Journey / Steve Miller Band in Top 20 Concert Tours

Journey, SMB & TOP Group Pic - 2014
In the final week of Journey’s 2014 tour, maintained its placement among the top: holding number 11 in ticket sales. According to the trade publication Pollstar, Journey earned more than $725,000 with an average ticket price of about $57 the week ending September 12th. Incidentally, the same week introduced the only other act...

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Pineda’s “blind” gambit pays off

Writer Nestor U. Torre of the Philippine Daily Inquirer explores “democratic” ways of getting discovered in entertainment. The details surrounding Arnel’s discovery are not as simple as outlined on this piece. Circumstances other than those under Arnel’s control fortunately worked towards his advantage: Noel Gomez, a supportive manager and then-future bandmates...

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Arnel Pineda Meets Fans’ Ice Bucket Challenge

It started with a challenge by Arnold, Bobby, Jordan and other fans. While under the weather during the recommended 24-hour period, Arnel was well enough to accept soon after. Please spread the true message of this viral phenomenon and donate to the ALS Association.
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