Don’t Stop Believing” right now. You sing with such tremendous depth of emotion and it’s evident that you put your entire heart and soul into every performance! You’ve no doubt been truly blessed with a very special gift and also seem to possess a humble heart. This is such a rare and admirable combination and it’s the reason I will remain a fan of yours….always & forever! Journey is lucky to have found you!  

  • Nancyd2736

    Enjoying so much the pictures and videos from the tour! Looking forward to when you are on the east coast! Love you AP!

  • Joyce Boky

    HI dear Knell, missing youre visits really every single time, good toknow you and ur butt will be fine,lol, really missing you, hope to winn that darn lottery some day, so we can comeover to youre beautiful country some day!!! Take care and try to enjoy ur moments on stage!!!! thinking of you as always…..D.h.

  • Arnel,

    Your performance last night at Cheyenne Frontier Days was outstanding (A-One Plus) and the story of your life’s journey to here is inspirational.  I will continue to follow your career.  Thank you for an amazing evening of entertainment.


  • Arnel you guys Rocked Cheyenne last night!  Amazing concert!

  • bob

    Arnel i took my Fiancee to see you at Stateline Lake tahoe
    great concert she loved all your songs you sang
    i hope you do come back to lake tahoe ca
    again reall soon

  • I am always so happy to see all the beautiful comments on Arnel’s Wall. The guy is just great and deserve all the credit. God Bless you 🙂

  • Laurel Sorensen

    All I can say is AMAZING Arnel! Just saw you at LAke Taho (Stateline, NV) this past Sunday!
    Please come back next year so my husband can come see you!!!!!!!!

  • simplynorine

    wish you sing TANTRA in your current tour… one of the amazing power ballad i’ve ever heard..

  • simplynorine

    wondering why there’s no schedule tour here in toronto?.. so sad..

    • Eb2008

      they will be in hamilton and toronto peeps will be there. join us so we can meet.

  • susanme4

    Arnel–I’ve wanted for sometime to write to you and tell you how much you mean to me.  I have been a Journey fan since the 80’s but Steve Perry didn’t capture my heart the way you have.  Your voice is so rich and deep it sounds a lot like Steve does, but it has so much more substance to it than his voice does.  I have watched interviews where you have said that people have said bad things about you when comparing you to Steve.  To me there is no need to compare.  You have something about you that is rare.  You have heart and soul. And it comes out when you sing.

     I am from Georgia.  I saw you and Journey in Atlanta last year.  (You threw a drumstick to my son.) I will be in Atlanta on October 6th to see you again this year.  I just want you to know that without you I wouldn’t be the Journey fan that I am today.  Yeah, Steve Perry could sing but when you sing you sing from your heart and it fillls so many people’s hearts with love, hope, and joy!!!  God bless you, Cherry, Cherub, and Thea!!! 

    • Nancyd2736

      That is exactly how I feel! You can hear and see the emotion when Arnel sings. It oozes out of him! He is an amazing artist and an even more amazing person! His heart is as big as it can be.

      • susanme4

        Nancy thanks for replying to my comment.  Yes, Arnel is one of a kind.  It was love at first sight for me.  Instantly, I connected with his heart.  I felt his pain.  I have felt pain like he has and when someone knows that pain he/she feels it in their soul.  Arnel shares his story through his singing, and we are so fortunate that we have the opportunity to hear his extraordinary voice and to be able to admire what a wonderful person he is.

  • JGDelp

    My wife passed away in April…she was such a Journey fan, since the 70’s, and loved what you have brought to the band.  30 of us will travel together to see you at The Gorge this Saturday.  She will be with us in spirit.  Her name is Guff and she is the sweetest person that I have ever known.

    • too bad i read this way too late.hope you all had a great time.Guff must be happy seeing those smiles on ur face..

      • JGDelp

        i think she was there with us! her middle name is “bee” and she loved yellow. there was a ton of yellow lights early in the show…all of us thought maybe that was her, making that happen! you guys put on a great show, and there was a lot of love and remembrance in our little group. thanks so much for responding to my message. you are doing a great job. we loved listening to you.

      • JGDelp

        i think she was there with us! her middle name is “bee” and she loved yellow. there was a ton of yellow lights early in the show…all of us thought maybe that was her, making that happen! you guys put on a great show, and there was a lot of love and remembrance in our little group. thanks so much for responding to my message. you are doing a great job. we loved listening to you. —– Original Message —–
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        Knellsky wrote, in response to JGDelp:

        too bad i read this way too late.hope you all had a great time.Guff must be happy seeing those smiles on ur face..
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  • Saw you last night in San Bernardino. You DID NOT disappoint. I’m so happy you have risen from your struggles in earlier life. God had a plan for you.

  • Last night was awesome in San Bernardino!!! You are awesome Arnel!!

  • melrosel

    way to go Arnel! congrats for a successful concert in San Bernardino, Ca last night!!!

  • Eddie Tarona

    When will you ever come to Sydney, Australia? We’re being left out on the concert tour Down Under.  I missed your gig at Rockville when I went home. Missed the Journey concert back then. Hope to catch up in the US of A.

  • Good luck to you and the guys tonight, brother. Knock um’ dead. And, most of all, have a blast !

  • tessm63

    Hi Arnel, It took me long enough of courage to sign up on your wall…Sorry for not hearing news as the Leadman of Journey Band, until last year.  One of my co-worker who went to your concert inform me about you…I must admit that I just really got started seing your videos on you tube last year 2011 also, when I retired from work.  Learning all of how you became part of Journey Band makes me really proud of you.  I am your new fan, and I hope it’s not too late for me to join, sing along, with your songs in Paso Robles soon!  This will be my very first concert to see, too! 🙂 I’m very excited. Take care of your health and God Bless you and to all of your friends with Journey Band…..

    •  Welcome to the plokker femily tessm! Enjoy your first AP concert!

    • Eb2008

      welcome tessm63 to arnel’s house. enjoy the plokkers ride!!!

  • fenor1

    Arnel, as you embark  with the first of so many concerts  for 2012 tomorrow July 21, your Plokker and Journey friends and families  are sending  you our most heartfelt prayers and wishes for a healthy body, tour fit psyche, sustained power in your vocals and over all stamina to perform night after night. In the temporary absence of your number one supporter, our dear Che, we’ll try hard to fill her shoes with our show of  affection, support and devotion as you and the Big Boys move from city to city nationwide. Please remember, your Journey and Plokker friends are and always will be with you!!! Give our hugs to Yul!!

    • Cynthia Nolen

      Well said Fe! We do love Arnel and will do all we can to support him while he is here. We miss Cherry and the kids and wish they could be here too.

    • 1SillyGrandma

      So wonderfully said Fe! Good Luck to you Arnel and the rest of the J-Boys! It’s gonna be an awesome tour!!

  • Gen

    Can’t wait until you are at the Gorge in George, Washington.  The venue is breathtaking…just like your music.  Only about 9 days away!   I have a VIP package so I will see you backstage and with pictures.  Keep on singing!!!  God Bless! Donna Gen Derrick

  • I spent two years living in the Philippines (Naga/Legaspi area) and when I heard that a Filipino was selected to be the lead singer for Journey, my heart jumped. You have such a beautiful voice. Revelations was truly awesome and Eclipse is even better. Looking forward to listening to you for many years to come!

  • Eb2008

    counting the days and will rock with you again. all the best always. 

  • Cynthia Nolen

    Oh, Arnel…..you do that thing so well. We appreciate you and enjoy listening to such an angelic voice. You are truly gifted.

  • good luck to your tour idol.,have a safe trip.,godbless and take care.,

  • ARNEL- i used to think you were one in a million and now i think you are one in billion!!!!!!!!!!!A great voice and a big heart- just beautiful

  • Marcia Hyer

    I am just an old woman who cries every time I hear you sing because God has blessed you with such a beautiful and moving voice. Please never change from your very sweet nature. Be humble in spite of all the adoration you receive. God Bless you Arnel!! Please be careful!!! 

    baka puwedeng gawin song

    baka pwedeng gawin song

  • Toni Phillips

    I’m so ready for the ride, Knell!! 

  • Brian McNeel

    Arnell you are such an inspiration. I love Journey as so many do. I am so glad you are a part of them and your story has inspired me so much. Thank you for your example and for inspiring me to live my dreams, one of which is to compose and perform music. Thank You!
    p.s. my profile pic isn’t me, just a silly pic of a guy I found on the net.

  • michaelbrooks74

    ive seen arnel on you tube doing covers of many songs and i need to say  arnel you are amazing not only do you nail evry song from stryper to survivor but wow you seem to do it so easy journey got a gold mine when they hired you  can say im a true fan . keep rocking arnel your voice is the best

  • I’ve seen a lot of the interviews (old and recent) and the feeling i have you have giving the guys (band members) their life back. There is something about when they talk and smile different from before. I became such big fan of Journey because of you. I just like to watch you on the interviews. You are so humble and pure that makes me feel that life is so worth to live. Thank you! 

  • Hey Arnel, wish you all the best brother. I am married to a wonderful Filly from Butuan City. We will be seeing you in Houston this August. She loves you! Can’t wait!

  • Arnel, I would like to extend a warm ALABAMA welcome to you and the other members of the band. We are grateful you have chosen to perform here in Birmingham. I have great tickets very close to the stage. I have noticed you change 2-3 times during a show. I will bring you a ALABAMA Crimson Tide shirt. The state of ALABAMA would be honored if you were to wear it during the show. Best wishes to you, your and the band.

    •  just bring the shirt and wave it and ill know its from you..ok?

  • Please pass on my wishes to Cherry for a happy birthday and many blessings. I hope all is well. And, ready for another ride ?! Have a great summer and beginning to this leg of the tour. Catch ya’ soon . . .

  • the 2012 tour is just a week and a half ahead..i just want to thank everyone here especially my plokker femily and friends around the world for carrying me through 2012 and maybe beyond..made it this far because of you and your love for music..see you and lets enjoy the ride this year…i love you all..

    • asyverson

      yap , we cant wait to see you in the … BAY AREA… 

    • Lalahon

      I’m “buckled up” and ready to ride! Whooo Hooo! See you in West Palm Beach, Florida. We love you too, Arnel!

    • fenor1

      Count us in…. North Texas Plokker and Journey friends…see you and the band in Big D!!!

    • Nancyd2736

      I can’t wait! Have tickets in October for Greensboro AND West Palm Beach! I am going to have to get a 2nd job to support my Arnel habit! 🙂

    • Looking forward to the tour Arnel! You will always have our love and support. Soar high as you always do! <3

  • Before I forget……Will U be coming to Malaysia 2 Perform…..would LuV 2 C u sing ‘Live’…….. Faithfully Yours………..Alice Cheong..:))

    •  im sorry about how you feel..hope you get well soon..we are also praying that we come to malaysia soon..

  • Hye…Arnel….hope U r well….I ur No. 1 Fan…in Malaysia..Kuala Lumpur.  U hv a ‘Gifted’
    voice…I luV to hear U sing….. I am ill ….and in pain….whenever I feel the Pain I will just listen to ur songs, it helps me  forget my pain  …..  TQ Arnel…..May God Bless U & ur Family…congras….. baby Thea is so Cute….. hope she has ur ‘Spirit’  in singing 2…..
    Take care….

    • Dear Arnel…TQ 4 replying my message..& ur concerned.  I do HOPE u’ll b coming 2  Malaysia 2 perform……All the best to U & Ur Family…..& ur coming performance….God Be With U Always……Take care….:))

  • Love the Brazilian shirt 🙂

  • I love the Brazilian shirt 🙂

    •  thank you very much..ill wear another one if we go back there..

  • 1RajunCajun1

    Arnel, the Filipino Association of Acadiana would like to welcome you when you come to the Cajundome in Lafayette, LA.  Many of the members would like to cook some Cajun and Filipino food for you and the band.  Please contact us at mike@emlaloans.com
    phone 337-230-1000 or facebook page = Filipino Acadiana (Faai)
    Everyone is so happy for you and proud of your hard work and heartfelt giving to those who are most in need.

  • Cynthia Nolen

    Arnel, your voice once again came to my rescue. Stress was at a high and
    just listening to you sing calms me. You have such a gift. Thanks for
    being you. Give my love to Cherry and the rest of your family. Love ya.

  • artwhkg

    Arnel, Please wish your wife a happy birhday and I hope your new baby is doing well. I cannot wait for your new tour to start and look forward to seeing you in Birmingham in August. I am bring my Brother and Sister in law to meet you and to hear your great voice. All the best, Your friend, Art Wilkerson

  • mcna24

    Have been a Journey fan a long time ..but you have put new life back in them..was at the Charlotte NC Aug 21 .2011 concert ….great show ..my daughter Connie invited me and a few of her friends..I drove 225miles back to home  from the coast of NC to see you guys..loved every minute of it. A most memorable time for this great grandmother ..yes I’m 64 and one of your biggest fans ..below is pic I took wasn’t close up but it’s you MANY BLESSINGS TO YOU AND NEW BABY AND FAMILY…Hoping for a chance to see you in Greensboro NC this OCT.

    •  im so honored and grateful mam..thank you soo much and hopingyoud be able to see the show again this year..

  • Arnel, I have a very good seat for your August 2nd show in Salt Lake City, Utah. Could you please sing “Girl Can’t Help It” and “Turn Down The World Tonight” at Usana Amphitheater.  I saw Journey last year in Salt Lake City, Utah at Rio Tinto Stadium, but the band never performed those songs.  In 2009 I was in Manila, Philippines when Journey was there, but I was too sick to attend the concert.  Please sing this time those 2 songs. Thanks! Scott

  • C4545

    Hi Arnel, what is the song of the beginning of the show in Montreal, Canada, 5 nov. you will sing?
    sorry for my english.
    Wow, you rock my friend.

    great job

    •  definitely we will be there but i cannot guarantee you what we will sing first my friend..ill see if i can let you know before we get there..ok?cheers!!!

  • Magandang Gabi Arnel,

    I hope my work will put me in a city where the tour will pass by

    Your voice is magical( i wish i could only get close to it)
    How could i ask if you would be able to help me with a transltion to Tagalog or Ilongo from the song seperate ways.  I am deeply in love with a young lady from the Phills and want to sing for her in Tagalog, her language ilongo if more difficult i think.
    The translate programms dont translate well.
    I am supprised that there are not more great bands and singers are famous over the world, i worked a long time in the middle east and i am realy impressed with the bands from the Phills that play there. Many times they sound better then they original bands.
    wishing you all the best

    •  there is this site on the internet where you can translate english into tagalog..so look it up..

      • wilfredprins


        I tried it before and wile i was trying to write a saying how much i liked her the translation was speaking about traffic fines 🙂
        I translated te song “If loveing you if wrong from Luther Ingram” she reconnised the song because we played in the office at work. but the translation did not work well.
        Which internet site you recommand, if you have one.
        I used google translate. And trying to learn from tagalolang.com and my Berlitz schoolbook.


        Mica L.Prins

  • field1969

    Hi Arnel. I am so excited to hear about your upcoming tour. Thank you for letting me know that you will be touring England in 2013. It can’t come quick enough and I am so excited at the chance of meeting you. You are a real inspiration to us. I hope Cherry, Cherub and Baby Thea are all well. Take care. Love you. 

  • bettyarrington

    arnel i never thought anybody could take steve perry’s place. until you. i just love you so much. i saw you in 2008 and just loved it. your doing such a great job filling steve’s shoes. good luck to you. love ya.

  • asyverson


  • Sue Rikli

    HI Arnel!  I am a long time Journey fan, and I have to be honest….I was not sure about accepting ANYONE to replace Steve Perry.  But I got the DVD “Live in Manila” and I was (and still am) SO totally impressed!  You have an amazing voice, and you have such energy on stage and great interaction with the audience!  Now I am telling everyone about this AMAZING lead singer for Journey!  I am hoping to see you live in concert, but at this time your 2012 tour is not scheduled to come to Chicago.  Wishing you the best on the tour, and hope to see you soon!  Thank you for sharing your wonderful talent with all of us!  Sue

  • leighyah26

    First of July.. You will soon be leaving for your US concert tour Arnel. And although I am a bit sad because you are leaving us here in PI, I am also happy because you are going to make us so proud again as you share your unbelievable talent to the rest of the world! So SOAR HIGH Arnel! Wishing you all the best idol!

  • Juranava

    Thank you for sharing your voice and your soul with us.
    Jurate, from Lithuania

  • twinrockers

    Nobody’s perfect and even though we try,  we just can’t please everybody.  
    We love you just the way you are.  – terri

  • and lastly,i can’t promise to be perfect at all times and yet will only try everyday to be one of the best musical messenger for one of your all time favorite super group…God bless you all!!

  • everything that you guys are saying here…they are such revelations..goosebumps for me..big time..thank you sooooo very much…

  • ARNEL- i used to think you were one in a million and now i think you are one in billion!!!!!!!!!!!A great voice and a big heart- just beautiful

  • Absolute talent – amazing  voice! Journey is lucky to have you.

  • Arnel you are fantastic I love your voice~AWSOME~ I Have your DVD Live in manila I play it constantly,i Love It~You sure made a good choice going with JOURNEY~I am 71 and Journey was such a favorite of mine back in the 80;s. So You are a great singer!!! I JUST LOVE YOU ON STAGE YOU ARE GREAT AND PUT EVERYTHING IN THE SHOW !!!! BEST OF LUCK ALWAY”S A TRUE FAN,LOVE YA,JUDY~~~FROM MAINE~~~


  • Hey wokstah!! Long time I can’t chat with you, so this message is to send a big hug for you and Cherry, and to express my happiness for Thea, she’s cuuuute ^_^ 
    Love <3 

  • Lalahon


    “Sometimes….the smallest things take up the most room in your heart”. 
    What a beautiful tribute to your baby girl Thea that you shared with us on ASAP.
    Thank you….

  • marivictorres

    My five year old grandson is your number one fan since he was two years he watches your DVD concert on tv everyday. He really wanted to meet you in person pls make his wishes come true. We are from Merced CA.

  • love the band bro! cant wait to see you guys in cincinnati ohio

  • Candy Franks

     Hello Arnel, I recently read that you had to stop singing because of TMJ dysfunction. I have a support community called TMJ Hope, and would love to have you stop by to say hello to our members…perhaps offer a little encouragement. They feel so alone with their struggles.     http://www.facebook.com/tmjhope
    Thank you for sharing your voice with the world
    Community Manager

  • me encantas con tu voz!!!!!!! felicitacionesss

  • fenor1

    Wishing you the best Happy Father’s Day as so appropriate with the arrival of your angel girl Thea 6-15-12 into your lives. She is a wonderful favor from God and  a beautiful miracle! Thank you for letting all of us share in your celebration and excitement whenever you give us updates and photos of hers… Looking forward to seeing her grow right  in front of our eyes. Give our love to Che, Papa Arnel and you just enjoy your special day~~~

  • 1SillyGrandma

    Happy Father’s Day Arnel!! Hope you have a wonderful day, which is even more special with your new bundle of joy!! Wishing you and Cherry all the best!! May God continue to shower his wonderful blessings upon you!!

  • OK…I have to admit. I went on “Journey Strike” many, many years ago after Steve Perry left the band. Freinds over the last several years had told me that they went to concerts after the break-up and they couldn’t tell any difference. I didn’t care to hear about it. I am a pretty loyal guy and I usually don’t like changes. My son recently bought the live in Maniila DVD set and left it at the house. I was cleaning and needing some background music. I usually opt for my iTunes collection, but my hard drive crashed a few weeks ago on my laptop and I haven’t got the music transferred to the new one yet, so I reluctantly popped in the DVD. It has taken a few views, but wow! There is something about you dude. You seem so sincere when you sing. I went back and watched quite a few Steve Perry youtube videos and I guess I have to apologize to you. I never gave you a chance and I really missed out on something beautiful. I have watched the DVD about 10 times now and as much as I have respected Steve Perry as a singer/performer, I think I enjoy you even more. And Dean, OMFG, He’s a beast! I now have a favorite drummer of all time. What a voice and drumming so well at the same time, one of the hardest things to do musically. Journey…I’m back! Thanks guys.

  • Lalahon

    Arnel, I wanted to wish you a Happy Father’s Day.  You are a wonderful Father and this Father’s Day is even more special with your new addition, beautiful Thea.  God bless you and your family. Enjoy your day surrounded by your loved ones!

  • Arnel, Happy Happy Fathers Day And I hope your new babay is doing OK! Cannot wait to see you in Birmingham in August! All the best, Art Wilkerson

  • congratulation to the Pineda family—What a wonderful Father’s Day Gift!!!!!!!!!!!You have my best wishes. Cherry take care of yourself

  • field1969

    Congratulations Arnel, Cherry and Cherub on the safe arrival of Baby Thea..What a wonderful Father’s day gift that Cherry gave to Arnel. Can’t wait to see pictures.xxxx

  • Eb2008

    Congratulations Arnel and Cherry. Welcome Thea – our youngest plokker.

  • Many, many congratulations ! “Welcome” to your newest love. We send your family love and prayers. Stay well and enjoy . . .

  • WAVE63

    Congrats Idol and advance Happy Father’s Day!

  • Lalahon

    Congratulations Pineda Family…..God bless little Thea as we welcome her into your family, and of course, into “our” family!

  • Cynthia Nolen

    Arnel I am so glad baby Thea is here. You and Cherry are blessed with a beautiful baby. We all love Thea, you, Cherry and the rest of the family. Take care.

  • Nancyd2736

    Hi Arnel, just saw news that Cherry was to have had c-section at 4:00pm there, so Thea may already be here! Praying for everyone, congratulations and can’t wait to see pictures! God bless your precious family!

  • Virgo0831

    Really in love with your voice!  I was just wondering if you have any plans to come back to Toronto to perform this year.  I was so bummed when if missed your shows the last time you were here.

  • Daddyputt

    Arnel, I would like to bring you a gift at the Birmingham, Alabama show. I have VIP pass for the night. But I need to know your shirt size….can you email me the info?
    daddyputt@gmail.com or rockthreads@rockthreads.net
    If you would like to pick out a few designs you can go here to see them all: http://rockthreads.spreadshirt.com/rock-inspired-C114766
    Yes Yul can pick a design as well and I’ll bring him one also.

  • im so glad to know that you